All in His Eyes

Meeting Him Again

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #SpecialPowers

It had been a whole week since the frat party. And still I had vivid dreams of the passion I had experienced that night. And morning…

I felt bad for skipping out on him while he was in the shower, but I just HAD to get away from him. I mean… I didn’t WANT to, but a voice inside me was screaming for me to get out of there. Fast…

​So I did.
I licked my lips as I thought back to all the delicious pleasure I felt with him. But my inner voice was right, something was very wrong about him. I wasn’t the type of girl to EVER do any of the things I did that night.

Even if I had to admit I loved every part of it.

​And his eyes…

I shook my head to dispel my thoughts. I promised myself I wouldn’t think about him like that. It was definitely in his eyes. Something happens when I look at him. I didn’t know what, but SOMETHING does… I feel my conscious mind being pulled in. Or was I jumping in? It was so confusing! That was why I had to leave while he wasn’t there to look at me. 

I didn’t feel like he was trying to trap me or anything, but the night was such a blur! I felt like it went from looking at him from across the room to fucking him in mere seconds. I had trouble recalling what happened exactly, and THAT was the problem. As much as I loved what happened between us, I had to figure out why it happened.

One thing was certain, I felt like I lost control of myself while I was looking at him. Lost? No… I didn’t lose control. I gave it up maybe? Offered myself to him? Was that right? It felt like it… But why? I wasn’t the submissive type. Well… I wasn’t dominant either… What was I exactly?

And why am I even asking these questions?

Everything about him was soaked in contradictions. When I was with him, while he was looking at me with his amazing eyes, I felt sure. Confident. Safe. Thinking back on it now, I have no clue WHY I was so sure with him.

So open… So… 


Now that I was far from his piercing stare, I felt confused… Doubtful… Unsure… Did he do something to me? Was it some kind of instant hypnosis? Was it something else? He mentioned he had “gifts”. What were they?

All week, I racked my brain, trying to figure out just what happened that night. Through all of my musings and questions, one thing at least was crystal clear: I enjoyed it.

But that thought didn’t comfort me at all. What did I enjoy exactly? His presence? His stamina? The way he made me feel when I undressed for him? The fact that I already seemed to know what was about to happen?

Like it was fate…

I made a point to avoid Jen all week, not wanting to indulge her gossipy side. But then again, I needed her knowledge of the gossip around school to see if other girls experienced… Well… I wasn’t sure WHAT I experienced. So Friday afternoon came and I knew we both had a free period so I texted her to meet up at our usual coffee spot.

“THERE YOU ARE!!!” She exclaimed as she got to my table, giving me a big hug. “I was worried sick! What happened to you last Friday?”

“Me? I saw you with Bret! How did THAT go down?”

“Oh you know…” she said while taking a seat. “One thing led to another…” she said with a smile. She looked like the cat that ate the canary. “BUT YOU! Come on! Spill the beans! I saw you with the Professor! Were you a naughty little girl?” she asked with a devilish smile.

Jen always went straight to the point. I liked that about her. I always knew what to expect from her. Which was more than I could say about me.

“You could say that… But that’s why I wanted to talk to you.”

“STOP! Wait! Back up! I was just joking! Come on! Did you really? With the Professor! OH MY GOD! I’m so happy for you! Word is around campus that he is… Well… You know… Well hung!”

“Yeah…” I said, trying to hold back a smile, which I failed to do. 

“You slut!” she said slapping my arm playfully.

“Cut it out! I’m trying to be serious!”

“Ok ok! Shutting up!” she said with a huge smile.

“I called you because… Well… I don’t know how to say this…” I said taking along breath. “Did you hear anything about him regarding… huh… Forcing the girls?”

“What?” she said looking around. “Do you mean rape?” she said softly. “Did he force himself on you?”

“No no… Nothing like that.” I said, suddenly not sure how to explain what happened. “I mean… This may sound a little weird… But it was like he… I don’t know… Had a hold over me?”

She looked up at me and I couldn’t read her face. Was she about to laugh at me? Was she about to tell me I wasn’t the first to experience it? Did she even believe me?

“I’m not sure what you mean…” she finally said.

“Never mind…” I said, suddenly embarrassed to bring it up.

“No it’s fine… Actually… Scratch that... I think I know what you mean.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah…” she said suddenly embarrassed. “Ok… This is pretty out there!”

“What??” I said.

“We fucked the same guy.”

Her revelation gave me a mix of feelings. I wasn’t the type to sleep around so this type of situation never happened. We had never really discussed it before, but just knowing that she had slept with the professor… I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

Then again… It DID give me a chance to talk with someone would could possibly know exactly what I was worried about. If I could put it into words that is…

“Are you ok?” she asked when I didn’t answer.

