Co-Authors - Leading a Horse to Water

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #hypnosis #m/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #co-authors

Vanessa stumbles onto her boyfriend’s open Tumblr account. Mark has no idea that Vanessa has discovered his fetish for erotic hypnosis. He has no idea that she finds the whole thing as erotic as he does.

Note: This story was written in collaboration with another erotic writer: @Abigail Spectre. She is an incredible writer and I enjoy reading her material. We decided to work together to create something new. I would write from the point of view of Mark, while she wrote from Vanessa's point of view. I would write a page, then send it to her so she could write what happens next. There was minimal consultation about where we wanted the story to go, so we had to anticipate when we wrote, and find the clues the other left us in the latest page we received. It was challenging and fun to write. 

Sadly, I've lost contact with her and can't find her blog anymore. If anyone knows where she posts, please let me know via my contact information so I can update this and link her material.

Part 1 – Vanessa

Vanessa sighed in bed as she realized her boyfriend was asleep.  She glanced at the clock: 11:30pm. She’d just fucked Mark in exactly four ways.  She blew him like a pro, climbed on top of his body and bounced his cock like she was an English horseback rider.  After that, he pulled her over to the edge of the bed and fucked her face down while he stood over her. They finished in traditional doggie style, his dick pounding Vanessa’s cervix like a sledgehammer.  It was good sex, but it wasn’t everything she wanted. “Creative vanilla” is still vanilla.  She’d closed her eyes while he was thrusting and imagined her hands tied behind her, imagined her ass being spanked, and imagined her whole body… controlled. 
Vanessa sighed.  Even after all of that, she wasn’t tired at all.  She was frustrated.  
Vanessa crept out of her bed, opened the bedroom door, and silently snuck into the living room.  She picked up her laptop and opened up the screen. She typed “Tumblr” in the browser, but when the familiar website pulled up, something was off.  HOLY SHIT, Vanessa thought.  This is Mark’s Tumblr account.  Mark’s computer had met an untimely demise a few days ago and he’d ordered a new one.  Mark had used her computer a few times in the interim. Apparently, he’d forgotten to log out and…fuck.  
Vanessa scrolled through the feed and felt her aching clit throb.  What is this stuff?  Vanessa observed gif after jpg after gif of spirals, pocket watches and drooling bimbos gazing at their screens.  Hypnotism?  Is that like an actual kink?  Then she checked his private message and… WHAT THE FUCK.  The first five message strings featured Mark (a.k.a. BrainTrainer84) discussing a prior “session” and “sub drop” and “hard limits.”  
Vanessa wasn’t upset that he was flirting with women online.  I mean, it isn’t like she hadn’t done the same… but what kind of “sessions” were these?  As she continued to read, she concluded that he was hypnotizing women over Skype at least a few times a week. She was so curious. What does he do to them?  She thought to herself.
Why hasn’t he ever tried to hypnotize me?
She flipped back to his page and realized that he had posted a fantasy about hypnotizing a woman.  He programmed her to trigger intense arousal whenever he winked at her. Markwas ALWAYS winking at her.  She thought.  I wonder if he wrote this about me.  She read through the story and began to touch herself.  The hypnotist in the story winked at his subject while they were having dinner at a restaurant.  They ended up fucking behind a dumpster, her skirt hiked up and his hands pressing on top of hers against a filthy exterior brick wall.  Vanessa slipped her finger inside to feel for the cum that was still inside of her – instant lubrication. She rubbed herself into a breathless heat, imagining herself restrained and getting pounded among the smell of garbage.  Her body intensified, and she pressed her lips together. She suppressed a moan in her throat, knowing that this image of her masturbating in the living room immediately after sex would be difficult to explain if she were caught.  Her whole body peaked, shuddered, and she felt an electric wave of pleasure radiate from between her legs to each limb. The orgasm reached her brain like a dinner bell and a small squeak escaped her pursed lips. When the feeling subsided, she collapsed and melted into the corner of her couch.
Wow.  She thought.  What the hell am I even going to say to Mark tomorrow?

