Bitch of an Ex-Girlfriend

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #m/f #personality_change #petplay #pov:top

A man gets the chance to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend. He finds the means to give her 3 distinct personalities. One is her original self. Another is the loving version of her that he always dreamed her to have. And the last one is just a perfect fit for her bitchy nature.

This exquisite specimen of a young perky woman is my bitch of an ex-girlfriend. That is, she WAS my ex until recently when she found herself wanting to reconnect with me. Well... Part of her does anyway...

This beauty now finds herself torn between 3 distinct personalities.

The first one is called Eva, which is her real name. She is basically the same person as she was when we used to go out together, but there is a major difference about it: she actually loves me. Eva acts and feels just as if she was truly my perky girlfriend and knows in her heart that she would never betray the love I have for her.
Unlike before, she treasures our relationship and wouldn’t dream of doing anything to jeopardize it. She tells everyone who cares to listen how awesome I am as a boyfriend and that she had been wrong to dump me. And as far as what she is like in bed, well let's just say that she has become much more open and submissive.

In fact, one could easily say that she has become my dream girlfriend!

Of course, part that personality is to satisfy my fantasy of what we could have been. But the other part was also to keep up a good appearance for our friends and family. The truth is vastly different than the reality I want outsiders to believe.

You see Eva’s personality isn’t her real self. Her past self...

That would be Elfa.

Elfa is one of the names she used online and she is also one of the 3 personalities that live within her now. The personalities she now possesses needed names so I figured that since her old self would never be real again, an online handle seemed fitting.

Elfa is the exact same deplorable human she was before all this happened. The main thing I did to that personality is remove her ability to communicate to anyone other than me. About anything...

That, and the fact that regardless which personality I want her to experience, Elfa remembers what she was made to do. How it felt. What she was forced to think and experience. All of it.

I’ve also made sure she can’t move her body on her own. She needs me to tell her how to move and where to go. Only then can she get up and let’s say... Walk from the kitchen to the living room. And once I do tell her to move, she won't be able to do anything else.

To be honest, I only left her that personality as a punishment. What good would all this be if she didn’t experience the degradation and humiliation? How could I savor my revenge if her old self didn’t experience it?
It’s true I get a perverted delight when I activate that personality and we talk about the things I make her do. Maybe I’ll stop using it one day and let her experience only her other 2 personalities. After all, Elfa is the only one of the 3 that isn’t head over heels for me.

Speaking of, the third and last personality she has can hardly be called a personality. Her mental landscape completely changes as all her higher brain functions shut down. Or regresses?

I’m not truly sure and frankly, I don’t care all that much. I’m only interested in the end result. When I activate this last one, her mind forgets everything about Eva or Elfa. She forgets all about her life, her goals, her dreams... She becomes consumed with a singular thought that drives her to behave and feel exactly like my revenged fuel mind pictured I could have her.

She becomes docile and obedient, ready to indulge any request her owner might make of her. Well almost... She still needs a lot of training, but for the most part, she listens and obeys my commands like the good pet I want her to be. There is almost nothing human about her when she becomes this last personality.

The only human need she has left to her is the knowledge and desire to please me sexually. Nothing more.
The rest of her mind can’t even conceive of human thoughts or desires. The mental power she retains is fully committed to trying to remember simple commands and fulfilling her basic instincts.

I wanted her like that as a punishment for what she has done to me. I wanted her to become the embodiment of the way I came to view her.

And appropriately enough, her last persona is simply called Bitch.

The reason I'm so angry is that Eva was a lying manipulative bitch. She always made a show of trying to be my loving girlfriend when in fact, she slept around with every man she could find. She worked my feelings and twisted my love so that I would keep loving her, even if she didn’t make a lot of time for our relationship to grow. Not after the first few incredible months anyway.

After that, she was only interested in the gifts I kept giving her. The attention the expensive parties afforded her. The money my family had...

To be fair, she always made sure I was somewhat happy. She was pretty open in the bedroom, but never showed me that she lusted for me. After those first few exceptional months, it was always me that initiated the sex, as if she only fucked when it was my idea so I would not get suspicious. And it worked. Every time I wanted to fuck, she was right there to satisfy my lust, but never more.

When it became clear to me that she was mostly interested in my money, I started to cut her off. Mainly to see if I had been wrong about her. When she finally understood what I was doing, she dumped me without a second thought. When I came back begging for another chance, she smiled as she started to tell me just how unfaithful she had been.

I was incredibly hurt, but if it had stopped there, I might have forgiven her...

But then she made a spectacle of it. She had secretly recorded my pitiful declaration and shared it with all her friends. She completely humiliated me and destroyed whatever social standing I had. Going so far as to mock my sexuality. It was a complete lie of course, but she kept telling her friends that the reason she had been unfaithful was that I wasn’t man enough to fuck her properly.

So when the opportunity presented itself, I decided to get revenge. She wanted to be a bitch in heat and fuck every man that looked her way? Well I would make her into one. And I did...

Now, when Bitch takes over her thoughts, she becomes my loyal little dog. She sees herself as my pet and feels the same attachment as a dog would have for her owner. And that very feeling makes her livid every time Elfa comes back to the surface. Like now...

