by softi

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Michela has a thesis to write, but her advisor saddles her with helping an undergrad. She might have to have the undergrad help her.

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Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of non-consensual sex between females, and depictions of sexual slavery. If you are under 18 or offended by this type of material please do not continue. Otherwise, read on and enjoy! Also, any resemblance of the characters in this work to people either living, dead or fictitious is unintentional and purely coincidental.

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Michela woke to a tongue gently licking her between her thighs, slowly teasing her outer lips and holding her on edge. Looking down, she saw Riley was being a good helper. She reached down and grabbed her roommate’s dark brown hair.

“Now,” she commanded.

Riley dove in, sucking on Michela’s clit and thrusting in two fingers deep and fast. Michela tensed, moaned, rose up and crested. With as much practice as she had, Riley knew every sensitive spot and just how to hit it right. It never took Michela long, particularly after being teased awake. The honey blonde whimpered, slowly recovering.

“I love you,” said Riley, reverently.

“I know,” responded Michela, messing the dark brown hair. “You’ve gotten really good at that.” Riley beamed. “Come on, I have to prep for class.”

Riley followed Michela into the bathroom and started the shower as Michela brushed her teeth. Once the water was warm, Riley stepped in and put a little shampoo in her hand. She stood still, waiting, until Michela joined her. After Michela wet herself down and turned to face into the spray, Riley started washing the honey blonde hair.

“Mmm...” hummed Michela, leaning into the contact. Her roommate smiled. “You’re so good at that.”

“Thank you,” shyly replied Riley. She continued working the her roommate’s hair.

After a few minutes, Michela stopped her roommate. “OK, Riley, that’s enough.” Riley stepped away, allowing Michela to turn under the water and let her hair rinse down her back. Riley repeated the process with the conditioner, then reverently soaped her roommate’s nude form with the sponge and body wash. Once Michela rinsed off, she waited for her roommate to get her towel before stepping out. A smile played across her face as Riley gently dried her off. Michela’s thick hair took some time to blow dry, but Riley patiently worked through the soft, honey blonde locks.

“All done, Michela.” Riley stood, head slightly bowed.

“Go ahead and shower,” replied Michela, tousling the dark brown hair. Riley smiled and got back into the tub.

Michela dressed and was putting the last of her books into her backpack as Riley came out of the bathroom, still toweling off her hair. “I hate these early seminars,” said Michela, kissing Riley. “I’ll be back after.”

“I’ll be waiting,” said Riley.

Michela picked up a fruit bar and headed out to campus.


The class was small, only 16 students that Professor Gutierrez hand picked. The discussion today was on hypnosis and whether it was effective in a clinical setting.

“Everyone, this is Michela, one of my graduate students, who is focusing on hypnosis as part of her thesis.” He looked around the room. “She’s here today to give a presentation about hypnosis in clinical practice. Please give her your full attention.” He turned to the grad student. “Michela,” he said, gesturing to the half podium on an old, rickety table.

She stepped up and started in on her presentation. “I’m sure that some of you are skeptical about the usefulness of hypnosis in practice,” Michela started. “It’s not some evil mesmerist saying, ‘You are under my spell!’ and a helpless ingénue fainting back to the bed.” She pantomimed a swooning woman. “Nor is it a cartoon spiral that hypnotizes the fearless heroine into an obedient slave.” Holding her arms in front of her, she slowly walked a few steps as though in a trance. There were a few chuckles around the room. “No, hypnosis is much more than that. It is a tool to help you relax your patient, get beyond their social fears of being judged, past their own hang-ups, and open up about problems that you otherwise wouldn’t have found out about.” Her eyes swept the room, trying to connect to each of the students. “It is built on a trust relationship between the psychologist and the patient, allowing the patient to experience past events without the fear of pain wracking them for days afterward. With it’s judicious use, you will find that hypnosis is a great tool to help your patient work through issues and come out a stronger, more stable, better adjusted person, able to face things they wouldn’t have dreamed about before. I hope to show you today how to make that happen.” Several students looked bored already, but a few were interested, and all were taking notes in case this was going to involve an essay or a quiz, or be on a test.

Michela took them all through detailed mechanics of hypnosis, what was required to make it work, what it could do, and it’s value in practice. She was happy to have some of the students genuinely involved, since she hadn’t really expected any to find this useful. Many of her colleagues and professors thought it was new age crap. Professor Gutierrez had insisted, though, and it seemed to go off pretty well. At least, none of the students walked out. At the end, she even got polite, if unenthusiastic, applause.

Afterwards, as the students were gathering their things and leaving, Professor Gutierrez brought up one student to meet her. “Michela, I’d like you to meet Tricia.” The short blonde smiled cutely at Michela, and Michela nodded in return. Gutierrez continued. “She’s focusing on hypnosis as a tool for this seminar, and I want you to work with her on more detailed information, and maybe getting some practical experience.”

Tricia was thin, but Michela glanced just enough to see the blonde was curvy in all the places Michela liked. “Sure,” she said, “I’d love to help out.” She smiled at Tricia and kept her eyes up. Quickly thinking through her schedule, she came up with a day. “Thursday work?”

“Sure!” said Tricia, a little bubbly for Michela’s tastes.

‘I can change that personality,’ thought Michela, and stopped herself. “Definitely! Will 3:30 work?” ‘No, I don’t need another...’

“Sure!” replied Tricia.

“You can meet in my office,” said the professor. “It’ll be free.”

“Thank you!” said Tricia. “Tomorrow!” She held out her hand, which Michela shook. “Lates!”

