A Tomboy's Taming

by sunt

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #drugs #f/f #hypnosis #sub:female #high_school #sexuality_change
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A tough girl is kidnapped and brainwashed by a hypnotic mistress.

“I...look, I don’t want any trouble...”

“Did anyone ask, nerdzoid?” said the bigger guy as he held his thin classmate by the collar. A typical enough scene of bullying for their high school. “I oughta...”

“You oughta think very carefully about what you do next,” said a female voice behind him. He let go as he recognized the short-haired brunette who towered over him by ten inches.

“Oh shit!”As he ran away, Trish shook her head.

“Fucking bullies. All bluster and no balls.”

“Er, thanks,” said the thin boy.

“No prob, cousin.”

Patricia MacMillian—“Trish” to her peers—was generally considered to be a tomboy’s tomboy. She had been born tall, and years of sport activities coupled with a gym membership had also provided her with a set of muscles that several of the male jocks envied. Having the self-confidence to match and a willingness to get into scraps had earned her nicknames such as (most recently) “the 12th-grade amazon”... which suited her just fine. She was proud of her strength, after all. Sure, it was somewhat frustrating that it scared some of the cute guys away... but she figured a reduced dating pool was an acceptable price for being herself.

When it came to the other girls at school, she had a few friends, but wasn’t by any means part of the popular clique. The actual popular clique mostly seemed to ignore her—she wasn’t someone they wanted to be friends with, she wasn’t someone they wanted to antagonize, so they generally minimized their interactions with her. As such, she was surprised when Megan—practically the head of the popular clique—had offered to set her up on a date.

“My cousin’s pretty cute,” Megan explained, “but he just moved in here all the way from LA, so I’m trying to help him get to know people. I know he’s always been into tomboys, and he likes ‘em tall, so I figured you two might work out.”

“Uh-huh.” Trish was feeling skeptical... but then again, it could work out... “Do you have a pic of him? What’s he like, anyway?”

“Nah,” Megan waved it off, “I figure it’s best to let you two find this stuff out when you meet each other. So, are you in?”

“Well...” She hesitated for a moment. But she really did have trouble finding dates... “Sure, I’ll give it one shot. When and where?”

“You both meet me in front of my place Friday at six, I’ll let him borrow my car.”

As Trish reached the place, she reviewed what she knew about Megan. Rich and somewhat spoiled? Check. Gorgeous? Check; her flowing blond hair, elegant curves and angelic face allowed her to wrap most boys around her finger. Smart? Check; despite spending most of her time hanging out with the rest of her clique or shopping, she seemed to always do well in class, like learning required no effort on her part. Popular? Check... after a fashion. She wasn’t sure a lot of people actually liked Megan, but most everyone seemed to listen to her. Part of it, presumably, was politics—what rivals Megan had had in 9th through 11th grade, she had managed to publicly humiliate. Ruthless? Check.

Boyfriend? Hm. Oddly enough, she couldn’t recall Megan ever having one. The rest of the clique seemed to have their pick of hot guys and football players; Megan, despite having most boys drool over her, didn’t seem to date any of them.

Also, Megan was here.

“Hey,” said the blonde. “Didn’t have trouble finding the place?”

“Nah, your instructions were fine. Is your cousin here yet?”

“He just called, said he got stuck in traffic, but he’ll get here ASAP,” said Megan. “Eh, let’s wait inside.”

Trish followed her. As expected, Megan’s place was huge. “Your parents here?”

“Pfft. I practically get the run of the place,” said Megan dismissively. “You want to see them, try next week.” She went to the fridge. “Want anything to drink? Soda? Juice?”

“No thanks,” said Trish, not noticing the slight annoyance Megan felt at her answer. The blonde took a drink for herself instead, then quickly gossiped about teachers. Then...

“Hm. You know, preppy or tomboy, a girl’s kinda expected to put on some perfume on a date,” said Megan with a wink.

“I...don’t really do perfumes,” said Trish with a hint of awkwardness. She remembered one incident of playing with her mom’s perfume bottle when she was nine, and how that had turned out. Her parents still loved to tell that embarrassing anecdote.

“Eh, I’ll lend you some of mine,” said Megan, pulling a small bottle from her pocket. “Don’t move, I’ll put it on.”

