Playing With Fire

by softi

Tags: #noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female

This is another story that came from inspiration I had a bit ago. I think it is a decent enough take, and different enough in perspective, from the obvious influences that it is not a straight rip. I can’t really claim that anything is original, though. I have them listed at the bottom.

Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of non-consensual sex between females and depictions of sexual slavery. If you are under 18 or offended by this type of material please do not continue. Otherwise, read on and enjoy! Also, any resemblance of the characters in this work to people either living, dead or fictitious is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Playing With Fire ©2015 softi. All rights reserved. Send comments to

Amy pulled the black flash drive out from the envelope. It had been sitting in the rec center locker as promised. It weirded her out, finding it there. It somehow made all of this bizarre scenario more real.

“What the fuck is Caroline doing?” she whispered to herself. “This is fucked up.” Still, her friend had made Amy promise, so she slipped the drive into a port on her laptop and scanned it for viruses. It came up clean.

The files were there as promised. Three videos. They were supposed to be of the three sessions from the last week. Three sessions with that monster. She’d seen the stuff Caroline had on Professor Collins, with all of the things she’d done with other students. Amy couldn’t understand why Caroline wanted to be in the same room with that predator, much less do what Caroline was doing. The cops should be involved.

But Amy had promised, and she would watch over her friend. She sighed and clicked on the first video.

Caroline sat on a plastic and metal chair, sitting on the left side of the frame. She looked like a student, dressed in jeans and a light sweatshirt. The room was larger than Amy had expected, almost as if this was happening in a classroom. On the other side of the screen, sitting in a similar chair, was the professor. The predator.

Professor Collins, she thought, you fucking creepy bitch.

Collins was leaning forward, her elbows on her thighs. She looked so normal, like any other professor. She had on a blouse and comfortable pants instead of a long black dress and pointy hat like she should, like the witch she was.

Caroline had a few papers in her lap. She looked from the professor down to the documents. “Professor Collins, here is the list of things that you will not do to me.” She cleared her throat and started reading them off.

“One. We will have three sessions in this room, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, each one hour long.” She adjusted in her chair. Amy was a little confused by the length, since this video said it was 1:10 long. Maybe it just included this declaration of rules as separate from the session.

“Two. Outside of this room, I will remain free and intact. This room is the only place that I will be hypnotized and follow any of your commands or obey you in any way.” Caroline looked up at the professor. Amy could see that the woman was a little unhappy. She probably wasn’t used to being told what to do.

“Three. Any hidden triggers and all instructions and commands must be removed at the end of the session, except for those that will allow you to more easily hypnotize me during these sessions. They must have the caveat that they will only work during these sessions.” Collins frowned more, if possible.

“Four. I will remember every moment of our time spent in here.” The professor turned her head slightly, obviously wanting to say no.

“Five. The three one hour sessions will be the only times you can hypnotize me. At no other time will you hypnotize me or control me in any way.” Collins shifted. Her eyes glanced to the camera.

“Six. Every moment of my time spent with you will be recorded and sent to anyone I designate, including any authorities I deem necessary. You will never distribute the recordings, or any other record, visual or otherwise, of these proceedings, except for giving them to me to distribute as I see fit. You will immediately delete all copies in your possession, and will never try to find out who I have given the copies to.” Collins muttered something under her breath.

“Seven. Everything addressed to me will be audible by the camera.” The hypnotist shook her head a little.

“Eight. It will only be the two of us in these sessions. There will never be anyone else in the room with us.”

“Done yet?” Collins asked.

“No. Nine. No anal, no permanent marks, no piercings and no tattoos.” She looked straight at the professor. The woman growled. Caroline smiled and looked back down at her notes. Amy remembered how her friend had said Collins loved making girls change their look for her, and go outside their comfort zones with the things they would do.

“Ten. You will abide by any change to these rules or any additional rules I choose to make in the future.” The professor covered her face with her hand, supporting her elbow on her thigh.

“Eleven. Any breach of these restrictions will immediately and irrevocably render this contract null and void. All material regarding the actions of Professor Collins will be immediately released to the media and proper authorities.” Caroline looked up at the frowning woman again, who looked trapped and resigned.

“So, other than these stipulations, inside this room, you will be in control.” Caroline looked a little excited now. “You will hypnotize me, and... yeah.”

