Consequences of Corporate Spying

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #conditioning #dom:male #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #Technology

A researches develops a powerful implant that and enhance personality traits. He was seduced by a sexy corporate spy and tricked into allowing her access to his documents. Lucky for him, he caught her and made a special deal with her so she wouldn’t go to jail.

“Welcome home!” I said as I posed in my new maid outfit. “Come in, come in! I’m dying to know if this get up qualifies as a, and I quote, sexy maid costume.”

He walked in and hooked his keys on their usual hook as he took in my outfit. He didn’t say a word and I couldn’t tell what was going through his mind. Hopefully, I didn’t fuck up my given task and disappoint him with my choice.

“It does.” he said with a smile. “Although, I’m surprised you didn’t go for a more lingerie inspired one instead of the shiny latex.”
“To be honest, I almost did.” I said, trying to hide my relief. “But the requirements were ‘costume’ and not ‘bedroom wear’. So... I figured this was more appropriate.”

He blinked twice in obvious puzzlement before he chuckled.

“I guess that’s true, but regardless... It looks stunning on you. ” he said as he walked up to me. “Then again, anything you decide to wear looks stunning on you.”

His proximity made my heart skip a beat.

“I won’t argue there.” I said as I felt a lovely clench down between my legs. “But... Where I might argue with you is the choice of said outfit. I know you are still mad about the night we met and all... But don’t you think a sexy maid uniform is pushing my righteous humiliation a bit far? It’s SO cliché and pretty degrading to wear you know.”

He smiled.

“No, I don’t think it’s pushing things too far.” he said as he caressed my cheek. “You completely humiliated me. You got me drunk... Seduced me so I would bring you home and fuck you... I thought I had met the perfect woman. Brilliant and beautiful all in one exquisite package. I figured you came onto me for me, but that’s not why at all, now was it?”

I blushed as I thought back to that fateful night.

“No...” I said, looking to the ground.

“Try to imagine how I felt when I woke up alone in bed.” he said as he lifted my chin so he could look at me.“ Heck.. If it had been only that, I would have let it slide as a fun night with a beautiful woman. But it wasn’t. Was it?”

“No...” I said as I looked away from his gaze.

“Can you even imagine how much money we would have lost if I hadn’t decided to double check my home security cameras?” he said. “Can you even fathom the depths of my humiliation if word got out that all that research had been stolen because I had been seduced by a pretty face?”

“I can ball park it in my head...” I said as I forced myself to look back into his eyes. “Probably millions...”

“If not more... “ he said. “What you did almost tanked my whole career, not to mention my professional reputation. If I hadn’t managed to contact you in time with proof of your theft, the company itself would have been bankrupted.”

“I know...” I said as I fought the raging despair of his obvious disappointment. “But... You did catch me and none of that happened.”

“I really SHOULD have gone to the police...” he said as he released my chin. 

I smiled.

“But you didn’t.” I said as I placed my hand on his chest. “And I’m forever grateful to you for that. I’m grateful that you decided to take justice into your own hands and offer me a path to redemption that avoids jail!”

“Corporate espionage charges can be tricky.” he said. “Your current employer would have probably been able to get you a deal so you don’t spend a lifetime in jail, but your career as a corporate spy would have been over for sure.”

“That would have been a shame...” I said with a smile. “Because I clearly excel at it!”

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“I wouldn’t say excel...” he said. “You DID get caught after all.”

“I did.” I said, biting my lower lip. “But then again, I managed to get caught by a man that was ready to offer me a different form of penance so I could continue to do what I’m good at.”

“Caught or not, it’s true that your skills are impressive.” he said. “I’m glad you decided to accept my offer because if I had turned you in, our companies would have surely done everything to keep the scandal quiet, but word always gets out when that much money is involved. So for me, turning you in would have been almost as bad as letting you get away. And knowing the higher ups, I would have been pushed out pretty quick.”

“That’s very true...” I said. “Loyalty is so hard to come by in our corporate world.”

“If loyalty were more commonplace, your job as a spy would be a lot more difficult!” he said. “But it would be nice if everyone in our company could be as loyal as you are to me.“

“They can be.” I said as I lifted my other arm and twirled my feather duster over my head. “Case in point!”

He chuckled.

“You have a point...” he said. “But you agreed to be the first human test subject for our implant. Most employees would never dream of agreeing to that.”

“A valid point.” I said. “Because I would never have accepted if there was an another alternative other than jail and career suicide. Besides... The data I stole back then didn’t conclusively state that the enhancer implant would actually work. I figured I had a 70/30 chance that the implant would fail or its influence easily ignored. I wagered that all I would end up with is a quick useless surgery and an ironclad NDA.”

