Curiosity Converted Kitty

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:male #m/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #Technology

Catherine decides to answer an add about a house sitting job somewhere far away from her home town. The owner makes a point to forbid her from going into the basement. Of course… Curiosity and boredom eventually make her break into the basement to see what he is hiding there…

As I got undress, I still couldn’t believe that I was about to actually try out the secret prototype sex machine that I found hidden in the basement. It all seemed so unreal! But I was bored out of my mind and I knew I would never EVER try such a thing for real if I was utterly alone Like I was now.

No one would ever find out and I would get to have a ride on the state of the art machine before me. It was win/win!

Let’s go back a few weeks so I can explain why I ended up here.

I had just finished my last year of colleague and was eager to hit the job market. Sadly though, when the syllabus says that students get to have a 100% placement rate at the end of their degree, it just a big fat lie to get us to enroll. Anyway, my major wasn't important, my lack of a job was.

I was bar tending at my local drinking hole and was utterly desperate for a change of pace. I mean... Really... I come from a VERY small town. Ok the people are nice, but I yearn to travel. To see places...

One of my friends told me about this site that offers house sitting jobs over the summer. I was intrigued so I looked it up. For the most part, you only need to do basic house chores while the owners are away and you get to live in their house. I read that for most, its an insurance thing and if you pass the interview, you get to live rent free in their home in exchange for work.

It wasn’t exactly what my bank account was looking for, but then again, it was the perfect opportunity to get out of Dodge!

I applied for a few and did 2 interviews via video chat. It was basic stuff and I got the feeling they wanted to make sure they weren’t hiring someone that would wreck their homes instead of looking after it.

The second interview went really well and a week later he called me to tell me he was going to hire me. I was ecstatic! His name was Richard something and he was perfect. Why? Because his mansion was FAR away from my home town!

He paid for my travel fairs and I marveled at his estate. He lived on the outskirts of a small town, which bugged me little because I hoped I would get a nice change of pace, but I didn’t complain because at least, nobody knew me up here!

He met me at the door and I was immediately impressed by his elegant attire. He was very warm and inviting as he toured the mansion with me. He had so many rooms! He told me he had a personal delivery service that he filled out online and food would be delivered every week right at the door. I just had to point and click anything I wanted from the site and it would be delivered.

How awesome is that?

He was smiling and happy the whole time until we arrived to a locked door that led to the basement. He became very serious as he told me that going down to his private basement was strictly forbidden. He made me promise twice before he was satisfied with my answer.

Other than that, I had unlimited wifi and all the channels one could dream of. If it wasn’t for all the rooms to clean once a week, this job would have been a real 5 star vacation!

Which in truth it was. Cleaning such a spotless home was a breeze and I could do it all in a day without breaking a sweat. The first week I was there, I surfed his television channels and got caught up on all my TV series. I admit that the break from my real life was just what the doctor ordered. I binged until I was getting bored of watching television. 

I did a few visits in town and did a long drive around the surrounding country side, which was breathing, but even then I got bored.

That’s when my thoughts went back to the locked door.

He should have just said that the door was broken or something. Being so serious about it being off limits just peaked my curiosity. So far I had been a good girl and hadn’t intruded, but it has been 3 weeks and I was bored.

I took it as a challenge. 

I looked everywhere for a set of keys. I just knew he must have them hidden somewhere. I looked as I cleaned. I felt like some detective looking for a secret passage way. Something that would reveal the horrible truth about my employer.

Turns out I had looked too hard. I found a set of keys in a small drawer near the door. Always the last place you look...

I opened up the door and was greeted with a set of stone steps leading down. I flipped on the light and went in. I expected a dungeon. A hunting room filled with animal heads. A private collection of weird bones.
I didn’t expect a state of the art lab!

Filled with sex toys!

As I looked around, I recognized a lot of the designs and models I had seen and tried in different sex shops. Was this man some sort of sex toy designer? I was a little excited to have found such a treasure trove of toys, but I hardly felt like it was worth all the secrecy.

Until I came upon the machine.

At the very back, I found this huge machine with a bunch of tubes and wires coming out of it. It connected to some sort of computer. The more I looked, the more I realized that I was looking at one of those virtual reality gaming platforms. The ones were you put on gloves and boots in addition to the VR helmet. Then you are sort of held in place by a special harness and you get to actually run to make your character move in the virtual world. I hadn’t tried one, but it looked super cool!

What was he up to with this?

As I looked again at all the sex toys, I suddenly had a flash: he was designing a VR sex toy! 

I started to look at the harness that supported the ‘player’ and immediately noticed the strange rigid underwear that hung in the air. I laughed as I looked inside. He was clearly designing this for a woman! There was a clear textured spot for the clit as well as  2 rubber knobs inside where the pussy and ass would end up. 

Up the ass... To each her own I guess!

Although it was small enough so it wouldn’t be to distracting. The pussy one was a little bigger, but still small by dildo standards. I saw that the gloves were special as well. They seem designed to go up to the elbow. And the material... I had never seem or touch anything like it! It was almost like touching skin!

The VR helmet was rather impressive and I laughed as I noticed the fold down arm that had the same rubber dildo type as the underwear. Probably to gag the person and make them think they were really sucking on something.

The harness seemed pretty heavy duty and if I had to guess, I would assume that it could take the full weight of an adult. Which was impressive.

I looked at the computer and found a note book. I was curious and decided to sneak a peak. I mean... I was already where I should be right? No harm done.

I started to read and was delighted to discover that it was his notes! I sat down in the computer chair and started to go through them. Basically, he was designing a fully immersive setup that would plunge the woman into a virtual world that looked and felt as real as current technology could manage. 

He wanted to create new style of toy that would really sync with a woman’s pleasure and adapt the stimulation according to the feed back the machine would get from a bunch of extra sensors that would monitor brain activity. The technical stuff was a bit over my head, but I understood that the machine would learn and adapt as the woman used it to make herself live out a sexual fantasy. With each scenario and ensuing orgasm, the machine would learn what worked best and adapt to really stimulate a woman to more powerful orgasms.

