Demonic Ritual Gone Wrong

Exploring life with a Slave Witch

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #m/f #magic #pov:bottom #pov:top

Celina the Pet Witch

I held onto my anger as long as I possibly could...

My prey had been at my mercy so completely that I never thought to even imagine that my ritual could go wrong. Demon-borns are so rare in this world...
And even rarer were the ones that had their own powers sealed away. When James hit on me at the bar, full of pathetic determination, I was already counting my blessings as I figured I had just found the perfect sacrifice for my demon summoning magic.

It had been such a fun week... Teasing him... Fucking him... Making him feel all the human pleasure a woman could possibly make him experience while magically blocking his release. He was so deranged with pleasure that I had to block his memory just to make him sane enough for the ritual to work!

And then, everything went to hell...

My lack of rigour in my sacrifice selection lead me straight into the merciless grasp of the demon I was aiming to drain! I still have cold shivers when I remember how his demonic magic felt. The cold burning that seared its way down into my soul... Into my magic...

My anger was the only thing that was left to me once he cast his slave spell. The magic around my neck was absolute, my humble talents couldn’t hope to break free from its choking grasp. Especially after James used it to ensure I would never be able to harm him.

I might have been able to get free from the demonic magic if I could have killed James outright, but since I was so calm and docile while he dictated the rules of my slavery, I couldn’t...

I was forced to obey his commands while I felt the love he imposed on me grow with every passing day. The first week was pure torture. He made a point to pay me back for the endless edge I imposed on him while I prepared him for the ritual. Everything he did with me infused insane amounts of pleasure as he used my body as his personal fuck toy. I can’t even say he had no regard for my own pleasure as he used me. Oh no... He definitely made sure I experienced as much pleasure as I could. His magical rules saw to that.

Deliciously painful pleasure became my world...

Which served to temper my anger while also leaving me infuriated when he left me alone. My fury would disappear as I serviced him and my brain was overloaded with pleasure. But it came back slowly once he was done and I was forced to endure the edge without even hoping for a release.

After that first week, I could feel myself falling for him more and more, which made my anger return less and less. I fought it... I made mental notes of everything that irritated me, but eventually, every one of my misgivings was gently washed away with pleasure and love.

Especially when he lifted the ban on my orgasms. 

I came so hard that first time that it took me a full day to recover. And the post coital euphoria made me completely forget about my anger for another full day. How could I be mad at a man that had given me the best release of my life?

After that initial and disorienting release, my anger barely came back.

And now, it has been a month since the demonic ritual went wrong and I am completely head over heals for him. Just like he said I would. My anger has been replaced with a peace of mind I never dreamed a witch like me could feel.

The life of a witch is spent in constant fear of being defeated by another witch or being discovered by those who would call us heretics. Peace of mind isn’t something we hope for. Yet, now that I’m fully committed to James, I feel peace...

Part of me is so grateful that he actually decided to make me enjoy being his fuck toy and slave girlfriend. He could have just as easily have made me feel constant revulsion at my imposed service, but he didn’t.
Because that’s not who James is.

I should know better than most because I can plainly feel the caliber of his new and released soul. During the last week, James has asked me to help him discover what his demon-born abilities might hold. Early on, we both discovered that sexual stamina was definitely one of them. I first thought that his incredible stamina and overflowing lust was part of his revenge, but as the weeks went by and his anger towards me turned to love, his lust only grew.

He could ask me to blow him while he slowly woke up from his dreams and finish in my mouth, only to fuck me raw the moment I got off the bed. Surprise fucks that were irritating to me during the first week became moments of pure joy as they became more frequent. Quickies still happen, but more often than not, they evolve into long horny affairs. As if he can never seem to get enough of me.

Even now, as we sit crossed legged in front of each other, I can feel his lust for me and my talents. Like a hunger...

Connecting with him on a magic plain was hard even if his magical link to me was absolute. His control over me was intoxicating to him and it drove him to lust after me constantly. Connecting with him so intimately only served to push his libido past his own control and we would end up fucking instead of searching his soul.
But with self control and practice, we were able to make progress.

