Switching Sides

by softi

Tags: #cw:noncon #college #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #sub:female #humiliation
See spoiler tags : #reversal_of_fortune

Tera is in lust with the student she is tutoring. Erika is gorgeous, and Tera knows that if she’ll just get the opportunity to hypnotize her…

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This has been sitting around for years. Minor warning, I reserve the right to edit it. I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of non-consensual sex and depictions of sexual slavery. If you are under 18 or offended by this type of material please do not continue. Otherwise, read on and enjoy! Also, any resemblance of the characters in this work to people either living, dead or fictitious is unintentional and purely coincidental.

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"Okay, got that?" said Tera, looking up from the algebra book to her student, Bonnie.

"Yeah, got it." Bonnie slammed her book closed and sighed. "I hate math."

"Yeah, you only have to finish up this class and you're done." Tera smiled at her student. She knew plenty of people didn't have her love of numbers. It came naturally to her, which was why she was getting her doctorate, but it made it hard to explain sometimes. She'd learned tricks though in her time as a tutor and a TA. Bonnie seemed to be coming along.

"Lates," Bonnie said as she stood up.

"Peace," replied Tera. She sighed and rubbed her eyes. Mondays always sucked. Looking up, she saw her next student entering the tutoring room in the math wing and walking the few steps towards the table that dominated the small space. Erika swayed her hips in an unconscious sexuality that made Tera drool. Tera was certain the dirty blonde knew exactly what she was doing, and every time Erika would react to the blatant stare that Tera gave her. This time, it was just a little, knowing smile, from a straight girl to a lecherous lesbian.

'Fuck, I want to teach that ass a lesson for teasing me,' thought Tera. 

"Hi, Tera," said Erika, sitting down and tossing her backpack onto the floor.

"Hi, Erika," replied Tera. "Ready for some math?"

"Hell, no, but I guess we're going to anyway."

"Yep. Page 160, exponential functions." Tera pulled out her teaching manual and opened it as Erika sighed heavily.

"Why do I need to know this?" she asked.

"Because," replied Tera, "you have to pass business statistics before you graduate, and this is a pre-req."

"But I'm too tired for this today," whined Erika. "I need sleep, not algebra."

"Sleep?" asked Tera. "Too much partying? I know it's not studying that's keeping you up."

"No, just insomnia." Erika drooped in her chair. "I lay down and my head just starts going, worrying about assignments and tests and Shane and everything." She let out a big sigh. "Can't wait until I graduate."

"Really?" Tera froze. "Just can't sleep, huh?" This might be an opportunity.

"Yeah. It sucks." Erika sighed. "I'm a hot mess at this point."

"I think I might know something that could help," said Tera. "A little trick."

"Really?" responded Erika, showing interest. "What? Cuz I fucking need to sleep."

"Yeah. I've done this before," and Tera held up her pencil, "where I can help you sleep." 'And get you between my legs like my old rommate,' she thought.

"How?" Erika looked both interested and skeptical.

"I could put you in a trance," said Tera, holding back her excitement. "Hypnotize you."

Erika looked dubious. "Uh, what?"

"Hypnotize you," Tera said. At Erika's skeptical expression, Tera said, "No really. It'll work. Just help you sleep. It's not like it'll do anything else." 'Until I train you...' she finished in her mind.

"Like get you into my pants?" Erika said. "No, thanks."

"Okay. Offer's open though." Tera schooled her face, not showing the disappointment. "So, let's check out the homework."

"Fuck, I don't want to do this." Erika sighed, and looked down at the book. "I don't get any of it."

"Yeah, but we'll get through it." They started in on the math.

Tera squelched her hope. All the memories of the high school games with hypnotism and playing with her old roommate here slipped out as she switched back into tutor mode.

Thursday rolled around. Tera's cell beeped at her. She pulled it out of her pocket and checked out the text. It was Erika. 

"I'm desperate. I've tried melatonin, alcohol just messes up the next day, and sleeping pills don't work. Does hypnosis really help?"

Tera's heart sped up and her stomach fluttered. The opportunity was still there.

"Help sleep? Yep. Help with math? Nope, except to maybe make you concentrate."

"I just need sleep. Can you tonight?" Erika asked.

"Sure. Where?"

"My place."

Tera felt her pussy clench as little firey butterflies sped up her gut in excitement. This was too perfect. The tease would learn her lesson. She hit the address that Erika sent to bring up the map. It was only a few blocks away.

"When?" she asked.

"How soon can you?" replied Erika.

"In 15?"

"Yes," replied Erika. Tera nearly jumped, but controlled herself, just pumping her fist.

She dashed into her bedroom. The little, red gem glittered in the lamp light as she pulled it out of her jewelry box. Tera shoved it in her pocket and launched out her apartment door. The walk only took five minutes.

"Oh thank god," sighed Erika after she opened the door. Her eyes were red and sunken. "I so need this to work."

"It will, don't worry." Tera grinned comfortingly. "Anywhere we can go that's quiet?" she said as she stepped inside.

"Yeah, my roommate isn't here, but I think my bedroom." Erika pointed down the hallway. "That way I can just curl up without having to move." She started down, and Tera followed after.

A queen bed took up most of the small room, with a nightstand squished on one side and a dresser on the other. Tera wasn't sure how Erika could get her clothes in and out of the drawers. A large mirror hung across from the bed. 'Kinky,' thought Tera. Erika sat down cross-legged, and Tera sat on the edge, legs thrown over and turned slightly.

"So, no getting into my pants, right?" said Erika.

"You won't do anything you don't want to," replied Tera.

"Okay, then." Erika took a deep breath. "Let's go. What do I do?"

Tera laughed and shook her head. "First, settle down a little. You can't rush an induction."

"Induction?" asked the dirty blonde. "I thought I was going to sleep."

"You are," said Tera. "But to do that, we have to quiet your thoughts down enough for you to fall asleep. So, I'm going to induce a light trance, then let you just drift off." Tera adjusted to be a little more comfortable while facing Erika.

"Uh, okay." Erika shifted, a little leery and unsure what to do. "So..."

Tera pulled out her gem. She held it up, hand out in front of Erika. It dropped out of her fingers and jumped as it's chain stretched out and snapped back, then danced at the end.

"All I need you to do is watch this," said Tera. "Just watch this, and let your thoughts go."

Erika giggled. "Oh god, how cliche."

"Hey, you wanted to try it. It'll work, if you just let it slow down those thoughts running through your head so you can sleep."

"Okay, okay, I'll try," said Erika, looking pointedly with bloodshot eyes at the gem. It flashed red across her vision as Tera gently turned the chain.

"Now, watch the gem twinkle, Erika," intoned Tera. "Let it capture your eyes, holding them as it twirls." Erika let out a sigh. "Relax, Erika, and you'll sleep soon. You need to be an active participant. You need to let your thoughts go, let them slip into the gem, let it hold them there, still your mind until you relax."

Erika frowned, but kept her eyes on the gem. "How long is this going to take?"

"Shh, Erika. It will take as long as you make it take. The faster you stop resisting, the sooner you can sleep."

The dirty blonde rubbed her eyes. "This isn't going to work."

"Yes, yes it is," assured Tera. "You just have to let it."

"Okay," said Erika with a sigh. "I'll try. Anything to sleep." She adjusted herself to get more comfortable.

"Now, look at the gem," said Tera. Erika did. It flashed sparkles across her eyes. "Let it capture your attention. Let your eyes drift in the light." Erika concentrated on it. Tera noticed. "No, not like that. Relax." Erika's body loosened a little. "Better. Let your thoughts go, let them float into the gem. Focus on it, as it captures your mind, slows it down, lets it rest."

Erika slouched a little, relaxing into the cadence, as Tera kept going. Tera saw Erika's tired mind slow behind fading eyes, the gem flashing lights across them and making them blink. Tera whispered not to do that, so Erika started fighting it. Drying out, Tera could see Erika's eyes desperately trying to close. The lids drooped, and the thoughts behind them slowed, and Tera watched Erika slump forward, falling into the red. It was easy with Erika's exhaustion to overtake her, and when Tera told her to sleep, she did.

Tera choked back a gleeful giggle as she watched Erika's eyes close. "Erika, can you hear me?"

"Yes," came the quiet, flat response.

"Good. You're relaxed now, in a trance, ready to sleep. You feel good about that, don't you?"

"Yes," Erika said, her voice a monotone.

"Good. You trust me, Erika, enough to be in a trance with me, enough to listen to what I have to say."

Erika breathed slowly and didn't respond.

"You trust me enough to accept that what I say is true." Tera grinned at the zoned out girl. "You like being in a trance. It feels good to be like this." She forced down her excitement. "You want to be in this state, don't you?"


"When I say, 'Erika's a sleepy girl,' you'll return to this state because it feels good to be in a trance and you want to be like this. And each time you return to it, it'll feel even better, and you'll want it more."

Tera held back another happy giggle. The hot dirty blonde looked deliciously helpless. "You won't remember any of this while you're awake, but your subconscious will remember my instructions and follow them. Won't you?"


Tera squished her hand over her mouth for a minute to supress a laugh of triumph. It was going to work. It would take time, but it would work.

"We're going to see if you can follow my instructions. Count back from ten, floating up from trance with each number, until you reach one and wake up."

Erika counted softly, blinking as she reached one. She let out a big yawn. "What the... Did it work? What just happened?"

"Erika, you fell into a trance. I'm going to help you practice so that you can do this whenever you need to. Okay?"

"Uh, why am I not asleep."

"Because I need to teach you to do this," replied Tera.

"Uh, why?"

"So you can sleep when you need to. Okay?"

"Sure, I guess?" Erika looked at Tera questioningly.

"Erika's a sleepy girl."

"Whu..." Erika's eyelids blinked, fighting the trigger, but eventually slipped down. She slumped forward again.

"Erika, you're in a trance again, aren't you?"


"How does it feel?" asked Tera.


"Better than last time?"


"Good. Let's try again."

Erika responded perfectly, two, three more times. Each time, she said it was better than the last.

"Now, we need to teach you to do this yourself, so you can go to sleep when you need to. Ready for that?"

"Yeah," came Erika's tired reply. "Can we hurry so I can sleep?"

"Sure, sure, just a quick lesson, and you can sleep all night. Erika's a sleepy little girl."

Erika dropped quickly, falling forward, eyes shut.

