Darren & Melissa

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #pov:top

Melissa keeps teasing Darren when she learns that he studies hypnosis. It gets worst when he tries to convince her that hypnosis can be a useful tool in the bedroom. Darren finally decides to just show her what hypnosis can do…

We were partying hard one night and I happen to mention that I was studying hypnosis. She laughed as we drank and told me how corny I was. She teased me as she couldn’t believe that a young handsome guy like me was actually thinking about pursuing a career in hypnotherapy.
At first I let it slide and tried to steer the conversation towards the next set of drinks we were going to order, but she just couldn’t let it go and kept making fun of me. Telling me how ridiculous hypnosis was.
I was drunk and a little pissed so I decided to try and explain to her how hypnosis could be a powerful tool. 
I told her about how it wasn’t all stage gimmicks and that it could really penetrate a person’s subconscious and help them in their every day lives. I even told her a little about erotic hypnosis and how it could enhance a sexual experience.

​Which might of been a mistake, because she only seemed to hear the last part and started to make fun of me. She kept insinuating that I wasn’t a good fuck and that I needed hypnosis tricks to be able to get girls to sleep with me.

That was a mistake on her part. To be fair, I was a little drunk and my judgment might have been affected by her harsh words. 


I love to suck Darren’s cock. Darren’s cock tastes exquisite and nothing can replace it. 
I love Darren’s cock. I love to worship Darren’s cock. 
Darren’s cock belongs in my mouth. 
Darren’s seed tastes so good I cum every time I drink it. 
I love when Darren uses my mouth. 
I want Darren to use my mouth every time he feels like it. 
I love to be ready and available for Darren to cum down my throat.


The party was winding down and Melissa had finally stopped teasing me about my passion for hypnosis. But... Her words still stayed with me so I decided to go for broke.

I had a feeling that she was getting tired from all the drinking and dancing so I decided to go talk to her. She was complaining about the room spinning and kept closing her eyes to rest, which gave me all the opportunity I needed. I spoke to her normally at first and gradually lowered my voice as I described to her, in growing detail, about funny things I saw during the party.

She didn’t laugh but kept smiling as I described each little thing. I painted her a complete image of our friends and their shenanigans as my voice started to relax her. At one point, she told me how nice my voice was and that it was helping with the spinning room.

So I continued...

I had done these types of long inductions before and I was patient about it. The more I talked to her, the more I became convinced that she would make an excellent hypnotic subject. Her mind was open to my words and I knew her to be the gullible type. I talked and talked as I gradually lower my voice further and guided her into a light trance.


I love and trust Darren.
Darren is always in control of my mind and my body.
My mind is empty except for what Darren tells me to think.
Darren is my boyfriend in public, but in truth, I am his slave.
I love to obey Darren.
Darren is my Master.


To the few that remained at the party, we looked like drunk people that were calmly trying to figure out where we were going to go crash. But as I deepen her light trance, I was trying to decided the best way to show her just how powerful hypnosis could be. 

As I talked with her subconscious mind, I soon discovered that although she didn’t show it, she found me reasonably attractive. So I started with that. I already knew how open she was with her sexuality, but I was shocked to learn just how much of a slut she actually was. So I worked on that too.

I couldn’t do much more, so I aimed it all so that she would want to come back to my place. Drunk as she was, she was pretty horny and with my light guidance, her arousal got centered on me. I hinted that she would have a desire to show me what a normal girl could do in bed. As if I had only bedded hypnoses-zombies and that I didn’t know what a real woman felt like.

Once I brought her out of her trance, she eventually focused her eyes on me and smiled as naughty thoughts filled her head. Of course, she didn't realize that I would not only be fucking her body that night.


I love to be Darren sex slave.
I live to please and obey Darren.
My body and mind belong to Darren.
Darren can use and change me as much as he desires.
I will fuck and suck Darren on command.
I am always wet and ready to be used by Darren.
I am nothing but a sexual toy for Darren to use.
I live to please and serve Darren.


As predicted, we had a rather wild night and if I am honest, she did show me a thing or 2 that blew my mind away. Her sexual adventures and open mind had given her plenty of experience. She was right in a way, I was missing out on a few things. But as we crashed on my bed, both thoroughly exhausted, I decided that I still wanted to show her just how powerful hypnosis could be.

If done properly with such a perfect subject.

So I spoke her trance trigger softly and let the post coital bliss enhance her calm state of mind. I deepened her trance for a long while before I started to go to work on her views. On her core values.