And now that we both managed to stay calm as we connected our souls, I finally understood why we both had such a hard time of it.

“My lord...” I whispered as I opened my eyes.

“What is it?” he asked as he looked up at me.

“I think I know what type of demon fathered you.” I said. “I can’t say which of course, but from the strength of your soul, I can guess it’s a higher level demon for sure.”

“OK...” he said carefully. “And what do you mean by type of demon? I thought a demon was a demon...”

“Not quite... Especially not when you are talking about higher class demons. You see...” I said as I waved my hand and pushed forth a little magic.

His eyes lit up with wonder as my magic produced red crackling lines between us. I draw a 7 pointed star and let my magic manifest the 7 runes that indicated the 7 class of demons at each point.

“Demons are generally separated into the 7 major sins...” I said as my hand pointed to the first rune on top. “Gluttony...” I said as the rune lit up. “Greed...” I said as I pointed to the next one down. “Sloth... Wrath... Envy... Pride...”

I pointed to each in turn and watched his eyes follow as each rune lit up brightly and faded away before I pointed to the next. 

“And finally...” I said pointing to the last rune.

“Lust...” he said as it lit up before his eyes. “My father was a demon of lust wasn’t he?”

“Unmistakably...” I said as I let the lines of magic fade into nothing. “I could finally see the entirety of your half-breed soul and it was so clear to me that I’m ashamed I didn’t figure it sooner.”

“No need to be ashamed...” he said. “With what we’ve been doing for the past month, it would have been hard for anyone to notice.”

He smiled and I melted. God he was so handsome...

“I guess...” I said as I tried to keep my libido in check. “But then again, your un-natural stamina should have been a clue.”

“I guess it was pretty strange...” he said thoughtfully. “I just kept feeling this... Horny sort of... Wave... You know? When ever I see you or fuck you.”

I could already feel my own lust grow as my brain immediately conjured images of us fucking. He suddenly lifted his head and looked at me.

“Like now...” he said. “I just felt one... Are you getting aroused?”

“Yes...” I said. “I am... I can’t help it...”

“That’s ok...” he said thoughtfully. “Does this mean I can feel when other people lust after me?”

I swallowed hard as his eyes seemed to grip me. My heart started to race as my loins started to throb with sudden need.

“That would be a safe bet...” I said, trying to say calm. “However, demonic powers would give you much more than that. And with lust as a focal point...”

I trailed off to stop myself from saying the things my horny brain were telling me were possible.

“Yeah... I... I think I can feel yours right now...” he said as he peered into me. “Wait... Let me just...”

All of a sudden, I felt a rush of pleasure and horny delight that clearly felt un-natural. I moaned as I fought a sudden urge to strip and jump him. FUCK! I wanted him inside me so bad!!!

This didn’t feel like regular magic at all! No power influx... No incantations... Just a rush of LUST!

“Oh wow...” he said as he smiled. “You are right... I can do more than just feel! I bet you are aching to fuck me right now huh? More than usual?”

I just nodded rapidly as my strength to resist my lust for him faded by the minute.

He chuckled and seemed to concentrate.

And then... Just like a bucket of cold water, I felt my passion and lust drain away into nothing.

“What...” I asked as I figured out what he did. “Did you just ... Did you drain my lust? You can do that?”

“Seems I... Can...” he said before I saw his eyes flutter.

“James!” I cried out as he fell backwards.

I rushed to him and sure enough, he was unconscious. I was myself again as my mind was free of lust, which gave me the clarity of mind to be able to dive into his body with my magic.

I immediately knew what the problem was. He had drained what little magical energy he had. It was a classic rookie mistake and I cursed myself for not warning him. I gathered my own magic and worked to heal and regenerate his body as best I could while I thought about what this revelation meant.

He was a demon-born son of lust...

​Which meant that his demon abilities would need to feed off the sin of lust. 