‘Much too perky,’ thought Michela. “See you then!” she called out as Tricia flounced out of the room, her short shorts and cute, low heels distracting Michela. ‘Might need to work on her anyway.’

“I know she’s a little... happy and energetic for you,” said the professor. “But she seems genuinely interested, and I think she’ll learn a lot from you.”

Michela sighed. “Did you really have to do this to me?”

“Yes,” the professor replied, “I did.” He gripped her shoulder, then grabbed his satchel and walked out.

“Dammit.” Michela gathered her things.


Michela unlocked the office. It was a mess, as it always was. Professor Gutierrez might be a great teacher, but he couldn’t organize his space to save his life. She plopped her backpack down on the desk in the only open spot and dropped into his plush leather chair. He’d sprung for his own, so at least it was somewhat comfortable compared to the crap the university bought. It didn’t quite make up for the disaster in the room.

She’d come straight from Affective Neuroscience with Holden, so she was a little early. A few thoughts about being productive skimmed her mind, but her phone won out, and she played WordBrain while waiting.

“Hi!” The greeting startled Michela. Tricia was standing at the door, looking bubbly as ever in a short, pink skirt and tight, white top. She wiggled her fingers in greeting and crossed her arms over her books. “Sorry I’m late.”

Michela looked at the time. “No, no, you’re a little early, actually. You can take that stack of papers off that chair...” She gestured at one of the three paper covered, hard-backed seats in front of the desk. As Tricia plopped her backpack down and settled in, Michela continued, “So, the professor didn’t really go into any details. Did you have an idea about what you wanted to go over? Should I start on the steps?”

“Yes! Well, no,” Tricia giggled. “What I was hoping was to watch you in action, actually doing it. You know, on someone? See how it happens in real life?”

“Oh, OK.” Michela paused, looking around. “I... uh, I don’t have a patient here...”

“I know.” Tricia looked around. “Maybe me...?” The blonde let the words hang.

Michela stopped for a second, surprised. “Uh... sure, but where? This isn’t...”

“Oh, it’ll be fine.”

“Well, maybe if you were sitting here.” Michela pointed at the leather office chair she was in.

“Yeah!” Tricia popped up excitedly, all too bouncy. It made Michela want to shove Valium down the undergrad’s throat. The grad student stood, picked up her backpack, and swung to sit on the desk. Tricia slipped into the chair excitedly.

“You need to be calm and relaxed for this to work, Tricia,” said Michela.

“I know, I know,” said the blonde. She took a few deep breaths and stopped fidgeting.

“A little better.” Michela pulled a shiny red pen from her backpack and dropped the sack on the ground. She held the pen up in front of the undergrad, and, checking the lighting in the room, scrunched her brow. “Hmm...” She hopped off the desk, deftly avoiding the pack and scattered piles, and moved the desk lamp to behind Tricia. “There.” She flicked off the overhead light and resumed her position on the desk.

“Oh, will that work? I thought you put the light in front of me,” said Tricia. “’Stare into the light’ and all that.”

“No, this is much better.” Michela started twisting the pen back and forth, looking at the red reflected lights dancing across the room. She adjusted her hand and Tricia squinted as a dot flashed across her eyes. “Yes, much better.” Michela smiled.

“Ohh, I get it now.” Tricia looked happy and hyper again. “Calm, calm.” She blew out a breath and visibly relaxed.

“Good. This will be much easier if you’re actively trying to go into trance,” said Michela. “Now, let’s get started. First, some relaxation techniques.” She settled in.

“Oooh, OK. What do I do? Should I take notes?”

“No, taking notes would be too active,” Michela said, with dissolving patience. “Please, let’s start to relax, calm down, let everything drift away.”

“Got it. Quiet.” Tricia sat back into the chair.

Michela let out a big sigh. “OK. Start letting your muscles relax. Feel your weight pulling you down. Sink into the chair.” ‘She finally shut up.’ “Feel it in your feet, heavy now, the floor holding them up. Moving up your calves, pressing your feet down.” ‘Nice calves.’ “To your thighs, relaxing into the chair, so heavy.” ‘Such great thighs, too.’ “Up to your chest, resting back, leaning into the chair, so heavy now.” ‘Very perky chest.’ “Resting back, hands pressing into the armrests, weighing so much, up your arms, to your shoulders, pressing back, your neck,” ‘So kissable...’ “slack now, hardly able to hold up your heavy head.”

Michela adjusted herself a little and brought the pen up. Lights flickered across Tricia’s eyes. ‘Beautiful face too... Just stop.’ “Tricia, look at the pen.” ‘Don’t need another helper.’ “See the lights, dancing across your eyes.” ‘Baby blues.’ “Let them have your attention, your focus. Watch them move back and forth, let your eyes follow them. Back and forth, so bright, so hard to keep your eyes open now. So relaxed, all attention on the pen, on the lights, drawing you in. Let go, Tricia, follow the lights, eyes so heavy now, so relaxed.”

Tricia’s eyes were half-lidded, fluttering closed. Her head began to loll to one side. Michela watched as the blonde caught it, brought it back, let it sink to the other. “Good, Tricia, flow into the light, let it have your thoughts. So restful now, so hard not to sleep, just let your consciousness float, let your tired eyes slip closed.” Tricia’s sagging eyelids slipped down. “Let the pen fill your mind, see it flickering as you float.” ‘So easy to drop under too.’ “Down, down into your safe place, deep down, into a trance for me.”

