A Silent Tune

by sq

Tags: #noncon #crime #dom:female #f/f #heist #sub:female #thriller

Disclaimer: This story is sexual in its nature, and is meant for those of eighteen years or older. If you aren’t 18 or above, avert your eyes! This story, these characters and this world is copyrighted sq © 2020, and may not be used or reposted without my permission! If you would like permission, in good faith, stick around until the afterword so you can find out how to contact me!


Abigail opened her eyes. Her body jerked reflexively, but she had no reason to move. She didn't need to, didn't even need to think. Were it not for the rise and fall of her chest, it would have been easy to mistake her for a drone in an artful imitation of life.

“It takes her a few minutes.” The words were a sultry whisper from somewhere within the blinding light, but she didn’t really know what they meant. She had no reason to think. She was focused. She was composed. She was nothing.

She didn’t move an inch as they touched her, caressed her, and clad her in a black latex jumpsuit.. Her mind had been put into its place, molded and shaped to the will of her captors. They had molded her body as well, and it followed their will just as easily, pliable and steady as hands roamed her body. Her lips parted slightly, her eyes staring ahead as she was prepared, dressed up casually on top of her jumpsuit.

“Pretty thing, isn’t she?”

“Too bad I can’t keep her.”

The light. Her eyes followed the light, as it went up into the sky, into the stars. As her eyes rolled back into her head, she sighed, and let everything fade away again.


The car groaned as it jerked to a stop at the sidewalk, throwing Abigail's head forward from where she lay curled up in the passenger seat. A masked figure, dressed in all black and a tactical vest, stroked her hair in an almost comforting way as she sat, lost to the world, docile, blank, and drooling.

“Is she primed?” an aggressive male voice grunted from the front of the car. The masked figure nodded. They pulled Abigail’s wrist towards them, and started fumbling with the timer on her watch.

“Thirty seconds,” a soft, seductive voice sang into Abigail’s ear. She nodded absently, slurring a ‘yes’ in response. There was a click on the watch, and Abigail started whispering.

“Thirty,” she ticked.

“Good girl.”

Abigail was thrown out of the car. She was ticking, and she couldn’t do anything until she stopped ticking.


Her mind was fixated on ticking. She was just a clock, waiting to ring, waiting for the alarm, waiting for-


So close, so close until she was there. So good, so so-

She felt a tap on her wrist, and jolted to life. Her eyes flared wide as her senses returned all at once. She shuddered, overwhelmed, as her brain tried to process the new information. She was in the city - in the middle of the city.

Why am I on the pavement?

She tapped her watch to turn the alarm off, and shook herself out of her confused state.

Fuck. The bank, right.

Abigail got up and dusted herself off, checking the time on her watch. Midday. She looked over at the bus stop’s timetable.  

The bus apparently got here an hour ago… How long was I there for?

Unable to come up with an answer, she sighed, and checked her pockets. She came up with her phone and wallet, and none of her cards or money seemed to have gone missing. Satisfied, she put both of her accessories back into her pockets, sparing a glance for the bank. Something wasn’t right - something she couldn't put her finger on, some instinct that she kept forgetting to remember, was telling her not to go in. But, unable to think of what else she could do, she headed towards the building.

She pushed the doors open, walking into the bright main room. She picked a counter and joined  the queue, smiling over at the person in front of her. Abigail tried to be nice to whoever she could, usually. Sometimes it went over their heads, but there was no harm in being polite.

Minutes seemed to blend together as the line in front of her shuffled forward, until she found herself on the other side of a glass window from a suited young lady, only a few years older than herself. Her gaze trailed over the teller's slender torso, then sharply returned to her face, trying not to get caught. She smirked and stifled a giggle, then opened her mouth.

“I want to open a student bank account,” Abigail said, looking at her opponent with a plastic smile. The woman looked at her with slight suspicion, but started typing as Abigail played with the pen on the counter. The woman's gaze hardened as she read something on her screen, and Abigail felt a pit forming in her stomach.


Abigail looked up at the word, hoping it was good news.

“Follow me. Let’s get you sorted out.”


Abigail sat at a table, staring at the array of leaflets the teller had spread in front of her. She sighed, looking up with exasperation at the woman on the other side of the table.

“A lot of reading for a bank account…”

The teller chuckled. “I will admit, it is a lot. I’ll be right back, okay?” She walked out of the room, and Abigail took the opportunity to stare at her on the way out. Sighing again, she got her glasses out and started reading.

A wave of relaxation and confidence hit her. Something new inside. Something that she had never felt before. Her mind clicked.

“The target…” The words slipped from her slack jaw. She was overwhelmed. She didn’t know what to do, what to think. She couldn’t think at all. Her  mind seemed to slip far, far away, impossibly out of reach.

As the teller walked in, Abigail took off her glasses and got off of the chair. She moved without thinking, her actions controlled by something she hadn't ever known existed. Even that thought was slipping away, bit by bit, and her objective was only getting clearer and clearer.

And, of course, she was wet.

She stepped up to the teller, pushing the older lady firmly up against the wall. They weren't her actions, of course. She merely watched from the backseat. But as her mind so readily and submissively followed orders, her body dominated the teller.

“What’s your name?” Her voice was breathy, sultry, entirely unlike the woman who had been left in the room moments before.

“I- I don’t think-“

“Then, don’t think.” The movements of her body felt so much more sexy to her. She felt as if her mind was dripping with confidence, and her arms were just as fluid, warranting moans from her new companion with the softest of touches. Of course, she didn’t know anything was different. She didn’t know anything.

Somewhere deep inside of her, she knew this would go flawlessly. It was all choreographed perfectly - her handlers had scoped out the place for months before, as they seemed to plan months ahead. The girl already had ideas nudged to her, through small visits, small deposits.