“Yeah… Sure… Just processing the bomb you dropped.”

“Hahahha Oh don’t think too much about it! We are both young and beautiful girls just looking to have some fun while in college!”

“Yeah… But I wasn’t LOOKING for fun last week. Which is kind of what I’m trying to say.”

“Oh I see…”

“So… When you told me, not moments ago, that you had ‘heard’ he was hung…”

“You got it… hihihihihi” she said giggling.

“Why didn’t you just say so?”

“Because of the face you are making right now. But that’s beside the point, the reason I’m telling you is that I think I know what you are talking about.”


“His eyes right?”

“YES!” I said a little too loudly.

“Hahahha” she laughed. “I remember them fondly…” she finished while zoning out for a moment. Smiling…

“So what’s the deal with him?” I said, but she didn’t react. “Hello… Earth to Jen…”

“hhmm? Oh…” she said, coming back to reality. “Sorry… Yeah… His eyes are so nice to look at. That reminds me… I really should see if I could get into one of his classes.”

“Why would you…” I started.

“I have a fee extra credits to get. So might as well get them in his class so I get to 'enjoy’ the class at least.” she said with a smile.

“Oh… So when did you huh… Sleep with him…”

“Ah… That would be 3 weeks ago. Remember when you got a cold and you didn’t come with me? It was at the party I went with Becky.”

“And… What? You just followed him home?”

“Not quite… We made use of the upstairs bathroom before that…”

“And you call ME a slut?”

“What can I say? I was on fire!” she said as she batted her eyes. "Almost literally!"

“That’s exactly my point! Did you feel… huh… How do I say this…”

“Forced? Compelled?”

“Yes! Well… Something like that…”

“Yes and no… I think I understand what you mean and it was a little like that… But it was all good. He just has a way to put you at ease. I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do and we both had a LOT of fun. He’s just THAT type of guy you know?”

“Not really no…” I said.

The more I talked with Jen, the less I believe something weird happened to me. Like it was all my imagination. I subtly made a few references about the flashes and the 'script’ as I called it, but she didn’t know what I was talking about. From her point of view, it was just his incredible charisma, playing tricks on me.

She was incredibly happy for me though. We started to talk about something else and by the time we got up to leave, I felt a lot better about the whole thing. I was pretty tired and stressed out, maybe it WAS my imagination.

I had a ton of work to get done over the weekend, so when Jen invited me out again that night, I declined. I poured myself a glass of wine and blasted my favorite music. I dove into my work and tried my best to forget the professor.

Which was harder than I thought. 

That night I dreamed even more about him and his damn eyes. I even woke up in the middle of the night, sweating like crazy and dripping wet. I had to masturbate for a long while before I could sleep again. Saturday was spent doing a mix of chores and home work. Anything to get my mind out of the gutter. I just couldn’t shake my arousal. I queued up a few horror movies to take my mind off it and it worked for a while. Until I got to bed…

My head barely hit the pillow and I was already thinking about his hard cock going inside me. I tried to think about a jock, a model, a celebrity and even my past boyfriends. Nothing worked… Until I thought of him…
Was I getting obsessed with him? Maybe…

On Monday, I decided to go see him. I wasn’t quite sure why, but I told myself it would be like ripping off a Band-aid. I just wanted to get it over with. I checked his online schedule and saw he had a free period in the afternoon, which he offered up for students should they need help. I just hoped he would have a free space for me…

I made my way to his office and I was a little surprised when I discovered he actually had a private one. He was a new teacher after all. Pretty nice of the school to offer that to him. I came to his door and noticed he kept a white board there for scheduling his students. I did a quick check and realized the next slot was empty!

I just had to wait 15 minutes for his current appointment to end.

So I sat down in the hall and tried to think. What was I even going to say to him? Was I here to ask for another date? Was I here to make sure he understood I didn’t want to see him ever again? Why was I here exactly?

As I mused, I recalled one of my dreams from last night and I could swear it was about this very situation. Had I dreamt about coming here last night? No… I couldn’t have… Or did I?

The door to his office opened and a strawberry blonde came out. She sported a shirt that defied the definition of respectable school wear. She had a massive pair of tits and they looked like they were about to burst out of her shirt. As for her skirt… I was pretty sure that if she bent forward to much, we would definitely see her panties. 

“See you next week Professor!” she chimed as she looked back towards the office and blew him a kiss.

And did I dream it? Or did she wipe something off her lips?

I watched her leave down the corridor and I couldn’t figure out why she was even in his office. From the looks of her, she was a sorority brat going to college until she found herself a sugar daddy.

