Already a Submissive Tendency

Chapter 4

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #sub:female

“So? Want some desert? Or are you ready for the check?” the waitress said.
I looked up at her and was still undecided.  But as I did, a wave of lust invaded me as I thought about my choices. Such wonderful choices… My excitement seemed to be getting the best of me. Was I that weak? 
Who was I kidding? Yes I was…
“Oh that’s fine… I’ve had a marvelous meal, I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead! Just the check please.”
“Ok!” she said turning to leave, but she whirled back around almost immediately. “Right! Almost forgot! But the check has been taken care of. You lucky lady! Have a great day!” she finished with a smile.
“Thanks! You too!” I said as she moved away.
I debated for a few moments, still trying to decide between my last 2 options. Should I leave? Was I really ready to suck him off in a copy room? I laughed at myself thinking I probably already have! 
But then again…
I was so horny… He was so close to me… 
I didn’t want to fight it anymore. I got up on trembling legs as the excitement threatened to make my walk impossible. I felt so wet already…
I took my first step towards the bathroom. As my second step hit the floor, I felt like I was in slow motion, walking towards the unknown. Was I really doing this? Choosing to let a man I won’t see fuck my brains out? A man who was still nameless…
As my third step hit the floor, I knew I would.
I just couldn’t help myself. But was it him? Making me feel like I WANTED to fuck him? Or was it all me? Unable to resist to promise of finally feeling the release and remembering it… Feeling his cock go inside me…
Oh god…
As I entered the ladies room, I realized it was probably me. I wanted this… Didn’t I?
I went to the mirror to check my modest make up and waited for the lady in the stall to leave. Once she did, we briefly smiled while she washed up and she wished me a good day. I did a quick check, and I was alone in the bathroom.
My heart was racing.
Would he even come? Was this just another game? Did I choose wrong?
But then, I felt an urge bubble up inside my mind and I turned from the mirror and went to look at the ad on the far wall. For some reason, I found it incredibly interesting. I started to study every word and image on the poster as if I wanted to memorize all of it. It was a strange desire to suddenly have…
Oh fuck… It was him…
My heart raced even more as my hopes were answered when I heard the door to the bathroom slowly creep open. The sound resonated in the silent room like a splinter in my consciousness, commanding all my attention. My eyes just couldn’t stop looking at the ad, but all the rest of my senses hurled themselves at that sound.
It took forever!! Even now, as I write this, I remember it felt like an eternity of that dam wincing noise. But it eventually stopped a brief moment before suddenly closing with a sharp swing of the door. And then, I heard a footstep echo in the room.
Then another…
I had hot shivers all over my body, as I knew he had joined me. Each step seemed to stroke the fire I was feeling inside my loins. If I didn’t know any better, I felt like I would be dripping my arousal on the floor if I didn’t have panties on. 
The steps came right behind me. I was struggling to keep calm, but my blood was boiling with excitement. I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt his hand caressed my neck. My legs almost folded under me. His touch was so delicate… 
It was brief, but the shivers lingered. After a few delicious moments, his other hand came up and I saw he had a large ribbon. He went about softly wrapping the fabric around my head, so my eyes were covered up. 
“Interesting choice…” his deep voice said near my ear. “I hope the blindfold isn’t too tight…”
I could only whimper softly and shake my head. I could only listen and feel as his hand resumed his caresses on my neck and face. I had gotten myself into this position, but I didn’t know what do to!
His other hand grabbed my ass so slowly, I thought he was just coping a feel, but the pressure he applied just kept growing until he had a handful of my ass. He squeezed it like… Like…
Like it was his to squeeze…
Or so my aroused mind registered.
He then caressed it slowly while his other hand started to push the fabric away from my shoulder. I felt his hot breath on my earlobe before his lips kissed it. He nimbled a little as the hand that was on my ass caressed its way to my belly. Slowly, he traced up until he cupped my breast, which he also squeezed ever so slowly.
“Oh fuck…” I moaned.
“My thoughts exactly…” he whispered. 
