Beautiful Roommate

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #m/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #D/s
When my boyfriend's eyes fell upon my new roommate, I could see how much he wanted her. Who wouldn't? Even I wanted her. It wasn't long after before he decided to give me a special mission. One I couldn't refuse even if I wanted to. Which I didn't really.
My boyfriend is a rather skilled hypnotist and that is a huge reason why I wanted to go out with him. I had a very strong kink for hypnosis and it didn't take him long to figure it out. I've begged him to hypnotize me time and again until he decided I wasn't joking. When he asked, I told him to take full control.
I craved it...
That was some months ago. Ever since then, we've indulged our secret desires and evolved into our current relationship: I'm his hypnotic sex slave and he is my loving Master.
And I couldn't be happier!
When he told me he wanted her, I immediately saw the allure of it. Jade wasn't a close friend, but when her sorority kicked her out, I took her in and it worked out for both of us. 
I knew that my hypnotic sessions contained conditioning and guidance towards finding girls sexy, but it didn't change the fact that I wanted her too.

And of course, I wanted her to serve my Master.

So I decided to learn hypnosis. I already knew loads about it, but Master showed me all his tricks and techniques. It took a long time, but I eventually got the hang of it. Why did I want to learn hypnosis? Because I wanted to hypnotize Jade and explore her desires to see if she would be open to a new sort of arrangement.

And because my Master ordered me to find out.

I was excited! If it worked and she was willing, I would be able to offer my boyfriend something most girlfriend wouldn't even dream of offering!

So I let hints drop in my conversations with Jade. Hints that any normal person would pick up on. But the thing about Jade was... Well... She was a rather simple minded pretty girl. Not to be mean or anything, but there wasn't too much upstairs when it came to anything other than social media and clothes.

So when she complained about her credit card debts, I decided I would just ask her.

"You know... I know of a real simple way to get your shopping under control." I said.

"Really?" she said without looking up from her phone. "I'm dying to find out."

"Don't laugh though." I said as I took a sip of coffee. "It's hypnosis."

She lowered her phone and looked at me.

"How could hypnosis possibly pay my bills?" she said, a little annoyed.

"No no..." I said, trying to contain my exasperation. "Hypnosis can help you curve your shopping habits. A little like it can help a smoker stop smoking."

"I don't want to stop shopping." she simply said.

I sighed and hoped she didn't noticed.

"Not stop... Just to get it under control. If you want, I could try, I've hypnotized people before. Actually... I've helped my friend Sandra... You remember Sandra? I helped her stop smoking."

It was a complete lie, but it didn't matter in the long run. I only had to make her believe it.

"You?" she asked. "You can hypnotize people? HA!"

She laughed, but as she looked down at her past due bills, I could see she was curious. I decided to push things along.

"Tell you what..." I said. "Let's try and if I can't hypnotize you, then no harm done. But if I can, I promise to help you get your shopping under control so you can actually afford your clothes instead of paying one credit card with an other."

I could see she was thinking it over. I tried to contain my excitement as I waited. What if she didn't want to try? How else could I hypnotize her? This was probably the best opportunity I would get. What if she got worried I would play around in her head? But then I relaxed.

"Sure!" she said with a smile. "Why not right? So what do we have to do?"

Of course... She didn't even think to imagine that I could have ulterior motives. We transferred to the living room and I got everything ready. She laughed when I took out a pocket watch, so I asked her if she preferred something else. I offered a pendant... A metronome... A candle... After she got her laughter under control, she told be she didn't mind the watch so we got comfortable and started.

I remembered my training and talked with her calmly at first. I had to wait for her to calm down. I couldn't just get into an induction right off the bat! So we talked and settled down in our seats. After a while, my voice dropped lower and I started to talk and a steady tone while my words slowed down. Little by little, my induction started while Jade listened and talked with me.

When her eyes got smaller, I took out the watch and asked her to focus on it. Focus on my voice... I took my time, just like Master showed me. I was patient... Even if I was excited out of my mind. I couldn't take my eyes off her chest as her breathing slowed down. Up... And down... Up... And down... She had such lovely tits...