"Okay, Erika. Each night, when you want to sleep, you'll sit on the edge of your bed and stare into your eyes in the mirror. You'll say to yourself, 'Erika's a sleepy little girl', and slip into a trance. While you're in a trance, you'll feel so good, you'll love it, and will remember that I helped you get there. You'll do it over and over, and each time it'll get better. You'll count to 10 and then wake up refreshed." Tera breathed deep, trying to compose herself. "And when you wake up, you'll forget that you've hypnotized yourself. But you'll know it's even better when I do it to you. You'll want me to hypnotize you again. Monday, you'll ask me to hypnotize you again. Oh, and if anyone asks about hypnotizing yourself, you'll say that it's helping you sleep. Now, count to 10 and wake up refreshed and happy, not remembering your instructions consciously, but your subconscious will remember and make you follow them. You'll only remember that I've given you the tool to sleep when you need to."

Erika started counting, and once she reached 10, her eyes fluttered open, and sha said, "Wow, that was amazing! Now I can sleep, right? Just stare into the mirror and fall asleep?"

"Yep, whenever you need to." Tera smiled at Erika.


"So, think you can do it?

"Yeah. Yeah, this is perfect."

"Okay, then, I'll get out of your hair." Tera stood up, and moved to the door.

Erika stared at the mirror, and said, "Sure, thanks!" She stumbled up to see Tera out. "Bye!"

"Bye!" Once outside, with the door closed, Tera did a little happy dance. This was going to work.

Tera spent the weekend trying hard not to think about Monday. Mondays usually sucked. This Monday might be amazing. She fidgeted, paced and worried. What if she was wrong? What if it didn't work? Heading out for the night didn't help, even meeting up with her friends out at the bars. She had nervous energy, and couldn't figure out how to burn it off. Monday during classes, she could hardly concentrate, imagining those hips swaying up to her, Erika sitting, and sensually asking to be hypnotized. It hit all of her best spots, making them wet and ready, just thinking about it.

The tutoring session came. Tera managed to help everyone, until Bonnie left. Tera tapped her fingers on the table until she saw Erika walking up, slowly, a little shy this time instead of her usual confident self. Tera cocked an eyebrow questioningly as Erika sat down across from her.

"Hey, Erika. What's up?" she asked.

"Hi, Tera," Erika replied. "I..."

"Ready for some math?"

"I... well, I was wondering, maybe, if you could, you know..."

"Help you with some math?" Tera asked. "Sure! Let's get the book out."

"No, I was hoping, uh, you know, that you could, uh," Erika stuttered. 


"Maybe, hypnotize me?" Erika said shyly. 

"Really? Sure, if you want," said Tera. "Has it helped you to sleep?"

"Yeah! It's been awesome!" said Erika. "I've been sleeping, and waking up feeling great! But, I don't know, I like it... when... you, yeah. So, could you?"

"Sure! Erika's a sleepy little girl."

Erika dropped, slumping forward in her chair. Her eyes shut, and her lips just parted.

"Have you been hypnotizing yourself, Erika?" Tera asked.

"Yes," replied Erika in a monotone.

"Good. And did it feel good?"


"And who made you feel good?" asked Tera.

"You did."

"If I make you feel good, you can trust me, right?"

After a pause, "No."

Tera sat for a second, nonplussed. Finally, she asked, "Uh, why not?"

"You want to make me lesbian and have sex with me."

Tera stifled a laugh. It was true, but Erika knowing it was going to make this much more difficult. "So, why did you let me hypnotize you?" she asked.

"I needed to sleep."

"Um, so, do you think I can make you a lesbian? Have sex with you?"

Erika paused again, before saying, "I don't know."

"You don't know? So you think there's a chance?"


"How can I do that?" Tera asked, being a little direct.

"I don't know."

Tera sighed to herself. Erika was going to be tough to crack. "Okay, I guess I've got some work to do here," she whispered to herself. Out loud, she finally said, "Erika, you need to learn to trust me. We're going to work on that today. You're going to repeat to yourself, 'I trust Tera.' And each time, it's going to sink in, and change you, and make you trust me, okay? Now, say it."


Tera rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Erika, repeat after me. I trust Tera."

"I trust Tera."



Tera rubbed the bridge of her nose again. "I trust Tera."

"I trust Tera."

"Stop repeating after me. Now, say I trust Tera completely."

"I trust Tera completely."

"Keep repeating I trust Tera completely."

"I trust Tera completely. I trust Tera completely. I trust Tera completely..." Erika kept saying.

"Feel it sink in, become a part of you, change how you feel until you trust me. This is your lesson for today."

"I trust Tera completely. I trust Tera completely. I trust Tera completely..."

Tera let out a big breath. She let the tranced girl continue repeating her new truth to herself. Tera thought about trying to change it up to make more progress, but that distrust needed to be dealt with. She left Erika to her lesson for the length of the tutoring session, right up until the end.

"Okay, Erika. Stop repeating your lesson." Erika stopped. Tera continued, "Erika, at night, when you hypnotize yourself, you will repeat your lesson to yourself, letting it sink in, until you believe it with all your heart and soul. Now, what is your lesson?"

"I trust Tera completely."

"Good! Your conscious mind won't remember anything but being relaxed and happy while you were under, but your subconscious will remember its tasks. Now count to 10 and wake up."

Erika slowly counted up and gently woke up. "Wow, that really is great. Thank you!"

"You're welcome," said Tera.

Erika looked at her phone. "Oh fuck, that was the whole session, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, you seemed so peaceful, and you seemed to need it."

"I... well, it was great, but, I do need help with this shit." She pointed at the unopened backpack.

"I could help again later tonight or this week sometime."

"How about tomorrow?" said Erika. 


"Sure." Erika put it in her phone. 

"Back here?"

"Yeah. Peace." Erika took off.

Tera watched Erika's ass, waiting until Erika had turned out of the room to do her little happy dance.

Classes seemed to take forever for Tera the next day, from her own to the ones she taught. She could hardly concentrate, and kept thinking of Erika's hips walking towards her. Naked. No, maybe framed by garters. She squelched each time she sat down, and every time she stood up. She wasn't sure she'd be able to understand her notes, and certainly didn't explain anything well to her students.

Finally 6pm rolled around. Erika was right on time. Walking in, swaying those hips just so, her tight body oozing sex without thinking.

"Hi Erika," said Tera.

"Uh, hi, Tera," replied Erika. "Can you hypnotize me first?" She sat across from Tera. 

"Just like that, huh?" Tera chuckled. "I thought we were here for math."

"Uh, yeah, but..." Erika looked at Tera, pleading with her eyes. "Please."

"Okay. Erika's a sleepy little girl." Tera watched the light drain from Erika's eyes, features going slack and body slumping in the chair. Tera leaned forward, onto her elbows. "Now, let's start with what you've learned. Do you like hypnosis?"


"How does it make you feel?"


"And who made you feel that way?"


"And who do you trust?"


"Great!" Tera smiled. "Now, do you think I can change you with hypnosis?"

Erika paused. "I don't know."

"You know I can change you. You want me to change you."

Erika sat still, not saying anything.

"Repeat after me. Tera will change me."

"Tera will change me."

"I want Tera to change me."

"I want Tera to change me."

"Stop repeating. Remember those two lines, repeat them to yourself with your lessons until they become your truth. What will you do?"

"I will repeat those two lines until they become my truth."

"Great! Let's start now. Keep repeating those two lines."

"Tera will change me. I want Tera to change me. Tera will change me..."

Tera sat back in her chair, smiling. She wasn't sure how long it would take, but eventually it would work. It had several times in high school, with her previous roommate here in college, and now it would with Erika. At some point, she'd come to Tera, begging to be changed into a lesbian slave. It would take time, probably weeks, but it would work, and those looks would become an invitation instead of a tease.

Erika kept repeating her new truths. Tera giggled and pumped her fist.

At the end of the tutoring session, Tera mentioned one more thing.

"Erika, stop repeating. Have you talked to anyone about hypnosis or how I'm hypnotizing you?"

"No," came the sleepy reply.

"Good. Tell nobody that I'm doing this to you, or that I'm changing you. Okay?"


Tera then woke Erika up, after instructing her to not consciously remember and to repeat her new lesson when she hypnotized herself at night. 

Erika came back to life. "Oh, wow, that was great!"

"I'm glad you liked it." Tera smiled.

"Yeah, maybe..." She checked her phone. "Shit, I have to go," said Erika, standing up.

"You have my number if you need me, since we didn't really get to your homework."

"Yeah, well, maybe." Erika walked off, saying, "See you next week!"

"If it takes that long," said Tera to herself.

Tera was hopeful, waiting for a call, but it never came. Eventually Monday crawled around, and again Tera was having trouble concentrating in classes. Finally, the evening came, and Erika walked up to the tutoring session, looking a little excited and happy. 

"Hi, Tera!" she said.

"Hi, Erika," replied Tera. "Take a seat. Let's see what you've got this week." Tera held in the anticipation, wanting Erika to ask for it.

"You know, Tera, I... well, I was hoping you might, you know..." Erika said.

"Hypnotize you?"

"Yeah, hypnotize me. I just, it's really relaxing, and I really like it. My roommate is surprised at how well I've been sleeping."

"You could've called during the week, you know, so we didn't have to lose tutoring time. You said at the beginning of the semester that you can't fail this course again," said Tera.

"I know, but I, well, yeah. Please?"

Tera sighed, making a show of it. "I guess so."

"Awesome!" Erika said excitedly.

"Erika's a sleepy little girl," Tera said. She watched the light drain from Erika's eyes. Waiting for the trigger to take full effect, she held in her excitement. "Okay, Erika, what are your lessons?"

"Tera will change me. I want Tera to change me."

"Good! So, how do you feel about me changing you now, Erika?"

"I want you to change me."

Tera grinned. "I'm going to change you into my lesbian slave. How do you feel about that?"

"I..." Erika halted. "I don't want that."

"But you want me to change you."


"Okay. Repeat after me. I want Tera to change me into anything she wants."

"I want Tera to change me into anything she wants," Erika repeated in a monotone.

"Stop repeating after me. Keep saying that to yourself. I want Tera to change me into anything she wants. Feel sinking into your mind and becoming your truth," Tera said.

Erika whispered to herself, "I want Tera to change me into anything she wants. I want Tera to change me into anything she wants..."

Tera smiled. Erika was coming along nicely. The entire tutoring session was taken up with Erika's chant.

Finally, it was time for Erika to go, and Tera's next student to show up. "Erika, you will repeat this new line with your lesson every night. Repeat your lesson."

"Tera will change me. I want Tera to change me. I want Tera to change me into anything she wants."

"Good! Every night you will repeat this lesson when you hypnotize yourself, letting it sink in and become your new truth. Once it has, you will call me to hypnotize you again. Okay?"

"Yes," came the dull reply.

