Addicted to Hypnosis

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom
My name is Kelly and I have to tell you my story.

I have a confession: I have a fetish about hypnotism. More precisely, I have a fetish about being hypnotized.

When I first started to “discover” my body and pleasure myself, I always had trouble making myself orgasm. Even after I had my first boyfriend when I turned 17, we fooled around, but I was never really satisfied. I was stuck to believe I was just one of those girls with THAT problem.

That’s until I came across an image of a girl in a trance.

I was curious and started to look for more and more. I soon found videos of hypnotized girls looking at videos and Hypnotist making them do things. I was hooked. I experienced the best orgasm of my life the first time I pleasured myself while watching those videos.

It didn’t go further than that at first. ​
I eventually went off to college and after the first year, I was in an off campus apartment with my best friend Anna. I became an expert at being able to hide my newfound fetish and after a while, I had started to search for videos that would supposedly hypnotize me. Of course, they didn’t, but I imagined they did. I could bring myself off easily while watching them, picturing myself in a trance…

Just writing this… I’m getting wet… But I digress…

I had trouble getting into guys, since I never found ones I truly found arousing. As for Anna, she had never had trouble and by Christmas, she was in love! Charlie was a nice guy and VERY good looking. Anna was so happy with him. She was convinced he was the one. I couldn’t blame her, after all, he was amazing for her. 

Except for when I caught him leering at me. Never truly obvious, but when he thought no one was looking, he would steel glances. I found it a little unnerving, but I didn’t say anything. Anna was so happy!

That faithful year, during Christmas break, I was looking for new videos online and eventually found one that was different. I couldn’t explain how it was different, but after the first time I watched it, I just knew. The spirals and flicking and sound track worked in such a powerful way I simply couldn’t stop watching it. 

I booked marked it in my secret file. The next day, I watched it again. Then again…
 What surprised me was when I realized it was ACTUALLY hypnotizing me! The more I watched it, the less I remembered what it played. The video lasted a full half hour and at first it was relaxing and arousing. For a full half hour…
 But after a few days of watching it here and there, I realized I only remembered watching for 20 minutes…
 Then 15 minutes…

Then 10 minutes…

By the time Christmas break ended, I was filming myself going under. As I watched myself go blank, I realized I actually did remember all of it, but I was just in a trance. The first time I watched it back in our college apartment, I went under after barely a minute! 

I was really hooked by that point. I did realize that it could be dangerous though. I started to analyze my recordings of myself and played around with the sound to see if anything was being programmed into me that I wasn’t aware of.

The video was programmed to hypnotize the person and make them more and more susceptible to be hypnotized. Each time I watched it, I wanted to watch it more, since it was the source of what was hypnotizing me. It also made sure to make the person love to be hypnotized. I was already pretty hooked, but it must be strengthening my fetish all the same.

It didn’t program things like send all my money to an offshore account or become a mindless bimbo.

It DID program me to go deeper and deeper into my trance. I realized I must be going deeper and deeper with each session. I found the whole thing so exciting!

That is… Until spring break.

Well, it still was exciting, just alarming as well!

I had gotten so hooked on the video I was watching it every day, sometimes few times a day. It made me bolder each time and sometimes… I was cutting it pretty close. I started to watch it in the living room on my computer. Then on the big screen tv. Sometimes timing it so Anna would come home a few minutes after I came out of my trance. I found it exciting to be almost caught.

But then…

I hadn’t counted on Charlie coming home early. That must have been a sight for him! I had taken to wearing sexy underwear while I hypnotized myself. I thought I looked so sexy when I watched myself afterwards. So he came in the apartment and found me kneeling on the floor, in my sexy black underwear, fingering myself through and completely blank.

He took the sight in and for some reason I didn’t know at the time, he understood what was happening.

“Huh… Kelly?” I didn’t react.

“Kelly, can you hear me? Are you ok?” he said. 
“Yyeesss… I’m… ok…” I said in a deliciously faraway voice.

That’s probably when he connected everything together.

“Huh… OK…” He said.

He didn’t go farther on the first time. He just looked through my bedroom and I guessed, my computer. He WAS a computer science major. 
I remembered everything of the first encounter and watched the playback. I was so embarrassed!

I kept to myself during spring break and tried my best NOT to watch the video again. I managed to hold out on watching the video for a few days, but before the end I had started to watch it again regularly. I also tried to avoid Charlie, which went well until spring break ended and he started to spend more and more nights at the apartment. 

So when Anna went to work on Wednesday night after spring break, I stayed in my room, listening for when and if Charlie would leave the apartment. I heard him call one of his friends and make plans for the evening. I was ecstatic! 

I heard him leave and waited until I was sure he wouldn’t come back because he forgot something. After I was sure I was alone for the next hour. I cued up the video again and sat in front of my computer. 

I was under in seconds and enjoyed the trance. 

Once I woke up, I didn’t realize something had been different about the video until I saw the clock. I had been watching it for 2 hours! I scrambled to open my recording of myself and sure enough, it lasted 2 hours!


I didn’t know it at the time, but Charlie had spent spring break analyzing the video and making his own modified version. I was about to start playing with the sound of the video and see what he had changed, but I suddenly felt really sleepy and decided to go to bed. 

The craving didn’t go away on the next day. I spent the next 2 days watching and hypnotizing myself twice a day. Friday came along and Anna went back to work. I was waiting for Charlie to leave, but he didn’t make his move like he usually did on Friday nights.

I went to the kitchen for a snack and that’s when it happened.

I turned to go back towards my room and Charlie was standing right there in front of me. I hadn’t heard him come in the kitchen. As my eyes lifted from the floor to his face in startled surprise, they locked on something Charlie was holding in front of his face. 
He had an old pocket watch.