After our little test, I felt like I had fallen over into some kind of abyss. Darkness took my thoughts as I felt the warmth leave my veins. Just like when I feel ill and my blood pressure drops or I feel lightheaded when I exert myself too much.

​Which lead me to conclude that I somehow over did it with my new power.

I didn’t lose consciousness for long and was delighted when I saw Celina’s worried face greet me back to the living. Try as I might, my anger towards her had completely vanished. Was it because I was able to work through my vengeful thoughts? Was it because she had no trace of anger left in her?

Or was it because she was a gorgeous witch that just so happened to be completely devoted to me?

Regardless of why, the fact remained that her love for me had passed the point of no return and it made her drop the cold walls around her heart. Around me she was more than caring, she was warmth incarnate. Attentive and loving in ways I often fantasized about.

And the sex!

Being a creature of magic with an expanded lifespan has given her talents and insight I had never dreamed a girl could have! Not to mention that her magical talents are now devoted to my well being and pleasure.

All in all, I was extremely lucky to have hit on her at the bar that night. Even if she kidnapped me and sexually tortured me for a week...

Her face soon smiled with relief when she realized I was ok. Her worry soon turned to lust and we kissed. It was so strange... I could clearly feel her lust now. Understand it... Shape it... 

But I refrained because I felt like I had tried to run before I learned to walk so I just kissed her. Our bodies soon joined in as my own lust ignited and consumed us. Only this time, I felt different. Was it because I understood what I was? What I needed? 

Maybe... But as we got naked and our hands found ways to please us, I could feel the same sort of wave wash over me as she earned to feel me inside her. That same wave felt so refreshing... Exhilarating... Like it was the elixir I needed... Craved... 

We fucked right there on the floor and as her exquisite body bounced on my cock, I could feel her lust and arousal like it was a warm fire. Each new wave seemed to warm my veins and comfort my dizziness. Almost like it was rejuvenating me...

Thinking about my demon magic made me look at her demon slave collar. It was so intricate as the design wrapped lovingly around her neck. I could still remember it lighting up with angry intent every time I gave her orders when this all started. Glowing bright red with malicious intent as it forced her to obey my commands.

But as the weeks went by and her love for me grew, the collar didn’t light up as often. And when it did, I didn’t feel the same evil intent I felt in the beginning. In fact, the times I did see it light up, the red hue it gave off was almost welcoming. Warm... Inviting...

Like now as we fuck, I can see it light up softly as she gives herself to the carnal pleasure. Is it another part of the spell? Is it something more? I soon started to think about other things as her hips worked her incredible magic and our pleasure steadily grew.

Once we came together, we managed to get dressed and have a good talk about what my demon side was all about and she surprised me when she told me about her idea on how I could grow into it.

“You are joking right?” I asked, completely blown away by her idea.

“Not at all.” she said with a smile. “Since you are a Son of lust, it makes perfect sense to go there.”

“Maybe...” I said. “But I told you how it felt just now when we fucked and how it seemed to heal me. Isn’t that enough?”

“It was in the sense that you needed it to recharge. But... I think you’ll find that my loving lust won’t be enough to satisfy you once you start to stretch your demon muscles.”

“I guess it makes sense...” I said, still not convinced.

“Think of it this way...” she said as he leaned in seductively. “It will be the perfect playground for you to test your abilities.”

She did make a point. Feeling that weak wasn’t fun... Maybe if I can better grasp what it means to be a Son of lust as she puts it, I could better control myself. And maybe... The people around me...

That made me smile.

“Ok then. We’ll go.” I said as I looked at her beautiful eyes. “But I want you there with me.”

“Of course...” she said. “I wouldn’t have it any other way...”

I smiled as I admired her loving eyes.  

“It’s decided then, tonight, we are hitting the strip club!” I said.

And it did make sense. So thoughtful of her to think of it. I’ll be surrounded my people that will be lusting after the dancing girls all night. Where else would I be able to feel and practice my new ability?