“Activate Elfa...” I whisper as I sip my glass of wine.

I watched her blink a few times as her mind re-organized itself. Her eyes widened as the memories of the last few hours poured through her thoughts.

“Fuck you...” she said, voice dripping with venom.

Her eyes burned with such intensity as she stood in the pose Eva had been in for my view pleasure. Try as she might, she couldn’t make herself move until I told her otherwise.

“What was that? I didn’t quite hear you?” I mocked.

“FUCK YOU JAMES! God... One day... One day I’ll break free of this and I’ll... I’ll...” she said, visibly livid about the things she has done.

“You’ll do what exactly?" I asked, taking another sip.

“I’ll fucking castrate you! I’ll rip out your balls and shove them down your throat! Then I’ll skin your dick while you choke on your bloody balls before I cut it off and shove THAT up your ass!”

“My my...” I said with a smile. “Seems you gave this plenty of thought.”

“You know I did you asshole!”

“What is so terrible about being my loving girlfriend? I seem to recall it wasn’t all bad. Especially not now that we have this lovely new arrangement.”

“Fuck you!” she spat. “As much as I hate acting and feeling like your adoring girlfriend, you know that’s not why I’m so pissed.”

“Of course I do... Which is why I have you wear your collar at home, even when you are Eva.”

“I’M NOT YOUR FUCKING DOG!!!! I’m a human being for fuck’s sake! Just because you force me to act like it while you make me wear that fucking RIDICULOUS butt plug doesn’t make me a FUCKING DOG!”

“Not in the literal sense...”  I said. “I thought the tail would help you get into character...”

If looks could kill... I would be dead. Probably a few times over by now...

“FUCK. NO.” she spit venomously. “You know how much I HATE anal play! You force that fake tail up my ass every time Bitch comes out... And then... God... You make it so... FUCK!! I just... I can’t stand feeling like.. Like...”

“A bitch in heat?”

She narrowed her eyes dangerously. Which only made me smile.

“Like a mindless dog.” she said. “The constant arousal is just freakish and absurd.”

“And here I thought making you feel constantly aroused would make you feel like your old self...”

“Listen you fuck.” she said. “I might have slept around a lot but it doesn’t mean I’m some nympho.”

“No... Just a slut that felt the need to fuck around because you, and I quote, couldn’t feel satisfied with a loser like me.”

“Right...” she said. “It’s not my fault you were lame in bed. A girl has needs...”

“Oh I know... Just like a man has needs of his own. I’m so glad we’ve found a way to satisfy both. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“WHAT?” she exclaimed. “I’m not satisfied by any of this shit! Especially not when you turn me into some dumb cock obsessed mutt!”

“Oh?” I asked as I stood up and walked to her. “Seems to me you feel plenty of satisfaction when I use your lovely body. Don’t you feel pleasure? Don’t you feel incredibly powerful orgasms?”

“Fuck you...” she said as I took her chin in my fingers. “You know I do bastard...”

“Don’t you feel delight and pleasure when Eva wakes up next to me? Don’t you feel the love and passion she feels when she can’t hold back and kisses me awake?”

“Damn you...” she whispered. “Of course I feel it you fucker...”

“And don’t you feel infinite joy and elation when Bitch finally gets her well deserved treat?”

“HA!” she laughed. “Your spunk you mean? Sure... I feel her fucking joy when she sucks you down. But, I also feel deep revulsion and intense disdain when you make me bend over and fuck me as myself.”

“What can I say?” I said as I lightly caressed her lips with my thumb. “I don’t seem to ever get enough of the endless tirade of curses that escape your exquisite lips when I do.”

She tried to bite my thumb, but I was ready.

“Ah ah...” I said. “No biting...”

“HA! Like I’d ever listen to that order! Maybe that’s why you never tried forcing your cock down my throat when I’m free like this. You know I’ll fucking bite it off if you ever do!”

“Oh I know...” I said as I released her chin. “But really... Why would I ever try that when Bitch and Eva do it with such wonderful enthusiasm?”

“Only because of what ever you did to me! It’s not real...”

“Oh?” I said. “Feels real to me... Just as real as the personality you are exhibiting now. In fact... Who’s to say Eva or Bitch isn’t your real self?”

“Are you insane? Of course they aren’t my real self!”

“Really?” I said with a smile. “They certainly could be...”

I saw the color drain from her cheeks as the panic and dread manifested in her eyes.

“Anyway...” I continued. “That’s a question best answered at a later date. I’m having way to much fun with you.”

“Fun... HA!” she spat. “You are one sadistic bastard...”

“Only because you turned me into one.” I said as I felt the familiar anger and pain come up to the surface.

She rolled her eyes and tried to look away.

“You know what...” I said as I looked at her. “I had been planning on spending a nice evening with Eva tonight. Maybe catch up on a few movies and cuddle up close on the sofa.”

“And no doubt ask her to give you a hand job or head as you do...” she whispered.

I ignored her comment and continued.

