a deerboy story

by spiraledfaun

Tags: #brainwashing #hypnosis #mind_control #pov:bottom #sub:male #urban_fantasy #corruption #mantra #solo #spiral #tech_control

a deerboy gets a little too distracted looking at a pretty Spiral.

CW: In-text induction, suggestions to become weak to spirals, and become owned by spirals. Does contain suggestions to promote safety and agency, but mind the prior warning. Written in third person. Uses language: "cunt", "dick", "hole" for a (trans) male character.

It was a cold, dark night outside, and a little deerboy was all snuggled up in his favorite blanket, in his favorite chair. He’d eaten some yummy food and two edibles, and felt perfectly content. In front of him played the inane comedy he’d chosen, something with a lot of hijinks and fun colors. 

Everything was just so lovely.  As the energetic music blared in the background, the deerboy scrolled through Tumblr on his tablet. He always felt a little horny when he was high, so he checked out his favorite place: the hypnokink tag. Not all of it was for him, he wasn’t a “good girl” or looking to “sink into pink”, but there were some good finds. 

But the best find of all sent through him an electric jolt, warmed all at once from head to toe. 


He couldn’t quite explain what it was concisely, but something in the way they moved drew him in with a vice grip. Not all spirals of course, they had to be the right speed. The right smoothness. The right pattern. Once all the components were there, they would spin him deep into their control before he could even blink. 

Of course, he had a collection. No one so taken by spirals wouldn’t have at least a few. This deerboy in particular had over 180. More than a few didn’t work on him anymore, or he had been fooled in the previews that it would be right. But he kept them all. Something about it just seemed right. 

And tonight, as he scrolled through the hypnokink tag, he was hoping beyond hope he would stumble upon a wonderful one. A spiral that would make him get a little wetter every time he thought about how depraved it was. Regular people didn’t drop to lines on a screen. But he couldn’t help it when it just sang to his soul, and sucked him in. And the deerboy knew he would give in every single time he let it pull at him. 

Even at just the thoughts, the possibility began to draw his mind down. The weed began to hit, and his head grew ever hazier. 

Oh, he had just the thing. 

The deerboy, with his short little antlers, a little past only just beginning to show, picked up his aphrodisiac pills and popped one into his mouth. He chased it down with a sip of his soda, and sunk a little further into the papasan behind him. When it hit, he would be pulled into a plush cloud of pleasure, just from doing nothing but watching his screen. 

He passed by post after post, seeing a new one from yesterday that was actually pretty good. Another from a hypnoblogger with an imaginary scenario. Someone’s hypnostory released to a great response. An underwhelming spiral. An attractive blonde showing off her breasts and bobbing up and down. More fantasies.  But nothing that really drew him in. 

And then he stumbled upon it. 

One of the blogs had posted a link to a custom spiral maker. He’d tried them out a few times over the years, but some of them just hadn’t hit, or he wasn’t in the right mood for it. But he clicked on the link anyway. 

The website opened up to a preview menu. Curious, the deerboy checked over the subliminal text. Suggestions to obey the spiral, not resist, drop, filled the screen. Unfortunately, there were a few lines of text that didn’t fit his preferences, so he edited the text and added some of his favorite mantras. The colors also weren’t quite right, so he made it black and white. A smaller example of the spiral played at the bottom of the page. 

Finally, said his brain, leading him down into the winding curves. I can turn off. 

He navigated to the main menu, eager. His breathing increased, excited to give in, excited to simply lose control. The deerboy hit the final button, 

And lost. 

Out of his brain dripped every single one of his thoughts, the boy’s mind flooded in ecstasy, the vision of the wicked spiral etched into his eyes. Unable to keep upright, he sagged into the grip of its winding gaze, will eroding with each pulse of the pattern, feeling utterly captured by its beauty. 

No longer was his opinion required, no coherence asked, nothing taxing at all. Just looking, falling, dropping deeply into trance was all he could do. It was so easy and simple to keep staring. To lose himself in the ebb and flow, the smoothness of its movement, and give up thinking.  

He didn’t need thoughts anymore. 

That was for other people to have. 

He just needed to keep looking into the Spiral, and get weaker. 

Giving into the Spiral was what he was made to do. 

The Spiral owned him now.

His body began to flutter, the space between his legs feeling warmer and warmer. The deerboy’s eyes started to cross, and his mouth drifted open. Nothing had ever felt so pleasurable in his life. 

As he continued to lose control of his mind to some lines on a screen, his arousal kept growing. He didn’t notice that the hornier commands had been increasing in frequency, he just knew he was feeling better and better. 

The boy continued dropping, train of thought entirely derailed, drool beginning to collect in his mouth. He was in the grip of the Spiral now, completely surrendered to the patterns before him. He knew what this was doing to him. He knew he was conditioning himself deeper and deeper. But he had his safeties. He had his protections, and he trusted himself. 

But of course, to anyone around, it would look as though he was wide open to their influence, receptive to any programming they might want to put on him. He shivered to think of it, wishing, secretly, for someone to corrupt his mind into something unrecognizable from his everyday self. 

This desire kept him enraptured, enshrining the key to his mind in a deep, persistent Spiral fetish. And maybe someday, he’d hand it to someone willingly. It wasn’t his focus, but it always hung around in the back of his mind. 

Until then, the bright, weaving lines would hold him, and turn his gaze inside out, making him weaker and writing his thoughts. He shivered in their grasp, and his arousal began to increase again. Down, down, deeper the Spiral spun him, sending his head on a dizzy revolution, dropping him into a haze. 

It was so hard to think now. There weren’t any thoughts other than the ones flashing in front of his face. 

You can’t resist. 

The Spiral makes you weak. 

You love to stare. 


Give in to the Spiral.

You’re weak. 

Staring makes you mindless. 

His eyes kept crossing, his mind spiraling down into nothing. 

The Spiral owned him now. 

Submit to the Spiral. 

Don’t resist. 

You love to drop. 

Obey and give in. 

The deerboy drooled openly, lost in the movements on the screen, conquered by simple little lights. 

The Spiral owned him now.  It wasn’t a question anymore, it was the truth, and the sooner the little deerboy realized that, the better. 

His entire being belonged to the Spiral, and there was nothing he could do about it. 

All at once, his cunt throbbed pleasurably, and the blood rushed to his tiny dick. 


He’d never had such a good lover as a Spiral, and he knew it.

It was just a part of his reality now, that Spirals controlled his mind, and fucked it as they pleased. It didn’t matter that he understood there was no sentience there, he couldn’t help but submit to their beauty. 

The deerboy had assigned… names. To some of them. 

It was just to think about, never to talk about out loud, but they turned over and over in his head as he stared, wondering what this one’s moniker would be. 

And as he realized what this one wanted from him, the deerboy’s hole clenched, the high catapulting him into pleasure beyond his wildest dreams. He submitted, cumming on nothing and relinquishing his mind to the Spiral. 

The Spiral owned him now.

The Spiral owned him now. 

There was nothing else in that moment, just the deerboy and the Spiral. And sometimes only the Spiral. 

He came his little heart out, tiny tail twitching and swishing as the orgasm overtook him, cascading up and down his entire body. Utter bliss. The deerboy gave in over and over again, until he felt wrung out and tight. 

Maybe it was time to stop.  

Should he stop?

Well, should he? Weigh in over here: [link]

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