Its not like I can go to a regular party and start playing around with my friends’ lust. Although that did seem like a lot of fun...

But it also seemed pretty dangerous if I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t want my friends to know about my magical side and I definitely didn’t want them to know about my slave witch girlfriend.

Which gave me an idea on how to start.

“But first thing’s first...” I said. “Now that I know a little more about myself, I think we should do a little test before I dive into the deep end of the pool.”

I wanted to prove to myself that I could control my libido. Since I could fuck Celina when ever and how ever I wanted, I never stopped to think that I had to keep my urges in check. Since I was apparently half demon of the lust variety, maybe it was best if I had a better handle on my own lust before I started to tamper with the lust of others. 

“That makes a lot of sense.” she asked before giving me a sly smile. “What test did you have in mind?”

“Why don’t we start things with a sensual dance...” I said. 

I saw her eyes sparkle at the thought while I felt a small wave wash over me. I smiled as I recognized it for what it was: Celina’s lust.

I watched her get up and admired her perfect body as she started to dance. The waves emanating from her were mild and didn’t make my own lust rage out of control. Which was good, but I needed to experience more.

“Now...” I said. “Slowly strip off your clothes as you dance...”

I felt another wave wash over me and I could tell it was stronger. I knew her pretty well and I knew that the thought of undressing for me turned her on. But still... 

What I felt coming off her was easily managed. I watched her slowly peel off her top and smiled as I had an idea on how to turn up the heat. After all, we HAD just fucked not too long ago...

“I want you to start picturing all the things you love most about us when we fuck. All the naughty erotics thoughts... Every favourite position... Every erotic touch...”

“Oh...” she moaned softly as her top fell to the floor.

I felt another wave hit me and it was definitely stronger than before. I could almost see the images flash in front of her eyes as her arousal grew and her dance took on a sensual sway.

Piece by piece, her hands carefully removed every last bit of clothing she wore in a way that tied into her dance perfectly. Her hips swayed so invitingly while her mind pictured herself in a wide range of sexual acts that made her moisten with every passing minute.

I watched her dance and let my own lust grow until I could almost picture the things she was thinking about. Like flashes... Feelings... With every wave of lust that came off her soft skin, I could feel a sense of what she was lusting for... And the more I let myself feel them, the clearer they became. Like I was connecting to her through her lust.

Something to do with us and a shower... Soapy bodies rubbing against one an other... Making the other feel the slippery skin... How we would be fucking... Not in the shower... On... On the stone alter she had me on... She’s bouncing away on top of me... Fuck that was hot... Now she is picturing herself moaning... But not on the alter anymore... Something lower... She was on her knees... Moaning... Around something in her mouth... She was sucking my cock... Moaning in pleasure...

I had to shake my head as I felt my cock get rock hard. It took every ounce of self control I had not to get up and fuck her where she stood. The imagery made me want to experience it for real. But then I felt it... Each wave of lust that came off her fed my own. Quenched something deep inside me... Satiating my hunger just enough to let me control my libido.

Enabling me to watch her dance for me...

I think she could feel me gain control of my lust because she decided to make things even harder as she started to verbally describe what she liked most about our carnal interactions. She started to describe in graphic detail how it felt to be impaled by me. How she had never been fucked so good by any other lover. She told me how incredible it felt to have my cock in her warm mouth.

My own lust was still growing, but I could keep myself in check. Which made me realize I felt her start to reach for her magical power. Or I assumed she did. I watched in awe as her hands started to weave signs in front of her dancing body. I felt the magic take form and gasped when smokey silhouettes materialized between us.

One was clearly male while the other was most definitely female. Like puppets, she started to make them move and act out the sexual positions she was describing. Like my own magical porno, I watched the carnal affairs as she continued to describe how incredible it felt to be able to satisfy my every erotic desire.

It was so erotic... So intense...

But I didn't give in. I felt her arousal and lust for me rise higher and higher while her waves fed me more and more. It made me realize that as long as I could feel  her lust, I could control my urges while also making my own libido grow. It was such a strange feeling... Not unlike edging towards an orgasm while I watched her dance. All without touching myself!