Part 2 – Mark

I had to give it to my dear Vanessa, she never disappointed. She always let me take the lead and tried her very best to excite me. I loved her for it. But in a way, I knew it was because she wanted something more.  I can't blame her. I wanted something more as well, but I could NEVER indulge myself. Never tell her… How embarrassing would THAT be?
Hey babe… I wanted to tell you… Huh… I know you wanted more out of our sex life and I… Well… Maybe you'd like for me to hypnotize you? Having women under my complete control REALLY turns me on and I was wondering if you would like that…
Crazy right? Don't get me wrong, I've thought about doing it to her so many times… Fantasized about it! Doing it in such a way that she never knew I did it to her. My latest Tumblr story was just another example… Being able to simply wink at her from across the room… Having her melt with desire without knowing why… What I wouldn't give…
Such thoughts plagued me as I fell asleep next to her.
I had fucked up my computer by spilling my beer ALL over it. I told Vanessa that I had tripped, but in fact, I was opening a video link. One of my subs had unknowingly sent me her latest session. I had placed a trigger for her to send me any and all videos she took of herself. I enjoyed watching them slowly blank out while they read my inductions. To have them under my control… I just couldn't get enough…
This particular sub was really into having me trigger her to masturbate until she was ready to burst. Then, having me prevent her from cumming. If I believed her, which I did considering I had put her under a lot, she was about 2 weeks into an edging stretch. She asked to have me make her edge for a whole month. I LOVED watching her reach the brink and spasm with need while her hand automatically lifted off her dripping pussy. Hear her scream in frustration, as she was unable to finish herself off. But this video link wasn't about that… Oh no…
Well yes… But it wasn't what she was doing that surprised me. She was naked, of course, but what I saw on her skin made me spew out all the beer in my mouth. Across her chest… Over her boobs… There was a "I obey BrainTrainer84" tattooed… Well… It looked tattooed anyway…
Needless to say, the computer didn't like it at all.  I couldn't say that to Vanessa of course… So I waited for my new machine and used hers in the meantime. On one of those nights, I guessed she had a Tumblr account. When I started to write Tumblr in the address bar, it automatically finished off the address when I reached the 'm'. I remember thinking she was a naughty little girl as I checked her browser history.
But then… My heart started racing! Had she been snooping online to try and find my own page? No… That would be impossible… I used a completely bogus e-mail JUST for my Tumblr. No way she could know about it! Did she have her own account? 
That's the first time I truly felt scared in our relationship. Did I really want to know? What would hacking into it gain me? What would I discover about my dear Vanessa? Of course, the account COULDbe just about kittens and puppies… Even art as I knew she loved discovering new artist online and reading their comics. She was somewhat of an artist herself, although she would never admit it…
So did I want to find out? No… I was scared shitless! What if I discovered she loved something that turned me off? Repulsed me even? I loved her sure... I mean really loved her… She was the one I saw myself on our porch, in our rocking chairs, making fun of the people walking by. What if this changed how I saw her? How I felt about her? That very reason was a big part of why I never told her about my fetish for hypnotism and control.  
Besides… I felt I was invading her privacy and I couldn't do that to her. She was my angel and I just couldn't wrap my head around doing anything bad to her. I had been brought up to be a perfect gentleman and gentlemen respected their partners. If she didn't tell me about it, she had a right to keep it to herself. More to the point… I DID have a whole online life she didn't know about…
So I smiled at my own chivalry and logged into my own account. I knew I could do a little hacking in her computer to find out her user name and go look her up.  But I was not going to do that to her. I prided myself on being a good guy. I may be naïve, but I truly believed it was part of why she loved me.
I felt her get back into bed. I hadn't realized she had gotten up, but I felt her lie down next to me. The weird part was that she didn't spoon me. She ALWAYS spooned up to me whenever she woke up during the night. I didn't move and just listened to her steady breathing. By that time in our relationship, I could tell when something was bothering her. She seemed to be wrestling with something. What could it be? I fell back to sleep with multiple scenarios rattling around in my brain.
The next morning, the weirdness continued as I felt she was a little cold to my touch. By that, I mean a little distant… She barely kissed me when she left for work… Thinking back, I even noticed she was purposefully avoiding making eye contact. I'll have to ask her about it when she got home… What can I say… I always worry about her.