I could already picture those delicious boobs wrapped around my boyfriend's cock as I licked her pussy...

I almost shook my head to chase away the distraction. I had to concentrate. Before long, I saw her eyes lose focus. I smiled as I continued to guide her deeper and deeper. By the time she dropped her head, I knew she was in a deep trance.

If anything, her mind was almost made to be hypnotized. She fell in a very suggestible state in record time. I realized pretty quickly that she already trusted me a lot. I barely had to work on that to get her to a point where she completely trusted me.

As much as I was tempted to explore her desires, I needed to stay focused and worked on her shopping urges. As promised... I needed her to continue trusting me so I could continue to hypnotize her. I knew that I couldn't force things after just one session.

She smiled and yawned when I finally brought her out of the trance. She told me she hadn't felt this good in ages. I told her that hypnosis can do that and so much more. She did say that it was fun, but she wouldn't do it again unless it actually worked. I had to be patient.

The following month, she was shocked at how low her credit card bill was. She couldn't believe how good she behaved when she went out shopping. I knew she went out to the stores just as often as before, but she found herself being picky about the outfits she wanted to bring home.

"See?" I said to her. "I told you it would work! You can use hypnosis to help make your life so much easier. You work out a lot right?"

"Of course! How else am I going to keep this gorgeous figure?"

"Do you ever feel bad about working out? I mean... Less motivated and such."

"Sure... I do sometimes. But I remember that I need to look my best so I push through and do it."

"I bet I could help with that too. Make it so its never a chore to work out."

She was hooked by the idea. So we got in the living room and I hypnotized her again. She dropped into her trance twice as fast. It tempted me to start... She seemed to trusting and gullible. How excited he would be if the first time he came to see her, I would trigger her to become mindless... Strip naked... Kneel... Endlessly suck his cock...

I shook my head and concentrated on her desire to work out. I made doubly sure she would feel extra nice as she awoke from her trance. Which she confirmed before she went off to her bedroom.

The very next day, she came back home from the gym and couldn't shut up about how jazzed and energized she felt while she worked out. She told me I was a miracle worker and asked what else hypnosis could do.

I told her it could help her get just as excited to keep to her diet. That I could probably help her control her eating habits.

After that session, I couldn't chase away an image of her kneeling between my legs as she licked me... While my boyfriend watched...

Again, I made sure to make her feel extra nice as she awoke. I told her that this particular habit would be harder to control and that if it was to work in the long run, I needed to hypnotize her a few times a week to keep the directives fresh.

She smiled and accepted. We started with 3 times a week. Which became 4 times a week on the following week. Then 5 times a week... Then every day...

That's when I knew I could start. She was hooked.

"Can you hear me Jade?"

"Yes... I hear you..."

"Very good... Let's talk about trust. Do you trust me Jade?"

"Oh yes... Completely..."

"Very good... You know deep down that I would never lie to you... Is that correct Jade?"

"Yes... You never lie to me..."

"Very good Jade... It makes me so happy to know you trust me like this. I wish I could trust you just as much. Would you like that? Would you like me to trust you as much as you trust me?"

"Oh yes... I would like that very much..."

"If you want me to trust you, you must tell me the truth. Always... That would help me trust you as completely as you trust me. Can you do that for me? Can you tell me the truth?"

"Of course I can..."

"Very good Jade... I need to know if you'll keep to your word... So I am going to ask you questions. Questions you need to answer truthfully and completely. Only then can I trust you. Is that ok with you Jade?"

"Yes. I want you to trust me..."

"Very good Jade..."

I was so wet I thought I would soak the sofa.

"Do you find women beautiful?"

I was dying to know!

"Yes... Women are very pretty..."

"Very good... Do you find them arousing?"

"Not... Really... maybe..."

I could work with maybe.

"Do you find men beautiful?"

"Yes... Men are beautiful..."


"Do you find men arousing?"

"Oh yes... Men are very arousing..."

"I think you aren't telling me the complete truth Jade... Are you sure you are telling me the truth?"