The moment my eyes saw it, I felt my mind recognize it. He started to sway it back and forth and I was completely mesmerized. He was ACTUALLY trying to hypnotize me!

The thing is…

It was working…

I felt the familiar relaxation invade my muscles and I was very soon helpless to look at the watch. I fell into a trance in mere seconds.

“Wow…” he said. “I never thought it would work so rapidly! You must really like to be hypnotized.”

I didn’t answer.

“Listen to my voice now Kelly… You love the sound of my voice…”

I did.

He spent the next half hour deepening my trance and it worked beautifully. I remembered it all. Once he was sure I was deeply under, he started to test me. He made me move to the living room. Then, he made me strip to my underwear. He had me freeze into place and he moved my body into a lot of different positions. He made me think I couldn’t separate my clasped hands. He went through a lot of different things like that, trying to find my limit.

Once he was done, he had me dress up again and sat me on the couch.

“Now Kelly, Anna is about to come home from work. We don’t want her to find out about your little fetish. You know you must obey my voice, right Kelly?”

“Obey your voice…” I answered blankly.

“You will never tell Anna, or anybody for that matter, that I have hypnotized you. You CAN NEVER TELL ANYONE.”

“Never tell…”

“Now Kelly, you won’t remember the next part of this session…” he said.

I woke up the next day feeling extremely refreshed. It was early, but I knew Anna was working early in the morning and as I looked at the clock on my nightstand, I knew she had already left. I got up and went to the bathroom before going in the kitchen. I remembered Charlie had taken advantage of me. It was so strange…

A part of me felt oh so excited he had, but a larger part found it wrong to be going behind Anna’s back like that. I put it out of my mind and started to set up to watch the video in the living room. 

I just couldn’t get enough of it… Addicted I think is the term.

I cued it on the big screen and started to watch it. No sooner had it started that I was under. A pleasant trance like I loved so much. I don’t really now how long it was before Charlie was talking to me, but eventually he was.

“Very good Kelly… Now, I want you to remember everything from last night…”

And suddenly I did.

After he had instructed me I couldn’t tell anyone about our little new found sessions, he had tried to give me post-hypnotic triggers. It had worked. He wanted me to go to bed and sleep until 9 O’clock, which would be well after Anna had left. He also wanted me to get out of bed in only my underwear and not notice his presence. I realized he had been in the kitchen the whole time, waiting to watch me get up!

He turned the video off and I was still in a trance. He took out his pocket watch and proceeded to deepen my trance. It felt oh so wonderful to let him do it…

After he was satisfied I was deep enough, he spent the morning “playing” with me. He made me do pretty much everything I watched other girls do in the videos. At one point he made me forget my own name. I responded to Sarah instead of Kelly. That freaked me out a little, but it turned me on as well! I was ashamed to admit it, but I kind of loved that I could be made to do all those things.

I was getting worried as well, he was my best friends boyfriend after all!

He had me jump in the shower and that’s when my trance finished. I followed his suggestion that I should clean myself before I got out. As I did, I looked for him, wanting to tell him to stop, or to continue… I wasn’t really sure…

But he had left the apartment.

I decided to go to school and do some homework. It went well enough, but my mind kept going back to the morning’s trance. I came back to the apartment and Anna was there.

We made supper together and I wanted to tell her that her boyfriend had found out my darkest secret, but I felt I couldn’t. We ate and I went back to my room. I heard Charlie come back. I heard them go at it as the evening changed to night. I couldn’t sleep and I soon found myself cuing up the video again.

It was 3 O’clock in the morning when the video finished and released me from my trance. I felt refreshed, but I finally could get to sleep.

Anna had to work again the next morning. I woke up around 9 again and I caught myself hoping Charlie had gone away, so I could enjoy my trance alone and pleasure myself. I stayed in bed and fingered myself slowly, thinking about myself under a trance. I came really hard as I thought about how helpless it made me feel. I made sure to be quiet, since I didn’t know if Charlie would be there. I had my answer when I got out of my room. 

He ambushed me as I got into the kitchen. He had his pocket watch again and my eyes instantly locked on it. He started to sway it without a word and I followed it. I felt myself relax and was soon under. I wanted to be under so bad…

“Very good Kelly…. Now listen to my voice…”

He spent a long time deepening my trance, like he did the other times. After a while, he was satisfied and brought me to the living room where he again made me do lots of fun stuff. Until he decided to go a step further.

He decided it was time to see the whole package. He simply stated:

“Remove your bra and panties.”

And I did! Without being able to stop myself! I was so deep in the trance, I remember thinking it was ok, since I was in a trance. But I knew I shouldn’t let him do this to me. But I was deliciously helpless to do it. He admired me for a while and then instructed my mind that I wouldn’t feel his touch.

He came near be and caressed my tummy, asking if I felt it. I said I didn’t. He got bolder and cupped my ample breast. Again, I didn’t feel it. He went behind me and cupped both my tits and massaged them. Nothing…

He caressed my body for a long while, and frankly, my mind thought he would make me do other things, sexual things… But he didn’t. 

He had me gather my clothes and to take a shower. As the water hit my face, I snapped out of my trance. I remember feeling a strong mix of emotions. A part of me felt wrong for having my friend’s boyfriend feel me up, but another part…

God I felt aroused thinking about it…

I pleasured myself in the shower and came hard. When I got out, it was passed noon and Anna had returned. I wanted to tell her, yet, I didn’t… How DO you tell your best friend that his boyfriend is taking advantage of your dark sexual secret?

But he had gone too far. Making me do things was fine, but he was starting to cheat on Anna now! I tried all afternoon to get myself to tell her. But I just couldn’t. His post hypnotic order to tell no one still held firm.