Not a philosophy major.

I didn’t know it when I slept with him, but the professor had a philosophy doctorate. He gave a variety of classes on the subject. His credentials were good and, in a way, the school was lucky to have him. But why would a bimbo head like her need to have tutoring from him? It couldn’t be because of her deep desire for philosophical discussions.

“Well well well…” I heard his voice call out. “Look who we have here… Seems you were real after all.”

I turned to look at him and I was immediately hit by his smile. He certainly was handsome… 

“Real? What do you mean?” I asked embarrassed.

I made a point to look at his jaw line. His hair line… His nose… Anything but look in his eyes.

“Well, better talk in my office… Who knows who might be listening…” he said as he turned to go inside.

I swallowed hard and followed him, closing the door. After all, he was right, faculty and students weren’t allowed to huh… Date… He went to his desk and sat on it. I was a little surprised he didn't go behind it, but brushed it off as I closed the door and went to sit one the chairs facing his desk. The farthest one… 

“Like I was saying, I almost thought I dreamt the whole evening when I came out of the shower and found myself alone.” he said with a warm smile.

“Ahh… Sorry about that… Had to huh… Get a head start on my homework.” I said, lying through my teeth.

“Hahahhaha No need to apologize. I’m used to my dalliances fleeing the scene like you did. Although… From what I since gathered… You don’t seem to be too comfortable with our situation.”

“Situation?” I asked.

“One night stands. Most of the girls that seek me out want a night of fun and that’s it. But with you… I didn’t get that vibe at all…”

“No… I never… I mean…” I stammered.

“Exactly my point. You don’t seem to participate in such activities. Which begs the question… Why did you come home with me?”

Damn him. I was the one that wanted to ask him questions!

“I… I’m not sure…”

“I think I know…” I heard him say softly.

I felt his hand on my cheek and half of me wanted to brush him off and move away. But the other half wanted to press my face into it. Kiss it… So I compromised and froze. He was gentle about it, but he started to lift my face towards his.

Oh no… I knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted me to look in his eyes. What was I to do? move away and run off? How would that look? No… His eyes didn’t have anything special. Jen told me as much. It was just my imagination.

Plus… They were so pretty…

I looked up and he was smiling. A genuine smile filled with tenderness. Why was I shaking? Was I afraid? Was I excited? I wasn’t sure. Our eyes finally met and it was like I remembered them. 

But not from the party or during the following activities. They were softer… Like when I awoke from my orgasm… All cuddled up in his arms… So safe…

“I believe you came home with me because you were intrigued.” he said as I looked deep in his eyes. “You’ve blocked off a part of yourself that wanted to break free. It happens a lot in girls your age.”

“It… It does?” I asked, partly dazed by his stare.

“Yes… I’ve seen this before… You were taught to repress your desires no? To be a good and proper girl… Am I wrong?” he asked.

“Yes… No… I mean you aren’t wrong.”

“I thought as much… But it’s ok… No need to worry about it…”

“No… No need…” I breathed out.

I felt mesmerized by him. He was right. I DID repress parts of myself. I didn’t want to be seen as a slut. I wanted people to take me seriously. I didn’t want to be like the blonde I just saw. I didn’t want to be judged. But I couldn’t deny that I wanted to feel it again… Whatever it was I felt last week, I wanted more of it…

He was talking to me again, but I wasn’t really paying attention. I was getting lost in his eyes… It wasn’t like at the party. No… It was even better… As I looked on, I experienced a sort of free fall… No… Not a fall… More like flying… Or what I thought it would feel like. I was…


Nothing mattered now… It was all ok… I was safe… No one was judging me. No one needed to know about this part of me. With him… I could be whatever I wanted and he would never judge. So...

What DID I want to be?

As the world around me faded away, I was left to bask in his silver pools. Like relaxing in a sauna… A spa… I felt warm and cozy… Perfect… Vision of peace erupted in my mind and it was like his soothing voice was caressing my worries away.

I could stay like that forever. No questions… No stress… No judgement…

The images changed slowly and I could see myself in his eyes. No… That's not quite right... I could see myself THROUGH his eyes…

I was standing on a private beach, looking out to some lake in the wilderness… Forest surrounded me and I only had a thin white veil covering my body. The wind was blowing delicately, moving my tangle of hair to an unheard beat. I could see the veil flow and twirl as the breeze made it dance on my body before blowing it away, revealing my perfect body.