"Yes... I am..."

"You say men are beautiful and beautiful men are arousing. You say women are beautiful, but you aren't sure if they are arousing. If men are beautiful and arousing, it leads me to conclude that if you find women beautiful, you also find them arousing. Beautiful means arousing yes?"

I could see this line of thought was hard for her small brain to follow, but my hope was that she would make the link. After a few moments, she finally answered.

"Yes... Women are beautiful... So... They are arousing..."

"Ah... Finally the truth... You find women arousing then?"

"Yes... I find women arousing..."

"Very good Jade... Let's continue... Would you rather decide where to bring your friends, or do you like it best when they choose and you follow their lead?"

This was a critical question. If she answered like I thought she would...

"It depends... I like to decide sometimes... But other times... I like to follow my friends..."

"I see..." I said.

Not what I was hoping... But...

"Why do you like to follow your friend's decisions?"

"I like it... Because I don't have to think about what they would like..."


"You like to let others think hard instead of you don't you?"

"I do... Most of the time..."

"Thinking is hard for you isn't it?"

"Yes... I don't like it too much... I like to sit back... Enjoy my life..."

"So you don't mind when others decide things for you? It means you don't have to think as much."

"Yes... I like to let them decide..."

I finished that first session by spending a lot of time reinforcing that line of thought. By the time she woke up, she felt even better about herself. I even noticed that she started to ask for my advice on trivial things. After a week, she actually started to ask me when it was best for her to go out shopping. When it was best for her to go work out.

Even which outfits made her look extra nice.

The following week, I started to question her on other things...

"Can you hear me Jade?"

"Yes... I can hear you..."

"Very good... It's time for me to ask questions. You like it when I ask you questions don't you?"

"Oh yes... Very much..."

"Very good Jade... Why do you work so hard to look pretty?"

"I love it when I notice... The eyes of people... Watching me... It turns me on..."

"You like to look sexy for them... Don't you?"


"Sometimes you dress very provocatively... Do you like to dress so people view you as an object? You know... An object of desire?"

"Oh yes... I love it..."

"I see... Do you like to know you look pleasing to others?"

"Yes... Very much..."

"That would mean that you love to be pleasing to others, do it not?"

"Yes..." she said, trying to think it through. "I... I like to be pleasing..."

I couldn't have hoped for a better answer.

"You like to please then? Don't you?"

"I... I do..."

"How would you describe yourself in bed with a lover?"

"I... I love sex..."

I had to refrain from laughing. it wasn't really an answer to my question, but I could understand. I had worked a lot on her thinking less and less.

"I love sex too... But I want to know how you act in bed with a lover. Do you take charge and control the activities, or do you let them think and decide for themselves what you both will do?"

"I... it... I... It depends... I... I don't know..."

"I know it's hard to think... But keep up... Do you like it best when you have to convince your lover that you wish to make love, or would you rather they get turned on by your beautiful body and ravage you?"

"I don't like... To convince..."

"So you love it best when they take charge and can't contain their lust for you?"


"So you like it best when you don't have to think and let your lover take charge?"

"I... Yes... I do..."

"That makes me think you are telling me the truth. Do you want to know why?"


"Because earlier you told me you like to please and now you tell me you like to let the other take charge. It means you love it when you don't have to think and let the other decide how to best please them. Am I right?"

I could see she was trying to think. Which was hard for her now. I had to contain my joy as I realized that her sessions were going better that I could ever have dreamed. Somehow... I just knew that under all that social posing and perfect looks, she was predisposed to submit.

"Yes... I don't like to think too much... And I like to please... I... I like to submit..."

And there we go. I had my opening. I spent the rest of the week working on that feeling. Which translated in a few simple suggestions I gave her while she was awake.

Like... I really don't mind if you feel more comfortable without a bra in the apartment.

And... You look sexy in your underwear.

By the end of the week, I started to see her more and more often in nothing but her panties and bra. Which she didn't wear when she actually put clothes on! I started to take pictures of her when she wasn't looking. Sending them to my boyfriend...

God he fucked me so raw that week...