When Amy had heard Caroline’s fetish and her plan to take it further, Amy had just stared at her friend in disbelief. For a few years, apparently, Caroline had been surfing the web, reading stories, finding sites, listening to MP3s, searching out chats and roleplaying, all to feed her growing mind control addiction. Amy tried her best not to look incredulous as her close friend described how it wasn’t enough, how she wanted to take it further, actually be controlled instead of just playing along. Amy forced herself not to laugh, to just accept that this was a part—a strange, twisted part—of Caroline.

Now Amy was watching Caroline sitting across from a fucked up individual, one that had raped tens if not hundreds of students around the campus. Amy had seen all of the evidence for herself. Caroline found about about Professor Collins’ secret a couple of months ago, and snuck a camera into her playroom. Amy’s friend had video with sound, and they both watched as the woman corrupted relatively innocent students into complete sluts, willing to do anything to please her. They saw orgies, gang bangs, prostitution and other disturbing acts, things that disgusted and enraged the two girls. Most importantly, though, was the supposed mind control that happened, where the girls Collins accosted accused her of kidnapping and rape at first, but eventually capitulated, and were changed into submissive, bisexual slaves to suit the professor. Such brainwashing was supposed to be impossible, but Collins apparently did it. Amy wasn’t sure if, or how, or what really was going on.

Caroline, though, had her own take. Each of the professor’s conquests spent time being hypnotized. They were all theoretically unwilling, but Amy didn’t really believe that all that was happening involved anything that the girls didn’t want to do, or were just playing along with. Caroline instead figured that Collins was actually doing something to them, changing them and their core beliefs, their view of themselves and who they were.

When her friend finally came forward to Amy with her thoughts and desires, Amy almost laughed her out of the room and right to the police station. Something in Caroline’s face, though, a look of fear, nervousness and vulnerability at sharing her kink, made Amy take it all in and accept that her friend was a little... bent. They ended up hugging a lot through bonding tears and Amy somehow agreed to do this favor for Caroline.

Amy sighed, wondering if she really had three hours to spend on a Sunday afternoon making sure that Collins didn’t do anything out of bounds while Caroline was “under her influence.” Not that Caroline would be doing anything without consenting anyways, because that’s how hypnosis worked. Amy considered not even watching, but she figured she better know what happened if her friend started asking questions. Amy could skim the sex bits if there were any, and probably would wind up skimming most of the rest as well. She’d pay just enough attention to repeat a general idea of what had gone on. Her textbooks on her desk were really what she was going to be focusing on; the paper due at the end of the week was a huge one in her history class with the asshole Professor Durgan. Amy opened the massive Western Civ book to the first of her tagged pages and brought up Word next to her media player.

“Do you have a more comfortable chair?” Amy heard Caroline say. She glanced over to see Caroline adjusting in her seat. The two were sitting closer, knees nearly touching. “I think for me to drop under it might be better to have a couch or recliner or something.” Amy kept watching.

“No, no,” said Collins. “This will do. I can capture your mind as easily here, on these chairs, as elsewhere.” She pulled out an old-style metronome, with the long bar and sliding weight to change speeds. “I have this set to the perfect rhythm to hypnotize you, Caroline. Soon you will be mine, and you will do anything I say.” The professor smiled for the first time since the recording started.

Amy shook her head and refocused on her history text. The ticking from her speakers was a little annoying. She thought about muting the volume, but sighed and let it go. She really should be listening, just in case something came up, and she could deal with it later if was really distracting.

“Please hold the metronome up to eye level. Good. Now hold it there. Follow it with your eyes.”

Amy rolled her eyes and look at the video again. Caroline was sitting with her hands up, holding the wooden pendulum up to her face. Amy wondered how exactly this was supposed to work, since Caroline’s arms were going to get tired. She went back to her school work.

“Concentrate on the metronome, and hear it’s ticking, see it’s movement, feel it relaxing you as you drift into the motion...”

Amy shook her head and stopped paying much attention to the recording. Collins droned on and Caroline sat there and listened. Amy’s direction for the paper took shape as she relaxed into working on her outline. She only looked up when she realized that Collins had paused. Amy checked, and the video had been running for maybe fifteen minutes. Caroline was sitting still, slouched in the chair and her face slack, staring at the metronome which her hands held in her lap. Amy kept watching for a minute. Collins looked happy, then looked up in the direction of the camera and frowned. She looked like she was thinking.