This was getting a little scary… And… Erotic at the same time…

I went to my classes on Monday morning and had the afternoon off. Which, I was surprised to find out, Charlie had as well. 

“Ok Mister!” I finally managed to say to him. “You know you can’t keep doing that to me!”

“Don’t you like it?”

“I… You know I do… But we can’t. We have to stop this! Anna will find out!”

“No she won’t. I won’t tell her. Will you?”

“Of course not!”

“Then…” he said while putting his hand in his pocket.

“NO NO!!!! Don’t! I….” I started to say before he pulled out his pocket watch.

Instantly I was glued to it. Unable to look away… Unable to interrupt him… It fascinated me and I knew it would hypnotize me. I had to resist it. But I didn’t want to… I followed its movements and let it hypnotize me.

“Good girl… Look at the watch…” he said. “Now relax for me Kelly…”

He deepened my trance again and once he was done. He told me I wouldn’t remember the rest.

Which I didn’t…

I woke up and we hadn’t moved. He smiled.

“Ok Kelly, you are right. I won’t do it to you again. Promise.” He said.

“Good…” I said, suddenly unsure that’s what I truly wanted.

The afternoon crept on and he left to go study. I knew I had the apartment to myself and went to my room to indulge my little addiction. I cued the video and started to watch it. After a few minutes, I felt myself start to fall under, but…

Something was wrong.

I sneezed.

It completely broke my induction! I settled down and tried to relax as I watched the spirals. Just as I felt myself relax nicely, I sneezed again, completely waking me up!

I spent the next 3 hours trying in vain to get myself hypnotized! My craving for it just kept growing and growing, but it didn’t work! 

I went online and tried a bunch of other videos, but nothing worked!


I decided it was probably for the best anyway and tried to push it out of my mind. 

3 days later…

I just couldn’t help myself; I wanted to feel myself loose control so bad… I waited for Anna to go to work and went to find Charlie. He would be able to… Wouldn’t he?

I found him watching tv in the living room. I came and sat next to him.

“Hey Charlie.”

“Hey Kelly! How are you tonight?”

“I… Fine…”

“You don’t sound fine…” he said, looking at me.

“Yeah… hahahahah.” I laughed nervously.

“Come on, you can tell me if you want, you can trust me.”

The instant he said those last words, I knew I could… As if… 

“I… Huh… I don’t know how to say this… No… Never mind.” I said, deciding suddenly it was a bad idea.

“Ok… Any time Kelly!” he said cheerfully.

I went back to my room, extremely embarrassed… 

I tried again for 2 days to hypnotize myself. Nothing… I always sneezed at the worst part of the inductions! 

I had to admit… I was getting desperate to feel hypnotized again. When Anna went to work on Saturday, I found myself knocking on Anna’s door, hoping he was awake. As it turned out, he was. We went to sit on the sofa.

“Charlie I…” I said nervously.

“Yes Kelly? You seem a little nervous, like I told you before, you can trust me.”

“I know… Anna always sings your praises…” I said with a smile. “But then you DID make me remove all my clothes and felt me up.”

“Yeah… I would say I’m sorry, but I would be lying… You are just too beautiful, I couldn’t help myself.”

“Huh… thanks… I think…” I said unsure.

“Well, you are so… It’s easy to tell the truth. Speaking of which, tell me what you want to tell me.”

“Ok…” I said taking a deep breath. “I can’t… I can’t hypnotize myself like I used to.” I felt flush to the face. 

“Really? I thought you liked that sort of thing.”

“I do… That’s the problem… Actually…. Couldn’t you do it?”

“But you don’t want me to, remember?”

“I do remember… Thanks for that by the way…”

“No problem, I told you, you can trust me.”

“I do trust you… I want you to hypnotize me and…” I said, and then had a sudden idea. “I want you to hypnotize me and make me stop craving this so much.”

“Oh? Why?” He asked really puzzled.

“I spent a really crappy week, I want it to stop, so… If I don’t crave it so much… I would be ok…”

“I see… Are you sure?”

“Huh… Yes…” I said, trying to conceal my mixed feelings.

On one hand, it was the better thing to do. On the other… GOD I wanted more of it…

“Ok… I’ll be right back, just sit back and relax while I get what I need.”

I sat back and got confortable. It didn’t take long, but he came back and approached a chair to face me.

“Again, are you sure?” he asked.


“Ok…” he said as he lifted the watch.

A shiver of anticipation ran through my spine as I felt a little tingle in my loin at the sight of the watch. He smiled a little as he started to swing the watch. My eyes were glued to its movements, as soon as I had seen it appear, my mind had already started to relax. I watched it move from left to right… right to left…

I smiled as I felt myself start to relax into my trance…

No sneezing…


I soon felt the familiar emptiness invade my mind and I was happy… This went on for a little while before I heard him deepen my trance.

I was in heaven…

“I see you are deep in your wonderful trance Kelly…”


“You can’t help but listen to my voice. Trust in it to know what you need.”

“Yes… Trust…”

“Good girl… Now listen very carefully, when you are under, you cannot lie… Can you?”

“I must tell the truth…”

“And you HAVE to answer me when I asked a question.”

“I do…”

“Good girl… Now tell me, do you REALLY want me to remove your desire to be hypnotized?”

“No…” I said instantly.

“How do you feel when I hypnotize you?”

“I love it… I need it…”

“Why did you want to make me remove your desire to be hypnotized?”

“I… I wanted to… I knew it was best… I can’t… let you… take control of me…”

“Why wouldn’t you want me to take control?”

“I… huh… It’s not… right…”

“Right? Why wouldn’t it be right?”