By the end of the week, she was falling into trance with barely a few words from me. She had submitted to me completely. Her mind was incredibly open and trusting when it came to me. So I decided to push things further.

"Can you hear me Jade?"

"Yess…  I can hear you..."

"It's time for our questions again. You don't mind do you?"

"Never..." she said and I smiled.

"Very good Jade... Now... We know you find women arousing, but I was curious to know if you found me arousing."

"You are very pretty..." she said immediately.

"Would you say I am beautiful?"

"Oh yes... Very…"

"And we know what that means, don't we?"

"Yes... It means I find you attractive..."

"I'm pleased to hear it... I have a confession to make... I also find you attractive... Very attractive... How does that make you feel to know I find you attractive?"

"I... I feel very good... I suspected you did... But I'm happy you do..."

"Very good... Under the right circumstances, would you let me take you to bed?"

I held my breath without realizing it. I already knew what she would most likely answer, but I still held a little doubt.

"Under the right... Circumstances... Yes... I would submit to that..."

I almost gasped at her choice of words. Seems my sessions were more efficient than I thought.

"What would be the right circumstances?"

"If you were... Single... I would... Let you..."

"I would as well… But I have another confession to make... I may not be single, but I can fuck who ever I want. Me and my boyfriend have a very open relationship."

"Open... Not single... Relationship... That seems... Complicated..."

Damn... I'll have to be simple... Delicate...

"It's ok Jade... I won't try to explain. You don't have to think hard about it. You just have to trust me. You trust me don't you?"

"I trust you... Completely..."

"Very good Jade... You just have to know that it would be ok if we slept together. My boyfriend wouldn't mind at all. And since he doesn't mind, it means that if we want, we can sleep together. Does that qualify as the right circumstances?"

I watched her think about it. Her brow creased with the effort. Maybe I worked a little too hard on her lack of mental power...

"I... I think it would be ok... If he doesn't mind..."

I sighed in relief...

"I assure you, he really doesn't. You can trust me."

"I trust you completely..."

I spent barely 2 days working on her desire to fuck me before I noticed her openly flirting with me. Striking provocative poses in the hallway... My doorway... Letting her towel slip off when she got out of the shower.

On the third day, I couldn't take it anymore and decided that she was ready. And was she ever! When she made a pass at me, saying I looked ravishing in my outfit, I smiled and turned towards her. I went up to her and pushed her back until she hit the wall. I immediately noticed how excited she was by my actions.

I already knew how much she loved it when lovers took charge.

So I did. I kissed her deep and let my hands roam her perfectly toned body. Before I really understood what was happening, I was undressing her and pushing her to her knees. Her hands pulldown my shorts and panties and I pushed her head in my crotch.

I felt a rush of control that made me instantly think of Master. This must be how he feels... I smiled... As much as it was exhilarating... As much as it was intoxicating... I knew I love it more when I was in Jade's place. Submitting...

Being made to submit...

We ended up in my room naked and sweating like crazy after what could be described as an explosive fuck. As we lay there, completely drained, I couldn't resist and put her under.

It wasn't my best work, but I was glad to find out that she loved it as much as I did. I worked a little on that feeling before letting her wake up...

After that, our daily sessions changed. After the trance, she would wake up to find me inches from her face. Ready to kiss her... Take her...

Her mind started to associate trances with sexual pleasure and I did everything I could to work on that. I was glad to see how turned on she always was when I took her. Always ready... Always willing...

So the following week, I started to work on something else... Something more direct...

"Can you hear me Jade?"

"Yes... I can hear you..."

"The time for questions has passed... I finally trust you as completely as you trust me. Do you want to know why?"

"Yes... I do..."

"Because I finally understand all of you. Even the hidden parts... The parts you hide from yourself... I know them all because your truthful answers revealed them all to me. I see all of you. Who you really are. And I trust you."

"I love... That you can trust me..."

"So no more questions... Now... I will tell you everything I know about you. All your hidden truths... Would you like that? Would you like to know what I know?"

"Oh yes..."