“But I changed my mind. I think I’d rather forget your human side all together. And I know of the perfect persona for the job.”

She looked back at me sharply. Pleading...

“No... Please... Not her... Just... Forget everything I said ok? I'm sorry...” she said visibly afraid. “I... I hate becoming that thing!”

“It doesn’t matter what you want remember? I’m in control now. Not you.”

“Please... Don’t...” she pleaded.

I just smiled.

“Activate Bitch.”

I watched in pure delight as her eyes rolled back in her head. The transformation into Bitch was a little longer to achieve since it had to turn off her thoughts and replace them with a set of primitive feelings and instincts.

I waited patiently as her mind slowly drained away.

She blinked a few times and looked at me. The smile that spread on her lovely face was so at odds with the hateful bitch she had been that I almost forgot all about Elfa.


She started to waver and lost her balance. I caught her in time and helped her get on the floor. One thing about Bitch was that I had made it so she wouldn’t be able to stand upright on 2 legs. I mean why would she? She was a dog after all.

She ‘stood’ on 4 legs and got all excited and wiggled her ass with pure joy as she looked up at me. But then she kind of stopped and got this lost look on her face as her mouth closed, trapping her tongue between her lips as it hung loosely outside her mouth.

She blinked and turned sharply to look as her ass. She moved and turned to get a better look and it reminded me of a dog chasing its tail. She then whimpered and looked at me expectantly.

“I know girl... You aren’t complete are you?” I said with a smile.

She just whimpered again and wiggled her ass. I chuckled.

“It’s ok girl... You know where to find it... Fetch!”  I said watched her jump at my command.

She looked around the living room to get her bearings and eventually found her target. She started to crawl towards the small trunk I kept near the television. She went right up to it and tried to work the lid open with her head. When she couldn’t, she started to paw at it and whimper before looking back at me.

I smiled and went to help her. I lifted the trunk’s lid and watched with fascination as she lifted herself on her ‘hind legs’ and dove over the side of the truck. She sniffed and picked up all manner of sexual toys I kept in there until she found what she was looking for. 

I heard her yelp in pleasure as she managed to bite down on the fluffy tail at the bottom of the trunk. She got her self out and started to jump up at me, trying to put her paws on my legs to give herself a little stability.

Which she knew was bad! So I had to scold her.

“NO!” I said sharply. “Down girl...”

She yelp in surprise at my tone, but understood and sat back down on her heels. I couldn’t stay mad at her though because she looked at me with the sincerest set of puppy dog eyes I had never seen.

I managed to look stern for a few more moments before I smiled and extended my hand.

“Give.” I said and waited.

Her eyes looked at my hand, then at my eyes and I was worried she had forgotten that command when she moved herself forward and gently placed the tail in my hand. 

“Good girl.” I said before petting her head.

Which made her smile and pant with obvious glee. I examined the sex toy and smiled. Eva always hated anal play before all this happened. Giving Bitch a strong feeling of being incomplete without this lovely little novelty was just my way to drive her mad.

Now that Eva was a very open and loving girlfriend, she explored and enjoyed the times I wanted to indulge myself and fuck her up her shapely ass. Elfa still despised it though! Apparently more than I though...

Even if I made both Eva and Elfa experience pleasure in the act.

I still remember the first time I activated Bitch and stuck this in her ass. Elfa was so livid when I brought her back... I just smiled and told her that I couldn’t very well have her be a dog if she didn’t have a tail.

I turned the plug end of the tail towards Bitch and presented it to face.

“Lick.” I said

She was already panting with unbridled excitement and immediately started to lick the butt plug of the tail. I chuckle as I realized that ‘lick’ was one command she NEVER had trouble with. After the plug was good and drenched with her sloppy saliva, I petted her head and took it away from her mouth. She just panted and looked at me, still clearly happy.

“Present.” I said.

She closed her mouth around her tongue again as she tilled her head to the side. God she was cute when she did that... I was about to repeat myself when her eyes darted to the tail in my hand and she understood. She got up on all fours and turned around. She then pressed her head to the ground and pushed her ass up towards me. Which was wiggling uncontrollably as her excitement overflowed.

I crouched down and caressed her ass lovingly before grabbing her panties. I pulled them down and was delighted to see how soaked they were. I managed to work them down her legs and off her body as she squirmed and wiggled.

“Calm down girl...” I said as I caressed her ass again. “Calm...”

She whimpered a little, but her ass finally stopped wiggling as she took a deep breath. I spread her ass cheeks and waited for her excitement to die down. 

“Calm girl... Calm...” I repeated and watched as her body relaxed.

I was pleased to see that she barely reacted when I placed my hand on her ass. Before, her body would jump at my touch and get all excited, but now she managed to contain her excitement. I used my thumb and fingers to gently spread her ass cheek to reveal her rose bud.

“Calm girl... Calm...” I repeated and waited for her to relax even further. 

Once her breathing and panting subsided enough, I placed the plug at her opening and gently pushed. I watched as her rose bud initially resisted the intruder before yielding to the pressure and letting the plug slip in without any real effort.