“Because… It wouldn’t…”

“That’s not a reason.”

“It would… Make Anna… Mad…”

“Ahhh Now that’s a good reason, but not really if she never finds out. Would she approve of your fetish towards hypnosis?”

“I… I don’t know for sure… Probably not…”

“That’s why you keep it from her, right?”

“Yes… And… It’s embarrassing…”

“Maybe… But you like that too I think. Don’t you?”

“I little… Yes…”

“What do you like most about hypnosis?”

“The lost… Of control…”

“I see… So the fact you lose it is… what? How does it make you feel?”


“Aaahhh So having me take control arouses you?”


“I see... You trust me, do you not?” 

“I trust you… Yes…”

“So trust me in this as well. You know I speak the truth, just like you must speak the truth.” 

“You speak the truth…”

“Yes… So trust me when I say, you don’t have to fear losing control to me. I am trustworthy. You do not fear my control, you crave it.”

“I crave it?”

“Yes, you crave it.”

“I crave it…”

“I know… I needed you to admit it to yourself. You MUST admit it to yourself.”

“Admit… I crave?”

“Yes, but you must admit more.”


“More… You need to admit that you crave to be controlled… by me…”

“I do?”

“You do… I know this to be true, I have known for a while now. You resist it only because you are embarrassed to give in. But you need to, you can’t help yourself, the compulsion to seek out my control is too strong for you.”

“Too strong…”

“The reason you like hypnosis so much is that you are secretly submissive, hypnosis turns you on because it feeds that side of you.”


“So you see, you need me to take control… You can’t resist it anymore. You must give in to my control and obey.”​