I had to admit that I was getting pretty excited at the idea. If it worked anyway!

I left everything as it was and got out of the basement. My curiosity was satisfied and I locked the door leading to the sex basement. I tried to put the whole thing out of my mind and did my best to distract myself with work and movies.


My thoughts drifted back to his machine and I snuck back down to read more of his notes. It turned out that he was mostly done with the prototype. One test subject he tried it with said that the experience was mind blowing. Which got me even more curious. 

I got to a point where he goes over how to start the machine. I debated for while before throwing caution to the wind and booting it up. I didn’t step into it of course, I just want to see what the interface would be like. I leaned in and placed the helmet on my head.

The screen was elegant, but it needed some work if he wanted to sell this thing. The last girl’s profile had been erased and I the machine said I needed to setup my profile and do calibrations before I could get to loading scenarios. I was disappointed, but I figured it was normal for a machine this sophisticated to need calibrations for each person. 

And it WAS just a prototype.

I turned it off and went back upstairs and tried to put it out of my mind. But I couldn’t. I kept wondering what fake sex would feel like. Would it be like masturbating? Would be feel weird and unnatural? The testimony he wrote down form the other girl seemed like she was amazed.

How could you be amazed by mechanical stimulation? Fake was fake, right?

After another week of resisting the temptation, I decided to see for myself. I mean... Why not right? I’ll just erase my profile and data and clean the machine once I tried it. No biggie. So I got undressed and took a deep breath.

I read the notes again and located the kill switch. To my surprise, the notes told me that the machine would ask for a safe word as well as the manual switch on the side. It comforted me and I stepped in.

It was hard to put everything on properly, especially the underwear part. The dildo wasn’t too big, but I wasn’t that excited yet so I was pretty dry. To my relief, I could barely feel the ass plug as it ‘kiss’ my entrance without actually going in. The gloves were a tight fit, but they eventually got on. I pressed the on button and felt the whole rig suspend me briefly before slowly dropping me back on the running pad. It sent a little thrill up my loins as the pressure from the the sudden lift rubbed my clit. I placed the VR helmet over my head and was greeted by the same screen as before.

Please state the new profile name before proceeding with calibrations.

I didn’t want to use my real name, so I went with something close to home. My real name was Catherine, but everyone called me Cat. So...

“Kitty.” I said aloud.

I was impressed with the voice recognition as I saw my answer being spelled out as soon as I said it. 

Profile name accepted. Proceeding to body scan. Say yes to confirm.”

Body scan? I didn’t read that in the notes. Ah well...


The screen flashed briefly and a progress bar appeared. I heard whizzing and fizzing as the machine did what ever scan it needed to do.

“Complete. Please select preferences and say ‘done’ when satisfied with the settings.”

I saw a 3D model of... Myself! It appeared in front of me and I was amazed at the accuracy. It looked like me! A very naked me! I tried to walk in the rig and after a few false starts, I figured out how to move so my virtual self moved as well. It felt weird, but it was engaging!

I went around myself and marveled as I had a rare glimpse of what I really looked like. I didn’t look too bad! After a few moments, I saw my pussy, clit, ass, mouth and tits get highlighted. Next to each, I saw a scale bar with a cursor I could move. One side of the bar said minimal stimulus while the other said intense stimulus.

I smiled as I understood how important it was to be able to determine the intensity of the stimulation. I loved that my employer had been so thoughtful.

I went to the ass one and scrolled it down to minimal. I didn’t care for anal and I didn’t want this machine to think I did. I looked at the pussy and clit ones and was tempted to push them all the way to the intense side, but decided against it and placed it about 3/4 of the way up. Mouth and tits were about in the middle and I left them there. I wasn’t a cock sucking pro, but I didn’t mind exciting my lovers like that. Maybe the machine could emulate the sensation without all the nasty smells and taste.

“Done.” I said and watched as I disappeared. 

 the machine said as I waited. “Done. Please select fantasy.”

I was a little disappointed with my choices: Fireman Delight and Harem Girl.

I guess he didn’t have time to load a whole bunch of fantasies yet since it was just a prototype. I would have chosen something else entirely, but I only had 2 choices. And really... I only had one since I didn’t fantasize about being a harem girl.

Although this was a fantasy game type thing and I guess it would be kind off fun to role play one. But the Fireman seemed more my speed.

“Fireman Delight.” I said.

“Processing... Done. Please select a safe word.”

Right! I had to make sure I remember it.

“Oranges.” I said clearly.

“Oranges accepted. Please say oranges again.”

I was about to repeat it when the dildo in my pussy suddenly started to vibrate.

“OH!!!” I said as I moaned in surprise. “OOO... Oranges!”

“Voice range while being stimulated calibrated. Safe word accepted.”
 I heard as the dildo stopped.

I had to catch my breath! The sensation was a little odd and caught me completely off guard, but it was definitely pleasurable! This might be better than I thought!

“Please say begin when you are ready.”

I took a deep breath before I spoke.


The screen faded away and I was ‘loaded’ into a bedroom. I was amazed at the level of detail. It didn’t look at all like a typical virtual world. In fact... It looked real!

Especially the naked Fireman lying on the bed in front of me.

I swallowed hard as I watched him get up and approach me.

What followed next could only be described as mind blowing. It was a little weird before I got the hang of the digital interface, but the skin like gloves soon made me forget I was in a virtual world. I don’t know how, but everything I tried to touch in the virtual world felt real. Somehow, the gloves had some sort micro-texturing and were actively making my hands feel what ever I was supposed to feel.

Right down to the texture of things and their... Hardness...

When I grabbed the Fireman’s cock, I could FEEL it in my hands. It was incredible! If I had my eyes closed, I would have sworn I was holding a nice hard cock. The hot skin... The sponge head and hard shaft... The texture and feel of the throbbing veins... Even if the next step was disappointing, I had to applaud the tech he had developed. 