"You don't like to think... Hard or otherwise... You love to let other people decide things for you... You love to please... You love to submit... Deep down, you are a very submissive lover. You crave to be controlled. To be guided... This way you don't have to think... You can just enjoy... You can just please your dominant lover."

"Oh yes... I do..."

"You crave above all else to be able to submit and please your lover... You wish with all your heart to be the perfect submissive lover..."

"I do... Yes..."

"You wish to submit and obey..."

"I do... I want to submit... I want to obey..."

"You wish to be as pleasing and perfect as you can for your Dom..."

"Yes... I want to be pleasing..."

"You want me to train you to be better."

"I want you to train me..."

"Do you submit to me so I can train you to be a perfect submissive woman?"

"Yes... I submit..."

"That is very good Jade... I think it is time I tell you my secret... You see... I am a submissive woman as well. Did you know that about me?"

"No... I... I didn't know..."

"That's all right... Like you, I love to submit to my Dom. My Master... It feels so incredible to submit to him... To pleasure him... It is ten times better than what we experienced…"


"Yes... And he wishes to claim you too... Take charge over you.. Make you please him... Take control..."

"Take control..." she said as her hand instinctively drifted to her crotch.

"But he will only take you if you are a perfect submissive woman..."

"I... I want to be perfect..."

"I know you do. And I will train you to be perfect... For him...”

After that session, I was giddy with excitement. After weeks of careful guidance, she was ready and willing to let me train her. Transform her into the perfect gift for my Boyfriend. For my Master...

She was ready now. I didn’t need to wait until after supper to trance her. She was eager and willing to do it any time. Any place... The very next morning, I caught her just as she was getting dressed. I tranced her while she was trying to pull up her jeans. She looked so sexy like that...

“Can you hear me Jade?”

“Yes... I can hear you...”

“Very good Jade... Today I want to talk to you about cock. Do you like cock Jade?”

“Oh Yes... I love cock...”

“That’s very VERY good Jade... It is important for a perfect submissive woman to love cock. I bet you love to feel how hard it is... How aroused it is... All because of you. Don’t you?”

“Oh yes... So hard... I love to feel that...”

“That is the very nature of a perfect submissive woman. The desire and talent to do anything and everything to please and arouse his manhood. To get it so very hard... To be pleasing... You love to please don’t you Jade?”

“Oh yes... Very much...”

“That’s very good Jade. What do you think a cock loves best?”

“I... It loves... To be inside... Pussy...”

“Oh it certainly does. Is that all it likes?”

“No... It... likes to be... Sucked...”

“That it does... Do you like to suck cock Jade?”

“I... A little...”

“Just a little? I’m surprised... You love to please and oral sex is one of the best way to please someone. You certainly like to lick me.”

“You taste... Better...”

“So you dislike the taste of cock?”

“No... Just the... Seed...”

“I see... Well you want me to train you to be the perfect submissive woman and as such, you need to understand that a perfect sub will never shy away from tasting her man’s seed. I will give you something to say... Something you will slowly come to accept and understand as the truth. A truth you will learn to trust in your bones. When ever you hear me say the words: Blueberry training time. You will slip in a light trance and say the phrase 5 times before waking up. Every time you say it, you will understand and believe it more and more. Are you ready to hear the phrase I want you to say?”

“Yes... I am ready...”

“When ever I and only I say the words: Blueberry training time. You will enter a light trance and say: ‘The seed of my Master tastes wonderful because it is the proof of his pleasure’. You will say this 5 times before waking up.”

“I understand and comply...”

“Blueberry training time.” I said.

“The seed of my Master tastes wonderful because it is the proof of his pleasure. The seed of my Master tastes wonderful because it is the proof of his pleasure. The seed of my Master tastes wonderful because it is the proof of his pleasure. The seed of my Master tastes wonderful because it is the proof of his pleasure. The seed of my Master tastes wonderful because it is the proof of his pleasure.”

“Very good Jade...”

When ever I bumped into her during the day, I would speak her trigger when we were alone and watch, fully aroused, as she repeated mindlessly her mantra. I just hoped it would work in the end. I wasn’t so sure because I was getting to a point that exceeded what my boyfriend taught me.