She had worn her tail so many times now. I smiled as I remember the first few times. God... She was so resistant... It actually took generous amounts of lub to get it in. Now though... She welcomed it.

Looking at the tail settle into place, I couldn't help but notice her arousal. So wet... I could see her moist lips and I almost cut her Bitch training short and took her right there. But that’s not exactly what I was in the mood for so...

“Good girl!” I said as I gently smacked her ass a few times.

Nothing painful, but much like you would do with a real dog as you pet it. She perked up and lifted her head off the floor to look back at her ass. She immediately started to pant with obvious joy as her ass resumed its excited wiggling. This time though, her tail moved around from left to right deliciously as she wagged. I was so glad I had decided to add the tail. It really did complete the look of her Bitch persona.

She turned around and rushed towards me before I could get up. 

“Wait!” I exclaimed before she jumped me and we fell backwards in a jumble of limbs.

She wasted no time and moved up on me while she began to lick at my face with unbridled enthusiasm. Her joy was so contagious that I started to laugh uncontrollably as I tried to fend off her tongue.

“Woah girl!” I said laughing. “Calm down! I’m happy to see you too!”

I managed to move her down a little as she kept pushing up against my hands and worming her head underneath them to get at my face. I could have easily pushed her off, but I had to admit that I enjoyed it when we ‘wrestled’ like this. It made me forget so many bad things about her.

It was just me and her... Playing... No past and no worries...

It was liberating in a way I found relaxing. 

As we wrestled though, her head found it’s way to my hip and she suddenly stopped struggling to move up. She started to sniff around as her attitude complete switched from joy to curiosity. She had picked up a scent and she was determined to get to its source.

In no time at all, her active sniffing brought her to my crotch and she started to lick and whimper as she started to paw at my pants.

I knew all too well what she wanted. But now wasn’t the time to indulge her.

And me!

“No...” I said as I pulled away from her.

She whimpered even more as I gently pushed her off me and got up. She sat back on her heels and looked up at me intently. Her tongue was still stuck outside her closed mouth as she cocked her head to the side.

“No girl... No treat yet.” I said.

She let out a soft whimper and cocked her head to the other side as she tried to understand what I was telling her.

“We need to train first, THEN a treat ok?”

She didn’t whimper, but still cocked her head a little more, making it almost completely sideways.

“Don’t worry girl... You’ll get your treat.”

She barked once before she started to pant again.

“Good... Now Stay.” I said as I pointed to her. “I’ll go get you some water before we begin ok?”

She barked once again and I laughed. I petted her lovely head before turning towards the kitchen. Her training was coming along nicely in spite of her mental regression. I opened up the cupboard to take out her metal dog bowl and went to the sink to fill it. I hadn’t planned on turning her into Bitch tonight, but it seems I never can resist doing it when I have one of my little talks with Elfa. 

She just made me so... Mad! 

I had wanted to turn her into a Bitch because she was one and I delighted in making her feel sub human. But the more I played with Bitch and we spent time training her, I discovered how much I actually liked it when she was this simple minded. I never had a kink for pet play, but I had to admit that I was discovering a strong affinity for it. 

I finished filling up her bowl and made my way back to the living room.

“Here you go girl...” I said as I placed the bowl on the floor and looked up.

To my surprise, she had moved from the the floor to the sofa! She was kneeling on it like she had been kneeling on the floor! My eyes narrowed. She knew she wasn’t allowed on the sofa!

“NO!” I said sharply. “DOWN GIRL!” 

She stopped panting and whimpered. Her eyes couldn’t look up at me as she lowered her head. 

“You know you aren’t allow up there!” I said as I snapped my fingers towards the floor. 

She made a sort of low whining sound that clearly told me she wasn’t happy about my attitude and was clearly trying to understand why I was suddenly mad. I held my pose for a moment more, just in case she figured it out, but she just shifted on the sofa and darted her eyes up at me a few times.

I moved towards her and she lowered her head even more.

“DOWN!” I said again, but she didn’t move.

So I grabbed the ring of her collar and started to physically pull her off the sofa. She whimpered once, but didn’t resist and let herself be guided by the collar to the ground.

“DOWN.” I repeated firmly once she was off. “When I say down, I mean it girl.”

I pulled her collar low to the floor and made a point to keep her face close to the carpet. I waited a few minutes before releasing her and straitening up. 

“Honestly Bitch... When will you learn that the sofa is off limits?” I asked her.

She stayed down for a moment or 2 before looking back up at me with pleading eyes. God... How could I stay mad at her? 

“Just try to remember ok girl?” I finally said. 

My tone told her I wasn’t mad at her anymore and she perked up and started to pant with her tongue out. She got her head up from the floor and turned around, wagging her tail excitedly as if nothing had happened.

Which to her was completely true. My earlier mood was completely forgotten.

I smiled and made a quick upward gesture.

“Sit!” I said and watched as she closed her mouth around her tongue and cocked her head.

For a split second, I thought she had forgotten that command too! But she understood and sat on her heels while still looking up at me. When I smiled, she immediately resumed her joyful panting. 