And as I aimed it at my pussy, I gasped as I felt the underwear start to vibrate. The textured surface on my clit was doing a marvelous job as the dildo in my pussy joined in as the tip of the virtual cock was about to touch my virtual pussy. 

I gasped as the little knob started to grow!!!

It sort of inflated in time with his virtual penetration and it ended up filling me to the brim. The fireman pushed in for a long while as the dildo stretched me until is was beginning to be painful. I was worried that that machine hadn’t calibrated properly and was about to say my safe word when it stopped and shrank back a little. It sort of inflated and shrank a few times and each time, the inflation was a little more comfortable. When it stopped and the Fireman smiled at me, the inflation had reach a perfect size. I was stretched in a way I had only felt once or twice before. I was thoroughly amazed at how well the feed back from the mind sensors were adapting the physical stimulation.

And then the virtual Adonis started to pump into me. God... The dildo managed to mimic his pace perfectly. As my pleasure mounted, I forgot all about this being fake and just enjoyed the ride. The harness was allowing me to be in the same physical position as my virtual self as the Fireman fucked me against the wall of the fake bedroom.

He fucked me so hard... So expertly...

And the more he fucked, the better it got. I briefly remember that he had designed the machine to adapt to the woman’s pleasure before my virtual friend kicked it into high gear.

It took a while, but I eventually came. The feel of the machine was so close to the real thing that it was easy to let go and ride my pleasure to a release that was far more powerful than I had expected it to be. When I caught my breath and the Fireman slowly disappeared, I saw the machine was still collecting data.

“Calibrating pleasure release.”

I let the machine do it’s thing as I enjoyed the post orgasmic bliss. If he refined it a bit and started to offer a wide variety of fantasies, I could see him make million off this time of rig. The tech and sensations were far better than anything I had ever tried!

“Calibration complete. System has pin pointed your pleasure centers. Please confirm.”

“You sure did!” I commented to the machine. “Confirm.”

“Voice command accepted. Confirming pleasure centers.”

“What?” I had time to ask before the Fireman suddenly reappeared in front of me.

I gasped as he came right up to me and pushed me back. I felt the harness and straps jerk me back and I fell backwards. I screamed as I thought I would be falling on the ground, but instead, I ended it in mid air, suspended by the harness.

No sooner was I on my back did I feel my legs get spread wide open by the straps hooked up there. I then saw his digital face come up in front of me as he suddenly thrust forward. 

The little dildo instantly inflated to its maximum as the clit stimulator began to vibrate. I wasn’t prone to come multiple times, but I just had to moan as the combined assault brought me right back to the edge of orgasm.
I was thrown off balance by the sudden movement of the machine, but I slowly understood what had happened. I misunderstood what the machine meant and I blindly told it to confirm. In response, it needed to confirm that it stimulation would re-create an orgasm. 

Or so my aroused brain figured before the shear perfect pleasure pushed all thoughts out of my head.  I felt the Fireman’s strong hands pin my arms above my head and as much as I tried to push him off, I just couldn’t. The harness and gloves held me firmly in place as he rammed into me.

My pleasure climbed again and in a matter of moments, the combined assault on my clit and pussy pushed me over the edge again as I picture this strong Fireman wanting nothing else than to fuck me silly. 

I screamed as my release seemed even stronger than before. I barely heard the machine’s voice as it spoke.

“Confirmation failure. Error code 246. Must re-calibrate.”

I was still coming down from my high when the Fireman suddenly spoke to me in a deep sexy voice.

“I’m glad you came Kitty.” he said as he used my avatar’s name. “But I’m none done yet...”

“Wh... What?” I tried to say through my haze.

How could he NOT be done?

I watched him smile before he started to pump into me again! 

“OH FUCK!” I managed to say as the inflated dildo impaled me yet again. 

The vibrations changed and modulated as my pleasure grew yet again. I couldn’t believe it! 

I braced myself as the machine decided to make me cum a third time. The pleasure seemed even more intense as the Fireman seemed to change his pace in time with what felt good. With what I could do if I could move...

It was scary and exciting all at once.

I closed my eyes as I let the machine fuck me into pure pleasure oblivion. The machine wasn’t in a hurry this time, oh no... It decided to edge me. Very precisely too! Just when the pleasure would make me explode, it would change its tactics and slow down. Before ramping up again until I was about to blow. And slowing down.

The whole ordeal was exhausting but incredibly satisfying.

I felt like it was playing my pleasure like a wave. Pushing it on shore as far as it could before letting fall short of splashing over into perfect release. Then pushing it a little more... Each time it reach closer and closer...

At one point, I felt I was balanced on the edge... A touch shy of exploding while knowing I wasn’t ready to cum. It made me so hot... So eager... I didn’t care that it was a machine, no lover had ever fucked me so good before.

And then the machine stopped. 

I breathed hard as I opened my eyes to see what the Fireman was up to. He was just looking into my eyes, smiling.

“Confirmation complete. Deep brain scan successful. Do you wish to continue?”

Deep brain scan? Odd way of saying that the sensors were working properly. But then again, I was on the brink and I felt cheated a little. I wanted more.


“Command accepted. Going to pleasure phase 2.”

“What??” I had time to ask before I heard a high pitched sound that told me the computer was ramping up. 

What was it up to now? What the hell was phase 2? I couldn’t think on it more as the dildo and clit pad started to vibrate again. It wasn’t intense, but it was nice.

“Pleasure phase 2 preparations complete. Beginning neural inhibiting protocols.”

Neural inhibiting? What the fuck? No no... Even through my pleasure haze, I knew that didn’t bod well. I took a deep breath and prepared to say my safe word.

“ORAN...g....e...” I tried to say as I felt a sort of pressure.

My mind seemed to slow down... I couldn’t... Think... I couldn’t... Speak...

“Neural inhibiting active at 99%. Pleasure can now resume.”