“Fuck... Are you... Are you doing this to me?” she finally said in a husky voice.

I blinked as I looked at her flush face.

“Doing what?” I asked.

“Making me this... This... HOT!” she said as she moaned.

I watched her dance and I could clearly see that aroused barely covered what she was feeling. Why was she so turned on? She didn’t get this aroused from stripping for me before...

“Not that I’m aware of...” I said as I concentrated on our link. “Let me check...”

Her growing arousal was making the smoke vibrate and lose their defined shapes. She couldn’t concentrate as well as she usually did and soon enough, the smoke dissipated as her arousal continued to grow.

I could feel our bond clearly. Each wave seemed to strengthen it more and more as her arousal seemed to completely over take her. As far as I could tell with my limited experience, I wasn’t doing anything to her. 

But then, I felt something new. Something I remembered her telling me when she first started to try and connect with my soul. She said we were intricately connected by the magic of the slave spell. 

Realizing what it was seemed to open up my senses to it. Yes... I could feel it now. A sort of thread... Or pull... There was something tying us together. Something very strong...

And as I looked at our link more closely, I could plainly see the arousal and lust hitching a ride on our connection, which was making her tattooed demon collar pulse. Without realizing what I was doing, my power seemed to be pumping my lust into her, making her own arousal grow in response. Which then sent me bigger waves of lust, making me hornier...

And then pumping it back into her. Only, I wasn’t getting more aroused by it, I was just... Feeding off the excess... 

But for her... She just kept climbing and climbing as my order to dance for me prevented her from giving in to her arousal. It was so fascinating to watch.  I was tempted to try and boost her lust even more, like I had done before, but thought better of it. Before, I knew I had manipulated her own lust and made it grow. I had controlled it...

This was different. My own lust was feeding her and I didn’t have to expend anything of myself for it to work. Our link was doing all the work for me. Which made me curious to see what else it could do.

If my lust could be pumped into her... Could my thoughts?

I didn't know what to try first until I my eyes fell back on her trembling lips. The arousal she was feeling was overwhelming her and it showed. I couldn’t help but picture those voluptuous black lips around my cock.

So I decided to try that.

‘Suck my cock.’ I thought.

Nothing happened. She just danced and moaned while her lust continued to grow. I frowned. Maybe the link couldn’t convey thoughts... Or maybe I wasn’t doing it right.

I concentrated again on our link and paid close attention to the lust getting pumped into. It had its own rhythm... Like a wave... I tried to relax as the feeling of each pulse started to make sense to me. Pulse... Pulse... Pulse...

I took a breath and pushed my thought again, this time, I timed it so it would be right when the pulse started down our magical link.

‘SUCK MY COCK.’ I thought.

Something felt different. I felt my thought get sucked up in the pulse and looked up just in time to see Celina buckle. Her knees gave out as she fell on all fours.

“Oh god... I... I need to... Please...” she said as she crawled towards me.

I was shocked! I watched in awe as she came up between my legs and started to fiddled with my pants.

“Please... May... May I... Suck you cock?” she finally managed to say through her lust. “I... I can’t take it anymore...”

I only nodded and she visibly relaxed as my order to dance got dispelled from her mind. In no time at all, she had my cock out of its confines and into her warm mouth as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

It always fascinated me how much physical pleasure she got from sucking me, but this was something else! She impaled her throat on my harness with an abandon I hadn’t seen in her. The feeling was exquisite as she sucked and slurped around my girth with the same horny eagerness she displays while we fuck.

And her lust... 

I could feel it wash over me with renewed vigour. Giving in to her desires did absolutely nothing to stem the flow of lust I felt from her. If anything, it seemed to increase as she felt more and more pleasure with each stroke of her mouth.

Watching her dark gothic lips move so enthusiastically along my shaft only made my own lust grow and deepen as the pleasure she gave me reached new heights. 