Tricia’s head sagged forward, chin almost to chest. ‘First time I’ve seen her quiet.’ Michela let her eyes roam over the blonde’s body, drinking it in. ‘Stop it, stop it.’ She sighed. ‘Now what? She didn’t tell me to do anything.’ Her eyes flicked over Tricia again. Blowing out a breath, Michela decided. ‘I know how to keep her quiet.’ Leaning closer, she thought, ‘Maybe I need another helper after all.’

Michela started in on one of her favorite parts, the beginnings of some basic programming. It always worked her up. Whispering, she said, “Tricia, you feel so relaxed, so content, so free to enjoy a deep trance. You want to feel this again.” She repeated the same basic idea several times, about how good trance felt, about how Tricia wanted this again. “You want to feel this way so much, when I say ‘Tricia’s dreamland’ you’ll drop into a deep trance, just so you can feel this way. Remember it, but bury it deep into your subconscious, don’t let yourself think about it until I say the words. Lift your right hand if you understand.” Tricia’s hand slowly rose. Michela contained a heated whimper.

She brought Tricia out of trance slowly, one small step at a time. Eventually, Tricia blinked her eyes and looked at Michela. Excitedly, she clasped her hands and said, “You did it! You did it! I wasn’t sure you...” She stopped herself and leaned forward. “But of course you did, you had to, it was perfect!”

“Yes, and you were willing, which was the only way.” Michela smiled, the less than willing techniques she knew definitely not something to share. Towing the line was much safer.

“Oh, it was great! I loved it! I remember it being so relaxing and wonderful and...” Tricia’s voice was getting louder.

‘Just SHUT UP.’ “You enjoyed Tricia’s dreamland?” Michela interrupted.

“I... oh, wait... I...” Tricia looked like she was fighting it, trying to stay awake, keep talking. The relaxation washed over her, though, trance overtaking her. She sunk back into the chair.

“Good, Tricia. You remembered. Let’s try again. Slowly, rising up, count from 10 to 1 and slip quietly back into wakefulness when you finish.”

Tricia counted, and then blinked her eyes, shaking off the trance. “Oh my god, that’s so great! You’re so good at this!”

“You like Tricia’s dreamland?” Michela asked. Tricia slumped down again. Michela worked the blonde through this a few more times before leaving her.

Afterwards, Tricia was as bouncy as ever. “That’s so awesome! You need to teach me that! Just wait till I tell my sorority!” She looked down at her watch. “Oh, I gotta go, sorry. Tomorrow?”

“I was thinking Tuesday, same time, same place,” replied Michela.

“Oh,” said Tricia, looking crestfallen. “OK. Tuesday then.” She perked back up. “Lates!” Grabbing her backpack off the floor by the hard-backed chair, she took off. Michela watched Tricia’s cute ass all the way out of the door.

‘Definitely another helper.’ She sighed. ‘I’m horny. I’m getting Felicity.’ She pulled out her phone and typed out a text message. Her panties were moist. ‘Now. She better hurry.’


Friday, her class load and all of the studying she had to do on campus kept Michela busy until late in the afternoon. Not wanting to go straight home, she wandered into Mugs, her favorite coffee shop, and got a caramel machiatto. Sitting down with it, she pulled out her phone and started up WordBrain.

Motion close in front of her broke her concentration. “Huh?” Someone was sitting at her table.

“Hi!” said a certain perky blonde. “I stopped in to get a latte and saw you. I just had to say hi!”

Michela’s gaze wandered up more slowly than it should, running over flesh exposed by the plunging neckline of Tricia’s baby blue cotton top. ‘Matches her eyes.’ “Oh, hi Tricia.”

“I’m not interrupting, am I? It’s just WordBrain, right? I play that game too, it kills so much of my time. Particularly when I should be studying. But I don’t do that enough, do you? It’s boring, but gotta get through it, yeah? So boring, it always makes me want to fall sleep, but can’t do that, have to struggle to stay awake and concentrate, but it’s just so hard sometimes, yeah?”

“I...” Michela tried to get something in.

“What you did yesterday was so great! Can you do it again? I told all of my sisters about it, they totally want to try.” She leaned in a touched Michela’s arm, just above the wrist. “Think you could? Of course you could, that’s not what I meant. You have time to? I’m sure this weekend is open right? Can you think about it? They’d all love it, and...” She touched Michela’s arm again.

“Hold it!” Michela tried to catch up.

“...I mean, I was totally into it when you dropped me under. It was so relaxing. Have you ever been hypnotized? I bet you’d like it too. I was so heavy, just so heavy, have you ever felt like that? How did you get me to do that?” Another touch.

“If you’d let me...” Michela said. The touches bothered her a bit. She moved her arm away from Tricia’s hand.

Tricia kept on talking. “My sisters will love it. They were all like, ‘Can you do it to us?’ and I said, ‘No, but she’s the shit. She’ll be all up for it.’ And you will be, right?”

“Wait, Tricia,” said the grad student.

“Oh, what? You’ll do it, right? Because I couldn’t follow the whole thing. I got lost there, and I want to know how to do this. I mean I remember you doing a few things, like relaxing me, how awesome that was, getting heavy, sleepy.” She adjusted her hand to touch Michela’s forearm again. “And the pen, kinda like this.” Tricia swung her phone with her other hand, dancing light off of Michela’s eyes.

“Could you...” Michela tried to interject, bringing a hand up to try to block the flashes from the phone.

“Right? I remember that, I think. But then it was blank after that, so easy to just slip away, let it all go.” She kept the light bouncing side to side, kept touching Michela. “Right? Just floated down into that relaxed place, very content, peaceful...”