As the blonde put some of the liquid on her fingers and began smearing it on Trish’s face, the tomboy winced. Was that smell supposed to be pleasant? Was this some sort of prank? Did Megan even have a cousin, or had she made it all up to lure her there? Was one supposed to apply perfume mostly on the face? Why was Megan taking extra care to apply it right under her nose, where she had to breath all these fumes at full strength? Why was she feeling so tired? Why was she suddenly so dizzy? Why... why couldn’t she... keep her eyes open...

Megan caught the sedated tomboy as she fell unconscious. “Sh. Sh. Go to sleep, my amazon. Shhhh.”

“Urrrgh...” Trish blinked as she woke up. Where was she? Why did her head and her neck feel so numb? Why couldn’t she move?

She snapped to attention when she realized she was tied to a chair in some kind of basement. Her heartbeat rapidly accelerated as she started recalling—Megan! She must have chloroformed her! But why -

“Wakey-wakey, little pet,” came that voice behind her. Turning around, she saw Megan, dressed in different clothes now, and slowly walking into her field of view. “Hope the rope isn’t too uncomfortable, hm?”

“YOU BITCH!” What followed was a stream of invectives and profanities directed at the blonde.

Who interrupted by slapping Trish, without losing her smile at any point. “Language, pet. No insulting your Mistress.”

“Pet? Mistress?! You’re out of your fucking mind, Meg.”

“Funny choice of words,” said Megan.

“Look, I...” Though she hated to admit it, getting angry probably wouldn’t help. She was struggling against the ropes, and not encountering much success. “Look. You got me. Great prank. But joke’s over. You let me go, and I’ll keep this to myself.”

Megan chuckled. “Oh pet, pet, pet. Don’t talk to me like I’m some sort of crazy person. I know exactly what I’m doing.”

“And what the Hell do you think is going to happen?!” said Trish angrily. “People know I was coming to your place! The police will find you if I don’t get home soon!”

At this Megan laughed, and laughed, and laughed. “Get home soon? Oh, pet, you really don’t get...” She paused before she finished the sentence. “But I’m getting ahead of myself. What I’m trying to say, pet, is that I won’t get into any trouble for this. I know this from experience. You think you’re the first girl in our class I kidnap?”

Trish blinked. “No-one in our class has disappeared...”

“No-one in our class has disappeared long enough for their folks to call the cops,” Megan corrected. “But I’ve actwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwually done this to all the members of my clique at some point, and then to several other girls at school. Mindy? Bonnie? Mary-Anne? I had them all drugged and tied to this chair for a few hours, and toyed with them. None of them ever got me in trouble,” she said with a smirk. It wasn’t actually true—Trish was the first girl she was trying this on—but she needed the tomboy to believe it.

“What? That’s nuts! Why the fuck wouldn’t they have gone to the cops?!”

“Same reason you won’t,” said Megan: “Because while they were strapped to that chair, I hypnotized them.” She pulled out a crystal pendant. “Put them in a deep, helpless trance, and brainwashed them. By the time I let them out of this chair, they wouldn’t dream of getting me in trouble—I’m their beloved Mistress, after all,” she said with a wink.

Trish blinked. Hypnosis? Brainwashing? That was crazy. You couldn’t wave a pendant before someone’s eyes and turn them into your slave. “That’s bullshit, you blonde bimbo. You’re making it up.”

“Really? Chloe didn’t believe in hypnosis either when I brought her here. A few hours later, though...” Smirking, Megan raised a photograph. Trish’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when she saw the picture of Chloe, the school’s goth girl, naked and on her knees before Megan.

The tomboy blushed. “That’s... Fuck it, Megan, why do you even want this crap?! You’re already popular!”

“Popular with boys, sure,” said Megan. “And a leader for the girls, sure. But what I really want,” she grinned, “is to have sexy... adoring... lesbian... pets.” She punctuated her statement by caressing Trish’s breast with her free left hand.

Trish gasped, then turned beet-red. “LET GO OF ME YOU PERV!”

Her outburst was met with another slap from her smiling captor. “Ah-ah-ah, pet. I told you. Don’t be naughty, or Mistress will punish ya.”

Trish felt herself shiver with fear as the blonde began waving the pendant in front of her eyes. “Now, pet, it’s time to begin your brainwashing...”

“...feeling your legs growing numb now, numb just like your toes, feeling disappearing from them like they were turning into plastic, the pendant catching your gaze with every swaying movement as you feel more and more of your body growing numb...”