“Turns out you lost to those odds huh?” he said with a smile.

“Clearly...” I said with a smile. “It’s amazing really... I know it’s the implant, but I don’t experience its influence like some pulsing compulsion. To me, it feels like my new convictions just grew from the depths of my own mind. My loyalty to you bloomed so naturally that I could no more betray you than stop breathing. In fact, if I didn’t know about the implant, I wouldn’t even know something was changing me.”

“That’s an interesting insight.” he said.

“Well I’m not top of my field just because of my looks.” I said. “Even if they clearly help to distract some targets.”

“I’m happy you’ve learned to harness your looks so brilliantly. Well now anyway....” he said, chuckling lightly. “Because now that the implant ensures your complete loyalty, it affords me the impossible benefit of having you as my co-conspirator. Not only can I safely send you to spy on my rivals, but also your own employer.”

I chuckled as I looked down at my revealing costume.

“I think we can agree that my corporate spying isn’t the only huge benefit my implant has granted you!” I said as I looked back up into his eyes. “Your prototype would be amazing and groundbreaking even if it only enhanced our sense of loyalty. But the genius of your breakthrough is that once you’ve thoroughly mapped the subject’s brain, you can pick and choose the parts you want to enhance.”

“You caught on to that, did you?” he said with a smile. 

“How could I not? I stole all your research, remember?” I asked playfully. “Plus... So far as I can tell anyway, the implant doesn’t affect my memories so I can clearly tell that it has been enhancing other parts of my psyche.”

“Very keen of you...” he said. “And what parts are you referring to?”

“Acceptance for one...” I said. “I can remember how I felt when you first started to test the implant. Don’t get me wrong, I was fully committed to being your test subject to avoid jail, but I was still pissed about it. But as my loyalty grew, I started to question my situation and nurtured thoughts of finding ways to rebel. I even started to look for ways to deactivate it. But... Every time I would entertain such notions, I would feel a wave of acceptance wash over me, effectively draining my motivation to actually make good on any thoughts I might have had. It actually felt a lot like relief.”

“Relief huh?” he said. “Well I’m glad that particular test turned out to be fruitful. You can get pretty intense when you are pissed.”

I giggled.

“I know...” I said.

“What else do you feel like I enhanced?” he said.

“My submissiveness towards you...” I said as I bit my lower lip. “It’s quite fascinating how the implant can target the smallest feeling of submissiveness and build on it until I feel like I do now. If you recall from our first night together, I was more of the ‘take charge’ type of lover. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Most definitely.” he said with a smile. “And you still are.”

I rolled my eyes.

“I am only when you want me to be.” I said. “Otherwise I am as docile as a clawless little kitten.”

“That’s true...” he said as his hands grasped my ass. “Which  could also be a good costume idea. You know... Instead of the sexy maid one you are sporting right now...”

“A sexy kitten costume? Really?” I said, looking at him meaningfully. “That’s even worse than the maid!”

“But...” he said, squeezing my ass, making my heart race. “You’ll still wear it for me, won’t you?”

“Of course I will...” I said, trying to keep my spike of arousal in check. 

“Lucky me...” he said, winking.

I rolled my eyes, trying hard not to laugh. 

“Yeah... Lucky you that I have an implant to enhance my submissiveness and need to please!” I said. 

“You’re saying you wouldn’t have worn either costume if we were going out under different circumstances?” he said. 

“Before the implant? Of course not!” I said. “I like to arouse my lover as much as the next girl, but slutty costumes is where I drew the line. Sexy lingerie, yes. Slutty degrading costumes, no. I’m not some college girl looking to get noticed by immature frat boys.”

He chuckled.

“Does it mean you are secretly pissed right now?” he asked.

“Not in the slightest.” I said with a smile.

“That’s surprising...” he said.

“Not really...” I said with a smile. “If it had been just the loyalty, acceptance and submission... Then yeah. I would still have felt a little pissed about the costumes, not to mention this whole situation. I mean... The implant is successfully changing the core of who I am. That would be upsetting for anyone, right?”

“Right...” he said. 

“But you are a clever man...” I said with a soft smile. “You clearly didn’t JUST enhance those parts of me.”

“I didn’t?” he said innocently.

“Of course you didn’t!” I said, slapping his chest playfully with the feather duster. “And before you try denying it, I’ll have you know that it took a long time for those secondary enhancements to manifest.”

“They did?” he said, smiling innocently. “I wonder why that is...”

“I’m guessing that you had the implant focus on the core things you absolutely wanted first. All easy things to boost once you isolated the right thought spectrum. Which...” I said, lightly tapping his chest again. “Was arguably easy because there was no shading or protocols involved. You just cranked it up and voila, I was enhanced.”