Michela sighed and closed her eyes for a sec. The light flicked red through her eyelids. She pulled the arm that Tricia kept touching up and rubbed a little soreness out of her eyes with her fingers. ‘Time to shut her up.’ After a few seconds, she looked back at Tricia and listened again.

“It was so amazing! They’ll all love it,” she said.

“You liked Tricia’s dreamland?”

Tricia let out a little whimper and sunk back into her chair. Her eyes fluttered shut.

“Tricia, you love feeling like this.” Michela thought about where to take this. “You want to keep feeling this way. You want it so much you will practice on your own. Every night, you will find yourself somewhere you can be alone, and look into a mirror. You will drop yourself into a trance by saying, ‘I’m Michela’s good little girl.’ Once you are under, you will repeat to yourself that you want to do anything for Michela. After a few minutes, you will bring yourself out of trance, and forget doing it.” Michela looked at the blonde. ‘Definitely hot, but vapid and bubbly and in desperate need of a fucking gag.’ “You will not consciously remember being told this. You will not think about it while you are doing it. You will subconsciously perform these actions. Nod if you understand.”

Tricia barely moved her head up and down.

“Good. Now, you will slowly wake up, counting 10 to 1, and say goodbye, and leave me alone for a while.” Michela sighed.

Tricia counted backwards and blinked herself awake. “Goodbye!” She stood up and walked away, looking a little confused.

‘Finally.’ Michela watched Tricia leave Mugs, eyes following the slender legs and tight butt out. ‘Instead of a gag, maybe shut her up between my legs.’ She turned back to her machiatto. Adjusting, she noticed a familiar ache. Flipping out her phone, she texted Grace.

A bit later, a taller redhead sat at her table. “Hi, Michela!”

“Hi Grace,” she replied. The machiatto was just about gone. “Let’s head to the bathroom.” She stood and tossed her cup into the nearby trash can. Grace followed her into the bathroom. It had two stalls, and it was empty, so the handicap stall was free. It had enough room that nobody should be suspicious if they came in. She dropped her jeans and sat forward on the toilet. Grace squatted and leaned in. As her soft mouth hit Michela’s most sensitive spots, the grad student’s mind drifted to an ass that had just walked out... Grace’s well-practiced tongue was rewarded by hot liquid in little more than a minute.

“Thank you, Michela!” gushed Grace as the grad student recovered.

“Fuck, I was horny. You were great, Grace,” said Michela, rumpling the thick, red hair like a pet’s fur. Grace whimpered and pressed into the touch. “You may cum now, Grace.”

Grace trembled and let out a strangled moan, a faint drop of moisture darkening the crotch of her jeans. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“You’re a good little helper, Grace. A very good little helper.”


Michela and Riley finished getting ready to head out and sat on the couch to wait for Indira.

“Any time to...?” Riley leaned in and brought her arm across Michela’s chest.

Michela looked at her roommate fondly. “No, Riley, she should be here any minute and we’ll head.”

Riley sighed. “Fuck. I wanted a little...” A knock at the door interrupted her. She stood up and walked over to it. “Indira isn’t a blonde now, is she?”

Michela rubbed her eyes with her fingers. ‘Seriously?’ She got up and went over to the door. Checking the eyepiece, she voiced it this time. “Seriously?”

“What?” asked Riley. “Who is it?”

Michela sighed and opened the door.

“Hi! Who’s this?” Tricia asked, stepping in. “You two aren’t heading out like that, are you?” She gestured at the pair, who were both in jeans and shirts. Tricia leaned a little to reach and touch Michela on the arm. “You should dress more like this.” She swept her other hand over her own outfit, a tiny number with garters poking out from under the micro-skirt and a top that was only a little more than the bra underneath. “It’s so much hotter, and you’re hot, and you should show it off more.”

“Who...?” asked Riley again, irritated.

“Riley, this is Tricia.” said Michela over the blonde’s incessant talking. She pulled back a step, breaking contact, but not quite far enough to be inviting and let Tricia in.

“You’re hot too, Riley. You should dress like this too. You two would make a cute couple. You’re not, are you? You could be. I never asked which way you swing. So, Michela, I know this party you totally have to come to!” She stepped forward and touched Michela again. “It has all of my friends, and they’re just dying to meet you, and they’d love you, and you could hypnotize them like you did to me, and I’ve told them all about it! They all want to, I told them it’s sick!”

Michela adjusted to get Tricia’s hand off her forearm. “No, thanks, we were just heading out.”

Just then, Indira walked up the sidewalk in front of the townhouse. She stood behind Tricia, a quizzical look playing on her face.

“Oh but you’ll love it!” Tricia said as she reached out again.

“Who...?” asked Indira questioningly.

“You must come! You’d have to change first, though,” said Tricia.

“Excuse me, Tricia, we were just leaving.” Michela squeezed around the blonde. She gave Indira a hug. “Great to see you!”

“What party?” asked Indira. Behind Michela, Riley gestured Tricia out of the door and shut it behind them.

“Just one that Tricia was inviting us to,” replied Michela. “We’re heading out, Tricia. I’d invite you along, but I’m not sure the bar would let you in.”

“Oh,” said Tricia, dejected. “They were all looking forward to it.” Then she perked back up. “Tomorrow, maybe you could stop by,” and touched Michela’s arm again. “and you could do it to all of my sisters. They’ll love you so much!”

“Do what?” asked Riley and Indira at almost the same time. They both snickered.

“Hypnotize them,” answered Michela.

“Can you? About two,” Tricia touched her arm. “Lates!” She walked off.