"Okay, Erika, count up to 10, and when you reach 10, wake up, forgetting the last hour, but every night, you will follow my instructions to hypnotize yourself and repeat your lesson until it becomes your truth. Now, count."

"1, 2, 3, 4..."

Tera giggled to herself. Erika was coming along nicely.

Closing in on midnight Thursday night, Tera got a phone call from Erika.

"Hi, Erika! What's up? Need some more tutoring?"

"No, actually, I'm, I'm, well, not sure..."

"Okay, Erika, did you want me to hypnotize you then?"

"Yes! Oh, well, maybe, if you can, I know it's late, but, I, well," stammered Erika.

"It's okay, Erika. I can come over to your place, hypnotize you so you get some rest."

"Great! Thank you so much for understanding, I know it's late..."

"It's okay, it's okay. I'll be there in a few minutes. Bye," said Tera.

"Lates." Erika hung up.

Tera gave an excited wiggle before leaving her house. It was a short walk to Erika's, but to Tera, it took forever. Once there, she hurried up to the second floor apartment, knocking on the door.

Erika opened the door, in a t-shirt and sweat shorts, and her words caught in her throat. Tera smiled. 

"Hi Erika!"

"I, uh, hi Tera."

"Your roommate around?"

"Oh, uh, no, she's at her boyfriend's place." Erika huffed. "As usual."

"Okay, that'll help, right? No distractions."

"Oh, okay," said Erika.

"Let's go to your bedroom, so you can just fall asleep right there and I don't have to try to move you," said Tera, gesturing towards the back.

"Okay. I trust you." Erika lead Tera to her room. Sitting on the bed, she looked up pleadingly at the grad student.

Tera didn't waste any time. "Erika's a sleepy little girl." The light left Erika's eyes and she slumped forward, nearly falling off the bed. Tera guided her backwards, laying her on the bed with her calves still hanging off.

"Okay, Erika, what are your lessons?"

"Tera will change me. I want Tera to change me. I want Tera to change me into anything she wants," Erika said in a monotone.

"Good! And why did you call me tonight?"

"Because it is my truth."

"Erika, do you want me to change you into whatever I want to?"


"Even if it's my lesbian slave?"

Erika hesitated before replying, "Yes."

"Good!" Tera smiled excitedly. "Now, it's time to change you. We'll start with your fantasies. Do you know what edging is?"


"What is it?"

"When someone holds you at the edge of cumming," said Erika.

"Great! Now, every night, while you repeat your lessons, you will edge yourself. When it's morning and time to wake up, you will come out of trance, call me, and the sound of my voice answering the phone will give you permission to cum. You will cum the best and the hardest that you have in your life, thinking of me, knowing I gave it to you. You may start now."

Erika sat up and turned to face the mirror. She started intoning to herself, "Tera will change me. I want Tera to change me. I want Tera to change me into anything she wants." Her hand slipped down under her panties. Tera could see it slowly moving underneath, the fingers twirling.

It wouldn't be long now and Tera would be under those panties too.

Tera got the call in the morning. She smiled when she saw Erika's name pop up on her phone.

"Hello? Erika?"

"Aaaahhh fuuuuuck fuck fuck fuck fuck nnnnnnggghhhh oh oh oh oh oh!" came over the phone.

Tera smiled to herself. "Hi Erika. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself."

"I... oh god, why did I do that? I was... was thinking of you. What are you doing to me?"

"I'm changing you. Don't you want me to change you?"

"Yes! Please, change... wait, what?"

"It's okay to admit it to yourself, Erika. That was the best orgasm of your life."

"Yes... wait, no! No!" The phone hung up. Tera giggled happily. Erika was coming along nicely.

Tera barely made it through Friday. She wasn't sure how. Her pussy was on fire as she replayed the phone call in her head constantly. She wanted to go jump Erika right now, but it wasn't anywhere near time for anything like that. Patiently, she waited for Saturday morning and the next call.

When it came, she answered, "Hello? Erika?"

"Oh god, oh god, ohgodohgod aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh yes yes yes yes yes!" came over the phone.

"Erika? Are you there?" Tera heard Erika collapse back on the bed. "That was pretty loud. Bet your roommate heard."

"Oh fuck, that was so good," Erika said. "What are you doing to me? Why do I keep thinking of you when I cum?"

"I'm changing you, Erika. Don't you want me to?"

"Yes. Wait, no. No!" 

"I can make it that good all the time, but I have to hypnotize you. Don't you want me to hypnotize you?"

"Yes. Oh, please... wait, what? No! You're messing with my head!"

"I'll be over in a few minutes."

"No!" Tera hung up.

Tera giggled excitedly on her way down from her apartment. She practically ran over to Erika's and went up the stairs to the apartment. Ringing the bell, she could barely contain herself waiting. Erika opened the door, in a t-shirt and sweat shorts again.

"Back to your room, now," ordered Tera.

Erika looked nonplussed. She didn't move, and started shutting the door.

"Erika's a sleepy little girl!" Tera said quickly. The light drained from Erika's eyes as she slumped. Tera pushed past the door to catch Erika on her way down, and dragged her into her bedroom. Tera went back and shut the front door, then the bedroom one.

"Is your roommate here?" asked Tera.

"No," said Erika in a flat voice. 

"Good. Is she likely to interrupt us?"


"Where is she?"

"Her boyfriend's."

"Good. Then it's time to learn some new truths, Erika. Repeat after me. My pussy makes me feel good."

"My pussy makes me feel good."

"My pussy likes women."

"My pussy likes women."

"My pussy wants to have sex with women."

"My pussy wants to have sex with women."

"My pussy wants to have sex with Tera."

"My pussy wants to have sex with Tera."

"Stop repeating after me. Now, lock in those lessons, Erika. Repeat them to yourself."

Erika intoned her lessons. "My pussy makes me feel good. My pussy likes women..."

Tara smiled at her conquest. It wouldn't take long and Erika would be walking around in a state of awe, thinking of sex with every woman she saw. She would soon be hooked, especially to Tera. 

"Erika, play with yourself while you learn your lesson. Hold yourself on edge until I tell you to cum."

Erika's hand slipped under her shorts and started slowly stroking. Her words became breathy as she murmered her lessons.

Tera went into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. She watched the hypnotized beauty slowly edge herself and speak her new truths. The desire to be changed would help these along. Tera searched around and found Erika's keys. She figured out which one was for the locks on the door, and headed out, leaving the girl sitting on her bed, intoning lessons to herself.

A quick trip to Home Depot gave her a copy of the key. She was feeling a little hungry, so she stopped by a taco shop on her way back to Erika's apartment. She checked her new key. Inside, Erika was still repeating her lessons and still slowly stroking herself. Tera ate in the bedroom with the door closed, finishing up what she could of her two tacos, rice and beans. Setting them aside, she smiled at her conquest.

"Okay, Erika, think about sex with me. Think about kissing me, stroking me, letting me play with you, you between my legs, making me cum, which makes you cum. Are you thinking about that?"

"Yes," said Erika, and then continued with her lessons.

"Now, I'm going to wake you up, and you're going to keep thinking about sex with me, and you're going to keep playing with yourself, holding yourself on edge. Okay?"

"Yes," said Erika.

"And once I say, Erika's a lesbian, you'll cum harder than you ever have before. Now, Erika, count to 10, and when you reach 10, wake up."

Erika slowly counted. "1, 2, 3..." She continued to gently stroke herself.

Tera patiently waited. 

Erika finally said, "10." She blinked her eyes a few times, and looked around. "Wait, why are you here? Why am I playing with myself in front of you? Why am I so horny? Why am I thinking about sex with you? Get out! Get out!" Her hand didn't stop moving.

"Because, Erika's a lesbian," said Tera, smiling.

Erika's hand suddenly sped up and she moaned out loudly, "Ohhh nnnnnnnggggghhhh," as her muscles spasmed and she clentched forward around her hand. "Yes, yes, yes, oh, fuck yes!" She shook for a minute in pure pleasure, then continued shaking as she tried to recover, floating in the afterglow. Finally, she spurted out, "What did you do to me?"

"I made you realize how good it is to have sex with me," said Tera. "You can feel like that anytime you want, just by asking me." 

"Fuck you," said Erika. "Just, fuck you, bitch."

"You want me to hypnotize you, right?"

"Yes. Doesn't matter, just get the fuck out."

"You want me to change you, right?"

"Yes," Erika said, sounding a little defeated this time. "Please leave."

"So, I'm hypnotizing you and changing you," Tera said. She slipped forward and kissed Erika on the forehead. "Soon, you'll love me changing you, and you'll love me. Now, Erika's a sleepy little girl."

Erika sucked in a breath in shock, then slowly let it out as she slipped down into trance.

"Okay, now, Erika, what are your new lessons from today?"

"My pussy makes me feel good. My pussy likes women. My pussy wants to have sex with women. My pussy wants to have sex with Tera."

"Good. Now, at night, when you hypnotize yourself, you'll repeat these new lessons along with all of the ones I've already taught you. You'll remember everything from today, but you won't be able to stop it. You'll keep doing it, until the words you repeat to yourself are true. You'll know that sex with me is the best you will ever have."

Erika sat still, absorbing her new instructions.

"Count to 10 and wake up."

Tera watched as Erika started counting. She needed to do something about her own sopping panties, so she took off, with Erika shouting behind her. She headed home, leaving Erika to ponder her new reality. Once inside, Tera quickly stripped off her clothes and grabbed her favorite vibrator and dildo. She slid the dildo home without difficulty, since she was already wet from the display earlier. Within seconds of touching the vibe to her clit, she screeched as a wave of searing hot pleasure washed over her, clentching her muscles as she arched in ecstasy, thinking of Erika. She only took a few minutes to recover before needing another, and another.

Waiting for Sunday morning was torture, but Tera knew that Erika's reality needed time to shift to its new rules. The call came as expected.

"Hello? Erika?" asked Tera.

"Oh fuuuuck meeee, nnnnnnnnggggggghhhhh aaaaahhhh yes yes yes yes yes," came Erika's voice.

"Thinking of me, hun?" asked Tera. "Gets you off, doesn't it?"

"Oh, fuck you, Tera," said Erika after she'd recovered enough to talk.

"But, your pussy likes it, doesn't it?"

"Yes," said Erika, then, "No, wait! What the fuck!"

"Are you sitting down?"

"Huh? Yes! Why does..."

"Erika's a sleepy little girl." Tera heard Erika slump and drop the phone. Giggling, she hung up the phone and headed out.

Once at Erika's apartment, she pulled out the key she had made, and let herself in. Not seeing Erika's roommate, she headed back to the bedroom, figuring that Erika had called first thing. She was right. Erika was laying in the bed, phone lying near her limp hand. She was still half under the covers, messy hair splayed on the pillows. It really had been first thing.