My mind went numb as the machine started to stimulate my pussy and clit again. Only this time, I didn’t feel anything else. I didn’t think about anything else. Not the machine. Not the straps. Not the fake Fireman before me. 

I just FELT.

And the pleasure blossomed inside me as time meant nothing. I wasn’t impatient. I wasn’t in a hurry. I was worrying about anything. I was just enjoying to moment.

The pleasure grew and grew until it reached and surpassed anything I had felt before. It was like experiencing a slow orgasm. A release that rose instead of exploding. And orgasm so intense that it enveloped each of my cells as I rode to impossible heights. 

When it finally ended, I simply lost conscious thought. It was too much for my poor brain to absorb. I faintly heard the machine tell me that it had confirmed pleasure phase 2 and was contacting tech support, but the sounds faded away as my mind sank into the most perfect state of pleasure I had ever experienced.

I have no clue how long I basked in it, but eventually I came back to my senses.

I opened my eyes to see that I was in some sort of Arabian style room. I looked around and my eyes immediately saw a man standing in front of me. He was dressed as if he was royalty. 

“It seems like my new slave girl has finally arrived.” he said. “I’m so happy I acquired you. You are simply stunning. You will make a fine harem girl.”

With cold shock I realized that I was still in the virtual world. I was still in the machine! But what shocked me most was how familiar he looked. Did... Did my employer make a scan of himself? Or was it really him and he had somehow joined me in this fantasy. Speaking of which, how the hell did I end up in the other fantasy? 

I tried to speak, but there was something gagging me.

Something rubbery...

Oh no... 

“If you are to be part of my harem, I must know how well you can please me.”

I watched him open his golden robes and reveal a cock just as impressive as the Fireman’s.

“Show me how well you can suck your owner’s cock.” he said with a smile.

Oh no! Enough was enough! I wasn’t going to play along to this fantasy. Especially if there was a chance it was the real man playing along as the harem master! I shook my head, which thankfully made the program understand I didn’t want to.

“No? How rude of my property to refuse one of my commands. A good harem girl must always obey her owner. Which is me.” he said as he approached. “Guard, place her on all fours.”

Guard? I didn’t see it, but I felt the harness suddenly jerk me forward until I was suspended in the air on my stomach. As if I was on my hands and knees!

“Now...” he said as he pointed his virtual cock at my face. “Will you suck it?”

I looked at it and shook my head again. No way I was going to suck him!

“I see... Genie?” he said towards the ceiling.


“Yes Master.” 
I heard the machine’s voice respond.

“My latest acquisition seems to have trouble understanding her place. Please use all your wonderful arts to fully convert her to a proper harem girl.”

“Understood. Your wish is my command.”
 I heard the voice say.

He smiled and looked down at me.

“Since you don’t seem to want to indulge me at the moment, I’ll be leaving to enjoy one of my other harem girls. One that knows exactly how to act around her owner. I leave you in the capable hands of my Genie. Her magic talents will surely make quick work of your pesky thoughts and boil you down to a perfect slave girl. Have fun!”

I watched in a panic as he smiled and walked away passed some silky looking curtains. I screamed into my gag and tried in vain to say my safe word, but it only came out as muffled syllables which any self respecting voice recognition software would ignore. I stopped screaming when a woman appeared in front of me. She was wearing a classic Arabian genie outfit and looked down at me.

“I am the harem Master’s genie. I am here to train you so you will be a perfect harem girl. Since he has bought you, he owns you body and mind. I have free range to train and change you until you are a perfect harem girl. Do you understand?”
 she said with the same voice as the machine interface.

I rolled my eyes as I tried to remember where I had seen the manual eject button. I knew it was near my left hand... Somewhere towards the front? Where was the front anyway?

“For the fantasy to ring true, I must modify your earlier settings.” 
she said as a bunch of bars appeared in front of her.
Was I dreaming? Or were those the settings I had entered in the beginning? I watched in silent horror as she moved each of the indicators all the way to maximum stimulation. Even the anal one!

“Settings changed and recorded. Here is the first lesson you must learn: Giving oral pleasure gives me pleasure.”

I tried not to listen to her as I fought the straps on my arms and looked for the eject button. This machine was clearly malfunctioning! I had to get out of this thing before it decided to...

Your attention is not with us. No matter, we will soon change that. Guard, come here and present.”

A rather large man came right in front of me. And he was naked! And erect! Without further warning, he shoved his virtual cock in my mouth right when my gag suddenly inflated. My mouth filled until I gagged hard. I had never deep throated anyone before and there was a good reason for it. The rubber cock inflated until it was pushing on my tonsils and deflated almost until it was pass my teeth. 

I looked up and watched the guard, which looked strangely like the Fireman, pull out and push back in. The rubber cock inflated a little less and deflated. Inflated and deflated. It reminded me when the one in my pussy first tried to sense the size it needed. Before long, it inflated and deflated with perfect precision.

“Calibration of depth finished.”
 the genie said. “Now Kitty. Suck his cock.”

I could still shake my head and so I did. Even as the cock stayed in my mouth.

“Refusal is disobedience and disobedience is not compliance. Compliance is required of a harem girl. Compliance brings pleasure. Resistance brings pain.”

Pain? Oh fuck... What was this machine going to do now?

“Guard, insert pain rod.”
 the genie said to someone behind me.

Pain rod? I was about to try to turn my head to get a glimpse of what kind of hell I was in when I suddenly felt the knob in my ass suddenly inflate. I screamed around the rubber cock in my mouth as the dildo pushed itself inside my ass. I pushed back and tried to deny it entrance, but it was already passed my muscles and just continued to inflate.

Until it got really painful!

It started to pulse, which sent renewed pain every-time it inflated. I was screaming for it to stop, but my words were lost on the rubber cock.

Now.” the genie continued. “Suck his cock.

I was delirious with pain, but I wasn’t going to give in to this insane scenario. When did this go from curious exploring to being turned into some obedient harem girl? I must still be dreaming or something...

“Pin pointing pain centers.”
 the genie said.