“Who the fuck was that?” Indira asked quietly as Tricia left.

All three watched the retreating blonde. Michela found her eyes traveling the length of the undergraduate, from the shoulders, down the soft, flawless skin of the back, to the too short skirt, down the stocking seams to the heels. “Gutierrez is making me teach her hypnosis.”

“Can you get her to shut up?” asked Indira. “Little less perky? She could be fun with a little work.”

“Maybe,” replied Michela. Something about the scene had made her horny. Maybe just Tricia’s outfit. Looking back at the other two, she asked, “Do we really need to head out?” She caressed Indira’s breast lovingly.

“You were the one wanting to go,” said Riley. She leaned in to suckle Michela’s neck. The honey blonde turned into the passionate kiss and returned the favor.

“Oh, fun!” said Indira pulling them both inside. Riley fumbled to shut the door as they stumbled past, heading to the bedroom. In seconds, all had their jeans off and their tops dropping to the floor. Michela leaned into Indira’s darker skin, nibbling on an ear as she reached behind the exotic beauty to unsnap the bra. Indira did the same to her, and both garments dropped to the floor as Riley nuzzled behind. Then both of Michela’s helpers pushed her down onto the bed and dove in, licking down from neck to breasts, as their fingers ran up her thighs.

Michela’s legs parted, and Indira’s mouth worked down to her crotch. Michela watched the black hair mix with her own honey blonde, and pictured blonde between her thighs. ‘Soon,’ she thought, then gasped as a soft tongue ran along her slit. It didn’t take long at all. Her helpers were so good to her.


Michela woke up in a tangle of arms and legs, both dusky and cream white skin next to her own tan. She pulled up, making both of her helpers adjust, but they slept on. It wasn’t early, but they’d been up until dawn. Michela was salty from dried sweat and sticky between her legs. She headed to the shower, choosing to be alone this time and let her helpers sleep.

After a bit, she came out, toweling her hair. Riley and Indira were both passed out still, having hardly moved from their new positions. Michela smiled and shook her head at them. Pulling on bra and panties, she went to reach for jeans, but decided on jean shorts. The cotton top she chose was one of her tighter ones. She gathered her books and laptop, and headed down to Mugs to get in a little studying.

Sitting with a latte and coffee cake, she worked on her thesis. She was covering some objections to hypnosis in the practice, and had several books arrayed around her on the table. A ways into typing a particularly thorny argument about quacks and repressed memories, a quick movement and scraping sound distracted her. She looked up and saw Tricia sitting down. ‘Oh my fucking god...’

“Hi! You’re here!” Tricia leaned over and touched Michela’s forearm as she sat. “Awesome! You’re looking better, too. You own just denim, though? You should try something else. And cute top! Did you hook up last night? You have a glow. Was it both of them? You a lezzie? You’ve never said.”

“Wait, what?” asked Michela, offended.

“Oh, sorry, too much? Thought it was... whatever. But are you? You’d be cute together. Was that brown haired pale one your roommate? Where did you go? You didn’t come to the party, and my sisters were all disappointed. They all know how great trance is, but you weren’t there to show them.”

“We didn’t head out...” She tried to fight through a strange feeling washing over her.

“Oh? Stay in? Then you are a lezzie! That’s totally cool, you know. I so get it. Women are crazy hot. You’re hot too. Need to dress better, though. We should go shopping. What are you doing now? Studying? You don’t need to do that, right? You should take a break. Come buy some things with me. You have to!” Tricia’s hand gripped Michela’s forearm.

‘Wait, I haven’t moved my arm?’ thought Michela. “I can’t...” She felt a little horny.

“You so need a makeover, totally new look.” Tricia smiled. “Get more hotties if you look the part. Not that you seem to have trouble. Your friends are hot, too. Would you do it? You totally should. I know the perfect store to start in...”

“Tricia’s dreamland!” Michela got out, a little louder than she intended.

“Oh!” The blonde’s eyes went unfocused, then blinked a few times, and finally closed.

Michela shook off the warm, fuzzy feeling that had overtaken her. The heat that had built in her crotch didn’t fade, though. She thought about playing with Tricia, but it really was too soon in the hypnotized girl’s programming, and might break the required trust the grad student needed to get the undergrad to accept falling into a trance again.

Michela rubbed her forehead. She really needed to wrap this part of her thesis up. It’d been taking her weeks to slog through. “Listen, Tricia, just please go,” Michela said. She looked back at the blonde and saw her stumbling out of the chair. “Wait! Count 10 to 1, wake up on 1, say goodbye, and leave!” Michela said quickly.

Tricia counted sleepily backwards, then blinked her eyes, said, “Goodbye!", and looked confused as she took off.

The grad student went back to her laptop. Her concentration was shot. She was worked up, and needed some relief before she continued. ‘Head home, just text someone. Head home, just text someone.’ Speed won out, and she texted Annie, the closest helper to Mugs. The blonde showed up quickly, and waiting a bit for the bathroom to open up, they headed to the handicap stall. Michela imagined styled blonde hair instead of Annie’s straight between her legs as she came all over her helper’s mouth.

Even after Annie’s loving ministrations, Michela couldn’t focus. Pulling the girl with her, she headed home. She found Indira in the shower, and Riley, still messy, eating some breakfast. Grabbing her roommate, she dragged both her and Annie into the shower with Indira. It was really crowded, but they managed for a few minutes. Then they moved to the bedroom, where there were toys. Michela got the strap on out, and as she pumped into each of her helpers, she thought of a styled blonde underneath her.