Of course, it was Abigail’s job to do the groundwork.


“Samantha.” The temptress started to slowly, tenderly kiss Samantha, drawing the pleasure out of her.

“Do you want to feel good?” Abigail asked Samantha, her mind primed for the task at hand.

Samantha nodded, and Abigail started to be more passionate with her actions. She slowly grabbed Samantha’s wrist and pulled her body around, pushing her new lover over onto the desk and slowly unbuttoning her shirt.

“Good, then do exactly as I say.”

Her fingers went snap.

With that, all of the nudging, and subtle suggestions started to form into a barrage of pleasure, her mind softening bit by bit due to the built up pressure. Neither of the women needed to think anymore, letting themselves be guided by the instructions Abigail already served. She was ablaze, and it was perfect.


Abigail woke up in the morning with her lover beside her. She smiled, looking over at the sleeping maiden beside her, who she embraced warmly. Kissing the beautiful girl to awareness, she smirked as a groggy Samantha pushed back into the caress.

“Fuck, so much for you getting up early to go to the market...” The young bank teller joked, leaning into Abigail with a warm smile. She followed that with a soft touch, tracing delicate lines along her lover's shoulders and back. She smiled as her touch brought purrs from Samantha, and couldn't resist kissing her lover. Eager, they both leaned into the kiss, their breathing heavy when they parted.

“I could always go a bit later! Can you take the day off, please?” Abigail's devious smile told a vastly different story from her pleading tone.

“It’s our one month anniversary! Please?”

Samantha sighed, and then slowly proceeded to chuckle.

“You know, this month has gone so fast… It’s been great though… Fine!” The two continued to share an embrace, both giggling at the lack of resistance.

“It’s not like I’ll be there much longer anyway... Redundancies and all that...” The words lingered in the air, before Abigail started passionately making out with her lover, running her hands up and down the sides of Samantha’s body.

Samantha started to slow down, and after a calm moment of holding her partner in a warm embrace, she sighed, pushing herself out of bed. “Come on, get up! The market won’t buy food from itself…”

Abigail groaned and rolled out of the bed, and onto the floor.

“When are you gonna be moving here…?” Abigail whined, crouching and rummaging through her bag. With a shout of triumph, the flustered girl pulled out an orange carrier bag, spilling a bunch of brand-new bottles of shampoo and soap on the floor.

“And... Sam, exactly how much shampoo did we end up buying?”

“Firstly, I don’t think we’re quite there yet.” Samantha crawled over the bed to Abigail and gave her a peck on the lips.

“And secondly, does it matter if I splurged a bit on giving you your choice of brands? It's worth it. Your hair is so fucking pretty.” Abigail almost purred as she felt a hand on her head, slowly stroking and moving around strands of hair. She shook her head.

She got up in a hurry, pouting and storming into the bathroom, slamming the door. Samantha looked up at the door, rolling her eyes with a smile as she waited. After a moment, it slipped open a crack, revealing the slightest glimpse of a nude Abigail peeking around the door.

“Love you!” She blew a kiss, and quickly lept back into the bathroom. The shower soon turned on, and the sound of water plus little strands of steam filled the room.

After a few minutes of twiddling her thumbs and thinking, Samantha smiled and flung her clothes onto the bed, and made her way into the bathroom.


“Is the pawn in place?”

“Yes,” Abigail slurred, drooling as her mind was prepared for her task. In front of her was the source of the pretty voice who was guiding her, making sure she was fulfilling her purpose.

“Good.” Abigail felt pressure on her temples as her mind started to give way to the pleasure again. All she could hear; all she could see, all she could feel was static.

“It’s so nice to be so sleepy on your bus journey, isn’t it?”


She felt her collar snap closed, and everything just faded away.


The bank wasn’t very busy, but busy enough for the men to enter without causing too much of a commotion. Until one of the black hooded figures started firing a gun into the air. Abigail felt a thrumming in her pussy at the harsh crack sound.

Her training was made to make her comply through arousal, as that’s how we got her.

The soft voice danced through her memories, and featured in quite a few half-remembered dreams. As usual, though, the memory faded as soon as it came. It was so much easier to not think, and to just follow.

She smiled under her mask, each second of doing what she was told making her more wet. Her collar guided her, keeping her from falling to the ground and fucking her wet cunt right there.

A scream was heard across the bank. It was a familiar voice, but Abigail couldn’t quite recognise it. However, the scream was one of pain, and it made her a quite bit more aroused. Of course, that was just due to her programming. She wasn’t a monster, obviously.

She didn’t need to think.

Abigail walked over to the source. It was a girl. The girl was familiar, but not enough for her to ignore the mission. She grabbed the girl by the hair and took her to the back of the bank, where all of the cash was stored.

A word. It left her lips, and suddenly, the girl obeyed nearly as well as Abigail. The now-compliant girl made her way over towards the keypad in the back, absentmindedly entering numbers before pulling open the security room's door, and moved to open a handful of safes. Abigail followed, captured by the enthralling sight of a girl so enthralled, serving so perfectly. She turned around to beckon her crew forward, but was interrupted by a sharp yank that pulled her cloth mask off. Spinning around, she found a not-so-compliant girl very clearly in shock. Her mouth gaped open, her eyes wide, tears forming at their edges.


She felt something familiar to the name, but that was unimportant. Something deep inside her was screaming, but that was unimportant too.

So many things she could have thought about. But they didn't matter. All of the memories, all of the happiness. The fact that she thought she was naturally in love with Samantha. The fact that she had fallen in love. It had all been real. Now it wasn't.

She heard a gunshot behind her, and her pussy thrummed again. She bit her lip and smiled.

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And, thank you for reading this! I really hope that you enjoyed it!

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