“But that’s not what I did with these, what did you call them?” he said. “Secondary enhancements...” 

“Nope!” I said with a smile. “You needed that second phase to be a lot more... subtle... You couldn’t just enhance it like you did for the rest. You had to place conditions on it for it to be effective.”

“I did huh?” he said, smirking. “And what did I need to enhance with such added finesse?”

I smiled.

“My joy...” I said. 

“Your joy?” he asked playfully. “How do you figure that?”

“Because...” I said as I made a point to remove a fictitious lint from his shirt. “Being overly happy 24/7 would be too much. Can you imagine how I’d look trying to spy with a shit eating grin plastered on my face? Ridiculous... I wouldn’t have been able to be an effective spy for you if I looked like I was constantly overdosing on antidepressants.”

“Yeah... The thought did cross my mind...” he said. “But tell me something... Why do you think I enhanced your joy?”

“Well...” I said, smiling mischievously. “But feeling unnaturally happy and euphoric would already be a dead give away. But you pushed it even further and tuned the implant to enhance my euphoria whenever you are near me.”

He smiled and planted a quick kiss on my lips, which made my arousal spike deliciously.

“Couldn’t that reaction simply be because you enjoy my company?” he said.

“No offense...” I said, smiling, “But even if I’m genuinely happy to see you, it would never make me so THIS good. Which means that the implant is at work.”

He chuckled. 

“Can you blame me for trying to make sure my accomplice feels good around me?” he asked.

“Of course not!” I said. “It’s perfectly natural to enhance a person’s sense of well being and happiness when you want them to embrace their new enhanced lives. I can’t blame you for THAT part...”

I bit my lower lip as I watched his eyebrow go up in puzzlement.

“THAT part?” he repeated. “So there is something you are itching to blame me for.”

“Well not so much blame...” I said playfully. “It’s more like I’m onto your little game.”

“Game?” he asked. “What game?”

“Your conditioning game...” I said, smiling. “Don’t go thinking that I didn’t notice how my euphoria suddenly spikes whenever I’m doing something you asked me to do. A perfect example of this was made clear the moment I finished putting on this maid costume. I felt positively giddy with joy. Which made me instantly love wearing it for you. Despite the fact that I find this costume down right degrading!”

He blinked once before he chuckled.

“You caught me...” he said. “Are you mad that I’m subtly training your mind to not only be loyal and submissive, but to also be happy to obey me?”

I smiled as a wave of pleasure threatened to make me moan again.

“Mad?” I asked, trying not to sound breathless. “No... Because I’m fully aware that you could have just as easily enhanced my sense of dread and panic whenever I disobeyed. I feel rather lucky that you chose to train my mind through positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement. Besides... The most important thing to me here is that you never forced me to do anything. Being loyal and being obedient are 2 very different things.”

“Very true...” he said. “Because I’m sure you already know that I could have simply enhanced your desire to obey me until it was impossible for you to refuse.”

“Oh I know...” I said. “Although... You are kind of doing that anyway... As loyal and submissive as I am now, I can’t really see myself disobeying you... Especially when it feels so damn good when I obey...”

He smiled and pulled me close to him. The moment our lips met, my euphoria spiked, making my heart race and my arousal skyrocket. My hips grinded against his, which allowed me to feel his stiffening cock through his pants.

“Speaking of things I do that make me unnaturally happy...” I said as I broke off our kiss. “I’m vividly aware that you are using that same joy enhancement whenever my lips wrap around your cock...”

“I guess it’s no surprise you caught onto that too...” he said, smiling widely. “How do you feel about that?”

“All part of your conditioning game... Right?” I said as I licked my lips. “To be honest, I would have been surprised if you hadn’t!”

“Not too disappointed that I’m using your implant to condition you like this?” he asked.

“Not at all.” I said, smiling. “Do you know why?”

“Enlighten me...” he said.

“Even if the implant makes me submissive... Loyal... Accepting... Happy...” I said, tapping his chest on each word. “It doesn’t force me to DO anything. I’ve chosen to do every single thing you asked me to do with you. Sure, the implant created the right moods for me to accept in the first place, but my will was still my own. At any point in this little experiment, I could have said no to your little sexual advances and still felt great.”

“Even your new submissive self?” he said, truly curious. 

“Feeling submissive with you doesn’t mean I go along with everything you ask me to do.” I said. “The implants just makes me enjoy doing things for you. It enables me to truly love your dominance and lead. It doesn’t MAKE me do anything. Just..."

“Gets you in the right mood to consider doing things for me?” he finished.

“Yeah...” I said, biting my lower lip. “But admittedly, it’s your little condition game that has had a real life altering impact on me... The euphoria makes it all so... Fun... It’s hard to resist...” 