Sunday morning, Michela was sated and very, very worn out. She showered with Annie helping her, then pulled on sweat-shorts and athletic bra, grabbed her laptop, and started working. The same section as the day before began to take better shape, and she was suddenly done, both faster and more easily than she had expected, considering her recent lack of progress. Annie had gone home, and Indira needed to study for her own classes. Riley had graduated but not gone back for a master’s degree. She was living on the last of the college trust she had, which wouldn’t last much longer. Soon, she’d have to get a job.

Michela didn’t like to think about that. Riley really was her special one. She smiled as the pale woman came out from the kitchen. “How’s it coming?” She sat on the couch next to Michela.

“I think I just wrapped up responses to the main arguments against.” Michela smiled and leaned over to kiss Riley. “I feel great!” She laughed a little. “How’s the laundry?” Sunday’s chores included that one.

“Almost done. I was about to put in the last load.”

“OK. I’ll go to Mugs and grab us some coffee. Whatcha want?” asked Michela, heading into the bedroom to change into something she could wear out.

“Cinnamon mocha,” replied Riley.

A minute later, Michela came out in a knee-length, deep blue dress and walked towards the door. Riley cocked an eyebrow, looking at her roommate. “What’s that?” she asked.

“Thought I’d wear it. Hardly ever do,” answered Michela.

“Try never,” said Riley. “What’s the occasion?”

“Nothing, just thought it would be comfortable.” Michela opened the door and was out before Riley responded.

The dress would hamper riding her bike and bringing coffee back balanced carefully was difficult anyway, so Michela drove the short distance to Mugs. She parked and was walking up when she caught herself. ‘Wait, what’s going on?’ she thought. Something tickled the back of her mind. She looked at herself, and furrowed her brow. ‘What am I wearing?’ She looked back up at the door to the coffee shop. ‘Will Tricia be here again?’ She blew out a breath. ‘Would that be good or bad?’ She chewed her lip. ‘Starry Night’s just a few blocks away.’ She turned. ‘Or maybe not, since Riley’s expecting Mugs.’ She stopped.

As she stood in indecision, she felt a touch on her forearm. “Hi, hottie! Here again?” asked a voice from behind her. Michela turned and almost slammed into Tricia. “You must love this place.” The undergrad looked her up and down. “Better, but it needs to be shorter. And your legs shouldn’t be naked.” The blonde gestured to her own stockings. “You’re really hot, and you could get anyone you want, if you dressed right. I could hook you up. Come shopping with me. Please? Don’t answer, just come, I know you want to. That look says you’re not going to. Fine. But I have a few questions first. Since you haven’t stopped by, I wanted to show my sorority, since they’ve all been asking, and you haven’t come over.”

“Inside?” asked Michela, pointing with her free hand. She figured she could dump the annoying blonde while ordering or something, but that was fading in a warm, fuzzy feeling.

“Sure!” Tricia dragged her in by her forearm and over to a seat at the bar along the window. “So can you overcome someone that doesn’t want to? You know, unwilling? I know you said it’s not possible, but it would be fun, to see them go all sleepy, relaxing, dropping down when they’re not expecting it...” She danced her fingers on Michela’s forearm just above the wrist.

Michela sighed and zoned. Even if she tried to answer, tried to ditch her, Tricia would just talk over it and stick around. Michela’s mind floated, thinking of the blonde, and how hot she looked in the short skirts and stockings she wore. The tops she picked gave a great view too, always tight across her breasts and leaving just enough showing. Her lips were kissable, and ready to serve Michela too, down below...

She focused again, and looked at the clock. Fifteen minutes had gone by. “Fuck! I’ve got to get back to Riley.” She stood off the bar stool, and checked discreetly to see if she’d left a stain with her wandering, lecherous thoughts.

“Oh, OK. I think you helped me understand. Can you stop by the sorority later?”

“No, I don’t...”

“Oh.” Tricia looked dejected. “It’s OK. I’ll keep working on them. You’ve helped so much! Thank you!” Tricia bounced off.

“Lates...” said Michela, words trailing the undergrad. She kept her eyes on the ass as it flounced away. ‘Maybe I should stop by, start programming...’ She shook off the contented, lethargic feeling, and turned to order. Riley would help her out at home. She wasn’t usually this worked up all the time, particularly after a night like that. Tricia did something to her, though. She would be a special helper.


Monday was always a rough day, even without staying up until 5 with Riley and Indira and Annie and Felicia. It was insane. She was still getting damp remembering, even as sore and worn out as she was.

The last class she had Mondays was one she taught. It was Intro to Psych, which Gutierrez had stuck her with this semester. She was bored out of her mind, but it was the place he put her. She didn’t have a choice. It was a little different today, though. She noticed some of the guys checking her out. Even though they usually did to at least some extent, it was more intense today. It must be the short skirt and hose. It made her damp thinking about her outfit. Even a few of the girls were looking.

The students left, talking amongst themselves. More than usual came up to the front with questions, and several were letting their eyes drift over her body instead of paying attention to the answers. Once all were gone, she gathered her things and stepped out. She almost ran into someone coming in. Tricia.

“Hi! Thought I’d stop by, see if you had some time!” The undergrad touched her forearm. “You look even hotter today! Good skirt, something on your legs! But still not stockings.” She gestured down again, pulling up the side of her skirt to show the top of one. “You must get stockings! So are you free? Can you stop by? They’re all waiting for you!”

“No, I...” said Michela, relaxing and letting a familiar warm, fuzzy feeling wash over her.