Her lust kept feeding my inner hunger and granted the ability to truly enjoy her ministrations. As if... As if I could fully let myself feel the intense pleasure she was offering without the fear of losing control of my orgasm. All the excess pleasure and lust I felt for her helpless eagerness was just being pumped back into her, feeding her lust for me...

In a moment of clarity, I understood that I could probably hold out like this until I had my fill! Which amazed me...

I smiled as I grabbed her hair and guided her rhythm. With this new ability, she was even more under my power and thrall that she realized. I let myself enjoy her mouth for a long while before I decided to see if I could mentally order her again.

I waited to feel the rhythm of our link... And timed it perfectly.

I thought.

She slurped one last exquisite time before she looked up at me. She look so aroused... Almost mindlessly so... She didn’t say anything and just got up from the floor and straddled me.

She was dripping wet and I slide into her with little effort. The moment I did, her eyes rolled back yet again as the pleasure invaded her senses. I was so amazed... The only time I had seen her lose it like this was when I first allowed her to cum.

She started to bounce on my cock while she gyrated her hips in ways that made each stroke feel like heaven. 
The more she fucked herself on me, the less I cared about testing me. This woman... This witch... Was just too incredible to enjoy and since I was confident with out the test went, I just released my own self control and fucked her back with all the pent up lust I could muster.

​I’m not sure how or why, but we ended up fucking like rabbits for the better part of an hour. We were both insatiable...



When I felt it, I couldn’t understand what it was. I just knew that I HAD to suck his cock. It wasn’t like the compulsion the collar gave me when I had to comply to his commands. It was much more... It felt deeper... Like the thought had reached down into my soul and gave me the desire to do it instead of magic forcing me to do it.

And when his cock finally entered my mouth...

Pleasure exploded... More than it usually did. Like I was rewarded for my service in a way I couldn’t describe. It went passed magic... Passed erotic submission... 

It became everything...

His cock already made my mouth feel like heaven, but this was something else. The pleasure of yielding to that drive reached into my brain and made it 100 times better. My whole body was alive with lustful submission to his desire and I couldn't think of anything else. I just sucked and pleasure James' cock as if it was the last thing I would ever enjoy doing with my life.

Until a new desire hit me full force, I knew I couldn’t... WOULDN’T resist it... I straddled him and my world went hazy as the same all encompassing pleasure hit me. I was still aware of everything, but the pleasure made everything seem so far away. I was swimming in it... Drinking it... Devouring it... 

Savouring it...

My higher brain functions just shut down as my body reverted to the animalistic side of itself. I felt... I yearned... I did... My instincts took over as we rode the incredible high until the final orgasm took me away to a place were perfect bliss was the only thing I knew...

I floated there for along while, not thinking about anything, until I slowly drifted back to my body. My senses quietly informed me that I was in our bed lying next to the man I loved. 

My magic told me it was evening as my paranormal senses extended out and checked on our surroundings. We had started to explore his soul in the afternoon so... It meant we had fucked for a good while.

Did we skip supper?

My stomach told me we did.

My head was resting on his strong shoulder so when I finally opened my eyes, I was greeted by the sight of his chest and soften cock. It felt so good to me near him like this... I felt sore all over and was about to magically heal myself when I thought better of it. 

This discomfort wasn’t bad...

It just was proof of much fun we just had. Lord... I almost giggled when I thought back to our romp. How the hell did that even happen? I had never felt so hot for him before. Was it his power? Could he make me insanely horny for him?

I smiled. No... He didn’t need powers to make me that hot for him...

But still, it wasn’t what you call normal. Even if you take into account my magical nature. So what was it?
My stomach growled and I figured we both could use some food. I closed my eyes and pull up my magic. I could have just as easily gotten up to fix us something nice to eat, but I was feeling way to good lying next to him and I didn’t want to get up.

And besides... Getting up would probably wake him...