And it was perfect…

I could FEEL how sexy I looked. How he looked at me… His lust for me was incredible… Looking at myself through his eyes made me want… Myself… I wanted to fuck the girl I was seeing… More than anything… She was perfect… Free… The girl I was seeing was completely comfortable with her body. She looked back and our eyes met. It was so strange to look at myself like that. I saw myself smile before the figure before me plunged in the lake. 

My lust was incredible. I wanted to be with her. IN her… I wanted to possess her completely. Take her until we both passed out from sexual exertion. But passed that... I also wanted to cradle her in my arms... Hold her tight against my broad chest... Feel her voluptuous body as it searched for the security of my arms...

I wanted to keep her... Protect her... Claim her...

I started to run towards the lake and dove right after her.

As the water swirled around my vision, I was left with a burning sensation of lust. Of passion…

I slowly came back to reality and was shocked that I was still in the office, looking up at him. 

“You have such beautiful eyes…” he said.

What did I just see? Was it coming from him? GOD... Did he want me that much? I was so beautiful in his eyes… 

“You’ll have to pardon me… Seems I can’t seem to control myself…” he said as he took my hand in his. He placed it in his crotch and I felt the bulge. 

“Oh!” I exclaimed softly.

His eyes were… Hotter… Like I could actually SEE his lust… An image of us fucking on his desk crept in my mind and for the love of god, I wanted it to be true. If my vision of the lake was anything to go by, he must want me something fierce. Who wouldn’t want me? I looked so beautiful… Of course, he was hard for me…

“Seems you have a way of… Exciting me…” he said as I got another flash.

His cock was out of his pants and I was sucking away...

I needed to help him. I was there. Right before him and he wanted me. I wanted him. Fuck it. I was WAY too horny to question anything. My hand started to work his zipper. It was awkward, but I finally managed. He helped me a little and his cock was out. In the flash I was seeing, I wasn't sitting in the chair anymore. I was kneeling before him with my tits out.

So I decided to do just that. I pushed my chair back and pulled him to me as I knelt. I fiddled with my blouse and almost ripped the buttons as I tried to get it open. My bra soon followed and in no time at all, I was looking up in his eyes as I started to stroke his cock.

The moment I placed his shaft between my lips, I suddenly felt a rush of arousal. My panties felt damp. Moist… Dripping… Why was I so excited about blowing a professor in his office? Oh god… I was giving head to a professor in his office!! 

But looking up in his eyes, my worries and indignations such seemed to get sucked up. I barely experienced them at all. It just felt… Good… No… Incredible… I felt… Giddy…

I felt so exhilarated that I lost myself in my ministrations and lust. At one point, he grabbed my hair and pulled me up gently. I did my best to get up and I stood before him while he held my hair in one hand. While he molested my tit with his other hand. He pulled me to him and we kissed. As I did, I thought I tasted something weird…

Like… Could it be… Pussy?

But like my worries, my thoughts just seem to flow out and into his eyes. The next thing I knew, I was lying back on his desk as he pulled my panties out of the way. He teased my opening a little before he inserted himself.

Was I really getting fucked in his office? I never did such a thing! But I didn’t care… I wanted him inside me… Bad… And then he was fully impaling me. I clamped my hands to my mouth to prevent myself from screaming to loudly. I was so full! My pussy was stretching in the most exquisite way. Like he was meant to be inside me…

He started to move in and out slowly, making sure to angle his thrust to maximize his stroke. And the feeling inside my pussy… Each time he pumped into me, I could see new things in his eyes… Each time he bottomed out, I got a flash… And each flash was of us, fucking in every way imaginable. In every scenario imaginable.

And with each flash… I got a sense of… Belonging… It was faint… But it was there… Like he was claiming me… 

The only time I broke eye contact was when we both erupted in a massive orgasm. 

I rode the wave of bliss for as long as I could. Feeling his cock slowly deflate inside me…

This was what I needed all week...

That thought kept repeating in my mind again and again. I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling. The delicious after math was even more exquisite than the week before. 

I felt him remove himself and I suddenly felt so empty… I whimpered a little. Why did he take it out? But as I closed my legs, the reality of the situation came rushing back to me. I had just fucked a professor in his office… I could get expelled!

Half my brain was freaking out while the other half was aroused as hell. 

“God that was nice…” I heard him say as I opened my eyes to look at him.

He had stepped back, but hadn’t put his cock away. He was just looking at me and at first, I felt a little ashamed of my state of undress, but as I looked at his eyes, I could only see more lust and admiration for my body. This man… I couldn’t deny it. He found me beautiful in a way that made my juices flow. Which was so strange in a way…

Just by looking at me, I felt aroused… Sexy… Beautiful… Like he could peel away the self-doubt I felt towards my own body. Mask the flaws I knew I had. In his eyes… I had none of them. I was just a vision of sexual passion.