I wanted my gift to be perfect so I decided to add mantras as the week went on.

‘I love to please my Master because it makes me feel joy.’
‘I love to submit to my Master because he can think in my place.’
‘I love to obey my Master because he always knows best.’
‘I love to be owned by my Master because it gives me pleasure to serve him.’
‘I love to be used by my Master because it is proof of how pleasing I am to him.’
‘My mind and body belongs to my Master because he owns me.’

After a few days, our nightly fucks were followed by her kneeling on her bed for a few hours as she rubbed her clit in a light trance. Repeating her mantras over and over. I barely had to speak her triggers anymore. She would just do them all on her own.

After another week of this, she was more than ready to meet my boyfriend: our Master.

By then, Jade came back to the apartment in the afternoon to find me waiting for her in the living room and we would do a hypnosis session before supper. Naturally she came in and went in the living room to find me.

Only... I wasn’t there. She called out my name without any reply. She went to my bedroom and opened the door. No one... She then went in her room and undressed. It was the only thing her reduced mind could think off. She kneeled on the bed and started to rub her clit and say her mantras. 

While she was in her light trance, my boyfriend entered her room and undressed. He kneeled in front of her and gently took her face in his hands. The light touch didn’t make her stop. I watched as he looked deep in her blank eyes as he waited for his opening.

“ me pleasure to serve him... I love to be used by my Master because it is proof of how pleasing I am to him... My mind and body belongs to my Master because he owns me...”

“Your mind and body belong to me because I am your Master.” he said in a low commanding voice.

She stopped speaking at his words, but didn’t come out of her trance. After a few seconds, she spoke again.

“My mind and body belong to you because you are my Master...” she said.

God I had planned and yearned for this moment... My hand found my clit as I watched him take over her mantras. Effectively claiming her...

“You love it when I use you because it is proof I enjoy you.”

“I love it when you use me because it is proof you enjoy me...”

“You love to be owned by me because it gives you pleasure to serve me.”

“I love to be owned by you because it gives me pleasure to serve you...”

“You love to obey me because I always know what’s best.”

“I love to obey you because you always know what’s best...”

“You love to submit to me because I can think for you.”

“I love to submit to you because you can think for me...”

“You love to please me because it makes you feel joy.”

“I love to please you because it makes me feel joy...”

“My seed tastes wonderful because it is the proof of my pleasure.”

“Your seed tastes wonderful because it is the proof of your pleasure...”

He held her there a long moment, looking deep in her eyes while she vacantly looked back.

“Can you hear me Jade?”

“Yes... I can hear you...”

“Who am I?”

“You... You are my Master...”

“Very good Jade... And will you submit to your Master?”

“Oh yes... I submit to you... Master...”

“Very good Jade... Will you obey and serve your Master?”

“Oh yes... I will obey... I will serve...”

“Very good Jade... If you truly wish to submit to me, your Master, you will lie down and spread your legs for me... Once you feel my cock enter you completely... You will awaken from your trance to realize a very important truth... Your Master’s cock feels so much better than anything you’ve ever felt in your life... So much so that it will make you understand that I have just claimed you as my property. My cock... Buried deep inside you... Will take you... Claim you... If you want this... Simply lie on your back and accept me as your Master. If deep down, you don't wish me to claim you, then politely refuse and we will just stay as we are now.”

I watched in awe as he released her head. She didn’t blink. She didn’t hesitate. She moved and laid herself down on the bed. She slowly spread her legs and waited. My boyfriend smiled and winked at me. God I wanted to join them so bad!

But he had ordered me to stay and watch. So I did. And rubbed...

He lowered himself and aimed his glorious cock at her dripping entrance. He pushed in slowly... So very slowly... I could almost feel it penetrate her... Inch by inch...

And then, he bottomed out as his hips connected with her pelvis. The moment it did, her head snapped back as a moan ripped out of her throat. 