I could tell she was in the right mood now. My command stuck and she stayed on her heels as I walked all the way around her. Only her happy worry free face followed me. Her joyful smile always made me melt inside.

So eager...
So happy!

I petted her head as I got back in front of her and she pushed up against my hand. She craved my touch like a faithful dog would when faced with her owner returning home. I smiled and scratched her head. My hand continue to pet and scratch as her head move to enjoy my touch. I even ended up scratching under her jaw as she closed her eyes to savour it. After a long while, I stepped back. She looked at me curiously by tilting her head to the right.

“Shake!” I said as I extended my right hand low.

Her head tilted to the left as she looked at my hand. Then at my face. Then back at my hand. She whimpered once and moved to come lick my fingers.

“NO!” I said pulling away. “Sit...” I reminded her.

My sharp voice made her stop and made her sit back down with a ‘thump’. I waited a few seconds before putting my hand back.

“Shake.” I repeated.

She looked up at me and tilted her head again.

“Come on girl... I know we haven’t trained a lot with this one. But I know you can do it...” I said smiling.  “Shake.”

She tilted her head further at my words before looking down at my outstretched hand. She blinked a few times before lifting her right ‘paw’ and placed it in my hand. She looked up at me, tongue out and panting.

I smiled and shook her hand.

“Good Girl!” I exclaimed and tousled her hair. 

She barked once with delight as I moved back a few steps. I could see her butt start to move up, so I lifted my hand sharply.

“Stay...” I said and was happy to see she sit back down.

I waited a few moments before making a round gesture towards my back.

“Heel!” I said as my other arm slapped my thigh.

She knew this one well and immediately came crawling towards me. She went as fast as she could and came to my right, then moving behind me to come back to flank my left side. There she sat on her heels again and looked up at me.

“Good girl!” I exclaimed and petted her head.

She started to pant and push up against my hand. I indulged her for a moment before taking my hand away and placing it in front of her face.

“Stay...” I said.

She stopped panting and just looked at my hand as I slowly moved away from her. She didn’t move a muscle as I took a few steps back, getting myself all the way to the other side of the living room. I kept my hand up and noticed how much she kept a close watch on it. 

Head tilted to the side with her tongue still stuck between her lips.

I made my hand move towards me as I spoke the next command.


She started to pant again as she started to come towards me. I let her take 2 ‘steps’ before I lifted my hand again.

“STOP!” I said firmly.

She slowed down, but didn’t completely stop. 

“Stop...” I said again while looking at her sternly.

Thankfully, she stopped and stayed on all fours, looking at me for the next command. 

“Crawl...” I said as I moved my hand way down.

This one was a little harder for her, but we had made good headway the last time and I was hoping she would get it.

She cocked her head to the side and looked at my face. Then at my hand. She stared at it for a few seconds before she bent low, stretching out her arms in front of her while pushing her legs far back. She looked like she was about to lie down and stretch herself out, but she stopped before her belly could touch the carpet.


She started to crawl low towards me as she managed to keep her tummy inches from the ground. It was a simple affaire for a real dog to crawl, but for a human? Keeping yourself so low and extended like that put a real strain on your muscles. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself! It’s like doing the worst part of a push up!

But Bitch was so fit that she managed it.

I let her crawl a few feet before being satisfied she wouldn’t ditch the exercise and come running to me. I decided to let her off easy and call out her come command again.

Besides... Looking at her ass strain and sway from side to side with her tail caressing her thighs like it was... Well... It was testing my own self control.

“Come.”  I said while lifting my hand up.

She collapsed on her tummy before she stretched herself deliciously by extended her arms far in front of her and arched her back low. It was basically her present pose, but she was stretching herself way beyond what the position required. Then she moved herself forward on her arms and stretching her back in what would look like a classic yoga pose some would call the ‘upward facing dog’. Which was so appropriate. 

She got the kinks out of her muscles and started to crawl towards me once again. 

“Sit.” I said as she got right in front of me. 

She came up close and sat back on her heels. 

“Good girl.” I said as I petted her head. “Stand.” 

I combined my command with a swift move upwards as I extended my index finger to the ceiling. I watched her blink and cock her head to the side. Damn... This one was still pretty new and she hadn’t fully understood it yet.

“Stand.” I repeat while redoing my hand gesture.

Her head cocked to the side even more and she whimpered. Clearly she wanted to obey, but she couldn’t remember what to do. I waited a bit, just in case, but she whimpered again before letting out a small bark.

I sighed.

“Like this girl.” I said as I pulled both my arms in front of me.

I mimicked the classic ‘bunny hop’ by letting my hands dangle in front of me while I kept my forearms pointing up. Her head cocked to the other side. 

“Stand.” I repeated and waited.

She looked at me and then barked once before lifting herself off her front paws. She immediately imitated me and placed her hands in front of her, forearms pointing up.

“GOOD GIRL!” I exclaimed, which made her pant excitedly. 

“Stay!” I added when  I saw she was about to let herself fall back on her front paws.

To her credit, she stayed.

I petted her head gently and marveled at how good a girl Bitch was. My eyes drifted down to her bra and I had a wicked idea. I moved to her back slowly and kept an eye on her, ready to repeat the stay command. But she just followed me with her head as much as she could without moving her body. 