Part 3 – Vanessa
It was really hard for Vanessa to pretend everything was normal once she knew the truth.  Her boyfriend was a hypnotist.  She tried to picture him tricking people to cluck like a chicken on a stage at the county fair and burst out laughing.  That was so not him.  Didn’t he hate being in the spotlight?  She tried to smile and make polite conversation as she poured her coffee the next morning, but every time she saw his face, she looked away.  If he winked at her right now, she was pretty sure she’d confess the whole thing. She felt guilty for violating his privacy like that, but her arousal began to eclipse that guilt.  

She went to work and found her mind drifting back to the spirals and images she had seen on his Tumblr page.  She’d always fantasized about a man who would hold her down in bed with a firm grip, controlling her body. What if Mark could control her thoughts, too?  What if he could use her thoughts to mold her and tease her. Could he paralyze her? Could he use his power to take advantage of her? 

When she returned home, she decided to make Mark a special dinner to ease her guilt from snooping.  She made beef with red curry sauce, chickpeas, and vegetables, poured over jasmine rice. When Mark returned home, he smiled at her and she put everything out of her mind except him.  He was so dreamy and so good to her. He took care of her and she enjoyed taking care of him. They sat down and she watched Mark eat the first bite of his dinner. His eyes rolled back as he let the beef melt into his mouth, and she smiled.  She relished this moment – when she could watch him savor something that she had made for that exact purpose. Vanessa took her first bite of dinner and smiled as she reflected on the intimacy of the moment.

After dinner, Mark stepped behind Vanessa’s chair and began to rub her shoulders and her neck.  She closed her eyes and let her thoughts drift back into the base of her skull.

“Thank you, my dear Vanessa.  Coming home is always the best part of my day.  You work so hard to make everything in the house run smoothly and I want you to understand how much I appreciate it.  You’re such a good girl for me.”

Vanessa let a small sound escape her throat as she allowed Mark’s words to sooth her mind and his touch to sooth her muscles.  She thought about how much she wanted to please Mark every day. How his happiness gave her happiness.

“I – I want to please you,” Vanessa told him.

Mark’s fingers continued to move and manipulate a small knot in her neck, “I know and you do please me,” he assured her.

“Hmm…” Vanessa’s mind drifted off.  She began to think about what it would be like to be one of Mark’s online subjects.  She wondered if she was even capable of being hypnotized. She asked, “so darling, will you tell me the truth?”

Mark’s fingers paused, ever so slightly, “Yes…” Mark nervously agreed as he continued to massage, switching his focus to the other side.

“Are you satisfied with our relationship?  Specifically in the bedroom? Because I just want you to know that if there was something else you wanted or needed, I would do it for you.  I love you. I want you to experience everything you want to experience … ” Vanessa trailed off, her voice cracking.

Mark stopped massaging and put his hands on the sides of her chair.  He scooted the chair occupying her body towards him and he leaned down on one knee so that he could look directly in her in the eye.  “Why would you ask me that, Dear? Of course I’m satisfied with us, with you, with everything. I love you.”

“I know but –”

“No buts, my dear.  Well… your cute little butt can stay right where it is.  But you have to know that I am very happy with our relationship, okay?”

“Okay,” Vanessa smiled sweetly at him as he stood up and her gaze rose with him.  His eyes became different, more twinkly, as he looked down into hers. She felt his presence above her, domineering, confidently grinning as if he had an idea.

“I want you to repeat these words, okay?  Repeat:I am beautiful, I am sexy, and I am perfect just the way I am,” Mark raised his eyebrows.

Vanessa scowled, “I can’t say that honey, don’t be ridiculous.”

Mark frowned at her and his lip shifted, his eyes pensive.  His tone tensed as he commanded, “you are going to start listening to me better, do you understand?  You want to please me? This will please me. Repeat:  I listen.”

“I listen.”

“Good.  Now: I obey.”

“I obey??” Vanessa echoed, feeling slightly curious about this new direction.  Is this what it is like to be hypnotized? What was Mark doing?

“Try that one again, Dear.  Make me believe it.”

“I obey,” Vanessa repeated.

Mark smiled down at her, “Every time you look in the mirror you will see yourself in the way that I see you.  I gorgeous woman who is perfect the way she is. You might put on some makeup and you might put on sexy clothes and even lingerie from time to time.  I see all of that, and I appreciate it. But I’m fucking crazy about you. Even without all of that, you’re perfect to me. You make my life better every day you’re in it.  Tell me you understand.”