Though she still managed to look away, Trish had found herself unable to stop stealing glances at the pendant every now and then. Was that Meg’s hypnosis at work? She had started the induction by going on about how her eyes would keep jumping to the crystal’s movements. Making her even more nervous was the fact that she was feeling some numbness in her toes and legs by now—not as much as in her scalp and neck, where she still hadn’t regained any feeling since waking up, but still enough to be worried that Megan was winning. Images flashed in her mind of herself on a leash, turned into a pet for the blonde, her independent nature brainwashed away. She banished those thoughts—she wouldn’t let it happen, no way, no how!

“Give it up, Meg! This isn’t working, and it never will! I’m not some weak-willed ditz you can control!”

“Gee, never heard that one before,” Megan replied mockingly. “They all said that, you know. You know what else? I need to brainwash my girls fast. If I’m not done in the first few hours, families get suspicious, the police shows up, and I’m screwed. But guess what: After all this time, none of my girls could resist me past the first hour. You won’t either, pet. In a very short while, you will be deeply asleep. Then, you will accept my words completely. Then, you will love and obey me like a good little pet. Then, and not a minute sooner, I’ll untie you, you’ll call your folks to say everything’s fine, and you’ll lick my pussy all night long—and you’ll love it,” she said, before resuming the swinging movements of the pendant.

Trish held back her venom as an idea occurred to her: Why not play along? If she pretended to be hypnotized and brainwashed, and Megan got her out of her ropes, she was pretty sure she could overpower the smaller girl.

But what if playing along caused her to really be hypnotized? What if it worked out the same as giving in? She had no idea how hypnosis actually worked. Still... it seemed better than doing nothing.

“Watch the pendant, Trish, your eyes caught by the pendant, unable to look away from the pendant...”

Reluctantly, she watched the crystal as it swayed from side to side.

“Even as you try to look away, the pendant just captures your gaze, your eyes keep returning to the pendant, the pendant is strangely fascinating, the pendant is so pretty, so beautiful, have to look at the pendant...”

As Megan spent the next few minutes going on and on about how fascinating and hypnotic the pendant was, Trish just kept staring at it, hoping that she could convincingly act the hypnotized victim... and worrying that she might not just be acting anymore: Much as she wanted to deny it, the pendant was looking more and more entrancing as the blonde kept babbling about it. Could she even look away if she tried now? She thought she could... but with no way of putting it to the test without tipping her hand, all she could do was hope.

“...so hypnotic, so fascinating, feeling the pendant entrancing you, putting you to sleep, you feel so sleepy, so sleepy, falling into a deep deep hypnotic sleep, helpless sleep, feeling so weak and helpless, so hard to keep your eyes closed, so sleepy, feeling your eyes closing...”

Trish closed her eyes. She was still acting, right? Sure, maybe she was feeling a little sleepy, but that didn’t mean she was hypnotized, did it? She’d been having a pretty exhausting day, she’d been drugged earlier, being sleepy was normal, right? Crap, had she lost track of what Megan was saying?

“...listening to me very closely. Listening to my words. Feeling the hypnotic power in my words. Such powerful words, echoing in your mind. My powerful words entering your head, becoming your new thoughts...”

No. She wouldn’t allow it. Her thoughts were her own. But that hypno-bitch couldn’t read her thoughts! She could always just... pretend. And that feeling of power she was getting from Meg’s words wasn’t something she couldn’t resist. It was probably just her imagination. Probably.

“...feeling my words becoming your thoughts, thinking my words, accepting my words as your new thoughts. So deeply hypnotized and vulnerable, now. Accepting my brainwashing. It is time for your brainwashing to begin.” Megan quietly put the pendant in her pocket. “I will now brainwash you, turning you into my obedient little pet.”

Trish felt her throat tightening. This was it. If Megan succeeded now, she’d become... She didn’t even want to think about it. But if she managed to resist... then either she’d convince Meg to release her and then regain her freedom, or she’d at least be running the clock. The bitch herself had admitted she only had limited time, after all.

“I will now give you a series of suggestions. You will repeat each one of them out loud, feeling it sinking deep inside your mind, becoming a part of you.”

Crap. She had to actually say it out loud? More acting. She could play along without actually being hypnotized, right?

Dammit, she had to pay close attention to what Meg was saying now if she wanted to make it convincing...

“You are deeply hypnotized. You cannot resist.”

“I...am hypnotized. I, I cannot resist.” Oh yes she could! She may have felt afraid, but she was also feeling angry—furious, even. No way she was letting this happen to her!