“Obey… Yes…”
“So Kelly, tell me the truth, do you wish for me to take control? Or remove your desire for hypnosis?”
“No… Take control… Please…”
“Ok then, since it is what you want… Now… You won’t remember our conversation from now until I say blueberry plane…”
I think some time passed, but I couldn’t be sure.
“Blueberry plane…” I heard him say. 
I was still in a trance. He made me go through a few routines, but he then changed things up. He had me remove my clothes. He then started to make me do the same routines, but completely naked. He made me pose. He made me freeze and moved my body in a few naughty positions. 
He then had me kneel and placed me in a very exposed position. I had my knees spread wide and he pushed me in the middle of my back. It made me push out my breasts, exposing them to him. He then sat down on the sofa in front of me. 
Next, he had me start to pleasure myself while he watched. I was helpless to rub my clit as he got his cock out and started to pleasure Himself. He had me go to the brink of orgasm, then pull back. He made us last a long while like that.
He finally came hard, splashing his spunk in his hand. I couldn’t stop pleasuring myself and watched his cock deflate slowly. He smiled at me and got up. He approached me and put a finger in his spunk.
“Now you will do as I say, bring yourself to orgasm now.”
I started to finger myself really fast and felt the pleasure build yet again.
“You are about to cum… As you do… You will suck my finger and taste my sperm. You will find yourself unable to do anything else but associate the taste of my spunk with the feeling of pleasure.”
He finished saying his instructions just in time. As I listened to his words and realized what he was trying to program into me, it made me horny in a major way and pushed me over the edge. I felt my orgasm start and I leaned forward to suck on his finger. I tasted his seed and felt my orgasm crash over. It was so satisfying…
He waited for me to calm down and checked if I was still in a trance. I still was…
“Now Kelly, you will lick the rest of my seed from my hand. As you do, you will remember the sweet pleasure you just felt and feel it again. Not as strong… But it will be enough to bring you enormous pleasure. Now taste me again.” He said as he approached his hand.
I licked it up and as soon as I tasted him, I felt the pleasure build inside my loins. I licked his hand clean and felt deliciously aroused.
“Very good Kelly… Do you feel good?”
“I do… hhhmmm….”
“Good girl… Now… Until I put you under again and tell you can stop… You will do 2 things for me. First, you will not be able to wear a bra. If you put one on, you will feel your skin under it start to itch more and more until you can’t bare it anymore.”
“Now here is the second thing you will do for me : You will find yourself thinking about this session. When ever you don’t have class, when ever you find your thoughts start to idle about or even simply thinking about hypnosis in general, you will think about how much being under my power aroused you, making you aroused…”
"You will be able to remember in perfect clarity the image of my erect cock. You will associate the arousal you feel with my cock… Just seeing it will arouse you."
He had me go take a shower again and as the other times. He wasn’t in the apartment when I got out. I had found the session extremely satisfying, but I realized it had gotten a little out of hand. It was incredibly erotic though… 
I was torn. Where would this all lead me?
I thought, helpless to do so, of myself kneeling in a trance and drinking his spent seed. I realized I hadn’t tasted sperm since my first boyfriend. Even then, I had only gone down on him twice, the first I had tasted to see what it was like. The second time, I knew I didn’t like it so he came on my face. I didn’t really like giving head. 
I could recall the scene perfectly, especially his cock. Just thinking about it was making me horny. I tried NOT to think about it, but realized I couldn't. His instructions were perfect…
I went to my bedroom to get dressed and as I was putting on my bra, testing if his command would work, I realized it was. It started as a dull itch, but the more I kept it on, the more my breasts felt itchy and uncomfortable. I tried to resist it and make myself think of anything else, but it was useless, I couldn’t take it anymore and removed it. 
God it was arousing…
Saturday I concentrated on my schoolwork. When Anna came back home and started dinner. I gathered my courage and told myself I simply HAD to tell her. I had to tell her before things got too far.
As we made supper and ate, I tried and tried… But I simply couldn’t bring myself to tell her anything. I was half scared out of my wits and half aroused out of my mind. Anna did noticed and asked if I was ok, I felt myself be forced to answer I was.
After that, nothing special happened until later that night. I had spent the whole evening trying NOT to stare at Charlie and trying to avoid eye contact with Anna. She didn’t seem to notice, thank god… It had the effect of making incredibly horny though!
All day my mind couldn't stop thinking about our session.
Once they went to bed I did the same and couldn't take it anymore. I cued up the video again and tried to finger myself. I had felt so aroused all night that I figured I would cum pretty quickly. I tried to let the video hypnotize me again, but I just like last time, I sneezed as soon as I felt the relaxing effect of the video!
I tried 2 more times with no success. I then closed it and went to bed and tried just picturing myself in a trance, in Charlie’s control.
It did the trick… Well… Almost… 
Just when I felt my orgasm start to crest over, I SNEEZED!!!
He must have done this! I couldn’t cum! Needless to say, I spent a really crappy night. The next morning, I waited for Anna to back to work and caught Charlie as he was getting ready to leave.
“Charlie! Can I talk to you for a second?”
“Sure.” He said as we went to the living room.
“Did you… I know you didn’t make my desire go away…”
His lips moved and I thought he had said something, but I didn’t hear anything. I shook my head.
“What did you say?”
“Nothing, tell me, how does it make you feel when you realized that?”
“I… I know I want this… But… Come on… You know this is wrong… Especially… You know… The sexual part…”
“Maybe… But you like it too much, you told me as much… Might as well be some one you trust.”
“I… guess…”
“You know I’m right. So what else did you want to tell me?”
“I… Did you program me to sneeze when I get near an orgasm?”
“I did.”
“What? Why would you…”
“Trust me, I know what I am doing. I am actually helping you control your addiction. If you try to masturbate while not under my control, you sneeze before you can get off.”
“Why would you…”
“I also made sure you couldn’t get hypnotized by anyone other than me.”
“I knew it!”
“I needed you to be focused on me for your fetish. After all, you need me to be in control of you.”
“I think… I think I do…”
“I know you do… Plus… I think I have the same problem in a way…”
“What do you mean?”
“Well…” he said as he pulled his pocket watch out.
“No St……oooppp…” I started to protest.
But as soon as the watched started to dangle and sway, I was hooked! My eyes glued themselves to it and I just couldn’t force myself to look away.
I realized as I watched it, I didn’t want to anyway.
He put me under and deepened it again, this time he associated my deepened state to my initial reaction to the watch. I somehow knew that after this session, he could put me under a lot faster. 
“So Kelly… I can now answer your question. I had to be sure you would listen to me in the right frame of mind. So, you know I first discovered your fetish when I caught you masturbating while under the influence of the video.”