His voice seemed to vibrate inside my skin all the way to my clit! I placed my hands on the wall and closed my eyes. Just to try and get a better control on my feelings and my excitement…
“My little curious puppet…” he teased.
Hearing him say that was a little more than I could handle, my knees felt weak, but his arm wrapping around me seem to steady me.
His lips kissed their way down my neck until he started to nibble at my naked shoulder. Did he want me to burn up in a puddle of pleasure? If so, it was the right thing to do! I was beginning to think he was just going to tease me.
“I’m glad you liked my gift…” he whispered between kisses. “If you only knew everything we already experienced together…”
“Hhhmmmm…” I moaned.
“But…” he said as his lips left my skin.
His hands slowly retreated and I whimpered in frustration.
“I love our little game too much to just let you remember… What do you think? Am I cruel by not letting you remember? You know... All the mind blowing things you have experienced so far?”
“HHHmmm…” I moaned. “Yes… No…” I said, truly not sure.
He just chuckled.
“Don’t worry my pet…” he said and I felt my loins explode with even more arousal.
He called me his pet… God that turned me on!
“You will soon start to remember our encounters more and more… But before you do… While you are still free to choose….”
Oh god…
“Is this what you wish? For me to ravage you in this dirty bathroom without you even being aloud to look at me?”
Part of me was screaming that I wanted it! I needed it! But another part, the scared shy part, was screaming something very different.
“If you do…” he continued. “I will assume that you completely submit… My curious puppet… If you let me ravage you now… I will grant you another special gift. If you submit to me now… You will feel almost all of you past orgasm with me… All rolled up into one long cascade of euphoria… But if you do… You’ll have to earn your way back…”
“Back…” I said breathing hard. “Back to what?”
“Back to a place where you can cum. If you submit, my promise becomes very real… You won’t be able to cum at all…”
His words felt like a spell. A spell I felt I was weaving on myself. What he was saying frightened me, taking me back to a feeling I only had just before I lost my virginity. I was scared out of my mind, but I was also unbelievably horny.
My debate didn’t last very long. I was weak… He was strong… And I wanted it all…
Damn the consequences.
“Yyy… Yes… Please…” I whispered.
“Oh? That wasn’t very clear. You know the words I want to hear…”
“I…” Oh fuck I couldn’t take it anymore. “I submit!”
“Excellent…” he said. “Lower your skirt and panties.” he ordered.
With trembling hands, I managed to hook my thumbs and grab my clothes. I pulled them down and felt the moisture between my legs. I was trembling, half with need and half with fear. 
He kissed my earlobe again and I felt his hands go down my sides. They stopped on my naked ass and he squeezed once… Then I felt it… His shaft pressed up against my ass cheeks and I moaned. He felt big… Like I had seen in my vision.
“So beautiful…” he whispered. “You don’t remember this… But I really appreciate the fact you wear such lovely underwear for me… They always make you look so… Ravishing…”
His words made me feel warm… Made me feel sexy… Safe…
His hands spread my ass open and I felt a surge of humiliation as my mind finally registered my surroundings. As if the fog of my arousal lifted for a moment, I saw the scene I was in and I almost moved out of the way to get dressed again.
I couldn’t believe it! I was half naked in a public bathroom! Not even in a stall!!! If ANYONE came in right now!
But… To my surprise, I discovered that the humiliation of my position only served to stoke the flames. I was trembling with a mixture of feelings I had never let myself experience. Other than in fantasies of course… 
But I had chosen this. So as scared as I felt, I didn’t move.
His shaft left the comfort of my butt for mere moments before I felt it press up against my pussy lips. For a brief instant, I truly did feel like my first time. But it didn’t last long, like an unstoppable force, he slowly push his cock head inside me without resistance. He didn’t stop until I was completely impaled on him.
His cock stretched me like nothing I had ever felt before! Well, remembered anyway… I had been with large men, but somehow, I was so wet from all the arousal that he just seemed to slide in like I was made to accept his girth and length.