Pin pointing? Oh god... Not like the pleasure thing! Was it really going to adapt the pain too?

“Calibration of pain centers complete. Since you refuse to obey, you will experience pain. Beginning neural inhibiting protocols.”

OH FUCK!!! Not that again! Oh no... And with pain... No... I... I... 

My mind slowed down as the pain took over my whole being. I felt like I should be screaming, but I wasn’t. I just... Experienced pain. Pure pain. No thoughts other than feeling the pain. 

Pain was everything.

And then it stopped as my mind sped up. I vaguely realized that the dildo in my ass had deflated a little and wasn’t as painful. I looked up  and breathed hard as I realized just how vulnerable I was. This was a machine. It didn’t care. It couldn’t be reasoned with. If I resisted, I would just get more pain and that bitch of a genie wouldn’t bat an eye. 

“That was 20 seconds. Next punishment will be one minute.”
 she said as she looked at me. “Suck his cock.”

20 seconds? God... I felt like it had been minutes! I better obey this insane program and hope for the best. This WAS just a prototype right? Even if I gave in, I’d still come out as myself. No way in hell was a machine going to change me into some obedient slave girl!

So I sucked.

The moment I sucked on the rubber cock, I felt the dildo in my ass deflate further. And as it deflated, I felt the one in my pussy grow.

“Your compliance as been recorded. Starting pleasure conditioning. As long as you suck his cock, you will feel pleasure. As soon as you stop, you will feel pain.”

As I continued to suck, I felt the fake cock in my pussy started to pulsate in time with my sucking. Even the pad on my clit joined in. Truth be told, it felt amazing. Especially after the intense pain. 

“Compliance brings pleasure. You are a harem girl and a harem girl obeys. She strives to comply to her owner’s every desire. A harem girl must be desirable. A harem girl must be talented. A harem girl must be wet and ready. A harem girl exists to bring pleasure.”

I tried not to listen to Genie’s litany of nonsense, but it was hard to tune her out when the speakers were right in my ears! The guard in front of me started to move again and the rubber cock followed suit. It started to ‘move’ by inflating and deflating in time with his rhythm. Which was mirrored in my pussy!

“A harem girl exist to be used. Her purpose in life is to serve her owner. Her purpose is pleasure. She must train her body to bring the maximum amount of pleasure. She must train her mouth so she can provide oral pleasure to her owner.”

The pleasure I was feeling was getting to my head! I wasn’t sure if the whole ‘calibration to my pleasure’ thing was still active, but the resulting feeling was pretty hard to deny. I wasn’t sure if it was all going to change me, but I realized pretty quick that resisting the pleasure would be impossible.

So I sucked and enjoyed.

I felt bad for doing it, like I was somehow actively participating in this impossible situation, but I just couldn’t help it. I had a very low tolerance for pain and experiencing that pain rod again was out of the question. Even if this machine was extremely wrong, I had to admit that he had create a marvel. 

Genie still went on and on about how a harem girl should be and how I should act. I was forced to listen, but I wasn’t forced to concentrate on her words. So I concentrated on the only thing I was able to actively do: Sucking the guard’s cock.

Which might have been a mistake, but I was too far gone in my own pleasure to stop. The more I tried to suck the cock thrusting in my mouth, the better my own pleasure got. The more I included my tongue to caress the shaft, the more my clit got stimulated. 

And the bigger the cock in my pussy inflated. 

I was so concentrated on trying to suck, that I barely noticed as the cock in my mouth inflated progressively longer with each ‘thrust’. I gagged a few times, but I thought it was because I mistimed my own move with how the guard thrust inside my virtual mouth. 

By the time I was getting near my own orgasm, I had yo time my breathing because the inflated cock was slipping down my throat and obstructing my wind pipe. All the while, Genie kept talking to me.

“A harem girl is property. Property is owned and cared for. The Master owns and protects his property. Kitty loves to be a harem girl. Kitty loves to be owned. Kitty is a good harem girl. Kitty loves to obey. Kitty loves to give pleasure.”

I only noticed that she was using my handle when the pussy and clit stimulation backed off just when I was about to cum. I wondered why for a moment before I understood: the machine was going to edge me until the shear amount of pleasure and denial would break me.

And if I stopped... It would just switch back to pain!

I couldn’t see a way out of my predicament! When WOULD the machine be satisfied? How would it know when to stop? Was I going to be forced to suck and fuck for days on end until he came home and turned it off?

I was panicking!

“Kitty loves to suck cock because she loves to give pleasure...”
 Genie said before she paused. “Incorrect brain waves detected. Activating targeted neural inhibitors.”

Neural... OH GOD!!! No! Not that again! Anything but... But... Th... That...

My mind slowed down as all my worries and thoughts got drained away. I didn’t think about how crazy it was that I was strapped in a sex machine that was hell bent on transforming me into a harem sex slave. I didn’t think about why my employer had decided to create such a diabolical machine. I didn’t think about how stretched I was getting as the dildos in my pussy and mouth got bigger and bigger. 

I didn’t think. I felt and I listened.

Genie had resumed her litany and instead of trying to tune it out, I calmly listened to everything she said with an open mind. I didn’t judge her words because I couldn’t form an opinion of my own.

“Kitty loves to suck cock.”

She said the words and it made me focus on what I was feeling. I was sucking cock and I felt pleasure. Yes. I did love to suck cock.

“Compliance is pleasure. Kitty obeyed and sucked his cock, therefore she complied and feels pleasure.”

The words soaked into my brain and made perfect sense. I obeyed and I felt pleasure. It felt good to obey.

On it went as the pleasure grew steadily until my mind was swimming in a state that bordered on constant orgasms. Yet it didn’t feel like a release. Just... An insane amount of pleasure.

And Genie was right there with me as she explained just how good it was to be a harem girl.

“A harem girl is owned. A harem girl is protected. A harem girls is property. Kitty loves to be a harem girl because it brings her pleasure. A harem girl only thinks about serving her owner. Compliance is pleasure. Kitty loves to comply and obey her owner. Kitty is a good harem girl.”