“I understand,” answered Vanessa.

“Now, we’re going to try this again.  Repeat after me: I am beautiful, I am sexy, and I am perfect just the way I am.

Vanessa paused, took a deep breath, and gave in.

“I am beautiful, I am sexy, and I am perfect just the way I am.”

Mark’s grin widened, “Good.  Now get that cute ass in the bedroom because I’m not even close to done with you tonight.”

Part 4 – Mark

All day I racked my brain. What did I do? What was wrong with her? The last time she was so distant was when she thought I was sleeping around. As much as I was worried about her, I laughed at myself when I remembered. I wasn't sleeping around, I was preparing a weekend getaway to one of my friend's cabin. I had to do multiple trips to set everything up. The cabin was pretty bare and I wanted it to be perfect for her. I had placed candles everywhere... Rose petals on the bed... Her favorites wines... Stocked the fridge with all the food we would need during the weekend so we wouldn't need to go out... I even installed a new sound system so that her favorite music would be playing softly with a cue from my phone as we arrived. It was for our one year anniversary.

She loved it!

But this time... I wasn't distant or going behind her back. In fact... Everything was normal... THAT'S why I got so worried! I drove back home still trying to figure it out. As I opened the door and smelled her cooking, something finally clicked. Guilt...

She always liked to cook nice things for me, but combined with her cold manner that morning, the sweet aroma of food smelled like guilt. 'About what?' I wondered...

As I watched her skimp around to serve dinner, I couldn't help but notice how much effort she was putting in it. It could be guilt... But something felt... Odd... From the corner of my eye I kept watched as I started to savor her delicious meal. God she was such a good cook... I almost lost track of her...

But I finally saw it. I prided myself on being observant and as she stopped looking at me to start on her own plate... There it was... Barely noticeable... She made that face... A smile she gets when she knows she pleased me. I knew it well. I craved it a little... My darker side wished to see all the time. But I always kept that part of me at bay around her. Like a beast in a cage. What would she think if I ever let it out? Thank god for Tumblr...

It gave me a release to let it out and play. But that gave me a new clue. Did she fear she wasn't pleasing me anymore? This meal felt like an effort to prove to herself she could still please me?

Oh god... Did she suddenly find herself unattractive? Did she fear I would leave her because I didn't desire her anymore? Why did I ask myself all those questions? Then it came back to me... A hypnotic session I had a while back popped into mind. The girl I had hypnotized confessed that she woke up one morning completely convinced she was a horrible person. That her body wasn't the young and attractive woman she once was.

She couldn't say what had triggered it, but she felt bad nonetheless. Couldn't shake the feeling.

Was Vanessa living such a crisis?

If so, I was the man for the job. She was certainly FAR from un-attractive. Once my plate was finished, I got up and went behind her. I started to massage her like I knew she loved. I was a little surprised to find a knot in her neck. Where was all this stress coming from?

“Thank you, my dear Vanessa." I said softly. "Coming home is always the best part of my day.  You work so hard to make everything run smoothly and I want you to understand how much I appreciate it.  You’re such a good girl for me.”

As I heard her soft whimper. I smiled. Maybe I was right... Maybe she thought she wasn't doing her best for me. I could certainly help her understand it wasn't the case.

“I – I want to please you,” she said.

God I loved hearing those words... I knew she loved it and told her as much. I could never really complain about that with her. It was a big part of what aroused me about her. It was just enough to feed my desire to see her...

My thoughts got interrupted and my blood ran cold as I heard a question I wasn't ready for.

“So darling, will you tell me the truth?” she asked.

My fingers stopped as the dread of what she would ask me flooded my thoughts. But it was almost immediately soothed as relief washed away my sudden stress ball. She asked what else she could do in the bedroom. If I was satisfied with her... What else she could do... My mind imagined a bunch of different scenarios... All involving hypnosis of course... My lust got cranked up a few notches as I felt my cock twitch.

She was such a good and beautiful girl...

She did feel like she wasn't doing enough. I was so relieved she hadn't pushed the issue towards fetishes that I forgot to reign in my inner beast. My mind grabbed onto the fact that she wanted to be more for me, as if she wasn't perfect already. Before I realized what I was doing, I was starting to impose a rhythm to our conversation. A new dynamic we had barely indulged in the past. My voice took on a more dominating tone and I started to guide her. Almost as if I was going to hypnotize her.