It took a long moment for her to calm down, but once she did, she looked up into his eyes. She gasped as her eyes went wide. She looked like a deer in headlights. Frozen in place by his stare. As for Master, he didn’t miss a beat.

“You are mine now.” he told her.

It wasn’t a question. It wasn’t a hopeful statement. The way he said it made it clear it was a statement of truth. Jade looked up at him and slowly nodded. She was speechless.

I was speechless...

My boyfriend smiled as he started to fuck her. Jade just moaned as she felt his cock take its pleasure from her. And take he did... As if to test her submission, he kept changing positions, making her fuck him in every possible way. She never complained and always seemed to enjoy each change equally. He went from pussy to mouth to tits to pussy to hands to mouth... I lost track as my own pleasure made my mind so deliciously foggy.

By the time he was done testing her pliable resolve, he finished by placing her on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the mattress. I could see her face clearly from my vantage point. She looked completely dazed... Like some blank toy he kept fucking again and again. He pointed his cock at her face and her mouth opened without hesitation. Once he was in, he placed both his hands on her tits for support as he started to fuck her face. I saw her gag a few times when he pushed a little too far, but she kept it under control.

God I loved it when he did that with me...

I watched and waited to see if my mantra would actually work. I could easily tell by the way he was fucking her that he was about to cum. She had been pretty specific that she didn't like spunk as a general rule. Cock and precum seemed to go over pretty good so far, but a big load of Master's seed would be the real test.

Master finally moaned loudly as he threw his head back. He was cumming... God I feel so weak and horny when he cums... I watched his hips flex and twitch as he send hot seed in her mouth and throat. This was it... The true final test of my humble hypnosis skills... Would she cough and spit it out?

But to my utter joy, she swallowed it all!

I saw her try her very best to swallow each of his shots. Some spilled out of course and I couldn't blame her for that. I mean... Master tends to have a massive load when he fucks for so long. I should know!

I watched him catch his breath and look down between his arms. He smiled as he slowly pulled out. Jade swallowed one last time before taking along breath. She still seemed dazed, but a smile appeared on her lips.
He released her tits and took his cock in his hand. He rubbed his cock head on her lips, making sure to wipe the dripping cum all around her mouth.

"Very good Jade... Eventually you'll get better and better... But even if you can't drink it all as I cum..." he said as his cock aimed at her lips again. "It's important to lick it all up after we are done."

She opened her mouth and took him in again. She sucked up all the remaining drops from his cock. He took it out and repeated the process a few times to make sure he had gotten all of it. And Jade licked and sucked it up like a pro.

I was so proud!

"I am very happy Jade. So happy..." he said as he caressed her cheek with his hands. "I promise to be the Master you need me to be."

He bent down and kissed her. She kissed him back and I could tell she was still so very horny. But she wasn't complaining or making a move to extend their romp. The kiss was so tender... So sweet...

Just like he kisses me, but I didn't feel jealous. I felt so happy!

"You've earn a nice long shower. Go clean yourself before joining me in bed."

"Ok..." she said as she slowly rolled off the bed.

She was about to walk past him when he stepped in front of her. She stopped and looked at him. He took her face in his hands and she visibly shivered.

"When we are alone... You will address me properly. Who am I?" he said as he looked deep in her eyes.

"Oh..." she whimpered. "My Master."

"Very good Jade." he said. "And how do you tell your Master that you understand and accept his orders?"

"I… I..." she stuttered. "I don't know."

"That's ok Jade. I'm your Master and it is my job to teach you. Train you. When we are alone, the proper way to address me and answer a question is to always add Sir or Master. Understood?"

"I…" she said still looking deep in his eyes. "I guess..."

Was she falling into trance? Just by looking in his eyes?
"Yes Master." he said.

"Oh..." she said slowly. "Yes Master..."

"Very good Jade." he said with a smile. "Try to remember ok?"

She nodded. He looked in her eyes for a few moments before releasing her.

"Now run along and go wash yourself." he said.

She blinked a few times before smiling.

"Yes..." she said as she took a first step.

Then she stopped and looked at him.

"Master." she completed.