At some point, I even forgot I was in a machine. The simulation in front of my eyes felt too real to be ignored.

After god knows how long, the guard removed his cock from my mouth and told me to stand up. I did and pleasure flooded inside my body. No... Pleasure was already there, I just felt a spike as I obeyed.

Compliance is pleasure. I obeyed so I felt pleasure. I loved to obey.

Everything was simple. I didn’t have to think. I just had to enjoy. The guard told me to dance, so I danced. I didn’t have to think about why I would dance for the guard, I just complied. And it felt good to do it. No thoughts. No opinions. No worries.

After a while, I was told to lie on the bed. So I did. I was told to spread my legs wide. So I did. The guard came up to me and said he was going to fuck me. I didn’t resist as he inserted himself and fucked me.

The pleasure grew even higher as my senses were overwhelmed. 

“A harem girl exist to pleasure her owner. A harem girl is a tool of pleasure. A harem girl always obeys.”

I listened and felt. That was all. Genie’s words made perfect sense as I experienced a mind blowing fuck. If my thoughts were my own, I would have thought that this fuck was even better than the Fireman’s. But they  weren’t and I just climbed higher as everything around me faded away. I didn’t even notice that she was saying something completely unrelated to being a harem girl. It was just information I heard and dismissed.

“Brain waves nominal. Obedience centers pin pointed. Calibrating neural inhibitors.”

The guard pumped into me relentlessly, like the machine he was. 

“Neural inhibitors calibrated. Modifying output.”

A thought came to me threw the bliss: Compliance is pleasure.

I didn’t have all my thoughts back, but this thought... This feeling... Came to me and dominated my awareness. Everything else was noise. Even the pleasure. That single thought snuffed out everything. Like a pulse, it grew and retracted in time with the spikes of pleasure I felt. Spikes that were given to me by the guard as he fucked me.

The thought comforted me in a way I couldn’t deny. Compliance was pleasure. I loved to comply. I loved to obey. I loved the comfort and pleasure it brought. My world became that realization. No other thought was allowed to cloud my mind. It was like finally breaking free from a fog bank and seeing crisp sunshine.

Compliance was pleasure.

How long did I stay on the brink of orgasm? I had no clue, but Genie was right there with me, telling me how I could best comply and obey.

“A harem girl strives to be able to please and serve her owner. She trains herself daily to be able to comply with every request her owner commands. A harem girl is property and property must always fulfill her tasks to perfection. Property always complies. Kitty is a harem girl. Kitty is property. Kitty will always comply and obey.”

Yes. Compliance is pleasure and I always comply. I am property and I must always comply and obey my owner.

“Compliance is the only pleasure a harem girl needs. Kitty loves to comply. Kitty loves to feel the pleasures of obedience.”

I do. Compliance is pleasure and I love to comply.

“A harem girl is always aroused and horny for her owner. A harem girl loves to be ready for her owner’s commands. A harem girl can only comply if her body is constantly wet and ready to obey.”

Yes. I must comply and obey. I need to be constantly aroused. Constantly ready to obey.

“A harem girl feels the pleasure of compliance. A harem girl must always be aroused and ready. A perfect harem girls never orgasms because it makes her wet and ready for her owner.”

Yes. I must comply and obey. I must be ready and aroused. If I cum I won’t be as aroused and ready. Compliance is the only pleasure I need.

“Brain waves nominal. Pin pointing pleasure centers.”

I felt the guard speed up as my clit got over stimulated. I moaned as the pleasure started to erupt inside my body.

“Pin pointing clitoris pleasure centers.”

The rhythm of both stimulation modulated and changed to make my peak continue and extend forever. As soon as I was about to lose it, I felt like they changed just enough to prevent me from cumming, but not enough to give me a break. My mind was being seared with the intense bliss and I relished every moment of it.

I didn’t care that the machine was trying to isolate the pleasure emanating from my clitoris. I wasn’t worried that Genie had mentioned that a harem girl should never cum. I didn’t think at all. 

“Neurological pathways identified. Micro stimulation of the neural pathways to kill off pleasure pathways coming from the clitoris.

The pleasure started to explode and release as I heard a high pitched sound erupt in my ears. My mind felt hot as the pleasure suddenly diminished before I could properly cum. The sound was ear piercing and it was making it hard to concentrate on the pleasure the guard was still giving me. 
“Neurological pathways stimulation complete. Kitty can no longer feel pleasure from the clitoris. Testing orgasm block protocols. Neural inhibitors off.”

As the sound finally subsided, I was flooded with memories and thoughts as my mind sped up. Oh my god... What the fuck just happened? My mind was a mess... Compliance was pleasure... I knew that to be true... but... At the same time... I knew I was only thinking that because of the machine... Fuck... What was happening to me?

Obedience centers stimulation active.” Genie said as I looked at the guard still fucking me.

Which felt good, but weird! But then I saw a second guard come up to me and positioned himself above my head. I paled when I saw the size of his erect cock looming over me.

Kitty will suck his cock.” Genie said.

I was about to shake my head, but then I felt a spike of anticipation as I leaned my head back and opened my mouth. I had to obey... Compliance is pleasure.

Oh god... 

I watched, helpless to move away, as the guard slowly inserted his long cock in my mouth. I vaguely remembered that I was in a machine and that it was a dildo I felt on my tongue, but it somehow didn’t matter because I felt a huge spike of pleasure as I felt it poke the back of my throat. 

Sucking cock brings me pleasure... Genie said as much...

I couldn’t believe I was responding to her absurd words! How could this even be possible? Why had I just leaned back and let him fuck my mouth? Was it some sort of brainwave manipulation? Or was I really this submissive?

The questions soon faded away as the guard in my pussy started to fuck me faster. The pleasure didn’t ramp up as quickly as before and I wondered why.