“Yes… I remember…”
“Well, as soon as I saw your vacant face, I knew… I knew I wanted you.”
“AND… I have a fetish for control… I knew I had it for a while, but I had it under control until I saw you. I knew I had to have you, to control you… So I went to your computer and went through it to find what you were up to. I found all your videos and the link you tried to hide. I sent myself everything and left.”
He moved me to a standing position.
“I spent every free moment of spring break watching your little video diaries and analyzing the video you were watching. After a few days, I cracked the code and did some upgrades. I found what actually made it work and spent a day researching hypnosis.”
He placed his hand on my boob and smiled.
“I changed the video so you would trust me completely and that this watch would be associated with the same hypnotic feeling. It also re-enforced your feelings of helplessness towards being hypnotized.”
He massaged my boob slowly.
“I had to assure myself it would work so until now, I did a lot of tests. Now though… I’m satisfied you will do anything I want… won’t you?”
“God it’s so sexy to hear…”
He froze me and started to move me into different position. He slowly removed my closes, piece by piece, enjoying himself immensely. Once I was naked, he had me kneel like he did the day before. 
“And now… It’s time… I already made sure, through our different sessions, that only I can hypnotize you. I made sure you couldn’t hypnotize yourself with videos. So you NEED to have me hypnotize you. Finally, I made sure you couldn’t resist me…”
He said confidently. He then unzipped his pants slowly. 
“It’s time to enjoy the fruits of my labor…”
He took his cock out and my blank eyes locked on it. My mind went back to the feeling I had of arousal. I was blank, but I could feel my body respond to the sight of his shaft.
He instructed me I was to give him a blowjob. I was to pleasure myself and keep myself on the brink of orgasm until he came down my throat.
That night was the first time he made me blow him. It wasn’t pretty, but as I tasted his precum, I instantly felt pleasure. I masturbated as my mouth tried it’s best to pleasure him. I had almost no experience, but I felt compelled to try my best. To say I felt used would have been an understatement. But god… 
I felt aroused as well!
I kept myself on the brink, like he ordered, but as soon as his cum started to flood my mouth and the taste registered, I felt my orgasm build and I let myself get swept away in it. 
He patted my head once everything was done. He didn’t release me from the trance though. He played with my body some more, but eventually he had me clean the apartment from top to bottom in my underwear. I was finished by mid afternoon and a small part of my mind was getting a little worried about the time. Anna never finished exactly at the same time depending on her shift. 
So that same part of me was horrified as he made me kneel between his legs in the living. He had me blow him again as the afternoon waned on. I would have been mortified beyond anything I had felt in my life if Anna had come home early and found me sucking on her boyfriends cock. I would have also been utterly unable to stop myself, even if she was there!
It also aroused me…
His second blowjob lasted longer and all the while I felt my potential mortification fuel my arousal and like before, I came as I tasted his seed. Once done, he had me kneeling for a while, watching me, before he finally gave me other instructions.
“Listen to my voice and obey…”
“You will find it harder and harder to refuse me. You will try, but deep down you know you wish to be mine. Even when you are not under a trance, you will feel like you can’t disobey my commands. You know deep down, in your inner most self, that you want to be mine, to be at my beck and call…”
“Can’t refuse you…”
After that, he finally released me and I just kneeled there a moment, feeling refreshed and confused all at the same time. 
That was the first time he used me for his sexual gratification. It wasn’t the last. Over the next 2 weeks, he made me blow him at odd times. The first few days, it was barely once a day, but after the first week, it was daily.  Even twice a day… Once, he made me strip and give him head when Anna was in the shower! It was incredibly wrong and oh so erotic…
He also started to make me wear less and less around the apartment, even when Anna was there!
But what he did that surprised me, was start to test hypnotic music on me. I didn’t understand why we were doing that, but I was helpless to have him test it on me so I couldn’t really do anything about it. He would ask me to listen to different songs and see what effect they had on me. He would ask if I could tell there were inductions hidden in them. Most of the time, I couldn’t.
As the second week finished, I found that he could ask me almost anything while not in a trance and I would do it, almost with out thinking about it! He never asked me for sexual favour while not under a hypnotic trance. He did test my limits a little. The most he did was make prance around in my underwear for an evening.
It was so strange how my life had changed… I was helpless to my roommate’s ability to control me, hypnotize me… On the one hand, life went on pretty much like normal, except that I was made to suck his cock when he felt like having it sucked!
After those 2 weeks, I started to think he would only use me like he was, to placate his desire to control me. Maybe Anna wasn’t giving him enough blowjobs, from what I know of Anna, she didn’t like them too much, but she wasn’t against them. 
But I had it wrong…
On that Saturday night, after they went to bed I did the same as I had been doing all that week; I masturbated slowly, thinking about my submission to Charlie. I knew it was one of his suggestions, but I couldn’t resist the urge to do it. Around midnight, my door opened slowly and I recognized Charlie’s frame.
“Stay silent and continue what you were doing.” I heard him order.
He approached my bed and that’s when I realized he was naked! Anna was in her room, next door!
He watched me continue to masturbate for a little while before he turned on the desk light. As usual, I felt exposed and unable to resist, which made me aroused. I watched his cock start to grow erect as he slowly stroked himself.
He had been keeping his hand behind his back, but he took it out once he was good and erect. Like I suspected, I saw he had his pocket watch. He always had it around; ready to make me do anything he wanted. I almost came when I saw it drop from his hand. 
My eyes stopped looking at his cock and focused solely on the watch. The watch barely made 3 swings now before I was deeply under. For good measure, and because I think it turned him on, he deepened my trance. Once he had, he made me stop and kneel on my bed facing my backboard. He hopped on the bed and placed himself between my legs. 
“Tonight is the night Kelly… You will give yourself to me fully… Now…”
He then said something, which my mind didn’t register because he had programmed it that way. He had placed a lot of triggers like that. One would make me suddenly remove my clothes to my underwear. Another would freeze my body for him to place.
As when he did it to me before, I lost a little time during my trance while he programmed something he didn’t want me to know about. I knew because I suddenly found myself standing on my bed, gyrating my hips for his viewing pleasure.
“You are beautiful Kelly, I am about to bring you out of your trance. Once I do, you will want to fuck me. You will know however, that if you do and cum, you will forfeit your will to me. If you cum while my cock is in you, you accept me as your Master, fully… It will be permanent, forever…”