“Hear the ticking in your mind.” Amy wasn’t sure she was ever going to forget it, irritating as it had been. She sighed and went back to her homework. She was so focused on it that she didn’t glance up for another fifteen minutes. When she did, she saw her friend standing up next to the chair, taking off her shirt.

“What the fuck?” Amy started watching in earnest. She sort of knew that sex might happen, but the very straight Caroline was doing this on camera, with a woman, and distributing it. Amy wondered if anyone else had a copy.

“Good girl, Caroline. Now the pants.” Amy watched her friend slide her jeans down and kick them off. The shoes had already been removed and were sitting next to the chair.

“You’re doing so well, Caroline! Now your bra.” The bra joined the other garments on the floor.

“Good girl, Caroline. The panties too.” She slid them down her legs and tossed them onto to the pile.

“Good, good, Caroline. Doesn’t it make you feel so good to obey me?”

“Yes,” came the sleepy reply.

“Touch your pussy lips. You can feel how good it is to obey coming from there, can’t you?”

“Yes.” Caroline’s hand trembled, but didn’t rub. Amy couldn’t make out enough from the video to tell if her friend was really aroused.

“Gently stroke, Caroline,” ordered Collins. The girl started moving her fingers. “Good girl. You can feel it in your mind, can’t you, the way you are rewarded when you obey.”


Amy shook her head. This was too much. She couldn’t believe her relatively innocent, heterosexual friend, the one who had had one boyfriend in high school, who had had only two here in college, and who blushed whenever sex came up in conversation, was standing openly nude in front of this bitch, masturbating.

“Good girl, Caroline. You love being conditioned to obey me.”


“Say it.”

“I love being conditioned to obey you,” droned Caroline.

“You love obeying you,” Collins said.

“I love obeying you.”

“Keep chanting it.”

“I love obeying you. I love obeying you...”

Amy watched as her friend stood still, rubbed herself, and chanted on about how she loved obeying the predator. It was sick and twisted. Amy finally looked away. Her homework wasn’t quite as interesting as it needed to be to distract her, though, and she looked back at the window displaying her friend. Caroline was chanting something else now.

“Obeying Professor Collins is pure pleasure. Obeying Professor Collins...”

Amy shook her head, but didn’t look away. Something about this was enthralling, holding her attention. Her friend was kinked in the most fucked up way imaginable, and she was saying things that no person in their right mind should be saying. It was addicting, like watching disaster coverage on the news. Collins would occasionally change the mantra, but Caroline kept playing along and chanting whatever the woman asked. It was all the same kind of crap, where Caroline was saying obeying was awesome and she would always obey the professor.

Collins stopped Caroline, and that made Amy look down at the clock. She’d been watching for another fifteen minutes, without attending her homework. A little upset at herself, she glanced back at the screen. Caroline was dressing.

“Please sit,” the professor said when Caroline was done. “Now you know how wonderful it is to be in a trance for me.”


“When we are in this room, and I and only I say, ‘Slutty trance girl’, you’ll slip into a deep trance for me.”


“In a moment, you will count from 5 to 1, and when you reach 1, you will come out of trance and be fully aware.”



“5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Oh, wow,” said Caroline, looking more alert than she had for at least half an hour.

“Slutty trance girl,” said Collins.

“Wha... oh...wait...staaaahhhh” Caroline resisted a little before slipping back into a trance. Amy stared.

“In a moment, you will count from 5 to 1, and when you reach 1, you will come out of trance and be fully aware.”



“5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Oh, wow,” said Caroline, looking alert again.

Amy gaped. What the fuck?

“Slutty trance girl,” the professor said again.

Amy watched the process repeat over and over. Caroline went under a little more easily, a little more quickly each time. After maybe 10 minutes, Collins stopped with her new toy still under.

“Now remember everything that I told you to remember, Caroline.” Amy flinched a little, wondering if there was some part she missed. Not that it would really matter. “And, wake!”

Caroline blinked awake. “Holy shit!” She was flushed. “That was incredible!” She looked back at the professor. “Amazing! I didn’t think you could really do it!”

“I’m glad I could accommodate you,” the woman replied sardonically.

“I can’t wait to get on the boards! They’re never going to believe this!” Caroline grabbed her papers and headed out. As she opened the door, she turned to Collins. “Thursday, professor! Don’t forget!” She left with a happy little spring.

Collins sighed, and looked at the floor for a second. Then she looked up at the camera. She stood up and brought the metronome back into view, setting it on her chair. She left it ticking at the same pace as before. Amy let the video run, just to make sure nothing happened, but turned her attention back to her paper.