Tera thought about making Erika sit up, but decided to play a bit. "Erika, count to 10, slowly waking up until you are fully awake when you're done."

Erika started counting. "1, 2, 3..."

Tera watched as the light gradually came back in Erika's eyes. Finally, she finished, staring at Tera.

"What the fuck did you do to me?" asked Erika.

"Did you cum harder than you ever have?" responded Tera.

"Yes. Oh, fuck you."

"Is that a promise?"

"No, you bitch! Get out! How did you even get in here?"

"Does your pussy like women?"

"Yes. Oh fuck, why am I even answering? Just, go!"

"Does you pussy want to have sex with me?"

"Ye... oh fuck you, bitch! Out! Out! I'm calling the fucking cops." Erika lifted her phone up, unlocked it and brought up the phone app.

"Erika's a sleepy little girl!" Tera said hurredly. She watched Erika's thumb stop just before it dialed. She blew out a deep breath as Erika slipped into trance. Tera knew she'd have to be careful about her instructions, since even if Erika couldn't tell the cops, she could call them and make everything difficult. "Never do that again," she commanded the hypnotized girl.

"Okay," came the flat reply.

"Don't you want me to change you?"


"Then why did you try to call the cops?"

"You're making me a lesbian."

"But, you want to be changed. You don't want to be a lesbian?"


"Okay, new lesson. Repeat after me. I want to be a lesbian."

"I want to be a lesbian."

"I want Tera to change me into a lesbian."

"I want Tera to change me into a lesbian."

"Stop repeating after me. Now, what are your new lessons?"

"I want to be a lesbian. I want Tera to change me into a lesbian."

"Good. Repeat them to yourself until they are true." Tera rubbed her forehead, then ran her hand through her hair. This was a little more difficult that she'd anticipated. The lesson for today was supposed to have Erika's newly lesbian pussy control her actions, but now that was put off. It was so hot watching a straight woman be contolled by her pussy to finally give in to sex with a woman, particularly if she wasn't fully turned yet. Hopefully this could still play out that way. Tera was getting wet just thinking about it. Seeing her eyes as her conquest realized that she couldn't stop, that she was going to have sex with Tera even though she didn't swing that way, and that it was going to be the best sex of her life...

Definitely going to happen that way. Even with Erika now wanting to be changed into a lesbian. Having her pussy control her always made it simpler to enslave a woman. Sex was such a powerful drive, and if Tera could control that, she would be able to control Erika. And that thought, knowing that it could happen soon, *would* happen soon, made Tera slip her hand down her shorts and start to play with herself.

Erika kept droning on. "I want to be a lesbian. I want Tera to change me into a lesbian."

Tera watched Erika, a blank look on her face. Tera came watching her hypnotized student brainwash herself.

She quickly cleaned herself up in the washroom and, controlling her impulse to just watch Erika and play all day, went home to get through her own homework.

Tera checked in on Erika in the afternoon. She found Erika still in bed, hypnotized, and droning on to herself.

"I want to be a lesbian. I want Tera to change me into a lesbian."

"Erika, stop," said Tera. Erika did, laying still in her bed. "Okay, Erika, you'll add that to your lessons at night. What are your lessons now?"

"Tera will change me. I want Tera to change me. I want Tera to change me into anything she wants. My pussy makes me feel good. My pussy likes women. My pussy wants to have sex with women. My pussy wants to have sex with Tera. I want to be a lesbian. I want Tera to change me into a lesbian."

"Great! Now, every night, when you hypnotize yourself, you will repeat all of those lessons, feeling them become more true with each repetition, until you know they are true, and feel it in your soul. You will edge yourself the entire time, and when you wake up and call me, and you feel the blistering orgasm my voice makes you have, it will lock all of these lessons in place. You won't tell anyone that this is happening and don't even want to try. Now, count to 10, slowly waking up until you reach 10 when you will be fully awake, forgetting I was here at all today, but subconsciously remembering your tasks for tonight."

Erika started counting. "1, 2, 3..."

Tera left quickly, giggling.

Monday morning, the now expected call from Erika came. "Hello, Erika?" answered Tera.

"Oh fuuuuck meeee, fuuunnnnnnnnggggggghhhhh aaaaahhhh ah ah ah ah aaaaahhh!" came Erika's voice.

"Did you just cum thinking about sex with me, Erika?"

"Yes, you bitch. What are you doing to me?"

"Making you a lesbian. Don't you want me to?"

"Yes. Wait, no! Fuck no!"

"Call me again once you really want me to change you into one." Tera hung up.

That evening, after Bonnie left her tutoring session, Tera waited a few minutes before Erika came walking up timidly. Tera was a little surprised she'd shown, and smiled as the student sat down.

"Nervous?" asked Tera.

"Yes," said Erika, a tear streaming down her face. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because you're hot," said Tera. "I've wanted to get in your pants since I first saw you the beginning of the semester. And it's so hot twisting a cis girl into a lesbian. And now, here you are, well on your way to becoming my lesbian slave. How does it feel?"

"I hate you!" spat Erika.

"But don't you want it?"

"I... yes. I can't help it," said Erika with a sob. "I want you to hypnotize me. To change me. To make me a lesbian." Erika started gently crying.

"I don't want to make you suffer, Erika," said Tera. "I want to make you feel good. Don't you want to feel good?"

Erika paused a second, then nodded. More tears came out.

"Does your pussy make you feel good?"

"Yes." Another sob.

"Does your pussy want to have sex with me?"

"Oh god," Erika whispered. "Yes, yes it does. You bitch." She dropped her head into her hands, elbows on her knees.

"Erika's a sleepy little girl." Erika's sobs slowly stopped. "Erika, why were you late today?"

"I didn't want to come," Erika said in a monotone.

"Why not?"

"I don't like what you're doing to me."

"What am I doing to you?"

"Changing me into a lesbian."

"So why did you come then?"

"Because I need you to hypnotize me, to change me, to make me a lesbian."

"But you don't like that?"


Tera squeezed her thighs together and felt her own wetness. She nearly let out a moan. A straight girl hating being turned into a lesbian but unable to resist? This was so hot. 

"Okay, Erika, your lessons seem to be working. We'll leave them alone for now. Count to 10 and wake up, and once awake, we'll concentrate on your homework together, okay?"

"Okay. 1, 2, 3, 4..."

Tera watched her student gradually come back to consciousness. "Ready for some homework?"

Erika wiped her eyes, thought about it, and nodded, pulling out her book. "I trust you," she quietly said.

Tuesday morning it was the same. Erika called, Tera answered, Erika came, Erika swore at Tera for doing it to her. Tera decided to let the programming run its course, and left Erika alone for the rest of the day. It happened again Wednesday, and Thursday.

Something changed late Thursday though. It was nearly midnight when Tera's phone rang. She looked over from her homework at it and saw that it was Erika. She answered. "Erika?"

Gentle breathing came from the other end.

"Erika? Are you there?"

"Yes," intoned Erika, obviously hypnotized.

Tera realized what had happened, but asked anyway. "Erika, why did you call?"

"My lessons are true."

"Good! What are your lessons?"

"Tera will change me. I want Tera to change me. I want Tera to change me into anything she wants. My pussy makes me feel good. My pussy likes women. My pussy wants to have sex with women. My pussy wants to have sex with Tera. I want to be a lesbian. I want Tera to change me into a lesbian."

"Good! It's time for some new lessons, Erika. Repeat after me. I want to feel good."

"I want to feel good."

"I want my pussy to make me feel good."

"I want my pussy to make me feel good."

"Tera makes my pussy feel good."

"Tera makes my pussy feel good."

"Stop repeating. Now, what are your new lessons?"

"I want to feel good. I want my pussy to make me feel good. Tera makes my pussy feel good."

"At night, while you hypnotize yourself, you will edge yourself, and while you repeat your new lessons, you will anticipate your morning phone call with me, thinking about how great it will feel when you finally talk to me and get to cum. Now, hang up and follow your instructions."

The phone hung up. Tera giggled, knowing Erika was almost hers.

Friday morning, Tera got the call.

"Erika? Is that you?"

"Oh my fucking... aaaaaaaahhhhh nnnnnnnngggggghhhhhh ah ah ah ah ah!" came over the phone.

"Did you just cum thinking of me?" asked Tera.

"Oh, fuck yes," breathed Erika after a minute. "Oh shit, what the hell just happened? I'm not a lesbian!"

"No, but you want me to change you into one, don't you?"

"Yes. No, wait, I do, what? I do, I really do," said Erika, a little sob coming over the phone. "What did you do to me? Why do I want that?"

"I'm changing you, Erika. Into a lesbian. Don't you want that?"

"Yes, I want... wait, why do I want that?" asked Erika, her voice small over the phone. "Why do I want that?" Another little sob.

"Because your pussy likes women, and wants sex with women, doesn't it?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"Doesn't it?"

"Yes, it does!" said Erika loudly. "Why? Why am I saying that? Why does my pussy want anything?"

"Because I'm changing you," said Tera. "I'm making your pussy feel good. Now, you should run to class. I'll hear from you tomorrow."

"Why? Why will you hear from me tomorrow?"

"Because I told you to call me every morning."

"You... you did."

"That's why you've been calling and cumming every morning now for a while," said Tera. "I'm training you to think of my voice bringing you pleasure."


"Now get to class. Talk to you tomorrow," said Tera, and she hung up to Erika stuttering.

Saturday morning. Erika called as usual.

"Hi Erika, you may cum," Tera said this time.

"Oh fuck meeeeee nnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggghhhhhhhhh ah ah ah ah ah!"

"Erika's a sleepy little girl."

"Oh..." Tera heard Erika slump in bed over the phone.

Heading over, Tera kept giggling and giving happy little fist pumps. Just a little more about control, and Erika would be hers. Once at Erika's, Tera whipped out her copied key, unlocked the door and went in.

Erika was laid out on her bed, her phone still in her hand, half covered by her blankets. Tera could see the wrinkled tee Erika had on. Soon, Erika would be sleeping in sexier things.

"Erika, what are your current lessons?"

"I want to feel good. I want my pussy to make me feel good. Tera makes my pussy feel good."

"Good. Time for some new lessons, Erika. Repeat after me. My pussy makes me feel good."

"My pussy makes me feel good."

"My pussy controls when I feel good."

"My pussy controls when I feel good."

"Tera makes my pussy feel good."

"Tera makes my pussy feel good."

"Tera makes me cum."

"Tera makes me cum."

"Tera controls when my pussy makes me feel good."

"Tera controls when my pussy makes me feel good."