“You must repeat my words. Your mind accepts my words.”

“I must repeat your words. My mind accepts your words.” Bullshit. Just because she repeated them didn’t mean she accepted them!

“You are soft, meek and obedient. You love doing what you’re told.”

Trish fought back the bile in her mouth. “I am soft, m-meek and obedient. I love doing what I’m told.” No. No she didn’t. And the moment she got her hands on that bitch, she was going to...

“You love being controlled. You love being owned. You want to be a pet.”

“I love being controlled. I love being owned. I want to be a p... a pet.” Oh, there would be such a beating...

“I am your perfect Mistress. You are my obedient pet. You love your Mistress.”

“You are my perfect mistress. I... am your... obedient pet. I l-love my mistress.” Yeah, right. Go ahead and believe that.

“You are my obedient lesbian sex toy.”

“I am your obedient lesbian sex toy.” Ew.

“You will now count to ten, waking up as you do. When you reach ten, you will be wide awake, completely enslaved.”

OK. There it was. She couldn’t screw this up. But... This couldn’t enslave her now, could it? “One. Two. Three.” She wasn’t going to turn into a slave when she reached ten, right? “Four. Five. Six.” Because... she wasn’t sure she had been completely immune to the hypnosis, and... “Seven. Eight. Nine.” No! She wasn’t a slave! She would never be a slave! She was Patricia ‘Trish’ MacMillian, she was strong, she was independent, and she was her own person, godammit! “...Ten.” She opened her eyes, hoping she was doing a good job of hiding her rage.

Megan smiled at her. “Awake, pet. How are you feeling?”

Angry. Scared. But still herself. “Uh... Obedient.” She kinda wished she’d taken acting classes now.

Megan stared her straight in the eyes. “Obedient what, pet?”

She blinked. Oh, she probably expected... “Obedient, mistress.” Fucking egotistical bitch.

Megan’s expression softened. “Good girl. You’re going to be an obedient little pet for Mistress now, aren’t you?” she said as she caressed Trish’s cheek.

Trish fought back the revulsion she felt at her captor’s touch. “Y...Yes, Mistress. I’m a good pet.” Eungh.

“Of course you are. Does my pet want to be untied now, so she can obey Mistress better?”

“Yes!” Yes! She could beat the everloving shit out of that bitch, call the cops and escape this nightmare!

Megan began to move... and then burst out laughing. “Oh man, I really had you going there!”


The blonde smirked at her. “Come on, pet. You seriously thought that kiddy joke of an induction was how I intended to hypnotize you? Real hypnosis isn’t something you can resist. I used the real stuff on all the ones before you. I used this induction as a fucking joke, and there you were, acting like it totally got you!” She pulled out her smartphone, and played out a recording of Trish pretending to be brainwashed moments earlier. “Plus, you’re not exactly Oscar material.” She leaned in closer. “But joke’s over. Time for the real brainwashing.”

Trish felt her heart sink. But... “Oh, bullshit! You can’t hypnotize me—and if you could, you already would have! You said it yourself—you’re on the clock to finish before people get worried!”

“I did say that, didn’t I?” her captor said in a mocking tone. “Just one problem with it, pet... No-one’s expecting you to come home anytime soon. No-one’s gonna miss you. You’re officially supposed to stay here for a while. I got aaaaaall the time in the world—and I don’t even need it.”

“The Hell are you talking about?!” Trish protested. “I promised my folks I’d be home before 11!”

“Sure you did. But pet... That was then. That was back in October, when I tricked you to come to my house and drugged you.”

Trish’s eyes got wide as saucers. “Y-you’re crazy...”

Megan chuckled. “I hypnotized and enslaved you back then. You’ve been my loving, happy brainwashed slave ever since. That was months ago, and I made you forget it all so I could play at enslaving you again!”

“BULLSHIT!” Megan screamed at the top of her lungs. “Bullshit! Bullshit! Fucking Bullshit! You’re crazy, you crazy bitch!”

Smiling smugly, the blonde responded by picking up something from the table, and holding it in front of Trish’s face. A newspaper? Why... Wait. The cover was about the presidential inauguration? And the date... It was a newspaper from January, three months in the future! But... No... No, she couldn’t accept it... “That’s... That’s a trick...”