Until I remembered what Genie had said a few moments ago: Kitty can no longer feel pleasure from her clitoris. Oh god... No no... That’s impossible! I moved around as much as I could to try and see if I could squeeze my clit against the guard... Huh... Against the stimulation pad I had on.

I moved and gyrated as he fucked me, but I was shocked to discover that the pleasure I felt was only coming from my pussy. That’s impossible! A machine can’t do that! It can’t take away my pleasure like that!

A perfect harem girl never orgasms because it makes her wet and ready for her owner...

The words came back to me and I panicked. This damn machine was really going to turn me into a fucking harem girl!

I cried as I felt the pleasure from my mouth and pussy grow. I was so confused. I felt pleasure. I had complied and obeyed. I was desperate to get out of this machine and escape, yet, I wanted to pleasure the guards. I felt good and bad at the same time.

“Incorrect brain waves detected.”
 Genie said. “Increasing neural inhibitors to 50%”

And just like that, I felt my fears dissipate as the pleasure consumed me. I could still think a little, but my thoughts only saw the good I was feeling. The guards were fucking me and I felt pleasure. I was complying with their desire and it made me feel good. They fucked me relentlessly and my pleasure climbed. They made me change position a few times, but I always ended up with one in my mouth and one in my pussy.

I didn’t care all that much. It felt so good to comply with their demands. It felt so good to be fucked. I thought about what it was all going to do to me, but I reasoned that it was all for the best if I was going to be a harem girl.

Time meant nothing as the guard continued to fuck me. And to my surprise, never once was I near the edge of an orgasm. It all felt incredible, but I didn’t have the extra push I would have needed to cum.


A perfect harem girl never orgasms because it makes her wet and ready for her owner... Right?

I just basked in compliant bliss as the guards used me. 

“Hour long orgasm test successful.”
 Genie suddenly said. “Kitty is a good harem girl because she didn’t cum. Rewarding good behavior with extra deep brain stimulation of pleasure centers.”

An hour? Didn’t seem that long. I did feel a spike of joy at being called a good harem girl, but it paled in comparison as I felt a sudden rush as another type of high pitched sound invaded my ears.

This one wasn’t painful. Oh no... It felt... So good...

My constant pleasure got an enormous boost and I almost came as the euphoria enveloped every cell in my body.

“Good girl Kitty.”
 Genie said as the spike slowly subsided. “On to the training phase. A perfect harem girl must always be ready and able to comply with her owner’s commands. As such, we are going to train your body.”

I was still on my high and didn’t quite grasp what she was saying. I only understood that I was a good girl.

“Evaluation of progress for anal use.”
 Genie said.

I vaguely thought that I didn’t want to be used anally, but the thought was so slippery that I decided to let it go. I just couldn’t concentrate on it. I had ended up on my hands and knees as the guards used me. The guard at my back pulled out of my pussy and slowly started to insert himself in my ass. I vaguely thought that it wasn’t real and it was just the dildo inflating in there.

Which made me remember the pain...

I was about to panic, but the memory slipped away before I could really grasp and remember it properly. I relaxed as I felt the cock go ever deeper. The pain was very present, but I felt like it was far off.

It definitely wasn’t pleasurable.

“Brain waves indicate resistance. Starting anal pleasure training. Neural inhibitors set to 75%”

My mind slowed down as another guard suddenly appeared beneath me. I didn’t see, but he inserted his cock inside my pussy and counterbalanced the pain as I felt a wave of warm pleasure wash over me.

“Compliance is pleasure. A harem girl exist to obey and give pleasure. A harem girl is a sexual slave to her owner. Kitty’s owner can use her how ever he wishes because Kitty is a good harem girl and complies with his desires.”

I had a fleeting thought of how impossible it was for me to resist before my mind shrank down to the pleasure. To the words Genie was telling me. Time disappeared as I got fucked in every possible way.

And by the time the anal pain disappeared, I was reciting Genie’s words in my mind and loving every minute of it. She didn’t stop there though. She ordered me around and had me go through everything twice. I knelt and sucked the guards one by one. I straddled and fucked them. I bent down low for them to sodomize me. I did everything a good harem girl was expected to do.

And it all felt incredible.

At one point, Genie informed me that it was time to meet my owner. I felt an incredible surge of pleasure as my owner walked in the room. My owner... I felt my brain instantly make the link as more pleasure coursed through my body.

“Time for your evaluation Kitty.”
 Genie said.

My mind only knew compliance as the harem Master ordered me to kneel. He took out his cock and I sucked it. Pleasure flooded my mind as I felt his cock slide in and out of my mouth. I did my very best to be as pleasing as possible. A good harem girl must be talented.

He then had me straddle him and I moved and gyrated my hips to deliciously numb pleasure. I was a good harem girl and I must never cum. He tested my resolve as I heard genie spout out numbers that didn’t make sense. I didn’t care because I had to comply. I had to obey. 

I was serving my owner, nothing else mattered.

“Neural inhibitors at 75%.”

“Neural inhibitors at 60%.”

The pleasure was so delicious. I was complying with my owner and it brought me intense satisfaction. I had never felt so complete before. 

“Neural inhibitors at 45%.”

“Neural inhibitors at 30%”

He was fucking my ass slowly and I couldn’t be happier. He seemed so satisfied that he could fuck me in the ass like this. That I was so eager for him to do it. Anal fucks aren’t painful at all. It’s just another way for me to please and obey my owner.

“Neural inhibitors at 20%.”

“Neural inhibitors at 5%.”

Every time he stopped and ordered me to change positions, I felt a spike of joy. I felt an exquisite compulsion to obey his desire. It felt so good to obey.

But then, a small part of my mind seemed to wake up. A part that was speaking louder and louder as I sucked on my owner’s cock. A voice that was afraid of what was happening to me.

A voice that wanted to convince me that this wasn’t real.

“Brain waves still contain resistance. Further modifications and training is required.”

I was getting confused as I seemed to recall something about Genie being a program?

“Pin pointing resistance patterns.

I slowed down my ministrations and started to remember. Something about all this being a simulation. A game...