"Tera controls when I cum."

"Tera controls when I cum."

"Stop repeating. Now, edge yourself, repeating your new lessons."

Erika's hand dropped her phone and slipped under the covers. Tera saw a little movement and head Erika repeating softly to herself, "My pussy makes me feel good. My pussy controls when I feel good..."

Leaving Erika to it, Tera headed home to get something to eat.

Hours later, after finishing up an essay due on Monday, Tera went back to Erika's. The girl was still playing with herself in her bedroom, and softly intoning her lessons. 

"Tera makes me cum. Tera controls when my pussy feels good. Tera controls when I cum."

"Stop, Erika."

Erika stopped doing both things, going still. 

"Now, I'm going to wake you up, and when I do, I'm going to kiss you. You won't resist. And when I do, you're going to cum so hard you see stars. Okay, what will you do?"

"I won't resist. I'll cum so hard I'll see stars."

"Great! Now, count to 10, slowly waking up until you reach 10, when you will be fully awake."

"1, 2, 3..."

Tera held in excited giggles as she waited for Erika to count up.

"9, 10." Erika stared at Tera. "What's going on? Why are you here?"

"Feeling horny, Erika? Need to cum?"

"Fuck yes," Erika breathed, both anticipation and horror leaking out of her voice.

"Good. I'm going to make you cum, and there's nothing you can do about it," said Tera. She leaned in to the still prone woman, looking right into her eyes. She could see both fear and desire there.  She kissed Erika softly on the lips.

Erika went rigid before crying out into Tera's mouth, arching on the bed, all muscles tensed, obviously exploding in pleasure. She jerked back down onto the bed, curling around Tera as best she could, her fingers and toes balled, until she finally settled back down. Tera leaned back.

"How was it, Erika?"

"Oh fuck me, that was amazing," Erika replied, breathing heavily. "It's never been so good." After a few seconds, "I saw stars." 

"That good, huh?"

"Fuck yeah."

"I made you cum that hard, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did."

"I control when you cum, don't I?"

"Yes, you do. Wait, what...?"

"Soon, I'll control you," said Tera, smiling down at her conquest.

"Wait, no, I don't... but, wait a fucking second here," stammered Erika.

"Erika's a sleepy little girl," said Tera. The light faded from Erika's eyes. "Now, Erika, tonight when you hypnotize and edge yourself, you'll repeat your new lessons, while you dream of sex with me, knowing how hard I make you cum, knowing I control when you cum. Okay?"


Tera set Erika to count and wake up as usual, and took off. Once home, she jumped into bed and jammed one hand up her shirt to play with her breasts and the other down her shorts to play with her sopping pussy. It only took a minute and she was cumming, curling hard around her hands. Laying back down, she knew it was going to be a long night waiting for the call in the morning. She got up and checked her underwear drawer for her toys, pulling out her special vibrator with the clit stimulator. At least she could enjoy herself to pass the time.

Erika called in the morning. Tera didn't say anything this time.

"Tera, please, I need it. Please, Tera, make me cum."

Tera still didn't say anything.

"Tera, I'll hang up, I really will, I'll..."

Tera relented. "No you won't." She heard Erika cumming over the phone. "You need it too badly now."

After giving Erika a little time to recover, Tera asked, "Were you thinking of me when you came?"

"Yes," said Erika weakly.

"And who made you cum?"

"You did."

"And who controls when you cum?"

"You do."

"Good! It's about time for you last lesson!"

"My last what?"

"Erika's a sleepy little girl." Erika still lying down this time, dropped her phone.

Tera headed over. 

Once there, Tera instructed Erika in her new lessons.

"My pussy controls my pleasure. My pussy controls me. Tera controls my pussy. Tera controls me."

Tera let Erika stew for hours, then set her up for the night. Erika was just about ready.

The morning call came again Monday. Again, Tera stayed silent.

"Tera, please, please make me cum, I need it so badly, Tera, don't make me wait, don't do this to me!" Erika pleaded across the phone.

"I love it when you beg, Erika," said Tera. She again heard Erika cumming over the phone. "Now clean up and get to class." She hung up.

Tera waited impatiently the rest of the day for Erika's tutoring time. Classes dragged, and the time between was spent tapping her pencil on anything handy and dreaming about Erika's hot body naked in Tera's bed. Her panties were wet the entire day, anticipating what could happen tonight.

Finally, her last tutoring student before Erika left, and she came up. The teasing was back, with Erika giving a sensual strut as she approached. Sitting, she set her backpack on the floor and leaned into Tera.

"I'll beg, if you want me to."

Tera nearly came right then. "Erika's a sleepy little girl."

Erika gave a surprised little, "Oh!" before the light drained from her eyes.

"Erika, when you wake up, I'm going to kiss you. You will let me. We will french, and when my tongue touches yours, you'll cum the hardest you ever have." Tera looked at Erika, all her desire and need fueling impatience, and she said, "Wake up."

Erika did, slowly. Tera watched the light come back into Erika's eyes, then leaned in and gave a full-mouthed kiss. She gently slid her tongue between Erika's lips, and when the two tongues touched, Erika moaned out, arching in the chair, trembling as her body clenched and her eyes rolled back in her head. Erika's arms slipped around Tera and pulled her close, fingers digging into Tera's back. After a long minute, Erika pulled back, letting Tera go.

"Oh fuck," was all she could get out.

"How was that?" asked Tera.

Erika just whimpered.

"That good, huh?"

"Oh fuck yes."

"Do you love me?"

"No. I hate you. You changed me."

"Then why are you here?"

"You... you can make me cum like that. I... I need it."

"I can do it again."

"Yes. Please, do it."

"Here? In public? Where everyone can see you cum kissing a girl?"



"Please, Tera, please make me cum again. I'll do anything you want, I'll even eat you out..."

"Erika's a sleepy little girl."

Tera did it to Erika again, programming her, waking her up and making her cum with a kiss. After the blistering orgasm, Erika was a slumped mess in her chair, and she still begged for another. 

"No," responded Tera. 

"Please, please, Tera..."

"No. Now, pull out your homework..."

"Fuck no, Tera, I can't. I need it. I need another."

"Pull out your homework and concentrate, or I'll leave you begging tonight." 

Erika whined, but pulled out her books.

Erika's call came the next morning. "I'm begging you, let me cum! I need it, I need it so badly!"

"Be at my place after classes," Tera replied, listening to Erika screech her orgasm over the phone. "And dress in something sexy."

The day was slow for Tera. She was anticipating the evening's activities. She hurried home after classes, knowing she had an hour to prepare before Erika would be over. She showered and got her toys together. Soon, Erika knocked.

"Hello, Erika," said Tera, holding the door open. Erika came in, fear and desire in her eyes. She had on a tight, red, barely decent dress.

"I need it, Tera," Erika said. "I need it so badly. What have you done to me?"

"You're fire, girl, and I've made you mine," Tera replied. "Now, into the bedroom." She gestured into the apartment.

Once into the bedroom, Tera said, "Okay, strip." 

Erika took little time to get out of her dress. She hadn't bothered with underwear. "Please, Tera, please."

Tera laughed a little. "Okay, girl, time to teach you to eat pussy. On the bed," said Tera pointing to the middle. Erika complied. Tera followed, settling herself against the headboard. "Between my legs, and get to work. And you better do it well, if you want to have any chance of cumming tonight."

Erika leaned in and started licking, unskilled.

"No, no, babe, tease me a little," said Tera. "Do it the way you like it."

Erika slowed down and started using long, langorous licks.

"Better, girl, better," said Tera. She put her hand on the back of Erika's head and looked into the mirror on the closet at the end of the bed. "You look so hot between my thighs." She arched into Erika's teasing tongue. "Yeah, baby, better."

Erika circled Tera's clit with the tip of her tongue before taking a long lick.

"Oh yeah, that's good," said Tera.

Erika puckered her lips and suckled on Tera's clit.

"Oh, oh, oh, fuck yeah!"

Her tongue flicked on the hard nub.

"Fuuuuuuuck," said Tera, and all her waiting for this moment, Erika between her legs and eating her out, released in a blistering orgasm, sending flaming hot lava washing up from her crotch to her brain and wiping out all thought in an short eternity of ecstasy. Her body clentched and shook around the newly christened pussy eater. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck..."

Tera finally pushed Erika away. "Too sensitive," she said breathlessly. "We'll do that again later. For now, on your hands and knees, face the mirror."

Erika got into position, whimpering. "Please hurry, I need it, Tera, I need it."

Tera reached off the bed for her strap on, and took her time buckling it on. She slid behind Erika and lined up. "Are you ready?" she asked.

"Oh fuck you, you bitch, hurry up and take me! I need to cum!"

Tera grabbed Erika's long hair and pulled her head back. "Look at yourself in the mirror," said Tera. "Tell me, what are you?"

"I don't know, Tera," whined Erika.

"Are you a slut?"

"Yes, anything, please let me cum!"

"Say it."

"I'm a slut!"

"Are you a lesbian?"

"What? No! Please just fuck me!"

"You're not a lesbian, but you're about to let a girl fuck you. Are you bi?"

"Please Tera," whimpered Erika. "Just please..."

"You're not bi, are you," said Tera. "Then why are you begging me to fuck you?"

"You control when I cum, and I fucking need it, so please, please Tera," pleaded Erika. She wiggled her hips, trying to manuver her dripping pussy onto the dildo. Tera kept moving it so Erika couldn't get it in herself.

"What am I changing you into, Erika?"

"A lesbian!" 

"Who controls you, Erika?"

"You do!"

"Beg me to fuck you."

"Fuck me, fuck me, Tera, do it! God, I need it! Hurry!"

Tera finally relented and slid the length of the dildo into Erika's well-lubricated pussy. "Better?" asked Tera.

"Oh, oh, fuck yeah," said Erika. "Fuck me, Tera, make me cum!"

"Look at yourself," said Tera, leaning down to Erika's ear. "See yourself in the mirror? You're being fucked by a girl, and you're going to cum harder than you ever have." Tera slowly slid the dildo in and out of Erika. "Who controls you?"

"You do!"

"Who?" Tera sped up a little.

"You! You, Tera!" 

"Who controls when you cum?"

"You Tera, please let me cum!" cried Erika, thrusting back and forth along the dildo, trying to speed Tera up.

Tera obliged, pounding into Erika. "I own you now, Erika. Cum for me."

Erika howled as her body bucked, back arched and muscles flexing. "Oh god oh god oh nnnnhhh..." Slowly her body relaxed a little.

Tera smiled and kept pounding. "Cum again, Erika."

Erika moaned as her body convulsed again, caught in the throes of an incredible orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth dropped open. Everything clenched so hard she shook.