But then she spoke 2 words that felt like a cold shower, warning me of the path we were taking.

"I obey..."

It wasn't the first time she said it... It wasn't convincing at all. It was like I didn't even register it, not really. I was going through the motions, letting my lust invade my senses. I had her repeat it. Her voice had a different note to it. A conviction that wasn't there moments ago. I suddenly realized where I was leading her.  

Oh god...

What was I doing? I looked at her relaxed face and suddenly had visions of her in a trance... Completely under my control... I had to avoid that... Avoid the temptation... I couldn't let myself go there...

My mind did a quick assessment of the situation, trying desperately to find a way out that didn't ruin the mood. I realized I couldn't back down... At least... Not completely... For some reason, I remembered a conversation, very early in our relationship, where we had played a truth or dare game alone with a bottle of wine. It was like a game to get to know the other better. I remembered her talking about how guilty she felt about being aroused by handcuffs... Or was it rope? I couldn't recall the details, but I recalled she found it arousing to be tied. With an inner smile, I remembered I had bought a pair of BDSM leather cuffs a while back. I had bought them as a "use in case of emergency" type of thing. I still remember when I bought them.

Debating if it was a good idea.

A part of me... The darker part... Got really excited at the prospect of controlling her like that. But the gentleman in me pointed out the fact that once you start down that road... How could I ever stop? I knew the feeling well... It had been the same when I first opened my Tumblr account. Once I tasted it... I knew I would always more...

What would opening that door unlock? In me... In her...

I took a deep breath. I could to this at least. I could simply guide her to feel beautiful. Barely tapping into the control I craved... I knew, or hoped, I could keep my beast at bay. I just had to use the cuffs wisely and concentrated on her. Making HER feel good... I knew it would be a razor edge... Using the restrains to see what she needed while trying NOT to indulge myself. What if she wanted more? Wanted me to use her...

As we walked towards the bedroom, I shook my head to clear my mind. I had done a few self hypnosis session to help me deal with my inner beast. Would it be enough? I wondered...

If nothing else... We were both going to have a wild night!

I just prayed that I could keep my darkness at bay...

Part 5 – Vanessa

Vanessa was so hot after Mark ordered her into the bedroom.  The fact that he didn’t ask her opinion, didn’t ask if she was in the mood, it didn’t leave her any room to overthink things or feel insecure.  Why is it that this feeling of being controlled felt like the ultimate freedom? A peaceful relief. 

When she entered the bedroom she stood by the bed waiting for Mark to say something.  She didn’t want to interrupt whatever he had planned. He smiled at her and said “sit down for a second.”  She sat on the bed and he went into their closet. While he was in there rummaging around, she quickly stripped off her clothes, leaving her black lace panties and bra on.  When Mark returned, he was dangling something in his hand… leather handcuffs.  She felt her pussy throb as she looked at the wall straight ahead.  

Mark climbed onto the bed behind her and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to put these on, but if at any point you don’t like what we’re doing, say ‘Red’ okay?”  I agreed. He directed me to sit centered with my back against the headboard as he fastened the handcuffs in front of me. Then he took some rope and tied one end to the left corner of the headboard, he looped it through the handcuffs and tied a few knots, then he pulled the rope to the right corner of the headboard.  My secured wrists rose up above my head when the rope tightened to the headboard and was securely fastened.

Mark sat in front of me and smiled.  “How do you feel?”

I blushed and looked down.  I mumbled, but Mark stopped me.  “What was that?” He sharply corrected.

“I feel good,”  I answered more clearly.

“That’s better.  So… what to do, what to do…”

I closed my eyes and remembered the inductions I’d seen and heard on Mark’s Tumblr.  I found myself craving his control of not just my body, but also my mind. How could I convince him to do to me what he did to these other girls online?  I needed to find a way to convince him that I’d accept this side of him. That I wouldn’t laugh or ridicule him just because he liked things a little different than a typical Hollywood romance.

“Do you think you could help me relax?  Your voice kind of has that effect on me.”

I heard him cough a little too harshly in response, “What?!” he asked in alarm.