“Yes… Once you come, you will ALWAYS obey me… You wont be able to resist my will… You will be my complete slave… Both in your trance and in real life…”
A small voice inside my mind was getting really worried, but I was docile in my trance and simply said “ok”.
He brought me out of my trance and I almost ran for the door. But he spoke.
“Stay. I want you to fuck me. You can speak in a quiet tone, we don’t want to wake up Anna.” 
He was looking up at me, smiling.
“But… I… No… Please don’t make me…”
“Why not? You want this… Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been so easily conquered… Now fuck me.”
I felt the weight of his voice, I WANTED to obey him… My body really did feel about to kneel and obey, but I was really doubtful I wanted to be his SLAVE! That felt just wrong somehow…
But as I watched him stroke his cock, I felt hotter and hotter… I felt my arousal rise slowly and my need to fuck him grew steadily. At one point, my legs felt so weak I fell to my knees on the bed. My horniness just continued to grow.
“You….” I tried to say as I caught my breath. “Did this…”
“I did… If you truly DON’T want this, you’ll be able to resist fucking me. I need to know, and you do as well… After tonight, you will either be mine, or, I will release you and temper your need for hypnosis.”
“But I… No… I can’t… It’s not right…”
“Oh Kelly… You always say that, yet, you end up caving in and giving yourself to me. I couldn’t make you do anything you truly didn’t want to in the first place. I can only make you do things you are afraid to do… I did my research. Besides… You want to fuck me don’t you? You already like sucking my cock, so why not a good fucking? You need this…”
“I no… I must resist this… Anna…”
“Oh don’t worry about Anna…” he said cryptically.
My lust for him grew higher and higher and I tried with all my draining will to resist it. But it just kept climbing. That’s when I had a thought; maybe if I make him cum before I do, I could escape this…
I sighed loudly and moved forward. I bent down to suck his cock, but he brushed my hands away and took my chin. He made me look into his eyes and simply moved his head from left to right, indicating I couldn’t. I had only fucked my ex-boyfriend a few times and that was it. I couldn’t take it anymore. The pressure to obey was getting too strong and I capitulated, hoping he would cum before I did.
As I straddled him, I somehow knew I was doomed. I was so incredibly aroused I feared I would cum from simply impaling his cock inside me. I aimed him at my pussy and slowly descended on him. I couldn’t help myself, I knew he had probably left me a post hypnotic suggestion to fuck him, but it somehow made it even hotter for me.
Almost as soon as I felt his cock head start to penetrate me, I let my whole weight down and his cock went all the way up inside me.
GOOODDD it felt so good I almost came.
I enjoyed the feeling for a moment, but his hands on my breast soon made me come back to the reality of the situation. I looked down at him and he just smiled. The more he massaged my tits, the more I wanted to move up and down. My lust had been momentarily satisfied by his penetration, but it soon came back.
The combination of everything I was feeling got the better of me and I started to move up and down. His cock felt so good…
I started to fuck him with less resistance and got lost in the feeling. That is until he spoke again.
“Dam you feel ever tighter than I hoped… Do you feel good Kelly?”
“I… This is wrong… But yes… Oh god yes…”
“Means you are going to cum aren’t you? Let yourself go…”
“I mustn’t…I can’t… hhhhmmmmm… Feels so good…” I said and moaned.
I gyrated more and more as the fire in my loins gathered intensity. I knew I was doomed… It felt way to good for me to resist it.
His hips started to help me a little and I somehow knew he was near his orgasm.
“You can’t help it… You will cum… You WANT to become my slave… Now cum for your Master…”
As he said the words, I almost felt like flood gates were opening. The contradiction between how much I wanted to be his and the fact it was oh so wrong made it somehow impossible for me not to cum on his command. I felt his cock swell and twitch and knew he was cuming… Like I was…
It sent me even higher in my bliss. My body jerked and convulsed with the force of my release.
My submission…
I felt something snap in my mind, like a switch of some kind… 
I had my eyes closed while I came, but as the feeling of release subsided, I opened them and looked at Charlie. He was smiling, but looking at my face, analyzing…
As I looked at him, I almost felt I should feel different, but I felt the same. Yet…
Something was nagging at me…
“So… How do you feel?” he asked.
“I… I feel fine Master.” OH CRAP! Did I just say that?
“Hahahaha… Seems like you did submit.”
“No… I can’t be… I… Master… I… OH GOD….”
“Perfect… You are my devoted slave now. You can’t disobey me… Can you?”
“No… no no no no…. Please… Master… Ch…CHA..CHMaster… Master Charlie! Please undo this!”
“Why? You want this… Now let’s see if it worked… Remove yourself from my cock and clean our juices from it with your mouth.”
“Oh god… That’s disgusting!” I said. 
I felt my body start to ach… a dull ache… Like it needed something… Like the ache you feel to be warm when you are cold… Like the ache you feel when you are hungry and need to eat…
The feeling grew bigger and larger, encompassing my whole body…
“Better obey my commands… Before you find yourself in pain…” he said while putting his hands behind his head.
The ache grew more intense and even… Like it was started to hurt. All over my body, my muscles started to feel painful…
I knew then… It WOULD get worst! He had programmed it that way! I removed myself from him and moved down the bed. His deflated cock sloshed out on his thigh, full of our mixed juices. I bent down and the smell was off putting, but the ache was really starting to hurt, so I dove in.
I started to lick a little and was surprised by the taste. It wasn’t so bad… I was about to finish when he spoke up again.
“Continue to nurture my cock, be gentle and try to make me hard a gain, you will continue until I am.”
I didn’t want to test out this order so I just continued. I was getting used to sucking him by that time. It took almost half an hour to make him hard. Once he was, he fucked me from behind while I was on all fours, making me cum twice before he exploded inside me. He then had me suck him clean before he left my room.
That was the first night he fucked me.
Since then I tried as hard as I could to break free from the new compulsions he put into me. His hold on my mind however, was complete… As soon as we were alone, I simply couldn’t call him anything other than Master or Master Charlie. I also couldn’t disobey anything he said.
During the next month, he would use me differently every day, some times just for a quick blowjob… Sometimes a quick fuck… Some time just to put me under and play with me. The more he did, the more I craved it…
I knew he had done it to me… My cravings… But I knew I was addicted to hypnosis too much to ever fight his control properly. It was so wrong… But it felt too good… My cravings started to include his cock. My rational mind told me it was inevitable. Whenever I wasn't in class or doing an important task, my mind would drift to it. 
Thoughts of his cock and semen would erode my daydreaming and I couldn't help thinking about the next time I would be called to serve him.
He had started to make me wear a collar around the apartment. Just when we were alone at first, but after the first month, I started to wear a silk collar. It wasn’t the same as the leather one with the metal ring he had me wear, but to me, it felt the same. I had to wear it everyday. 