Amy looked over from Word for a second before fully realizing the video was over. She glanced back to her essay on the screen, thinking she should probably focus on it again, but she should watch the next video as well. Caroline was coming over later to talk about them. Amy sighed and clicked on the next one.

Once again, Caroline sat in front of Collins, knees almost touching. This time, the professor looked more confident, more predatory. She was obviously in charge now, sitting up and smiling. The jacket of the suit she was wearing was folded neatly on a nearby table, and her blouse, skirt and hose made her appear classy and powerful. The student, on the other hand, seemed a bit nervous and excited, flushed and fidgeting in her seat. Her tied-back hair, sweatshirt and jeans made her the obvious subordinate in the room.

“So, uh, how do we start this time?” asked Caroline.

“Slutty trance girl,” said Collins. Surprised flashed across Caroline’s face before she went loose and slack. The professor smiled. “Good girl.” She stood up and patted Caroline on the head. “Now, you little...” She glanced at the camera and thought better of what she was going to say. “Ok, Caroline, we’re going to start with some lessons. And you’re a very good student and will learn everything I tell you, won’t you?”

“Yes,” came the sleepy reply.

Amy shook her head at the silliness.

“First, true or false questions. I hypnotized you.”

“True,” the student mumbled. Amy had a little trouble hearing it, so she turned up the volume.

“Hypnotized girls are tranced girls.”


“Tranced girls are obedient girls.”


Amy’s mind wandered off for a bit, bored by this back and forth. She leaned her head on her hand and played with her mouse, glancing back at Word. The paper wasn’t tempting enough right now. This is stupid, she thought. Why is Caroline into this? She pondered that for a minute. Because... she likes it. Where the sex part of it comes from, I have no idea. I’m just not sure about this shit. She tapped her fingers. Guess it does it for some people. Twisted, kinky people. That made her smile. Act like they’re submissive and out of control so they can relax and let their hang-ups go, so they can enjoy it. Like the BDSM thing, just more... fucked up. She shook her head and checked on the screen.

Caroline was slumped in the chair, naked, with her legs spread and arms drooped straight down.

“Are you a lesbian, Caroline?”

“No,” came a monotone.

“Are you bi?”


“Gently play with yourself, Caroline.” Amy saw Caroline’s hands move, one into her crotch and the other to her breasts. Each began lightly tormenting her. Caroline’s mouth opened slightly, but no sound came out.

“Repeat after me. You love women,” said Collins.

“I love women,” said Caroline, a bit breathily, but still sleepily.

“Women are sexy.”

“Women are sexy.”

“Women turn you on.”

“Women turn me on.”

“You want to have sex with women.”

“I want to have sex with women.”

“Keep repeating, Caroline,” Collins said, smiling. “Feel each repetition making the words sink in deeper, changing you, making you understand who you are now; my little bisexual toy. Feel the pleasure condition you to know the truth of the words.”

Amy shook her head, incredulous. Caroline kept saying the words over and over. She’s really fucked up, getting turned on by this! Amy refocused on her paper.

A while later, Amy finished up her outline. She rubbed her face, sick of the damned essay already. Blowing out a breath, she looked over at the video. Caroline was still teasing herself, need and lust written across her face. She was still chanting a mantra, but it was different now.

“I am Professor Collins’ slave. I love her. I will do anything she asks. I am Professor Collins’ slave...”

This was getting worse. What the hell...? Amy leaned in a bit, fascinated at just how messed up this was getting.

Collins was leering at the frustrated student. “Caroline, stop.”

Caroline did. She let out a quiet whimper.

“Get dressed, slave.”

The student stood up, and looking like a sleepwalker, gathered her clothes and began putting them on. Amy noticed that when the panties were in place, they immediately and very visibly dampened.

Once Caroline was done, Collins motioned to the chair and said, “Sit.”

Caroline did.

“I am going to wake you up, Caroline.”

Amy glanced at the time on the recording. It’d already been almost a full hour. Holy shit!

“Once you are fully awake, I will touch your left hand. When I do, you will cum harder than you ever have before. You will be filled with desire and love for me. You will remember that I can do this to you whenever you submit to me.” Caroline made no move to acknowledge the directions. “You will count from 5 to 1, Caroline. When you reach 1, you will become fully aware.”

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” said Caroline, and blinked her eyes. She took in a deep breath. “Ohmygod, did you really just do that? Can you?”