I fiddled with her bra and gently undid the clasp. I then grabbed the bra straps from her shoulders and pushed them down her arms. She kept panting as if nothing special was happening.

Because to her, nothing was.

She didn’t move as I slipped it down her arms and then up away from her body. I walked back in front of her and let the bra dangle from my finger as I admired her perky tits. As for her, she didn’t look at her bra and just followed me with her eyes.

“You don’t need this do you Bitch?” I asked.

She just cocked her head as I spoke and barked once I stopped.

I chuckled.

“Of course you don’t...” I said as I started to bunch up the material into a ball. “Ready to fetch girl?” I asked as I showed her the make shift ball.

Her eyes started to sparkle as her panting resumed. I smiled and threw the bra clear accross the living room.

“Fetch!” I said.

She barked once and fell to her hands before she crawled as fast as she could towards where the bra had landed. I watched her grab the bra with her mouth before she raced back to me.

“Give...” I said and instead of putting in my hand, her excitement made her drop it on the ground.

But I didn’t mind. I picked it up and watched her move back a little as her head went low in front of her. Her eyes were so alive and her ass wiggled like crazy as she waited for me to throw the 'ball' again. Of course, I obliged!

“Fetch!” I said and watched her ass sway as the tail moved and jumped around on her ass.

God she had such a fine ass...

She brought it back, but this time, I managed to catch the bra before she dropped it on the floor and repeated her ‘give’ command for good measure.

I continued to make her fetch and part of me delighted in the fact that Elfa would be livid when she remembered how degrading it was to fetch her own bra like this. But that thought soon evaporated as the simple joy of playing with Bitch soothed my vengeful mind and I just enjoyed the game. After a few times, I could help myself and let my eyes and lust linger on her ass every time she went to fetch.

Swaying so invitingly as the moisture from her constant arousal slowly leaked down her leg... 

I think we had played enough.

When she gave me the bra, I looked at her and took her chin in my fingers, making her look deep into my eyes.

“Present...” I said.

She didn’t think twice about my command this time and immediately turned around to assume the position. Her back arched down deliciously as she pushed her ass up. She was panting, but the tone of her heavy breathing went farther than simply joy. It betrayed just how aroused and hot she felt.

Just like the bitch in heat me and Elfa had talked about. After all, the more she spent time as Bitch, the hornier she got.

I petted her tail a little as I moved it from left to right, admiring how it fell and cascaded on her hips. I then grabbed it by the tip and turned it towards her. I started to caress and tease her opening, knowing full well how arousing it was for her to feel the soft tickle around her swollen needy lips.  

She started to whimper with obvious need and I couldn’t wait any longer. My other hand freed my cock and I delighted in the renewed excitement I saw in her wagging hips.

I was already rock hard and waisted no time.

I placed the head of my cock at her dripping entrance and barely had time to tease her opening before she pushed back. I slipped inside her eager folds with such ease... All the way to the hilt.

God she felt so wet... So tight... So hot!

She moaned as I started to fuck into her while her sexual instincts took over and she pushed back against me with every thrust of my hips. I let a moan of my own escape my throat as I thought back to how incredible this all was.

When she was like this, Bitch could fuck for hours. She would never get enough. As an animal, she didn’t have access to her human orgasms so the only pleasure she experienced was the deep satisfaction of fulfilling her primal drive to reproduce. 

I know because I forced Elfa to describe how it felt when I fucked her like this. She reluctantly told be how intense and pleasurable is was to forget everything and just concentrate on my cock as it filled her up.

She didn’t even think about my seed or the fact that her animal side was doing this to have 'pups'. She was just consumed by her primal need to fuck. She hated that she loved it, but couldn’t deny that as far as pleasures went, it was incredibly intense.

And if I was honest, fucking Bitch gave me somewhat of the same animalistic drive.

I fucked her doggy style for as long as I dared without exploding. Which was a challenge because her steaming pussy clenched around my cock with obvious need, making my pleasure skyrocket. 

But I held back...

Except for her misadventure with the sofa, she had been a good girl and a good girl always needs to get her treat. I had promised her after all...

So I fucked her fast for as long as I could hold back before stopping myself deep inside her. Right on the edge... Barely able to restrain from pouring my seed inside her...

“Does my little Bitch...” I said panting. “Want a treat?”

My words seemed to break the horny spell she was under and she moved away from be so sharply that I thought my cock would make a POP as it suddenly left her pussy.

She went from swimming in lust to extremely excited. All thoughts of animalistic fucking had completely left her mind as she moved away from me to turn. She was panting and waved her delicious ass as she came crawling back towards me. 

I was so surprised by her speed and excitement that I barely had time to sit on my heels when she couldn't stop herself in time and collided with me. Just like earlier, we fell backwards and I managed to get my legs out from under me. 

This time however, she didn’t try to come lick my face!

She was on my cock in an instant.

Her eagerness to get at the creamy treat she craved sent her right down to my balls. My cock slipped down her throat as she threw herself on my erection. I moaned as she whimpered around my girth.