I was mortified Anna would question me about it, why I was always wearing it, but she never did. In fact, she was getting suspiciously ok with the fact her boyfriend sometimes didn’t sleep the whole night in their bed.
She also started to wear skimpier closes.
One night, Anna was at work and I was on my knees, naked, slowly sucking his cock while he watched television. After a long while, he closed the screen and watched me.
“I think you are starting to notice, aren’t you?” he asked.
(Lick) “Notice what Master?” (Slurp)
“That Anna has changed…”
I couldn’t lie to him anymore, so I simply nodded.
“That’s because I have found a way to use the same hypnotic tricks that first hypnotized you on her. I found out, with your marvelous help, that I could induce a trance with subliminal commands hidden in sounds and music.”
“Oh?” (slurp)
“Yes. You were the perfect test subject. After I refined it, I started to put it in Anna’s mp3 player, replacing her songs with my own version. For the last month and a half, I have been slowly programming her be more and more susceptible to hypnosis, ingraining a deep addiction to it. Like you have.”
I was astonished! How could he!
“The nights I have been spending with you, I placed a set of head phones while she slept. I would wake her up a little, just enough for the music to take hold and bring her in a deep trance, while my voice subliminally programmed her. She never even realized she was under!” he said while putting a hand on my head.
“So…” (Lick) “You are going to…” (Slurp) “Make her like me?” (Lick)
“No my pet…” he said.
He had taken to calling me that in private. In a way, I was…
“Well, not exactly… I love her, very much… I think she could be the love of my life! So I took the liberty of making her as loyal to me as you are. And yes… I DID lower her inhibitions… A lot actually… Hehehhehe” he said and chuckled.
“BUT!” he continued. “I am not making her my slave like you are. Actually… You are now a slave to us both.”
That took me by surprise… I couldn’t stop sucking though, so I couldn’t show it.
“I have slowly changed her, making her a lot more accepting to the concept of you being our little pet. Actually, starting today, she will know…” he said as he took his phone. “There.. She will be here in a few minutes…”
(SLURP) “Master!!!” I said in a panic.
“Oh don’t worry, she will find it normal to see you on your knees and between my legs.”
(Lick) “Normal?” (Lick)
“Well… it IS the first test… I know she’ll respond to the watch as well as you do at least, so if it goes wrong, I can always make her forget it…”
He made me continue to blow him slowly to keep him hard until I heard a key go in the lock at the door. A cold shiver ran down my spin, I tried to get up, to move… to STOP!
I couldn’t…
I just sucked on, unable to do anything else.
I heard the door open and Anna come in. I heard her put her purse away and move towards us.
“Hi honey!” he called out.
“Hi Babe! I finished early and grabbed some bee…..” She started to say before she stopped dead in her tracks.
We must have made quite a site! Him in his boxers and me naked bobbing my head between his legs.
“Oh good you got the beer!” he said. 
I could see his face, but I couldn’t see hers, since my back was to her. He made a point not to look worried, to act as if everything was normal, but I could see doubt as he watched for her reaction.
“Yes… I did…” 
I could hear her hesitation. I was so embarrassed!!!! I couldn’t stop!
“Everything ok Honey?”
“I… Yes! I see you finally broke her in. Is she any good?”
ANNA! Oh my god! He really did it!
“Actually yes… She isn’t half that bad.”
“Have you fucked her yet?”
“No… Just enjoying her mouth for now.” he lied.
“You should give her a good fucking, she needs it. She hasn't had a boyfriend or one night stand ever since everything went wrong with her boyfriend.”
“So… You wouldn’t mind if I stop her and make her straddle me?”
“Not at all! I’ll prepare supper while she takes care of your needs.”
“You heard her… Get up here and fuck yourself on my cock.”
Just like that, my urge to suck his shaft stopped and an ache to fuck him slowly took over. I knew the feeling well now. I got up and straddled him. I aimed his cock towards my pussy and descended on it. He grabbed the metal ring on my collar and pulled me close so he could kiss me. 
I fucked him the way he liked, making sure to gyrate my hips and move up and down to a rhythm he loved. It went on for a while and I started to feel the familiar stirrings in my loins. I was lost in the moment and did notice Anna come back in. She stood behind me and grabbed both my arms, pulling them behind my back.
“Oh she is nice… She looks pretty… Doesn’t she?” I heard her say.
I looked up over my shoulder and saw her smile.
“She is pretty… But not as pretty as you my love.” He said sweetly.
“That’s sweet Babe… But I know you need more than I can offer, you have needs and she is perfect for you. I allow you to keep her, but only as long as you let me help with your needs…”
She said as she started to undress.
“Fine with me… hhhmmm…. Come and kiss me…”
I continued to fuck him while Anna sat herself next to us. She molded her body to him and started to kiss him deeply. Her hand started to caress my body, even as I was fucking her boyfriend. 
“I see she will do a fine little plaything for us…” She said between kisses. “As much fun as having a third party is in our bedroom, I can’t believe I won’t have to clean this apartment again!”
“No babe… Our little pet here will take care of it… Won’t you?”
“Yes… master…” I said helplessly.
I came twice before he unloaded inside me. I guess he changed Anna’s sexual orientation because what followed next was me licking Anna’s pussy until she reached 2 orgasms of her own. He just watched and took pictures.
Over the next weeks, I catered to all of their demands. I was their house slave. And the things was…
I started to like it…
I was in charge of all the cooking and cleaning. I was also in charge of their pleasure. I was to kneel when they eat and wait to see if either of them requires oral stimulation while they enjoyed the meal I had prepared for them. 
Master uses my addiction to hypnosis as a reward when I behave well. He put a wide variaty of triggers in my mind, which he uses all the time. One particular trigger he likes is when he watches a game. He would turn the TV on and cue up a ringtone. I never really hear what the tone is, my mind doesn’t let me remember it, but I know it is my trigger.
I suddenly have an intense desire to change into his favorite teams cheerleading outfit he had bought for me. Once I do, I go to him and kneel between his legs. I spend the whole game there, pleasing his cock. My mind goes completely blank and I have no other thought than sucking and licking his manhood. I remember snapping out of one such session almost 2 hours later! The game had gone into overtime.
It has been a year now…
I have completely given up on my studies and almost exclusively live in the apartment. I keep fit and groom my body to my Master’s desires. I am his property and I accept it. I am completely devoted to him and his queen. 
Earlier today, I was dusting in the living room when I felt his hands grab my ass. In mere seconds his cock was deep in my pussy. I am always wet and ready for him. He spent months hypnotizing me and conditioning me to be that way. My body is his toy to program. To control…
He jabbed inside me a few times and came quickly. He loves to use me like that. I love to inspire him that way. Once he was done and I cleaned his cock, he left the room and I continued my task.
I love my life now. I desire for nothing more than to serve.
And Obey…
And get hypnotized into sweet mindless bliss…

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