“Let me show you, Caroline,” said the professor, as she reached across to the student’s hand. As Collins touched the girl’s left hand, Caroline’s eyes rolled back, her body contorted and her lungs pushed out a long, low moan. She shook as she arched and slipped out of the chair. She tumbled onto her side, still convulsing. Amy stared as her friend appeared to be having the hardest orgasm Amy had ever seen. It looked like it blew away anything she herself had ever experienced.

After a minute or more, Caroline looked up at the professor, wonder and adoration in her eyes. “That was... amazing,” she quietly said.

“Remember, anytime you want that again, come see me,” Collins grinned at her.

Caroline looked a bit shaken at the implication of that offer. She pulled herself up, was about to say something, thought better of it, and left. Collins chuckled at the retreating student. Then she sighed, pulled out the metronome from off-screen behind her, and set it on the chair. It started ticking again.

Amy wasn’t sure she needed to watch this, but it was better to be safe. What if Caroline comes back in, starts begging for that again? She split her attention between the screen and her paper. It sounded like Collins started mumbling something off-camera, but Amy didn’t worry about it since Caroline wasn’t in the room. The opening paragraph took shape as the video ended, without Amy’s friend re-entering. Amy sighed, and looked back at the folder. One more to go, she thought. Let’s get this over with.

The next video started the same as the second, with Caroline and Professor Collins sitting close to each other, each dressed as before. This time, though, Caroline looked a little worried. “What did you do to me last time?” she asked.

“I made you cum, if I remember correctly,” said the professor, smiling.

“I... I can’t get it out of my head,” admitted the student. “Did you plant a suggestion or something? I told you, nothing outside of this place or these one hour sessions.”

“No, I didn’t, much as I was tempted. But,” she pointed at the camera. “Evidence, you know?” She shrugged. “I’m sure you’re checking on me.”

“I... well, why is it happening?” Caroline nearly whispered.

“I simply gave you the most pleasure you’ve ever had. You’re replaying it because you were awake, you remember and you want more.”

“Get it out of my head!” said Caroline.

“No,” said the professor. Caroline looked incredulous. “Here, I’m in control, remember? I don’t want to take it out.” Collins grinned.

“I... I’m... Rules change,” said Caroline. She nearly said something, thought better of it, dropped her head into one hand.

“Do you really want to let me make you forget something, Caroline?” said the professor. “Oh, the fun I could have then.”

“No,” admitted Caroline. “I... guess, well, ok.” She looked up at Collins. “Let’s get started.”

“I didn’t have to wait,” said the hypnotist. “I just enjoyed watching you struggle with that.” She grinned at the gaping student. “Slutty trance girl.”

Caroline immediately dropped under. Amy snorted. This time it seemed like a bit much, with Caroline doing all of this anyway, in spite of showing reservations. She stopped paying much attention, and turned to finish up the closing paragraph. She’d always found her papers were easier if she had both the beginning and ending set before she worked on the middle. It gave her direction and focus.

After a bit, Amy glanced up from her essay. She saw the video, and Caroline was on her knees, back arched, one hand between her legs and the other working her breasts. Collins was walking around her, trailing a leash that she ran over Caroline’s body.

“Repeat,” said the professor.

“I am a slave of Professor Collins. I love being her slave. Obeying her is pleasure. I am a slave...”

Amy shook her head and went back to work.

A while passed, and moaning caught her attention. She looked over and saw Collins’ skirt hiked up, knees splayed, and a naked Caroline kneeling between them. The professor was pulling hard on a leash attached to a pink collar around the student’s neck, yanking her deeper into the crevasse between Collins’ legs. One of Caroline’s hands was tucked under her chin, sliding fingers in and out of the professor while her mouth and tongue worked the woman’s clit. Caroline’s other hand was rubbing furiously between her own legs. The moaning that caught Amy’s attention was from Collins; the student’s cries were muffled at best. Amy watched, captivated by her friend’s wanton abandonment.

The hypnotist’s plaint became louder, before turning into a keen of pure pleasure. Her thighs clenched and wrapped the student tight against her crotch. Caroline, for her part, started bucking around her fingers and spasming in place as her muscles clenched, contorting her body. Amy stared at the seductive scene. I’m not into women, she thought, and paused. How can she even breathe?

Caroline suddenly started struggling to pull back, while the professor clamped her thighs tight around the girl’s head and pulled the leash tight. After a few seconds, Collins spread her legs and released the chain, and the student fell back onto her ass.