As I looked him up and down, I wondered what he saw in mine. Did he feel as handsome as I saw him? Because there was no denying it. He WAS handsome. And his cock… I didn’t realize I was licking my lips as I looked at it.

And to my amazement, I saw his cock grow… He went from half-mast to full mast in mere moments. I looked up at him, barely able to hide my astonishment.

“Go ahead… You barely got a taste before… It won’t bite…” he said softly.

Was this guy for real? Did he really expect me to blow him NOW? Our eyes met and I was captivated again. Of course, he expected it… It all made perfect sense… His eyes were like liquid passion… I slide down to the floor and started to lick our combined juices. I had never done such a thing. And to be honest, I was mildly surprised I was even doing it.

But as I looked up in his eyes… Everything fell away and made perfect sense…

I licked him slowly, making sure to clean him properly. I could see myself in his eyes, doing a wonderful job of it… I HAD to do it… I enjoyed it… 

“So beautiful…” he was saying. “Seeing you like that… With your gorgeous lips around my cock… Makes me desire you in ways I haven’t felt in a long time…”

He was so hard… He wanted me bad… And he just took me! How could this man want me so much? I was just some silly college girl… But as I sucked, I realized I didn’t care. He did. That was all that mattered. 

Have you ever felt so at peace with your partner that you were aroused? Horny just by cuddling up to him? That’s how I felt in that moment. On the floor of his office, half naked and giving him the slowest head I had ever gave anyone. I got lost in his eyes and the promises I saw there.

My vision tunneled until it was just his eyes. Nothing else… Those silver pools of lust invited me in and I didn’t resist. I didn’t understand at first, but I soon figured it out. It was as if I was walking past his sexual fantasies of me. In some of them, I was wearing lingerie while in others, I was wearing things I already owned, but they fitted me way better. Enhancing my assets…

I went by scene after scene of us fucking. Like before… Only this time, I had time to actually see them. In one, he was lounging on his sofa while watching something on the tv. I came to him, naked except for a collar, and just kneeled in front of him. I slowly took out his cock and started to blow him. Like it was the most natural thing in the world. I remembered seeing this one last week…

Others had me sneaking into the back rooms in the library to meet up with him. Most of the times we were alone, but in others, another girl would join in… I had never been in a threesome, but looking on… Feeling his lust for me and the other girl… I couldn’t deny that I wanted to try. It was amazing to feel it all like that.

My vision slowly came back to the present. I was still on my knees, sucking on his magnificent cock. Still looking up in his mesmerizing eyes…

“Drink it all…” he whispered.

I barely had time to register that he had actually spoken when he grabbed my head and pumped his load in my mouth. As the first shot of his release hit the back of my throat, his eyes seemed to light up with incredible passion… Like a shock wave, I felt pleasure course through my body. As each of his spurs emptied on my tongue, I felt wave after wave of joy...


He let go of my head and I licked him clean. He tasted so different than other boys. So… Creamy… Tasty… It was a welcome change to be honest. As the last of it went down my throat, I felt another strange wave… Not of pleasure… Just a general feeling of… Right… It was hard to put my finger on it…  I brushed it off as I licked my lips.

I certainly wouldn’t mind sucking him again… Would I ever mind?

“That was amazing my dear…” he said as he caressed my hair. “Simply beautiful… But I’m afraid we have to stop…”

“Stop? I asked, half dazed. "You wanted to go again?” 

He guided me to a standing position and looked deep in my eyes. I suddenly felt weak in the knees…

“Oh yes… If time permitted, I would ravage you on this desk until the sun went down…”

I almost fell back on my knees. Maybe I would have if he hadn’t been holding my face.

“But I have an appointment coming in and she tends to be early. We wouldn’t want gossip about us now would we?”

“Oh no… Of course not!”

“Good! Well… Here is my card.” he said as he handed it to me. “Don’t be shy…” he said as he kissed me.

I melted in his arms and I wanted to kiss him for ages. But he broke it off and I was forced to realize just how undressed I was! I cleaned up and gathered my things. As I opened the door, I felt a little sticky around the lips so I cleaned it off, not realizing I was in the corridor. I came face to face with a stunning redhead. I had seen her around campus. I couldn’t recall her name…

She smiled knowingly at me as I walked passed.

Did… Did she know? What was that smile for? 

“Welcome Miss Smith. Please, close the door and we can start.” I heard his voice as I moved away.

“Of course Professor…” I heard the girl say. 

Was I dreaming? Or did her tone imply something else? I dashed back to my apartment and hoped I wouldn't meet anyone I knew. What did I just do?

​And why did I like it so much…

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