“Even when you know it’s designed to condition you to change who you are?” he asked.

“Well that’s my point...” I said. “My implant re-directs my loyalties and has made me more submissive, but only towards you. This prototype has the potential to really fuck up my core self. But you haven’t done that. You didn’t change WHO I am. Instead, your enhancements are simply aimed at changing the things I enjoy doing.”

“I hadn’t thought of it like that...” he said. “You have a wonderful mind, you know that right?”

“Oh I know don’t worry...” I said, winking. “But remember that not everyone has my worldview or open mind. This implant can help a lot of people in a wide range of fields. But if you put this thing in the work test subject moving forward, you won’t ever be able to get it to the people that would need it.”

“Duly noted.” he said. “Plus... I have to be doubly careful this tech doesn’t fall in the work hands, because like you said, this implant could really fuck up a person’s mind.”

“I know mine is the fully operational one.” I said. “But maybe you should make sure to create implants with limited options and power. You could even look to make them targeted instead of programmable.”

“Good idea.” he said. “Another good idea would be to refrain from publishing anything on those secondary protocols.”

“You mean your conditioning game?” I asked. “Why?”

“Well...” he said. “I’m pretty sure the scientific community would frown on using this tech to condition people.”

“Most of them would...” I said, but then smiled as I sank to my knees. “Although... I know of a few black market circles that would pay top dollar for the chance to help their wife or husband become... Happier...”

“Oh? Is that how you see yourself now?” he said, keenly watching me free his growing erection.

“What? Happy?” I said as I gently stroked him. “Most definitely... Which is the whole genius of your implant really... I’ve honestly never been happier...”

He smiled as he watched me kiss the underside of his shaft.

“Even if you know that I’m conditioning you to be my obedient slutty wife?” he asked.

My eyebrows went up in surprise.

“Wife huh?” I said, stroking him. “You have a funny way of proposing to a girl. I mean... Talk about poor timing! A girl could think that you are only proposing because of the anticipated pleasure... After all, men aren’t known to make the best decision when they are experiencing the tender attentions of a beautiful woman...”

“That’s true... Although... One could argue that the corrupting effects of pleasure and happiness aren’t gender specific.” he said, winking. 

“Obviously...” I said, winking back.

I stroked his cock a few times, holding his lustful gaze, before I tenderly enveloped him between my lips. As expected, my implant started to enhance my happy euphoria the moment my lips had started to pleasure him. I had always enjoyed sucking cock, but before, it was mostly because I loved the power it gave me over the man I was with.

Having his cock in my mouth was like grasping his control rod.

Not all men of course, but for most, you are in complete control as long as you worship his manhood. That power gave me a rush that wasn’t all that different from the rush I got from tricking business men and researchers to give me access to their proprietary documents.

It’s a rush I still enjoy.

However, it pales in comparison to the high I get from the implant. Especially the levels I experience when I obey or pleasure him. His implant created a bliss that was intoxicating, yet, I knew that it wasn’t even close to the full potential because I knew all too well how impossible it was for me to betray him.

He modulates it to a level that is mildly addictive, but manageable if I truly wished to resist it. 

“Should I... Hhmm...” he said, allowing his pleasure to creep into his voice. “Take this as a yes?”

My own happy bliss almost blocked out his words as I languorously went up and down his shaft. I looked up at him while I sucked up his length slowly until his cock slipped out.

“It’s certainly not a no...” I said, looking up at him. 

“There’s no rush...” he said, gently placing his hand behind my head. “Take the time to think about the joys I’ll keep offering you as my wife while I enjoy the joys you can offer me...”

He pushed my head, ever so lightly, until the tip of his cock touched my lips, prompting them to part. My eyes fluttered as another wave of intense giddy joy washed over me. 

In that precise moment, I wanted nothing more than to accept. I wanted to please and obey him as much as I could, because I knew that the more I did, the happier I would be.

The implant saw to that...

But deep down in the parts of me that were still myself, I knew that if I did accept his offer, it would mean that I was truly giving in to his conditioning game. Being is accomplice and fuck buddy afford me the freedom to stay at my own place, far from the temptations of an implant induced high of euphoria. 

It meant that I could collect myself and take stock.

Not that becoming his wife would remove that, I knew him well enough to know that he would afford me all the liberties I would request. He didn’t want some meek little housewife, he didn’t get off on that.

What he got off on, was the control.

The slow corruption... 

It’s why he didn’t enhance my need to obey or my need to seek his approval. He could have, that much is clear to me. The reason he didn’t was because he wanted me complaisant to my own corruption.

Case in point...

Which means that thanks to the implant, I would probably make a VERY happy wife. A slutty obedient wife at that...

They do say that a happy wife makes for a happy home...

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