“You have to! You can’t keep putting it off. They’ll all love you! I’ve told them all about it, how you can drop someone under, how calming it is, relaxing, the warm, sleepy feeling, so content...”

Michela drifted again. Her eyes ran over Tricia. The skirt, though longer here on campus, was still so cute, and accented her legs. The sheer stockings down them left Michela breathless, wanting to run her hands over them, up between Tricia’s thighs, find out if the blonde was shaved... Probably satin covering there too, not cotton like all of Michela’s own things. The line of the breasts shown by the low neck of Tricia’s blouse tempted her, but there hadn’t been any programming. She really wasn’t getting very far with making Tricia a helper. And she really could use one right now. Styled blonde hair between her legs, lapping slowly, teasing her into a frenzy...

Michela blinked her eyes, shook off the contented, lethargic feeling, and dripped into her panties. Her eyes traveled Tricia’s length.

“See? Get a hotter outfit!” said Tricia. “Well, gotta go. Lates!” The girl bounced off.

Michela stood there for a minute, just watching the retreating blonde. Michela whimpered a little. ‘I want that.’ Shaking herself again, she grabbed her things and headed to her car. Once in, she started driving for home.

‘Wait.’ She held still at a stop sign, pissing off the car behind her. ‘I want to go shopping.’ She cranked the wheel and took off the other way, heading for the main shops near campus. Parking was easy, since Monday wasn’t a busy day. She got out and started walking to Old Navy. Thinking better of it, she turned for the main mall and Victoria’s Secret.

The store put her out of her element. She was used to the simple jeans, socks, t-shirts and underwear of Old Navy. This was... different. A saleslady noticed her distress and came up to offer assistance.

“Hi! Can I help you?”

“Uh, yes,” said Michela still looking around in a bit of a daze. “I need... a few things.”

“Like what?”

“I... uh, a few cute skirts, blouses...”

“OK, we can do that. Follow me.” She helped Michela pick out a loose, low cut, faded purple blouse, and another black one that was tight everywhere. Two skirts also came off the rack, both shorter than anything Michela had ever thought of even considering. One was flowery to go with the purple blouse, the other a deep red to compliment the black top. The salesgirl sent her into the changing room, and nervously she tried on each set. They felt strange compared to her usual clothes, though both outfits were sexy, she had to admit. She headed back out, deciding to purchase each.

“Ready, then?” asked the salesgirl.

“Oh, no, wait, I need...” Michela looked over at the lingerie, a little embarrassed. She’d never bought for herself before.

The assistant followed her eyes, and smiled. “Sure, did you know what you wanted?”

“I need, I need stockings. And some panties that won’t look strange under these.”

“New special someone, huh?” the salesgirl asked. Michela just blushed. “Let’s grab a few pair.”

They picked out matching stockings and cotton panties, even though the assistant said satin or lace might be sexier. Michela couldn’t quite go that far. Cotton was more comfortable, functional. Rational. Her.

She walked out with her purchases, ready to sneak them past Riley. She’d hear it for weeks if her roommate found out, but she wasn’t home. Really, though, it sucked Riley wasn’t around. Michela had some serious horniness to work off.


Tuesday’s classes passed quickly, and the outright leers on campus left Michela a little dazed. She wasn’t used to being objectified so blatantly, but the miniskirt and stay-ups definitely garnered attention. She left her last lecture and headed to Gutierrez’ office for her meeting with Tricia.

The empty office was still a disaster, and she wasn’t sure it was the best place for the programming to Tricia that Michela planned on doing today. It would have to do, though, since she really was behind on getting that done. She looked down at her legs, and imagined seeing perky breasts leaning between her thighs and blonde hair covering her crotch...

There was a knock. She turned and opened the door for Tricia. “Hi!”

“Hi!” The undergrad touched Michela’s forearm as she looked her up and down. Warm fuzzies and sleepy contentment washed over Michela. “Much better! I like the blouse, and the skirt covers just enough! Hot! You should sit.”

Michela turned and sat in the office chair. Tricia hopped up on the desk, the shorter girl looking down at Michela for the first time. With her legs hooked around the armrests, Tricia pulled the grad student closer. Michela got an eyeful, seeing a glimpse of red satin panties until she was close enough to be blocked by the skirt. She looked up into baby blue eyes.

Tricia leaned down and pulled Michela’s forearm onto her thigh. The blonde’s hand rested on top, just above the wrist, and Michela blushed as butterflies tumbled from her soaked crotch up to her chest.

“I think we should talk, don’t you? Since we meet each other so much, maybe get to know each other?” asked Tricia. Michela nodded, and the blonde continued. “Why the jeans and t-shirts?”

“I don’t want to be an object. It’s disgusting,” replied Michela.

“But you’re hot! You’re going to dress like this from now on, aren’t you?”

“I... I... guess?”

“So no cute clothes before?” asked Tricia.

“No,” answered Michela.

“Bet that means no lingerie, right?”

“I... I have lingerie, but don’t wear it.” Michela looked embarrassed. “Riley and my helpers wear it for me.”

“Your helpers? For you?” asked Tricia, interested.

“Yes,” said Michela. ‘Wait, why did I tell her?’

“Do your helpers always help you out?”

“Yes. For anything I need.”

“Hmm. So what’s underneath your skirt?” Tricia asked.

“Cotton panties.”

“Seriously?” Tricia leaned in and with her free hand and lifted Michela’s skirt. “Nasty! Those are gone! No more cotton! All satin, silk and lace! That goes for bras, too!”

“I... guess?” said Michela.

“You don’t even look shaved. Are you?”