“Is this a trick too?” asked Megan, putting the newspaper away, and showing her a picture instead. A picture of herself, naked, collared, on her knees before the imperious blonde.

“No... It’s, it’s fucking photoshopped...”

“Well, photoshopped you gave some wicked pussy-licking,” said Megan mockingly, putting the photo away, and holding up... a mirror?

Trish, confused and terrified, stared at her reflection. A reflection that wore a lot more makeup than she had when she’d come in, but, more importantly... Her reflection’s hair... It was too long. She hadn’t let her hair grow that long in years. But if her hair had had enough time to grow like this... It couldn’t be... No... “It’s... It’s not true...” She could feel her voice breaking, her vision going blurry with tears...

“It’s all true, pet. You’ve been mine since October. Everything in here,” she touched Trish’s head, “is what I want to be in here. And I love hypnotizing you... brainwashing you... enslaving you... again and again and again.” She slowly walked behind the softly-weeping tomboy. “I love the part where your willpower breaks down and you become mine again. That’s why I always record it.” Trish barely noticed her own discomfort as Megan leaned against her back and played another recording on her smartphone:

“Let me go, you fucking bitch!” said her recorded voice.

“Oh, I’ll let you go... Once you’ve been properly tamed. Now, gaze into the hypnotic crystal,”, the recorded voice of Megan answered. “Watch as it goes back and forth, back and forth, so pretty, so fascinating...”

“You’re crazy! No way I’m gonna... stare... at a... pretty crystal...”

“Can’t help watching the hypnotic crystal, can’t help being hypnotized, falling into a deep deep hypnotic sleep, deeply hypnotized, hypnotized and helpless. Completely helpless.”

“Helpless...” By this point, the recorded Trish sounded completely out of it.

“My helplessly hypnotized victim. Now, you’re going to be a good girl and let Mistress Megan brainwash you like a good pet, aren’t you?”


“Good girl."

Megan paused the recording. “Good times, good times. Wanna hear something more recent? This one’s from a few hours ago,” she said as she played another recording:

“...and when you wake up, you will have forgotten everything since the first time I drugged you, and you will believe you’re still one of those nasty free-willed girls. But deep within your subconscious, you’ll still be my good little brainwashed pet.”

“Yes Mistress!” In this recording, Megan’s voice sounded downright chipper—eager to serve her brainwasher.

“Good girl. Now, this time, after you wake up, I’ll first just pretend to hypnotize you, and you will be able to resist. But then, I’ll tell you the truth—how you’ve been my slaves for months—and then, when I hypnotize you for real, alllll your nasty resistance and willpower will crumble, and you’ll let your mind go all soft and mushy so Mistress can brainwash you easily.”

“Yes Mistress!”

The recording ended, and Megan stepped in front of her once more. “Okey-dokey. Time to finish, don’tchathink?”

Trish, now crying in sheer despair, gazed at her through her blurry vision. She could already feel her will fading, practically falling asleep already... “P-please... Please don’t...”

“Sh, pet. Sh,” said the blonde as she wiped away the tomboy’s tears, then pulled out the crystal pendant. Slowly, she began waving it from side to side. “Now, pet, watch the crystal. Gaze into the hypnotic crystal. Can’t look away from the hypnotic crystal. Helpless before the hypnotic crystal. Watch it, going back and forth, so pretty, so hypnotic, can’t help watching it, can’t help as it hypnotizes you, can’t help as it saps your will, so helpless...”

It was true, Trish felt. She could already feel the hypnotic power washing over her, making her mind as numb as her head and neck. Hypnosis could not be resisted, and now Megan was going to hypnotize her, brainwash her, and there was nothing she could do about it, nothing at all, so tired, so weak...

“...feeling my hypnotic power taking control of your mind, falling under my power, falling into trance, helplessly entranced, falling into a deep deep hypnotic sleep, sleepy and obedient, sleepy and soft, your mind becoming so soft as you fall asleep, so open to my suggestions, so easy for my suggestions to change your mind, so easy for my suggestions to control your thoughts, accepting my words as your new thoughts...”

So sleepy. Hypnotized and helpless. Trish stared at the hypnotic crystal, too weak to even care anymore that Megan was brainwashing her. Feeling her mind turning into soft mush, knowing Megan could do whatever she wanted with it now.