“What the fuck?” said Caroline indignantly.

Collins chuckled. “Our hour is up,” she said. “You should get dressed before you leave.”

Caroline wiped her face and stared at the moisture on the back of her hand. She looked back up at the professor, opened her mouth to say something, and thought better of it. Grabbing her clothes, she tossed them on as quickly as she could. She hesitated slightly when she pulled the collar off.

“Try not to cum too often thinking of me and what I can do to you,” the professor chuckled as Caroline left. Glancing at the camera, she reached off-screen to again put the metronome on a chair.

Amy sighed. She hated the ticking, and figured her friend wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon. But, just in case, she let it play. She could quickly zone it out anyways.Her paper was calling.

The doorbell startled Amy. She wasn’t expecting anyone. Glancing at the video, she saw it had stopped. Wait, how long ago was that? She shook her head slightly, stood up and headed out of her room to her door. Through the peephole, she saw Caroline. Amy pulled the door open.

“Ohmygod tell me you’ve watched them!” said her friend as she barged past Amy into the living room. Caroline looked worried. “Has she done anything? I don’t remember her doing anything, but has she?”

“Hi, Caroline, nice to see you too!” said Amy, joining her friend on the couch. “Yes, I’ve watched, and no, she didn’t do anything or implant anything. And what the fuck, girl? I didn’t know you were going full-on lezzie!”

“Ohthankgod,” said Caroline, sagging in the couch. “I’ve been so worried she had.” She caught up with Amy’s last comment. “And no! I’m not a cunt-muncher!”

“I have evidence, girl,” replied Amy. “You went full-on.”

“I... well,” Caroline hesitated. “She can make me do anything when I’m under, Amy.” Caroline sighed wistfully. “Anything.”

“You are so fucked up, girlfriend,” stated Amy. “You so need to stop this shit.”

“But, I love it!” said Caroline forcefully. “It’s so fucking hardcore! It’s so exactly what I wanted!”

“Uh, Caroline, you should watch the vids. The shit you do... it’s so not what you want to be doing. Just stop this shit.”

“But, Amy, I love it! The rush, it’s so addictive! It feels so good to obey...” Caroline shuddered. “Fuck me, it’s so incredible when I’m under!”

“It’s so fucked up is what it is,” stated Amy. “You need to stop, now!”

“I can’t, Amy. It’s too fucking good.”

“Uh, let me show you,” Amy said, standing up and motioning back to her bedroom. “You don’t want to be doing this shit.”

“Oh, I...” Caroline worked her thighs. “I really... shouldn’t. Oh god. Watch myself obey. Oh, fuck!” Her eyes rolled back and closed as she visibly controlled herself. “No, Amy, I might...” Caroline’s hands bunched into fists. “Go to her, ask her to...” She stood up. “No, no Amy, I trust you.” Caroline opened her eyes again and stared into her friend’s eyes. “Keep me safe.” She hugged Amy. “I’m counting on you.”

“Caroline, stop this or keep me out of it, cuz I really don’t want to watch you fuck another woman.”

“Please, Amy,” Caroline pleaded. “I need you to!”

The imploring look on her face tugged at Amy. She sighed. “Fine. I’ll make sure you don’t do anything you don’t want to.” Which was true, since hypnosis couldn’t do anything more than that anyway.

“Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!” Caroline squeezed Amy hard. “You have no idea how important this is to me!”

Amy rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I think I do.”

Tuesday rolled around. Caroline had texted that she wanted Amy to check after the session and to go get the recording now. She wouldn’t say why. The flash drive was in its plain envelope in the locker at the rec center, and Amy sighed as she grabbed it and took it to her place.

I can’t believe I’m fucking doing this again, she thought as she pulled out the stick and plugged it into her laptop. Clicking on the file brought up the video. Amy noticed it was an hour and a half this time. Caroline wasn’t in her sweatshirt and jeans anymore. She’d worn clubbing clothes. Amy sighed and looked at her Calculus book.

“Slutty trance whore,” came from her speakers. Amy shook her head. Whatever gets Caroline off... She concentrated on her problems. No need to pay attention to what happened, since it was all consensual. It was just Caroline getting her freak on, and the professor taking advantage of the horny co-ed. The video ran all the way through before Amy looked at it again. The screen was blank. She shut down the player.