She turned and took another step. He smiled and slapped her ass as she walked by, eliciting a small yelp of surprise from Jade. He watched her leave before turning towards my hiding spot.

"Come out come out little darling..." he said.

I almost ran in his arms! He hugged me and we kissed. I was horny all over and I wished he hadn't just fucked the living daylights out of Jade.

"It looks like you did a wonderful job darling. I'm very proud of you."

His praise did nothing to help my growing arousal.

"Really? I only did what you instructed me to do..." I said shyly.

"Of course you did." he said with a smile. "But you adapted and created your own hypnotic path for her to follow. You listened to her desires and needs and did your sessions accordingly. Very well done."

"You embarrass me Master..." I said as I put my head to his broad chest.

"I fully accept and appreciate the hard work you put into this exquisite present. Thank you darling." he said as he hugged he hugged me hard.

I didn't say anything and enjoyed his tenderness. Who would have thought I would find such a wonderful and talented Master? My thoughts drifted back to Jade...

"Tell me Master... As you took her face at the end there, did... Did she start falling into a trance?" I asked him as I looked up.

"I'm not entirely sure... I'll have to look into that..."

"And when you fucked her... She looked... So out of it..."

"She was..." he said looking towards the door. "Seems she has a natural tendency to shut down when she experiences pleasure..."

I smiled as I started to understand.

"Or your commanding presence."

He looked down at me and I saw he didn't follow my reasoning.

"Remember I worked on her mind in the beginning? How I slowed her mind and basically dumbed her down? True she wasn't that bright to start with... But I did try to enhance that side of her."

"I remember. What of it?"

"Well... I may have linked it all together..." I said as I smiled sweetly at him.

"Meaning?" he said as his eyebrow went up.

"Well... I'm not sure if it was intentional or not... I did SOOO many sessions! But... I think I linked her trances to pleasure... Her submission... Her slow mind... Her obedience... Her view of you... I think it all linked together inside her subconscious."

He looked up again, thinking things over.

"That would certainly explain her reactions. Pleasure tends to place her in a trance... My dominance tends to lace her in a trance... HA! If this continues, she end up always being in a light trance like state when she is home with us."

"That is pretty hot..." I commented as I pictured it. "I mean... She started to do mantras and placing her mind in a trance all by herself. I know she prefers it to having to think so much."

"Time will tell..." he said as he suddenly picked me in his arms. "Now darling... Let's go to bed."

I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him carry me to my room.

The next few days were spent exploring our new dynamic. I had been right, Jade did link everything in her mind. When ever she obeyed one of his direct commands, she would fall in a very light trance. Not a zombie mindless state mind you. Just a silent obedient frame of mind that gave her direction and focus.

It made me so damn hot to watch her.

And the fact that she didn't mind me flirting and fucking her made my own desires explode when Master wasn't home. While the cat is away, the slaves will play...

I discovered that I had my own little mantras. Words seemed to bubble up from my sub-conscious and I found myself wanting to kneel and say them again and again. It didn't take long for me and Jade to start doing it together. Facing each other as our blank eyes stared at the other.

Over the next few weeks, Jade became a creature of obedience and pleasure. Her mind fully embrace the peace that came from blankly serving our Master. Unless we actually asked her a question, she never spoke. Never complained.

She just experienced pleasure and obeyed.

Her name slowly faded away as Master started to call her Dolly. Because that's what she was: a doll. Her mind was lost in mantras of pleasure and submission as her body followed every command.

Her life became service. Her purpose was pleasure.

Master even bought her a nice collar for her to wear around the house. Big bold letters spelled out her name: DOLLY. She rarely wore anything else. Just her collar. She became an expert at pleasuring our Master. Her mouth and throat slowly adapted to his girth and she could now take him all the way down without any trace of a gag reflex.

Her whole body was fit and aimed to please him. She even started to insert Chinese balls in her pussy so she would work on her inner muscles. She wanted to become the perfect doll.

And she was.

Which tempted me to no end. As I watched her every day, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like...

​And if I should ask Master to transform me to be is other little Dolly...

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