I opened my eyes and continued, “I’m really turned on right now… I really like you taking charge like this.  I’m wondering though… if you could just talk to me a bit. To help me relax my mind because my thoughts are just racing like ponies on a track right now.”

Mark’s gaze started darting around so I decided to try one more approach.  I closed my eyes and started talking. 

“Sometimes I’ve fantasized about you doing things to me.  Things like this. Things that are a little different.  And right now my mind is racing with those fantasies and wondering what you’ll do next.  I want to be able to experience this moment with you. I don’t want to fantasize about anything other than what we’re doing.  I want the things we do in bed to live up to a fantasy. I want to be in the fantasy. I want to feel my mind clear itself of other things, other thoughts.. so that you can work with me as a blank slate.  Fully and completely focused on you. Your voice.”

I trailed off, but Mark thankfully picked up my narration.

“My voice makes you calm.  My voice makes you feel good.  My voice… makes you wet. Makes you needy.  You keep your eyes closed because my voice is stronger that way.  My voice is inside of you. Placing thoughts inside as if they were your own…”

With that, I felt my clit tingle and throb like I’d been masturbating and tried to stop just prior to climax.  I needed Mark to keep going. I felt my heart leap for him as his voice continued…

“I’m going to count from ten to zero, and with each number you’ll feel your body relax just a little more.  


You take a deep breath and as you exhale you feel your mind growing dark and quiet.  My voice becomes your only focus. 


You feel the muscles in your neck relax as your head tilts to the side… so heavy.  


Your mind slips and you feel it plummet into a cave.  You’re safe in this cave. Your body has no shape, but you hear my voice and follow it further down.  Further down. 


Part 6 – Mark

​“Deeper and Deeper… The further you go, the less you hear… The cave is so safe and warm… Everything else just melts away… You can’t hear the outside at all… So safe… You want to feel it more and more… Like a warm cozy blanket enveloping your mind…


The deeper you go, the safer you feel… Listen to my voice guide you down into your cave… Calling you…  Like a beacon… A goal… Picture it in your mind as you take each step inside… Deeper… Further…


You can almost feel my voice now… Just a little further… On the far side of the cave… Calming… Soothing… Welcoming… My voice has been waiting for you… Ready to embrace you… Ready to make you relax… Just a little deeper… Further inside…


There is only the cave and my voice… So safe… So warm… Nothing can reach you here… You can finally let everything go… Just listen to my voice… Let it relax you… Calm you… There is only my voice in the cave… You are almost there… You know that if you reach it… You will feel so good… So relaxed… So perfect…


Your breathing is so slow now… In… And out… In… And out… My voice is so close… So strong in your mind… You can hear it everywhere in the cave… Like a balm soothing away your worries… You can almost taste it… Like it is part of the cave… Part of you…


Going deeper and deeper… So calm… So relaxed… So safe… Listen to my voice inside your mind… You know it well… You know you can trust me completely… As you reach the end of the relaxing cave… You can feel my voice all around you… Bringing you deeper still…


You can feel the love and trust all around you… So relaxing… Like I have you in my arms… Cuddling you… Cuddling your mind… Taking in all of what you are… Leaving behind all your worries… You can finally let go… Sink deep into my voice… Sink so deep that you give up… You just fall away into it… Safe… Relaxed… You can finally drift off into sleep…



As I watched her head slump forward, I couldn’t believe it. What had I done? I looked at my hands and they were shaking. Was it excitement? Was it fear? She had just given me the best opportunity to hypnotize her and I had done it without question. Without even hesitating…

I listened to her slow breathing and was almost afraid to see if she had truly given in. Was this all a joke? No…

It was real… Even if she just wanted a little role playing, she couldn't know exactly how to act when hypnotized. The beast inside me was roaring and banging against my self-imposed cage. I had a raging hard on and seeing my beloved in such a trance was threatening to make me lose control…

How I wanted to take control…

How bad could it really be… She asked for it… I took a long slow breath to calm myself. She wanted this… Or something like this… 

“Can you hear me Vanessa?”

She took a few moments to answer, telling me she was indeed in the first stages of her induction, before she answered.

“Yes…” she said in a low faraway voice.

My cock twitched at the sound. It was almost painful… I had fantasized about doing this to her for so long… But I stayed calm. I don’t know how, but I managed to keep my voice deep and soothing.