Thursday went the same way, but the homework was O-Chem. Why she took Calc and O-Chem in the same semester... Caroline was taking her clothes off before the two even got started. “Slutty trance whore.” Alkynes ran through Amy’s head as Collins ran Caroline through her paces.

Saturday came, and Amy thought hard about skipping Caroline and her twisted fantasies. But when the text showed up, she just shook her head and went to get the flash drive. Caroline was kneeling, naked, with just a pink dog collar on, and was handing the leash to a grinning Collins. “Slutty trance whore.” The recording ran until it ended, and Amy didn’t pay much attention this time either. It ended with the screen blank. She looked over and clicked it closed.

Caroline called not long after Saturday’s video finished up. “Hi, Amy!” she said excitedly.

Amy was just closing her Western Civ book when she answered. “Hiya, freak.”

“Did you watch it, Amy?”

“As much as I ever watch them,” Amy said, snorting. “Why I do this for you...”

“Oh thank god, Amy, you’re such an observant observer.”

Amy stopped talking. She stopped moving.

“Amy, are you at your laptop?”

“Yes,” came Amy’s dull reply.

“Open the flash drive in Explorer.” Amy did. “Click on the View tab. Check ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden files’.” She did. “Click on ‘For the observers.mp4’”. She did. Up came a recording, which started playing. “Watch.” The line went dead, and Amy set her phone down.

The metronome came on screen and clicked away. Amy stared at it. A soft voice started speaking. Amy let the words in, and learned from them, and watched the swaying arm, and heard the clicking. One hand slid down underneath her sweats to help seal everything in.

Eventually, the video ended. Amy reached for her mouse, and started it again, still slowly twirling between her legs.

Amy stood at attention, looking at her apartment door. She was waiting. The cool air brushed against her nipples and dried her dew, but she’d been told to be naked. Obediently taking off each piece of clothing felt like a gentle lick on her clit. Simply standing here left her wanting and wet. She longed to reach between her legs, dive deep inside herself and cum screaming around her own fingers. The buzz of staying still, like she’d been ordered to, felt even better, and it kept going on and on...

A knock at the door. She’d been told to expect that. A second knock, a pause, and a third. She leaned forward and opened it. Professor Collins was standing there, in her business suit from the videos, carrying a briefcase. Behind her stood Caroline, in fetish schoolgirl attire, with a short-sleeved, tight, white, cropped blouse and plaid microskirt. The professor held a leash attached to a collar around the student’s neck. Amy stood aside, still at attention, and Collins strode in with Caroline simpering behind.

“So, you’re it,” said the hypnotist. “I had really thought she might have more than one. But she was a bit of a prude before. Probably took her a lot to come out to you about her fetish and let you watch.” She smiled at the frozen Amy. “Too bad for you.” Collins looked the girl up and down, appraising. “Very good for me, though.” She ran her hand over the still flesh, hefted a breast, brushed her hand between the legs and smelled her fingers. ”Very good. Slave Caroline?” She held up the briefcase. Caroline reached out and took it. Adjusting, she opened it and presented the case to the hypnotist. Reaching inside, the professor pulled out a pink dog collar and leash. She turned to Amy, and, grinning predatorily, said, “For the observer.“

Amy knew it was wrong. She knew she didn’t want to do this, that hypnosis didn’t work this way, that she hadn’t been hypnotized, that she hated this woman. But her body already knew how good it was to submit and obey, and her subconscious knew how that pleasure superseded everything else in her life. Her hand reached out before her mind could react. When the collar clasped around her neck and she handed the attached leash to the professor, she saw Caroline’s eyes roll back and her body tremble in place. Amy’s body strained in sympathy and desire.

Collins followed Amy’s eyes to her friend. “Yes, I just rewarded my slave. She’s been waiting to cum until after giving me everyone she had sent anything to. You really were it.” The professor shook her head. “That makes things easy.” She turned back to Amy. “Yes, my newest slave, I do reward. Just enough to keep you always wanting more. It will make you easier to train.” Collins laughed, and tossed a matching schoolgirl outfit from the briefcase at the naked girl. “Get dressed. We have to destroy all copies of those infernal videos. Caroline says she has a safety deposit box.”

Amy crouched down and started pulling on the clothes. She felt the licks on her clit and shivered.

Like another recent story of mine, this one was heavily influenced by trilby else’s excellent Bridesmaid, and, more directly in this case, Jukebox’s fantastic Flesh For Fantasy, both of which handled this type of storyline much better than I did.


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