“...you are now deeply hypnotized and in my power. Hypnosis cannot be resisted. Since you’re hypnotized, I have complete control over your mind. Your mind becomes whatever I want it to be. You will accept my brainwashing. You are accepting my brainwashing. You enjoy being brainwashed. You love being brainwashed. Being brainwashed is wonderful for you. You want me to brainwash you. You want it, need it...”

She did? Yes...She did now. She had tried to resist this earlier, but it no longer mattered. Hypnosis couldn’t be resisted, and she was hypnotized; if Megan said she wanted to be brainwashed, then it meant she wanted it now, right?

“...wanting to be brainwashed so bad, you will help me brainwash you, you will work hard to accept my brainwashing, you will accept it deeply, welcoming it, letting it change who you are...”

Of course. She wanted to be brainwashed, after all. Megan had hypnotized her that way.

“...Feeling yourself becoming more and more submissive, you are so submissive, you love obeying me, you love being told what to do, obeying me is so sexy, obeying makes you horny...”

Her strength and independence, melting like snow in the sun. Turning from a fierce amazon to a tame little pet.

“...so sexy, attracted to my hair, love my breasts, my breasts are such a turn-on, want to lay your head on my sexy breasts, my scent...”

She had never had lesbian urges before, but it didn’t matter. Mistress Megan had hypnotized her, so now, Mistress Megan was the sexiest thing alive.

“...forgetting everything that’s happened since I drugged you, forgetting everything I’ve said, remembering that you’re my loving brainwashed pet. One...two...”

The submissive pet blinked. Briefly, she wondered how she had gotten there. Why did her head and neck feel numb? Why did she feel sleepy? Why was she tied to a chair? Last thing she remembered, Megan... Wait, Megan was...

Her eyes then settled on the breathtakingly sexy blonde before her. A wide, sunny smile covered her face. “Mistress!”

“Yeah, mom. Sorry to spring this sleepover on you like that. I’ll drop by tomorrow for lunch. Lova ya.” Patricia MacMillian, generally known as “Trish” (though she prefered to think of herself as “pet” now) put down her cell phone and smiled lovingly at her Mistress.

Megan smirked. “Good job, pet. Remember, this has gotta remain a secret.”

“Yes Mistress!” she replied eagerly, happy to have orders, to be controlled by this perfect goddess. “Thanks again for brainwashing me!”

Megan laughed. “Oh, you’re very welcome, pet.”

Trish felt her heart skip. She loved Mistress so much. Still, she wondered... “Mistress? How did you brainwash me?”

Megan grinned. “My little secret. Wasn’t easy. Now, pet,” she gestured between her thighs, “get licking!”

“Yay Mistress!” The docile pet happily got to work.

As she enjoyed her new conquest’s work, Megan gloated internally. It had been a huge challenge. Breaking someone’s will and brainwashing them in a matter of hours? Near as she could tell, it had never been done before. Hypnosis couldn’t do that.


But hypnosis was based entirely on the power of suggestion. If her victim was utterly convinced that she couldn’t resist... Well, that opened many doors

.Setting it all up had taken so much work. Sneakily taking pictures of her classmates at school. Spending hours and hours on photoshop, taking the heads from those pictures, putting them on the bodies of submissives in lesbian BDSM porn (along with her own head on the dominants). Putting that makeup and wig on Trish, but giving that area anesthetic to keep it too numb to feel the wig.

The hardest part had been making the audio recording. She had spent the entire summer learning how to use audio software to modify her own voice files, making herself sound like the powerful amazon she’d secretly lusted over through the entire 11th grade. But the fake recordings made that way weren’t enough—after all, people often sounded completely different to themselves while talking than while listening to their recorded voices. So she’d had to make an actual recording of Trish’s voice during their conversation, and play it to her before playing the fake ones.

And then of course, with the tomboy’s spirit already all but broken, she’d had to get behind her, lean against her as a cover, and inject her at the back of the neck—in the area still numbed by the anesthesia. A simple date-rape drug—enough to make the amazon sleepy and weak-willed, just in time for the real hypnotic induction. At that point, Trish had believed, completely, that she could not resist her hypnotic power... and between the drug and the power of suggestion, Megan had been able to turn that belief into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Oh, it had been hard work. Very hard. But as her muscular pet, now as weak of will as she was strong of body, obediently and eagerly lapped at her pussy... she concluded that it had all. Been. Worth it.

Megan, hypnotic Mistress, screamed in orgasmic pleasure; Trish, her devoted pet, felt warmth spreading through her, happy to serve her beloved brainwasher.


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