So I called forth a little magic and  sent it to the kitchen with a clear set of instructions. I felt the magic take root and I relaxed as I sensed it start to prepare us some left over pasta. I could have just materialized it, but that took more energy than I was willing to expend as I relaxed next to James.

My thoughts drifted back to his true nature. Demon son of lust...

What would that mean going forward?

I knew he had to feed his demon half with lust, which he seemed to be able to grasp perfectly if our romp is anything to go by. But then again... It didn’t feel un-natural. Like before when he suddenly cranked up my lust.

It felt so much better... Like... It was somehow my own body that was generating that insane amount of lust and pleasure. I smiled, I knew my own body too well. I had spent decades fine tuning it and magically enhancing it so I would look this good and sexy. There was no way in hell that came from me.

It was definitely coming from him, that much was clear. Did he figure something out while he watched me dance for him? If so he was getting the hang of his magical essence faster than I hoped. Maybe he managed that little trick because of our special link...

My hand drifted up to my neck as I smiled. As much as I had hated the idea of obeying or submitting to any one a month ago, I couldn’t phantom my life without James now. All because of this little demonic spell wrapped around my neck. 

The magic was so unyielding at first. Like hot steal burning themselves on my skin with clear and unbreakable intent every time he gave me orders. But now that I love him... The magic barely reacts to his orders. I obey them willingly before the demonic collar has a chance to force me to do it. Oh no... Instant of white hot steal, I feel soft velvety warm as I obey James’ commands. 

I know the collar is just re-enforcing my obedient behaviour, but I truly don’t care. James’ commands and pleasure have become the centre of my world and I love that it has. Had I known the absolute peace it would bring me, I would never have fought it for as long as I did.

As I looked at his handsome sleepy features, I could help but feel content and satiated with the idea that he owned me. Loved me even... I had felt it when I connected with his soul. His revulsion and anger had also dissipated and had been replaced with warmth.

I was no love struck fool, I knew he didn’t love me as intensely as I did, but the fact remained and he cherished me. Loved me in his own blooming way. The proof was in the sex. It had gone from angry revenge fucks to passionate romps. Although... He still fucks me raw on occasions, but there is no malice behind it, just an incredible lust for my body.

I had to push don’t a sudden urge to grab his soft cock. It wouldn’t do to wake him before we had to leave for the club. He needed his rest...

Which brought me back to the idea of testing his abilities at the club. I stand by my choice, he was most definitely the best place to flex his demonic powers. But the more I thought about just how much his soul was enhanced with lust, I suddenly realized that his hunger would only grow. 

He would be faced with a literal buffet of sexy ladies while he felt the lust of the men and women in room...
What will happen when he begins to be able to control and manipulate the lust of others at will?

I smiled.

He’ll have the ability to conquer any beauties his lust sets its eyes on. I surprised myself by thinking that he should. Before, I would have been angry at the idea of my lover lusting and fucking other women, but now that his pleasure was the most important thing in the world to me, I couldn’t deny that with his demonic stamina and un-natural lust, he would actually NEED other women to help satisfy his hunger.

An idea appeared in my head and I smiled like a villain in a Sunday morning cartoon. If things went well this evening, why not start our own strip club?

One where the girls will be uniquely qualified to make the patrons lust and enjoy their sensual bodies. I could magically enhance every girl that worked for us until she was the vision of beauty she deverved to be. And with James’ powers... Patrons would always be in a lustful mood.

Feeding his demonic powers...

And if he wanted to, which I’m sure he will, he’ll be able to sample the horny and grateful girls that work for him as if... Yes... As if they were his own private harem...

The idea had merit... And with the wealth I had slowly amassed through the decades, it would be easy to buy the building we needed. Recruitment wouldn’t be hard once the adds were out... With a little magic, we could even convince the girls to work for pennies...

No... James wouldn’t go for that. He wasn’t that type of guy...

But... Knowing how aroused he was at owning me... If he really liked some of the girls... Maybe I should start researching how to duplicate the magic around my neck...

​What kind of magical sex slave girlfriend would I be if I didn’t research ways to make more?

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