"There, baby, better?" asked Tera.

Erika only whimpered in response.

"Definitely better," said Tera.

Erika collapsed on the bed, face into the mattress and sliding off of the dildo. 

"I think I broke you," said Tera. "Whose are you?" she asked.

"Yours," whispered Erika, still out of breath.

"Who was that?"

"Yours, Tera, yours," said Erika, a little louder.

"Good. Don't you forget it." She pulled off the strap on. "Now, time for me again, girl. Flip over."

Erika complied, turning onto her back.

Tera slipped forward, placing herself right over Erika's mouth. "Get to work again," said Tera.

The next couple of days, Tera watched as Erika tried to pull away. There were little signs, like late responses to texts and late arrivals when Tera summoned. But in the end, it didn't matter. Erika obeyed.

Thursday at Erika's place, Tera watched the girl writhe in desperation. 

"Please, make me cum," said Erika.

"Erika, pull out your homework."

Erika whined as she pulled out her book. "Please, don't do this to me. Please, I need it."

"I'm not here to mess with your studies," said Tera. "I'm your tutor, remember?"

Erika whined again. "Please, just one and I'll study, I promise!"

"No," said Tera.

Erika groaned in response and flipped open her books. "But you're here, and that makes me think of sex with you, and I can't concentrate..."

"Would it be easier if I left?" asked Tera.

"Yes," Erika said in a small voice.

"Okay, I'll leave you to your studies."

"And, and Monday..."

"What about Monday?"

"I'll just want to... you know."

"Have sex with me? So you're saying the tutoring session is off?"

"No! No," said Erika, "just... I don't know."

"You know, you're right. You should probably find another tutor," laughed Tera. "I've bent you a little too much to concentrate around me."

"Okay," said Erika, meekly. 

"I'll be back in a couple of hours. You better be finished."

"I will be." Erika turned to her books and started.

Friday afternoon, after classes, Tera summoned Erika home. "I've got a special weekend planned for us," said Tera. "I'm going to show you just how addicted you are."

Erika whimpered. She feared what Tera would do, because she knew that even if she stuggled not to go along with it, her tratorious pussy would win out and take her down whatever path Tera chose.

"First, we're going to dinner. Into the bedroom, I have something for you to wear."

Erika looked at the barely there red dress, matching stockings and garter laid out on the bed. "No panties? I'll flash everyone!"

"If you're careful, it won't be everyone. And you need to clean up, first. Take a shower, wash up and shave. I want my girl smooth."

Tera pulled out her phone to kill time and waited in the bedroom, while she heard the shower going. 

Finally, Erika stepped out of the attached bathroom and into the bedroom. "Done," she said. She had on two towels, one for her hair and the other draping from her breasts.

"Lose the towel, the bottom one," commanded Tera.

Erika's hands moved quickly to obey. The towel dropped, revealing her delicious curves. 

"Yummy," said Tera lecherously. "Get ready to head out, and you better look hot." Tera made herself comfortable, already set for the evening. She had on a more modest black dress, but still tight in all the right places and only down to mid thigh. 

Erika's phone went off. She whined, unable to pick it up with the command to get ready in place. Tera picked it up from the nightstand and answered the call.

"Erika's phone, who is this?"

"It's Yuki, the tutor. Is Erika available?"

"Yes, just a sec," said Tera. She handed the phone to Erika, saying, "Take this call. It's important."

Erika stopped for long enough in her preparations to answer. "Yes? Oh hi! Yeah!" Pause. "I do need the help, I'm pretty desperate." Pause. "I could meet up tomorrow, I think." Erika looked at Tera for permission.

Tera nodded and mouthed, "Afternoon."

"Yeah, tomorrow afternoon would work. How about you? Oh, two? Sure, that'll work." Pause. "Student union?" Pause. "Sure, I know that cafe. I'll be there." Pause. "Sure, I'll look for that. See you then!" Erika hung up. 

Tera took the phone from her. "Now, hurry up and get ready. Remember, you better look hot."

Erika did her best. 

Tera and Erika slowly walked into the student union on Saturday, holding hands. When Tera leaned in for a kiss, Erika leaned back just a little. Tera loved how Erika would shy away from any more overt gestures, being somewhat private about her artificial desires. The coffee shop was near the front entrance, and they got in line together. Erika paid for two lattes. Sitting down at a table, she looked around for her new tutor.

"There she is, I think." Erika nodded towards a corner.

Tera turned and looked at the short, lithe girl, with black hair and a tight smile. "She's cute. What's her name again?" 

"Yuki. Okay, I'll be back," Erika said, standing up.

Tera slapped Erika's ass as she got up. Erika turned and glared, but continued towards her new tutor.

Tera watched them talk and sipped her latte. She smiled when Erika shyly pointed her out, and said something. Yuki waved over at Tera, and she waved back. Erika pulled out her textbook, and Tera smiled again. Getting up, she headed towards the grad student office, needing to catch up on her grading.

A while later, Erika came around the corner of the office. "I'm done."

"How was it?" asked Tera, closing the office door and locking it.

"Great! She really knows her stuff."

"As good as me?"

"I hate you, remember?" responded Erika.

Tera just laughed. "When will you two be meeting?"

"Thursdays. They work out well for me, since the quizzes are Fridays."

"Fine." Tera turned her seat behind her desk. "I've been waiting for you to get back," She pulled up her short skirt. "On your knees."

"Here?" Erika asked as she complied.

"Yes, here." Tera whipped her panties down and off. "Now, eat me out. And make it good." Tera scooted down in the chair to give Erika better access.

Erika leaned in, and slowly started licking. Tera leaned back and stifled a moan, knowing that anyone could be walking by. She felt Erika langorously run her tongue along her crotch, gently teasing. Tera reached out a hand and put it on the back of Erika's head. She felt Erika's tongue play along her entrance, tasting Tera's musky wetness which she now knew so well. Tera leaned back and choked down another moan. Her insides lit up in sparks, and melting heat ran up through her chest to burn her mind. The sensations intensified when Erika ran her tongue up and over Tera's distended clit, sparking burning butterfly tingles up her belly. She teased her own breasts through her bra as her slave suckled on her. Suddenly curling around her lover's head, Tera managed to keep from crying out as release crashed over her, sending her over the precipice and down into blank bliss.

Erika continued to tease until Tera finally pushed her back. "On the desk," she said, motioning for her toy to get up. Erika stood and backed onto the desk, leaning back against the wall it was pushed up to. Tera pushed up Erika's own short skirt and yanked down her panties. The grad student leaned in and started working on the slave, savoring the musky nectar dripping from her primed pussy. Erika couldn't hold back her cries quite as well, but Tera didn't relent, driving her prior student over the edge quickly. Erika bucked, ramming her shoulders back against the wall. Tera had to muffle the girl's moans with a hand as the orgasm crashed through the blonde.

Letting up, Tera sat back, caught her breath and smiled. "That was fun."

"Hell yeah," replied Erika.

"Aren't you glad I bent you?"

"Fuck no," said Erika, looking deeply into Tera's eyes. "I still hate you for it, even if it feels great." She leaned down and kissed the grad student. "I'm your slave, I can't help it."

Tera laughed. "Nice answer." She tossed Erika's panties at her. "Go get cleaned up and study. I know you need to. And I still have to catch up on grading."

Thursday, Tera waited patiently while Erika met up with Yuki. She got back late.

"What's the deal? I've been waiting for dinner," said Tera indignantly.

"We just had a lot to cover, that's all," Erika replied. "Actually, if it's ok, I'd like to meet up with her this weekend and catch up, since you made me miss a few weeks of tutoring."

"Really? You sure you don't have the hots for her?" Tera asked, mock jealously.

"You control me, so you could tell me to stop, if I did," said Erika, putting her arms around her hated lover.

"That's true," said Tera. "Now, let's grab some food. Tacos?" They headed out to the taco shop down the street.

A few weeks passed, with the couple in a steady rhythm. Classes continued, with a load of homework and studying to be done. Tera had the classes she taught too, needing to come up with lesson plans and keep up with grading. She occasionally tried to help Erika out, but mostly, when they were together, it was all hot, passionate sex interspersed with recovering for the next round.

One Friday night, Erika came over to Tera's with a big smile on her face. "I've got something special for tonight," she said, entering when Tera opened the door.

"Really?" Tera was a little surprised that her slave would take the initiative. She hadn't shown any signs before of doing anything in the relationship but what she was told. "Are you finally falling for me, after all this mind-melting sex?"

"Let's just say that I wanted to do something for you," said Erika, "for all that you've done." She pulled a bottle out of her purse.

"Massage oil?" asked Tera. "Hell yeah!" 

"Bedroom," said Erika, and the two went in. Tera wasted no time in stripping, and lay on her stomach on the bed. Erika squirted the oil on Tera's back.

"It's warm!" exclaimed Tera.

"Yeah, I warmed it up before coming over," said the dirty blonde. She started rubbing on Tera's back, gently spreading the oil before starting to knead in earnest.

"Oh my fucking god, that's incredible!" said Tera.

"I've had a fair bit of practice," said Erika. "Used to for my boyfriends."

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"You never asked."

Tera moaned, feeling her tension run out of her under the attentions of Erika's skilled hands.

"That's it, just relax," said Erika. "Let your tension flow out, let go. Just let your thoughts recede as you feel your stress just wash away under my hands."

Tera relaxed and closed her eyes. Erika continued her patter as she massaged Tera's back. The grad student found herself floating, her thoughts slack in her mind. It seemed like only minutes and Erika tapped her shoulder.

"Do you want me to continue?" Erika ran a hand down Tera's ass, to the back of her thighs.

Tera looked at the clock. "Two hours? What the hell?"

"You seemed to be pretty out of it, so I let you drift off."

"You're damn good if you could get me to do that."

"Yeah," said Erika. "By the way, Tera's a sleepy girl."

Tera felt herself sink down into the bed, and a wave of pleasant relaxation washed over her. She almost moaned as she sank back into the floating feeling, her thoughts again loose and scattered in her mind.

Gradually she became aware that she was counting. "... 9, 10." She blinked, and looked up at Erika.

"Tera's a sleepy girl."

Tera again felt herself sink into what she now recognized was a trance. She fought a little as she went down, but the pull to let go was too strong.

"... 9, 10." She blinked again.

"Tera's a sleepy girl."

"No, wai..." She sank again.

"... 9, 10. Erika," she got out.

"Tera's a sleepy girl," Erika said over her.

Tera awoke sitting in front of her mirror, naked. She was staring at herself, and gently stroking her pussy. Erika stood over her.