Bitch was far from the best cock sucker of the three personalities, but since she did keep SOME of her sexual instincts to please, it wasn’t too bad. Her animal mind didn’t understand what she was doing or why, but she understood that she needed to suck and lick my shaft before she could get her treat.

Which she wasted no time doing.

​She drooled and sucked with an enthusiasm that surpassed any of the girls I had the pleasure of experiencing this with. Even Eva’s loving worship of my cock paled in comparison in terms of shear eagerness. She bobbed and sucked with one goal in mind: Getting her treat.

And since I was so close to coming all ready, it didn’t take long for Bitch to get what she craved.

I grabbed her pigtails and tried to guide her enthusiasm as I felt my orgasm crash through me. But like a dog with a bone, there was no way to really stop her once she had gotten a taste of my precum. She pushed and pulled against my grip on her hair and didn’t care that it was painful.

She knew I was close...

So I just let go and let my orgasm fly as I erupted inside her warm eager mouth. She was visibly trembling as she whimpered with delight as she tasted my spunk splash inside her mouth. She couldn’t contain herself, half moaning and half whimpering, she panted and sucked as much as she could while I came.

When I finally relaxed, she wasted no time and started to lick and slurp any and all traces of cum that had spill out of her excited mouth. I was still breathing hard, enjoying the endorphins of my release, when she finished and sniffed around pelvis of any trace she might have missed.

Once she was satisfied, she lifted her head up to me and barked once before panting happily.

I smiled.

“Good girl...” I said softy. “Just give me a minute ok... I’m spent!”

She cocked her head to the side, grabbing her tongue with her lips. I just chuckled and tried to get my bearings. She looked down at my spend cock and barked again.

“Hahahahah... No girl... One treat is more than enough...” I said as I closed my eyes.

I felt her move from my legs and I opened an eye to see what she was up to. I watched her stop a few feet away to scratch her ear with her right paw... Huh... Hand... 

Once she had satisfied her itch, she continued to crawl towards the bowl of water I had set down. I watched her lick up the cool clear liquid before closing my eyes again to enjoy the moment.

God it was fascinating to watch... 

She was satisfied with her treat and her exercises. Nothing more... Nothing less... As much as she yearned to taste her treat, now that she had gotten it, she was already moving to another craving. She was thirsty and that was that. The moment was already forgotten.

For her anyway... I still basked in the intense fuck and release she had just given me...

I didn’t hear her come back, but definitely noticed when she laid herself over my hip and let her head drop to my chest with a thud.

“OUF!” I exclaimed as the sudden hit surprised me.

I looked down. Her arms were to each side of me and her chin rested squarely on my chest. She looked at me as she let out a large breath, letting her lips vibrate as the rush of air came out.

Clearly she wanted to play some more. But I was beat...

“That was fun girl... But I’ll have to play with you some other time ok?”

She whimpered a little, but didn’t move.

“Good girl...” I said as I petted her head softly. “Such a good girl...”

She smiled and panted a little, but my soft touch in her hair seemed to keep her calm and I just enjoyed her closeness for a moment. Things were so simple with her...

But as much as having Bitch around was entertaining and relaxing, it didn’t fulfill me as much as when another part of her was present. So...

“Activate Eva...” I said softly.

I watched her eyes close and flutter as my command sent her Bitch personality deep within her mind. Coming back from Bitch was just as intense as sinking into her. Her mind sped up as Eva took over her thoughts.

She took in a long slow breath before she smiled and opened her eyes. I smiled back as she crossed her arms on my chest, placing her chin on her crossed fingers.

“Hey Lover...” she said lovingly.

“Hey Eva...” I said. “Welcome back.”

She scrunched her nose and stuck out her tongue. We both chuckled before she started to look up. She moved her hips around a little before she looked back at me.

“Seems you were playing with Bitch... Weren’t you?” she asked with a smile.

“What?” I said innocently. “Why would you say that?”

She smiled and hit my chest playfully. 

“Maybe because I still have her tail stuck up my ass you big dummy!” she said before kissing my chest. 

“Oups...” I said. “Sorry about that... Forgot about it... Bitch was... Rather eager!”

She giggled.

“She’s ALWAYS eager!” she said before she moved down and sat on her heels. “oOh... Hhmmm... God...” she exclaimed before looking at my spent cock. “Looks like you had fun at least.”

“Oh I did... Are you mad?” I asked.

“Not at all...” she said as she got up. “Hhmmm... You know I don’t mind when you play with Bitch.”

She stood up and twirled a little, showing me her tailed ass.

“Tell me something...” she asked. “Do you really like how this tail looks on me? Or is it just something to help the whole Bitch experience?”

The question caught me off guard.

“Huh... Well... I guess it started off to help with the experience.. But...” I said as I sat up and got close her tail. “I have to say that it grew on me...”

I slapped the tail playfully and watched it sway and tickle her thighs. Which made her giggle again.

“Stop that!” she said moving away. “That tickles you know!”

I chuckled.

“Why do you ask Babe?” I asked as she twirled and looked at her tail again.