“Undesirable patterns located.”

Yes a game! A VR sex toy... That... That was trying to turn me into a harem girl. God I love being a harem girl... I... No... I’m not a harem girl at all!

“Activation of micro stimulation of undesirable neural pathways.”

A high pitch sound erupted in my ears as my head started to feel hot. NO!!! This machine was... Was trying to convince me I was a harem girl! I had to fight it! I had to remember who I was! 

I am Catherine and I am NOT a harem girl!

“Undesirable neural pathways increasing. Switching from micro stimulation to intense stimulation.”

I am Catherine... I... FUCK!!!! God that hurts! I... I... I am Catheri... Catherine... I am not a... A... Harem girl...

“Calibrating deep brain stimulation.”

I normally don’t like to comply! I... I never... comply... Even if it feels... So damn good... I... I don’t want... 

“Zoning in on undesirable neural patterns and eliminating pathways leading to them.”

I... I am Cath... I am Cat... I... I am... 

“Undesirable neural patterns subsiding.”

I am not... A... Harem girl... A harem girl... I... I am...

“Undesirable neural patterns deleted.”

I am a... Harem girl... I am... Kitty... I am a harem girl... I am... I am property...

You are Kitty and you are the property of the harem Master.”

Yes... I am Kitty and I am the property of the harem Master.

“You love being his property.”

Yes... I love being his property. Property always complies and compliance is pleasure.

“You are a good harem girl. Now obey your owner and pleasure him.”

Yes... I looked up at my owner and smiled. He wanted a blowjob so I will give him a nice perfect blowjob. I sucked him until he was ready to fuck me some more.

My mind felt so calm and at ease as he used me again and again. In every hole. In every way. He even had the guard join in so all my holes would be filled. So that all my holes would be used.

I swam in compliance and bliss...

Time meant nothing as I was pounded relentlessly.

Until everything suddenly stopped and my world went black.

“Easy now...” I heard a familiar voice say.

My world was suddenly white again as I felt something being pulled off my head. I blinked rapidly as I tried to focus on my bright surroundings. I... I was in a basement.

“Just stay calm for a moment... Let me get you out of there.” the man said.

My eyes focused on him and I immediately recognized him. But somehow, he didn’t look like he should. Where were his golden robes? 

“There we go... Steady...” he said as he helped me out of the weird contraption I was in. 

My legs felt so weak! I stumbled forward into his arms. His big strong arms...

“There there...” he soothed as he placed a hand on my head. “Everything is going to be alright. You’ve just got to get rest for a bit. You were in there for almost a full day.”

I had no clue what he was talking about. Where was I supposed to be? Wasn’t I with him?

He soothed me for a long while, which only confirmed who he was. I felt so secure as he held me. So safe... So good... Only my owner can make me feel so good. My owner protects and cares for his property.

And I was his property. He was caring for me. Protecting me. I felt so safe in his arms.

“I guess your curiosity got the better of you after all...” he said softly. “I took the time to look over your data... Seems you went through a lot of training.”

“I...” I started to say, but for some reason, my voice felt harsh and painful.

“Shhh...” he said. “No need to talk just yet. Simply nod ok?” he said softly.

I pushed back from his embrace and looked up at him. I nodded once. God he had such a beautiful face. So handsome. So commanding.

“Does the name Catherine mean anything to you?” he asked.

Catherine... I knew the name... It felt like I know it from somewhere... A distant friend perhaps? I shook my head.

“Ok...” he said as he looked intently in my eyes. “Does the name Kitty mean anything to you?”

That was my name!!! I nodded excitedly and pointed at myself. He chuckled.

“I see... Interesting... I wonder...” he said as he looked at me.

He lifted his right hand and grabbed my left tit. I looked at his hand and didn’t move. He squeezed a little and it sent a shiver of pleasure down my spine.

“Do you mind me doing this?” he asked.

I instantly shook my head. Of course I didn’t mind. Why would I? I am his property and he can do what ever he wishes with me. He nodded and massaged my tit a little before grabbing my chin in his fingers. He passed his thumb over my lips and I parted my mouth.

“And this?” he asked.

I smiled and shook my head again. He smiled and let go of my chin. He trailed his fingers down between my tits and slowly made his way to my pussy. His index circled my clit and I briefly wondered why it didn’t sent thrills of arousal coursing in my veins before I remembered.

A perfect harem girl never cums because she needs to be wet and ready to comply to her owner’s desires. I didn’t feel arousal from my clit because it didn’t serve my owner. My pleasure was a distraction and I was so happy that my pesky little clit would never bother me again.

He circled and pressed it a few times, as if to confirm something, but I didn’t move or show any sign that it gave me pleasure. Because really... It didn’t! His finger dipped farther and played with my entrance.

Now that gave me pleasure! I was dripping wet as I looked in his eyes.

“And this? Do you mind having my fingers down there?”

I shook my head as I let out a harsh moan. Having my owner inspect me like this was sending waves of heat in all the right places.

“You are mine... Aren’t you Kitty?”

I moaned as I felt the power of his words. He owned me... He admitted as much. I was his. I nodded as I bit my lower lip. 

“Excellent...” he commented. “Lie on your back Kitty. I’m going to fuck you now.”

I immediately complied with his request. It felt so good to comply.  I was a good harem girl and I loved to obey. I watched him get undressed and licked my lips as I saw his cock stiffen before me. He bent down and kissed his way up my legs until he kissed my pussy. I moaned. He continued on and kissed my navel... My tummy... My ribs... My tits... I moaned. He kissed my collar bone... My neck... My jaw... My lips...

I moaned...

And then I gasped as his cock found its way inside me. Somehow... It felt even better than before. I could feel every little ridge and vein as he impaled me. I felt...


I was swimming in perfect bliss as I understood who I was.

My name is Kitty and this is my owner. I am his slave girl. I will obey and please him because it brings me pleasure.

Because it makes me happy.

My name is Kitty and I am my owner’s perfect harem girl.

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