"Tera's a sleepy girl," Tera heard herself say. She blanked out, still stroking herself. Coming back to herself, again she said, "Tera's a sleepy girl." Blank. Stroke. Awake. "Tera's a sleepy girl." Blank. Stroke.

She came to again, realizing what was happening. "No, I... Tera's a sleepy girl. Fuck..." Blank. Stroke. Awake. "I... what... Tera's a sleepy girl." Blank. Stroke. Awake. Her pussy was sopping, and it was starting to feel really good to go blank. "No, I won't... nnnnhhh... Tera's a sleepy girl." Blank. Stroke. Awake. "Fuck, I... can... stop... Tera's a sleepy girl." It felt so good to go blank. To stroke. To wake up, fight, lose. Again and again, all night.

Tera came to in the morning to an alarm going off on her phone, her hand holding her on the edge of a blistering orgasm. She silenced the alarm, and saw Erika awakening. Remembering what had happened last night, she figured she better put a stop to it right now.

"Erika..." she said, forgetting the trigger phrase. "Wait, why can't I remember?"

"I made you forget. Now you remember Tera's a sleepy girl."

Tera struggled, but eventually faded again, the compulsion to slip into a trance too strong to prevent now. It felt luxurious and made her pussy drip.

"... 9, 10," said Tera, coming back up. Her hand was gently working around her clit, edging herself.

"Do you trust me now?" asked Erika.

"Yes, of course, I completely trust you," responded Tera. "No, wait, I... I completely trust you. Wait! No!"

"Tera's a sleepy girl."

Tera again fought, and again the suggested sleep slipped over her. She felt her crotch fluttering in joy.

"... 9, 10," she said, sliding back into wakefulness. Her edging was driving her mad, but she couldn't get her hands to finish her off. The shadows in the room were longer. It must already be afternoon. Erika wasn't in the room. Tera pulled both hands away from her sopping pussy and stood up, legs stiff from sitting for so long. She quietly slipped on sweats and cracked the door. She could see Erika sitting on the couch, watching television.

'Fuck, what now?' she thought to herself. 'Maybe... out the front door? How about that trigger phrase?' It still wouldn't come to mind. 'Fuck! Front door it is.' She dashed out, trying to reach the door before Erika had a chance to trigger her.

Hand on the door, she heard shouted behind her, "Tera's a sleepy girl!" As the door was opening, and freedom was in front of her, her mind betrayed her and she slipped quietly into trance. She crumpled to the floor, her tratorious pussy juicing at her failure.

"... 9, 10." She awoke sitting on the edge of her bed, naked, staring at herself in the mirror again. It was dark outside.

"Will you try to escape again?" asked Erika, who was sitting next to her.

"No," replied Tera. A tear slipped down her cheek. Her hand was gently playing with herself again. She didn't bother trying to speed it up to give her the orgasm she desperately needed.

"Right. No more attempts like that for you," said Erika. "Time for another lesson. Tera's a sleepy girl."

Tera felt another tear drop as she fell slowly into a deep trance. Fiery butterflies flitted up from her crotch to her chest before fading away with her consciousness.

"... 9, 10." Tera pulled her hand from her pussy and tasted herself. It was delicious, like her own subjugation. "Wait, no, I don't want this," she said to herself, horrified. First light was streaming in through her bedroom window.

Erika leaned into her ear and whispered, "What am I doing to you?"

"Changing me," came Tera's reply. "Wait, no, I don't want to be changed!"

"We'll work on that soon. Tera's a sleepy girl."

Tera felt the trance wash over her, even better than the last time. Her mind faded as her crotch fluttered in anticipation.

"... 9, 10." Afternoon. She felt on the perfect edge of a blistering climax. It wouldn't come.

"Now what am I doing to you?" asked Erika sensously in Tera's ear.

"Changing me," said Tera, trying not to cry.

"And what can I change you into?"

"Anything you want," Tera sobbed.

"There, there, poor girl. I'll make it all better. Tera's a sleepy girl."

Tera couldn't fight it. The trance gripped her quickly and her pussy fluttered and dripped as she slipped down.

"... 9, 10." It was morning, judging by the light. Erika wasn't around. Tera reached for her phone, though, and called her.

"Hi, Erika. Why..."

"Hi Tera," came over the phone. Tera suddenly felt all of the pent up desire and need burst forth in one great climax, scorching up from her crotch to her mind. All thought burned away, and she arched back onto her bed as she moaned into the phone she continued to hold by her ear. She trembled and clenched and came for what seemed like hours. It was the best she'd ever felt. 

"Oh fuck, that was amazing!" she finally breathed out, after she recovered. "What are you doing to me?"

"What you did to me. We'll meet at your place at six tonight. See you then!" Click.

Tera shivered on her bed, aftershocks rolling up her spine. She finally dropped the phone.

'I'm so fucked,' she thought to herself. 'I better fucking figure a way out of this.' She managed to roll off the bed and throw on some clothes. It was Monday, and she couldn't afford to skip classes.

Her Monday somehow flew by, and she had little time to plan her escape from her former slave. She did try multiple times to remember the trigger phrase for Erika, to write it down or something other than just say it, but nothing worked. She figured she could drive away tonight and not be near the apartment, at least. 

5:30 rolled around, and she started her plan. Driving directly away from the college and heading the opposite direction of her apartment, she figured that it would be simple to break the growing compulsion to head home. She found herself turning, and fought each time to continue straight away from the apartment. It didn't work, though, as she soon found herself parking at home.

Each step up the stairs was a struggle to turn around and run. Each time her foot hit another her pussy fluttered in anticipation. She felt a tear sliding down her cheek as she made it to her landing. She stood still for a minute, fighting to turn away. It didn't work. She felt her crotch clench and drip as she opened the door. It was 6:15.

"You're late," came from the living room. Erika stepped into view. "I'm impressed that you're still fighting. You're mind should be stewed into mush by now, with as much as you were steeping over the weekend. Into the bedroom."

"No," said Tera quietly. 

"Fine, then here. Tera's a sleepy girl."

Tera luxuriated in the feeling of the trance sliding over her, even as she fought it. Her crotch melted and dripped into her panties as she faded.

"... 9, 10." Tera woke in the morning, staring at herself in the mirror. Her hand held her on the edge of a blistering climax. She grabbed the phone. She fumbled unlocking it, so desperate was she to cum. Finally dialing Erika, she quickly said, "Please," as the other girl answered.

"Okay, Tera, you can cum."

Tera felt the dam burst, washing a mind melting orgasm over her. She arched back from her sitting position and flopped on the bed, muscles straining as bliss flooded over her. Her gut clenched and fluttered and trembled with her pussy as she released a night's worth of holding herself on the edge. The phone was still at her ear. She knew that Erika wanted to hear. She couldn't stop herself from giving Erika what she wanted, a vocal response to the incredible climax she had been gifted. "Aahhh nnnnnggggggghhhhh..."

When she recovered enough to speak, she whispered through the phone, "Why?"

"Revenge," responded Erika. "I'm changing you, aren't I?"


"Into what?"

"Whatever you want."

"And can you stop it?"

"No." Tera felt a tear drip down. "I can't."

"Good. We'll continue tonight. Six sharp, this time."

Tera felt the sobs start up.

Tuesday was a rough day. She was distracted through each class, and couldn't focus on the lesson plans she had worked out. Her mind kept wandering as her pussy dripped into her panties. She consciously knew she was being trained, and there was nothing she could do about it. Even as it made her juice, it also horrified her.

She couldn't help but make it home on time, much as she fought the compulsion. Six rolled around, and she entered her apartment, a tear streaming down her face. Erika was sitting on the couch.

"Get out," Tera said, pointing at the door, on the verge of sobbing.

Erika stood up and came over to her. "No. Tera's a sleepy girl." Tera fell into Erika's arms, trance overtaking her in its soft embrace. Her pussy dripped as she dropped down deep.

"... 9. 10." It was morning already. Erika wasn't there. Tera was on edge again, her hand gently stroking between her legs. She grabbed the phone and dialed.


"You may cum, Tera."

"Aaaahhhh nnnnggggghhhh oh oh oh oh!"

"There, wasn't that amazing?"

"Oh fuck yeah! Wait. No, why are you doing this?"

"Bye, Tera." Click.

Tera started crying. She knew that Erika was changing her, just as she had to Erika. She had no idea into what yet, but she was sure it wasn't what she wanted.

It was, actually. She wanted to be changed.

She sobbed harder.

Classes Wednesday were horrible. She couldn't help but think about Erika and what was happening. Her concentration was shot. She managed only just to keep up with what she taught, and hoped her notes were good enough to get her through homework for lectures she only barely followed.

She went home, pussy clenching, fearful, anticipating both excitedly and fearfully that Erika would be there. She knew she was being trained to want to be tranced, that her mind was being overridden by the desire she dripped down her leg.

The apartment was empty. She wasn't sure whether to be happy or sad.

After dinner, she studied. It was difficult still, but she managed to get into the swing after a bit, and made progress on her homework. Closing in on midnight, she finally rubbed her eyes and moved to the bed.

"... 9. 10." She didn't remember going to sleep. She didn't remember getting naked, sitting in front of the mirror, teasing herself while she chanted.

'Erika is changing me. I want to be changed. She's changing me into a slave.' The thoughts echoed in her head this time. She reached for the phone, in her morning ritual. 


"Yes, Tera?"

"Oh aaaaaahhhhh nnnnnggggghhhhh oh oh oh oh!" Tera moaned into the phone.

"There, isn't that better?" Erika said. "Now, you get off to your classes. Bye!" Click.

Tera fought the urge to cry. She had classes to get to.

She powered through her Thursday classes, trying to focus. Her mind wandered though, involuntarily thinking of the blistering orgasms she'd been having each morning. It was better than the best sex she'd ever had. She sobbed a little at the realization that even consciously she was starting to want to be changed as long as she kept getting to cum that hard. 

The nightime ritual happened again, and the morning call. Friday plodded by, until she found herself in front of the mirror again. She wasn't sure how she made it here, but there was something that she needed to do. It was still late at night, but she pulled out her phone and dialed Erika.

"Oh, hi, Tera. Why are you calling now? It's 2am."

"It's true now, Erika. I want to become a slave." Tera was horrified at her words, but they resonated through her being, making her pussy drip onto her sheets. That Erika changed her to want it didn't matter. It was true now.

"Fuck yeah! It's working, and you can't help it now, can you?" said Erika.

"No, Erika, I can't. You're changing me and I can't stop it. I want it now," said Tera, letting out a little sob.

"Time to change your mantras, Tera. Put the phone on speaker." Tera did. "Now, Tera's a sleepy girl."