“Oh... Just because...” she said.

But I knew her well enough to know there was more. 

“Come on...” I said as I got up from the floor. “You can tell me can’t you? What is it really?”

She bit her lower lip and looked into my eyes.

“Well...” she said as she came into my arms. “I was just curious to know how it felt... You know... To get fucked with a tail...” 

She looked up at me and kissed me tenderly.

“Really?” I asked as I kissed her back. “And where would this come from?”

“Well...” she said, suddenly shy. “I already love it so much when you take me up the ass and... Well... I think I’d like it a lot if you fucked me while I had a plug in there... You know?”

Again... She was holding back. 

“And...” I said as pushed a lock of hair away from her face.

“And... I... I want to be able to offer you the same things as Bitch does... I know how much you like to play with her and I wouldn't dream of asking you to stop! That’s not what I want...”

“What do you mean Babe?” I said as I took her chin in my fingers.

“I mean...” she said as she took a calming breath. “That I would like to feel you fuck me as if I was a bitch in heat...” she said as I saw her lust dance in her eyes. “I want to experience what it’s like for her... I can role play you know... Or have you forgotten my sexy maid persona?”

I chuckled.

“Oh no I remember... You always move heaven an earth to please me babe and I truly appreciate that.”

“I know.” she said with a cute smile. “Which is why I think I’d make a convincing pet! I'm sure I'd understand your commands a lot more than Bitch does.” she said with a wink.

She pushed herself from my embrace and did another twirl. She ended up facing me and took on the very bunny hop pose I had trained Bitch to do earlier. She made a cute face and stuck out her tongue.

“Well you would make the cutest pet ever...” I said as I pulled her to me again.

“I would right?” she said before we kissed.

“Tell you what...” I said. “Why don’t you go put on one of your sexiest lingerie and we can talk about it more as we relax.”

“Right away!” she said before she gave me a peck on the cheek.

She started to move towards the bedroom.

“But keep the tail...” I added with a sly smile.

She looked at me over her shoulder as she grabbed the base of her tail. She then playfully pulled her hand to the side and let the tail slowly slip out of her hand as I saw a visible shiver go down her spine. 

She winked before rushing down the hallway.

I put my cock back into my pants and went to let myself crash on the sofa.

Eva was so incredible in her own right. She really had become the perfect version of herself. Parts of me knew she would probably never have become as open or as submissive as she is now, but another part of me remembered a time when she was loving and oh so endearing.

As much as Elfa tried to convince me that she had never loved me, I knew that it wasn’t true. Somewhere deep inside, she had loved me. In her own way... Otherwise, the Eva I know today would never have been possible.

The Eva I knew today always knew how to sooth my worries. Especially in the bedroom, but also out in public. She was still her old self, only, now she didn’t try to trick or hurt me. She just...

Loved me.
And I loved her...

She knew all about her alter egos and never complained when I told her I wanted to play with one or the other. But when she knew I was going to bring out Elfa, I could see a trace of sadness in her eyes.

I had asked her about it once. I was afraid something was wrong and that somehow, Eva remembered her time as Elfa, which I wouldn’t want because as much as I despised her old self, I wouldn't dream of mistreating Eva. Not ever...

She re-assured me immediately and said that it wasn’t the case. She told me she was happy I could vent my anger towards how she had treated me before, but she was sad that I still felt angry.

As I sat there, musing about it all, I suddenly understood something about myself. Yes, I still felt anger when I spoke with Elfa. Yes, my vengeful side always flared when I dove back in the painful memories she brought back.

But that was just it...

I never felt anger anymore... Not when I was playing with Bitch and certainly not when I was enjoying life with Eva. 

I only felt anger when I brought Elfa out. To what? Gloat? Get pissed off all over again?

Eva’s sadness suddenly made perfect sense to me. She was sad because I kept bringing Elfa back to basically hurt myself. Like a bucket of cold water, I realized that Elfa no longer gave me the satisfaction I craved. Her despair didn’t fulfill me at all. It only... Angered me... Instead of healing my pain, I was just stoking it.

So why WAS I speaking with Elfa when I could just enjoy Eva and Bitch? Especially since Eva was so happy when activated Bitch to play or to train her. She always had the understanding attitude she displayed a few moments ago.

Heck, she even wanted to role play as her. Share the joy I felt when I interacted with Bitch.

As I watched Eva walk back in with the black lacey lingerie I loved, I came to realize that I didn’t WANT to see Elfa anymore. My eyes took in the swaying tail she sported and my mind went to a thousand places we could explore together. Just me and Eva...

Not once did my horny mind wished to bring back Elfa.

It was decided, Elfa wouldn’t come out anymore. I didn't need her to. That page of my life was over and I smiled as I realized that I didn’t even WANT to inform Elfa that I wouldn’t be activating her anymore.

I didn’t even want to see her pleading face. Elfa would just slumber forever somewhere deep inside Eva’s psyche, never knowing that my rage was finally satiated. 

Not knowing that Eva was much more like her old self than she cared to admit.

Because it didn’t take much tinkering to create Eva... Not much at all...

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