“Very good… Now that you are in the back of the cave… You can feel my voice… All around you… Inside you… Taking care of you… It feels so good… Doesn’t it?”

“Yes… So good…” she said in that same delicious voice.

“You like this… So safe… So relaxed… You feel so good inside my voice… Where nothing can harm you… Nothing matters… Just my voice… How do you feel about that?”

“Good… Relaxed… Safe…”

“You can stay in your cave… With my voice… Inside my voice… You can hear every vibration of my words tingle under your skin… Making you feel happy… Making you feel so good… So warm… Do you want to keep feeling this wonderful feeling?”

“Oh yes…”

“Then you have to be a good girl and listen to my voice… Listen and obey my voice… If you do… You will feel even better… Even more relaxed… Can you do that? Can you listen and obey?”


“Good girl…”

I couldn’t help but smile. I was amazed at how good a subject she was. Then again, the love and trust we both had for each other was the best foundation a hypnotist could hope for. She gave herself to me with such ease.

I could hear my darker side whisper sweet things like: ‘She wants this so bad… Look how easy it was to hypnotize her… You should have done so before… Take her… Claim her…’

I shook my head.

“You know you don’t need to hide anything from my voice because hiding things would mean you don’t trust me… And if you don’t trust me you can’t be in your cave, surrounded by my voice… You want to stay in my voice don’t you?”

“Oh.. yess…”

“Good girl… That means that as long as you are in your cave… Surrounded by my voice… You can’t lie to me… Otherwise it would mean you are leaving your cave… You want to be a good girl and stay in your cave correct?”

“Yes… I can’t lie…”

“Very good… Now Vanessa… I have to ask you a few questions… Is that ok?”


“You have acted weird recently… Even tonight… Making me a nice meal and asking me to help you relax… What happened? Why the change in attitude?”

I watched as she took in a long breath. She then let it out very slowly… I knew she wasn’t that deep in her trance, but hopefully, she wouldn’t resist that much. 

“Because… We can be more…”

“More? How so?”

“I have fantasies… Needs… You have fantasies… Needs… We could explore them together…”

Of course, I knew we both had them. I worked so hard on mine to be sure I never indulged. But seeing her like that… All tied up… Hypnotized… I was indulging in mine. What was hers? Did I dare ask? I knew some of her tastes… But how deep did they run?

“I agree… Now tell me Vanessa… What is your fantasy? What have you kept from me?”

Again, she took a deep slow breath. Like she was trying to calm herself. Was she excited? Was she scared? I sure was. I watched her blank face for any trace of deception, but I could only see she was in a trance.

“I want to be controlled.”

My jaw dropped to the floor. I knew she liked it rough. Liked it when I took charge. I even did a few times because I knew she liked it. But her choice of words… 

I heard my inner voice whisper in my mind.

“Controlled…” I said as I gulped. “How so?”

She took another slow breath and I was shaking in anticipation. Liking my lips…

“I fantasize about you taking control of me. Tithing me up so tight I can’t move or resist. I fantasize about you fucking me like a piece of meat… Like you own me… Like I exist for your pleasure... I fantasize about you messing with my mind… Controlling it…”

If my cock could be harder, it would be a piece of steal. How did I never catch on to all this? I looked at her peaceful face and wondered… How far would she truly be willing to go? Did I want to do this with her?

‘She wants it… Take her…’
I heard my inner beast tease.

I liked my lips... Maybe just a few triggers… Just to see if she means it…

I started with a standard set of suggestions to make sure I could hypnotize her again. A simple sleep trigger would bring her back to this light state before I would be able to deepen her trance. I still wasn’t sure how she would react to being hypnotized, so I wanted a way to be able to erase it from her mind if she freaked out.

But from what she said…

I suddenly remembered one of my stories about how the hypnotist used winking to arouse his victim. I implanted that same post-hypnotic suggestion and even one or 2 more…

As I woke her up, I decided to continue where we left off and take control of the evening. For my own sake, I decided to go slow with the hypnotic stuff. At the very least, she wouldn’t completely realize I had hypnotized her.

“And awake.” I finally said.

I watched her come back to life and she smiled at me. I knew that smile well. She was aroused. Flirty… I smiled back. 

​Then I winked at her.

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