I learned that she had loved our fuck. That she was surprised by my stamina and talents. I wasn’t the best fuck of her life, but I was up there so it was rather easy to play around with her memory of the event and make it extra special. Extra fulfilling... 

Guiding her to a place where she wanted more of the same was easy after that. Re-enforcing her initial desire to blow my mind with her talents was just as easy. She already had a desire to show me what I was missing out on, so I enhanced it further by giving her a desire for a repeat performance. 

Her attraction for me had already bloomed with our fuck so that was child’s play. But then I dug deeper and discovered that although I hadn’t had to push hard for her to come home with me, she still thought of me as a geeky nerd that would miss out on life because I had a passion for hypnosis.

Which she thought was bogus and creepy.

In her mind, even if she was surprised by our fuck, she still viewed me as beneath her. That she wasn’t fucking me to enjoy it, but rather, doing it as a mercy to me. Giving me something I would otherwise never have.

​That pissed me off. 


My body and mind belong to Darren.
I obey and serve Darren.
I feel pleasure when I obey and serve Darren.
My physical pleasure is not important, only Darren’s pleasure is important.
Darren’s cock is the most important and delicious thing in my life.
Nothing feels as good as his cock inside me except obeying Darren.
I must never indulge my pleasure because my pleasure is not important.
Dull pleasure is good. Orgasm’s are bad.
I am forbidden from experiencing orgasms because I am Darren’s sex toy.
A sex toy does not experience orgasms and I am Darren’s sex toy.


After that first night, Melissa left with a deep desire to seduce me again. Which she did the following week. We were both at a party again and she made a point to dress extra sexy for me. She kept looking my way and smiling her sexy little smile and by the time the evening started to whine down, we were making out in a dark corner.

I brought her back to my place and to my surprise, she got to her knees once I closed the door and sucked me right there in the doorway. Which eventually evolved into a fuck blown fuck in my living room.

Once we came and crashed on the sofa, I triggered her trance and deepened it until I was satisfied she would be receptive to my guidance. I learned that she kept her burning desire to show me just how amazing a fuck she was and wanted to make sure I would never fuck a girl as open and slutty as she could be.

She was planning to fuck me a few times to make sure I was thoroughly mind blown before dropping me and going after some other guy. Well that wouldn’t do! So I started to work on her view of me. I wasn’t some nerdy guy she needed to teach a lesson, but rather, I was a man to be conquered. A man to be respected. I hinted that she discovered just how much of a man I was after I fucked her so good. That my talents were blowing her away and not the other way around.

I played with her memories and once I was done, she remembered that she went down on me when we got in because she was eager to please me. To show me that she too was a good fuck. That she wanted my approval.

​Over the next few weeks and hypnotic sessions, she would gradually come to see me as a figure of authority to be respected. To be obeyed...


I am Darren’s sex toy.
My body belongs to Darren.
My pleasure is not important and I am forbidden to cum.
My fuck holes are for Darren to use and not for me to enjoy.
My pussy feels good with Darren cock inside it.
My clitoris does not feel pleasure because it is not useful to Darren.
My clitoris feels nothing and I can’t experience pleasure from it.
The only pleasure I feel is when I serve and obey Darren.
I feel no pain when Darren fucks my ass.
I am a perfect sex toy and sex toy’s don’t feel pain.
Darren can fuck me when ever he wants because I am his sex toy.
I am Darren’s slave and he is my Master.
I love to suck Darren’s cock because I bring him pleasure.
I will be the best cock sucker I can be because it means I can better serve and please Darren.
I will always suck Darren’s cock to the best of my abilities for as long as he desires.
My mouth exist to suck Darren’s cock.
I serve and obey Darren.


After 3 weeks of us hooking up, I was pleased to see that her plan to fuck and dump me was long forgotten. Her slutty side was making it easy for us to hook up and the trances that followed only enhanced everything I had been working on. 

Speaking of which, I started to make her trances last longer and longer. I used them to make her masturbate while she recited a wide variety of mantras that would serve to guide her mind. Each mantra would slowly be connected with pleasure and the thoughts associated with them would be accepted as truths because they felt so nice.

Or so I figured. I had to admit that I was starting to go beyond what I knew as fact when it came to what hypnosis could do. But I had managed to get this far, so why not try?

The sight of her mindlessly saying her mantras while keeping herself aroused had the effect of getting me aroused. Even after we had fucked. So I decided to try something different. I still had her recite her mantras in her mind, but her mouth was occupied with something else. She would slowly suck my cock as she fingered herself while she recited words that would help her realize just how much she loves to do it.

​Pleasure being a wonderful catalyst through it all.