As I felt his hips touch my ass, I slapped a hand on my mouth to try and contain the moan that was escaping my lips. It felt so GOOD to finally feel him there. Deep inside me… 
Like finally having a glass of water after spending a day in the dessert. A sort of satisfaction you can only have when you were unable to indulge in something you desperate wanted to have. That’s how it felt to feel him push inside me. Like indulging a longing I had felt for weeks.
What followed was probably the most satisfying fuck of my life. He started to go in and out of me so slowly I could feel every ridge of his manhood. But his pace slightly increased with each stroke. It had the desired effect of building my pleasure in a constant wave that made me remember the orgasm I had experienced that very morning. 
His hands were rough on my skin as he pushed and pulled me back on his delicious shaft. He controlled the speed to create the crescendo of pleasure I was forced to endure. Each of his thrusts were long and measured, letting me know just how much he was in control. By the time his hips joined in the mix and were slapping at full speed on my ass, I was on the brink of the most intense orgasm of my life! I felt I would go mad if I didn’t cum soon!
I felt so… Incredible…
Moments before he finally jabbed hard to release his seed, I started to get flashes. All of them were of me cuming like a crazy woman. 
A brief image of me bouncing on his cock while in bed…
An image of being tied and fucked with a vibrator…
Me in a reverse cowgirl position while my hands were tied to the ceiling…
Legs in the air as I scrapped the skin off his back…
More and more I saw myself in the middle of ecstasy. And with every one, I felt that same release. It was like cuming over and over again, one orgasm building on the last… It just didn’t stop!
And then he came, spilling his seed deep inside me.
I just spasm like a possessed woman as the last of the memories finally gave way to my current release. I screamed in his hand, which had replaced mine at some point. I felt like time slowed to let me enjoy this perfect moment. His cock twitched with the pleasure of it’s own release and a big part of me reveled in it. I felt his hot spunk fill me up as spur after spur was dumped into me.. 
By the time he was done, I was unable to stand. He pulled out and I collapsed on the my knees, trying to regain some sort of control over my own body. As I caught my breath, I could only savor the incredible rush that went through my veins. I felt like my whole skin was emanating satisfaction and pleasure.
I barely registered him zipping up and moving towards the door.
“That was simply marvelous my curious puppet…” I heard him say. “But time is short and you must go back to work… You have 5 minutes before someone comes in the door… I can’t give you more than that… After all, you wouldn’t want to be late coming back from your lunch. What would your coworkers think?  Have a great afternoon…. I know I will.”
Like a cold glass of water to the face, I took off my blindfold and squinted. I looked around as the door swung closed. I was on the floor of the dinner’s ladies room, with my skirt and panties down to my ankles. Anyone coming in now would know what I had done…
I marshalled my strength and managed to get up on shaky legs. Had he prevented people from coming in? As quickly as my recuperating body could manage, I got cleaned up and checked myself in the mirror before going back out. Once in the dinner again, I scanned the crowd and to my great relief, no one seemed to have noticed.
Well, almost everyone…
As I passed by the waitress… She smiled and winked at me.
I blushed fiercely as I got back to my office. The whole way back, I just couldn’t believe I had actually done that! I was so modest about my sexual adventures. It was true I wished to experience more, but this was all intense!
Yet… So satisfying…
As I arrived at my desk, there was a single rose on a box. And a note…
“To my dear curious puppet,
I can’t wait to see you tonight. As agreed by your choice, I am claiming your weekend. I’ve been away all week and I just can’t wait to play with you again. You will come to me, at my home, at 7 O'clock tonight. Don’t worry you will know the way. Starting now, no matter how much you try, you are not allowed to cum for any reason. As of now, you must earn that right. The first step towards that goal is in the box…
Sincerely, your mystery Master.”
I looked around to see if anyone was watching. I was still reeling from my encounter a few moments ago. I was on a high like I had never felt before. I had to admit, I liked it a lot! I felt all giddy and excited as I slowly peaked inside the box. 
Set on a deep blue silk cushion, there was a leather collar…

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