Trance luxuriously slid over her mind, taking her down deep into a safe place. Her crotch fluttered in joy.

"... 9. 10." She dialed Erika, anticipating the blistering orgasm that was to come.

Erika answered, but didn't say anything.

"Erika? Erika! Please! I need it! Say something!"

"Okay, Tera, you may cum."

"Oh aaaaaaahhhhh nnnnggggghhhhh oh oh oh oh!" 

"Now, what controls you?" asked Erika.

"My pussy," responded Tera. "Wait..."

"What makes you feel good?"

"My pussy," Tera said. "Wait, I did this to you..."

"You did, Tera. Who makes your pussy feel good?"

"You do, Erika. Wait, fuck..."

"Who makes you cum?"

"You do, Erika."

"And so who controls your pussy?"

"You do."

"And who controls when you cum?"

"You do, Erika." Tera felt a tear run down over her cheek to drip on her sheets. The realization that she was going through exactly what she had put Erika through didn't help her break through it. She knew she was fucked. 

"Great! I'll be over in a bit. Stay right there."

"I have studying..."

"Yes, you have plenty of lessons to learn today." Click.

Tera sat on the bed, staring at her phone.

'How did this happen?'

She didn't move, just sat there, waiting. She eventually heard the deadbolt slide, and the door open.

"Tera? Still waiting for me?" Erika called as she entered, then came into the bedroom.

"Yes," said Tera.

"Great! Lesson time. Tera's a sleepy girl." Tera felt the trance wash over her. Her crotch fluttered as she sank down deep.

"... 9. 10." Tera wasn't sure if it was still Saturday. Erika wasn't in the room. She didn't feel the compulsion to call, and she realized it was dark outside. She managed to make it into the kitchen, her stomach gurgling. She ate a big meal, and showered after. Padding back into her bedroom, she found her phone in her hands.

Erika answered on the first ring. She sounded out of breath. "Tera! Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes," Tera responded.

"What is it?"

"My pussy controls me. You control my pussy, so you control me." Tera tried to sob, but she wanted to be controlled, deep inside. She'd been changed, and she couldn't help it. 

"Put the phone on speaker." Tera did. "Tera's a sleepy girl."

Tera puttered around the house, setting up dinner. She brought out fresh candles for the table and her only tablecloth. The linen napkins came from the set her mom had bought her when she'd first moved out. She pulled away two of the chairs from the dining table to make the scene a little more romantic. The smells from the kitchen were delicious, with the cooked shrimp in ice the last part of the scampi to finish up. She'd blown her food budget for the month, but it was going to be worth it. Erika was on her way, and Tera was dripping into her panties in anticipation.

The doorbell rang. Tera went to answer it, thinking about all the hot sex she was going to have with Erika tonight. The past week or so was a blur, but tonight would be unforgettable.

As she opened the door, she was surprised to find two people waiting. One was Erika, dressed to kill in a little, sheer clubbing dress with her black bra and panties clearly showing through. The other was a beautiful Asian woman, all in leather and smiling directly at Tera. 

"Present," said the newcomer.

"Yes, Mistress," spilled from Tera's mouth as she stripped off her own short, black dress. She wondered at first why she was naked underneath, but then the last week came into focus. Being hypnotized by the massage, learning her lessons, edging for hours while chanting her new truths... She slipped onto her knees, spread wide, and locked her hands behind her head, chest thrust out.

"I love the look on your face right now," said Tera's new Mistress. "All that realization and inner turmoil. Delicious." She smiled. "Put this on." She handed a leather collar with a D-ring to Tera.

Struggling not to, Tera couldn't stop herself from pulling the collar around her throat and strapping it in place. She returned her hands behind her head.

"I expect that on you whenever I am around, even in public."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Now, dinner. Slave Tera, show us to the table."

"Of course, Mistress." Tera stood up and gestured for the two to precede her the short distance to the dining table. Her apartment was small and had only one living space with a bedroom. She held out a chair for the new Mistress and then for Erika, who smoothed her skirt as she sat. Tera felt a tear well up and she let it fall, knowing her new Mistress would want to see the struggle.

"Yes, you lost a game you didn't even know you were playing, slave." The stranger smiled up at her. "Watching you right now is delicious. Now serve us."

"Yes, Mistress." Tera went into the kitchen and served up two plates of the salad. She brought them out and placed the plates in front of Mistress first, and then Erika. The two women ignored the naked slave and started eating. Tera slipped to the side and stood still, waiting to be beckoned. 

"You must be wondering what happened to you," said Mistress in between bites. "Yuki mentioned that I might be interested in her new student. Of course I was, after seeing her. And how interesting to find out she was already primed for me. I just had to meet the one who had already taken her." She looked directly at Tera. "On my terms, of course." She smiled, and went back to her salad. "And trapping you with Erika was so easy, wasn't it?" She pushed her plate to the side. "Time for our main course, slave."

Tera went directly into the kitchen. She put the shrimp into the pan with the scampi and heated it through.

"Slave, what's taking so long?" 

"Coming, Mistress!" Tera hurried to put two plates together and brought them out. "Heating the shrimp, Mistress, so they wouldn't be overcooked."

"Ah, thoughtful," said Mistress. She picked up her fork and tried one. "Yes, delicious." She picked up a spoon with her other hand and started eating the pasta. Both she and Erika silently enjoyed their main course.

Tera stood to the side again, perfectly straight, waiting.

Mistress finished first and sat watching Erika eat. "Gorgeous, isn't she?" she said to Tera. "I love watching her do the simple things, like eating." She smiled. "I'll enjoy eating her up tonight." Erika had the grace to blush at the scrutiny and conversation, but continued eating.

Tera whimpered as another tear slipped down her cheek.

When Erika put her fork down and smiled at Mistress, the woman looked up at Tera and said, "Dessert, slave."

Tera went into the kitchen and brought out two plates of the most complex dessert she knew, molten lava cake. She set it in front of the two diners and stood back.

Mistress took the first bite. "Yum, delicious!" She glanced at Tera. "You will be a most useful slave. I'm glad I caught you."

Tera felt both eyes tear up. She wanted to burst out sobbing at her defeat, but she wasn't allowed to, and the situation made her pussy burn with needful heat. Her mind tried to hate her predicament, but it was lost in the simmering pleasure of losing that she'd been trained to wallow in.

After dessert was finished, Mistress dabbed her lips with the napkin and signalled to Tera, who pulled the chair for Mistress as she stood up. "Follow," she said, signalling to the two others. Erika stood up and preceded Tera as Mistress walked into the bedroom. Inside, Tera had prepared it as directed, with a strap-on, cuffs and a leash on the bed and a full length mirror propped against the closet, facing the bed. "Erika, put the cuffs on slave, behind her back." Erika did as she was told, and Tera stood still, letting it happen. "Kneel infront of the mirror, slave." Tera tried again to disobey, but her pussy controlled her now and it knew how good it felt to do as it was told. Her knees hit the floor and she stared at herself, hands locked behind her, breasts thrust forward, eyes red and puffy.

Mistress slipped off her leathers and let Erika buckle the strapon onto her. She smiled down at Tera in the mirror as Erika used her mouth to wet the phallus. "You like taking her like this, don't you? Feeling a little jealous?" she laughed. "It's so delicious putting you in your place. You lost, slave." She enjoyed watching what her words were doing to Tera, who shivered in pleasure at the truths being thrown at her. "I'm going to savor this." She positioned herself up on the bed, kneeling facing the mirror.

Erika crawled up on all fours to her Mistress, presenting her ass and looking through the mirror down at Tera. "I'm ready to be savored, Mistress."

Mistress slapped Erika's ass, then positioned the dildo and slid it into Erika's dripping wet pussy. Erika sighed as it slid in, her eyes rolling up in her head. Tera could see the pleasure written across Erika's face as Mistress pulled out and felt it echoed in her own slippery center. "It feels amazing," Erika said. "Mistress has made me feel things you never could." Mistress set a slow pace as Tera felt the humiliation start to burn, adding a spicy flavor to the sweet pleasure of losing to her new Mistress. "I always hated you, even though you controlled me." Tera felt wetness down her cheeks, but the words were building in her. She felt her own need spiking, wishing to be filled by Mistress and taken to the heights of bliss she could see reflected in the mirror in Erika's eyes. 

"Erika, she looks so needy. Tell her." Mistress stopped moving, just the tip of her strap-on inside.

"Oh Tera, I was never a lesbian, never bi, but because of you, I learned to pleasure women. I have to thank you for that," Erika said. "Now I know what to do for my Mistress, the one who made me love women and love being a slave to the pleasure of serving her." Tera could feel herself almost peak without any stimulation. Mistress started moving again, sliding in, as Erika nearly shouted, "I love her!" The words burned Tera to the core. She had lost not only herself, but her slave to her Mistress. She felt the full impact of what had happened slice through her, dropping through her chest to her slick cunt and push her over the edge. She clenched around nothing as she watched the pleasure crest across Erika's face. Tera's stomach tensed and twitched, making her lean forward as she stared in the mirror up at the couple on her bed. Mistress wasn't claiming only Tera's former slave, but also her space, her bed, her life. Tera let out a sob of defeat that only made the loss sweeter.

"Eat me, lover," said Mistress, letting Erika slowly and gently clean off the phallus with her tongue. Erika then unlatched the buckle of the strap-on, sliding it off Mistress. Erika lay on her back as Mistress lowered herself onto Erika's face. "You really did teach her well," Mistress moaned out as Erika started pleasuring her. "Oh fuck, she's good." Mistress leaned forward onto her hands, staring right at Tera in the mirror. "You are an excellent tutor, slave. I might let you teach my other slaves." Tera stared up, feeling phantom licks on her own wet nether lips. She knew how good Erika had gotten at pleasuring a woman. Mistress let her eyes roll back in her head and she trembled, gushing her crest out on Erika's tongue. "Fuck, fuck, fuck that's amazing!"

Gathering herself up, Mistress rocked back off of Erika and slipped off the bed. She walked to Tera and presented her wetness. "Clean me up, slave." Tera still fought, knowing she would lose, and shook as she leaned in to lick Mistress' juices off of her crotch and thighs. "Erika, leash." Erika grabbed the leash and handed it to Mistress. The domme clipped the leash onto Tera's collar and said, "unlock her." Erika unlocked the cuffs. "Heel, slave," said Mistress as she snapped the leash. Tera felt her body get on all fours as she moved next to her domme. "Follow," Mistress said and started out of the room. "We're going to my place to complete your training, slave." Tera felt herself blush as they walked out the door, knowing that everyone would see her naked and needy as she crawled after this woman who had taken over her life.

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