Sucking Darren’s cock brings me the most pleasure because it gives pleasure to Darren.
Darren’s cock feels perfect and delicious when it slips down my throat.
When I’m not sucking Darren’s cock, I think about how good it will taste when I do suck it again.
I love to suck Darren’s cock for as long as he wants, regardless if he is hard or not.
I love when Darren fucks me in the ass or pussy, but I love it best when I suck his cock.
Darren’s cock belongs inside me because I can bring it pleasure.
Only Darren’s pleasure is important. My pleasure is forbidden.


After a month, Melissa was so open to my guidance that I knew she was viewing me more and more like an authority figure. A Dominant lover. So I followed suit and started to order her around more and more. I even started to ask for blowjobs at odd times, just to see how she would react. 

At first, she only refused about 40% of time. Of course, I was testing her resolve and always asked them in public places or even while I watched television. Some times she would be in the mood and she would do it, but other times she would refuse and offer to make it worth my wild if I could wait.

But the more I hypnotized her and made her recite her pleasurable mantras, the less she refused.

When her refusal rate was barely at 10%, I knew she would eventually accept just about anything I would ask of her. Which made me wonder how far I could change her. I only started to hypnotize her to prove a point, maybe get a fun kick out of fucking her, but as our new relationship grew, I found myself enjoying her talents more and more.

​Especially when she was tranced and sucking my cock...


I live to obey and pleasure Darren.
My body exist to please and obey Darren.
I trust Darren completely.
My mind is open and receptive to Darren’s guidance.
I obey every command Darren gives me without question.
I am Darren’s slave.
I am Darren sex toy.
I will suck or fuck on Darren’s command.
I will suck or fuck who ever Darren tells me to suck or fuck.
I am a good slave and I obey Darren.


It turns out that Melissa is an exceptional subject. Her mind is so open to my hypnotic suggestions that in 2 months time, she was half way to being my perfect little plaything. By then, she sucked me off when ever I wanted and she was always receptive to my desires.

She didn’t view herself as my slave yet, but she had fully accepted our new dominant/submissive relationship. She only had eyes for me and it showed when ever we were out in public. She stopped looking at other guys and would only go dance if I told her I wanted to watch her move. She even started to wear a collar while we were at my place. She didn’t remember where, but she though she had read somewhere that a good submissive girlfriend wears a collar to show her devotion and trust for her dominant lover.

Our sexual play gradually evolved and before long, I was openly telling her how much I loved to use her as my plaything. I would compliment her when she obeyed by telling her how much of a good girl she was. Of course, those words contain a small pleasure trigger and helped enhance her need for my approval.

She even started to work on her blowjob skills. She was a decent cocksucker, but she couldn’t quite deep throat me. After training herself with large dildos, she eventually could. Which earned her my praise of course.

​Then I started to hint that sexual denial would enhance our D/s play immensely. And so she started to edge herself. Up until that point, I hadn’t really thought about removing her orgasms, but my appetite for control grew in sink with her submissions.


I am a loving girlfriend in public, but a devoted sex slave in private.
I live to obey Darren.
I live to please Darren.
I live to obey and please Darren.
Darren’s orders are absolute and I obey them without question.
If Darren orders me, I will suck or fuck whoever he wants to the best of my abilities.
My mind and body are Darren’s sex toy.
I belong to Darren.


After 6 months of intense mind meddling, she finally told me in one of her trances that she accepted the fact that she had submitted to me completely. She fully understood the implications that I wanted her to be my plaything. That I wanted her to be my permanent slave. 

After that hypnotic confession, I didn’t think twice about fully converting her. 

2 months later, she had completely embraced the fact that I owned her. That I could change her mind and use her body how ever I wanted. She even loved that I did.

I made her work hard and denying herself pleasure and after a while, she stopped coming all together. Her sole pleasure was in serving me and pleasing me. Truth be told, I was both astonished and impressed with the work we did together.

Her old self only exists when we go out. To most of our friends, we just hooked up one night and discovered how much we loved each other.

To a select few, they come and marvel at her transformation.

​And experience first hand how devoted a slave Melissa turned out to be.


​I know and understand that I love to obey and please Darren.
I know and understand that Darren is my Master.
I know and understand that I am Darren’s sex slave.
I know and understand that I am Darren’s fuck toy.
I know and understand that Darren has complete control over my mind.
I know and understand that he has hypnotized me and transformed me into his loving slave.
I know and understand that Darren can hypnotize me when ever he wants.
I know and understand that hypnosis is real and can transform my mind into anything Darren desires.
I will never doubt that hypnosis is real because I am Darren’s hypnotic slave.

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