“No, just... just my...”

“Your helpers, right?” Tricia laughed. “Like the feel, but don’t feel like it? Lazy?”

“No, it’s control... They obey me, they shave, I’m the leader, I don’t. It’s a fetish, I guess.”

“Enough of that!” said Tricia. “Can’t have you wearing hot shit with strays poking out all over the place. Shave, girl! Better yet, get a wax! This weekend!”

“I... guess...” Michela was embarrassed and wanted to look away, but couldn’t bring herself to.

“Still have stuff to work on, don’t we?” said Tricia. “Oh well. So, you’re supposed to be teaching me hypnosis, right?”

“Oh, right,” Michela said, and as Tricia’s hand moved off her arm, she looked away and shook off the lethargy. “Let’s get started. Right. Uh, so...” She thought for a sec. “Oh, yeah.”

Tricia looked at her. “Hmm?”

Struggling to find the words, Michela eventually came up with the phrase. “Tricia’s dreamland!” Even after a few days, it still worked quickly. Tricia slumped on the desk, deep in trance. Michela licked her lips, then lifted Tricia’s skirt. Delicious satin. She traced her fingers up the blonde’s inner thigh, and was at a good height to see that there was no hair anywhere. ‘Oh fuck. She’ll be such a hot helper.’ She started to lean in.

Closing her eyes, a pungent, musky smell filled her nose. She looked again, and found herself almost within kissing distance of Tricia’s pussy. ‘Wait...’ She caught herself. ‘It’s been... a month since I tasted anyone?’ She vaguely shook her head. ‘Even longer. Not since I trained Annie.’ She continued staring at Tricia’s satin-covered crotch. ‘I could start her programming now.’ She licked her lips hungrily. ‘Uh, wait. I don’t do this.’ She thought for a sec. ‘And anyways, it’s been only two? three? times that I’ve had her under to work on. It needs to be more.’

Michela shifted back out and looked up at Tricia’s slumped form. With only a little stretching she could suckle on Tricia’s breast. Tempted, but understanding the need for patience before completing programming, she took a deep breath. First, to start working on orientation.

“Tricia, you find women attractive.”

“Yes.” Statement, no hesitation. Was it true?

“Are you a lesbian?” asked Michela.


“Are you bi?”


“Oh fuck...” Michela whispered. It was so hot. She shivered and her pussy fluttered. This wasn’t going to be difficult, then. She could bypass that step, and start on obedience, submission, and love of Michela. She didn’t know yet whether Tricia would resist the indoctrination.

“Tricia, you are obedient.”


Uh oh. “Tricia, you love how you feel.”


“You feel like this when you obey.”


Michela sighed. This was going to take a while.

An hour later, Michela stretched. She’d been working steadily on obedience. Tricia was making it hard, and even though a little progress had been made, it wasn’t as much as Michela’s pussy wanted. Desperately, desperately needed. Thoughts of the blonde kneeling under the desk, leaning between Michela’s legs, kept playing in her head. Unable to think straight any longer, she woke Tricia up.

“Hour? Fuck, where’d it go?” cried Tricia once she was fully aware again. “It’s Thursday! Fuck! Lates!” She slid off the desk and stumbled on dead legs. “Fuck, asleep!” She struggled through it, grabbed her stuff and took off.

Michela watched the blonde go. All of her. All that she could drink in. She grabbed her cell and texted Felicia to come to the office. Now.


Wednesday, Michela gathered her things after her last class, the Intro to Psych that she taught. The guys were all lecherous assholes and the girls, well, mostly haters but some... She shook her head and walked towards the door. It was just an outfit, after all. Fuckin’ hot outfit, but still, she could wear what she wanted.

As she stepped out, she bumped into Tricia. “Nice!” said the blonde, looking the grad student up and down. “Hot! Good boots, by the way. Like the heels.”

‘Not today, too much to do.’ “Oh, hi, Tricia. I need to...”

Tricia’s hand touched Michela’s arm. Michela felt the urgency wash away, replaced by warm fuzzies, comfort and sleepy contentment. A smile drifted across the grad student’s face as she looked into the baby blue eyes.

“Need garters, though.” Tricia displayed her own. “Wearing something hot under that skirt?”

“Yes. Satin.” Michela had gone shopping again. She kept her eyes on Tricia’s as she felt her skirt ride up.

“Much better! Now I have a few things...”

Michela let her mind wander. There really wasn’t any reason to pay too much attention to the blonde’s ramblings. She just drifted in the blue eyes, and thought of the day before in the office. She wondered if Tricia had satin on again, or maybe lace. She should look. She briefly thought of dropping Tricia under here, so she could find out. With a little training, Tricia would gladly show her, and step out of the panties on her own. She’d slide between Michela’s legs and lick, and suck, and...

“Good, Michela, keep going.”

Tricia would slide up, on top. Michela usually didn’t let someone top her, but for Tricia... ‘No.’

“Keep dreaming Michela, just a dream...”

Up to Michela’s head, thighs on her ears, pressure on her arms from Tricia’s legs locking them in place. Michela could smell Tricia just like yesterday, could almost feel the soft folds engulf her mouth and nose. Michela could sense the struggle, with no oxygen, as she licked and sucked and nibbled with everything she had so Tricia would cum and cum and cum...

“Good, Michela, good.”

Michela breathed deeply, sucking in air, the oxygen that she had been deprived of, as Tricia finally shook above her, pulling away now that the undergrad was too sensitive. Michela desperately wanted release, but the legs still pressed all of Tricia’s weight on the grad student’s arms. Michela couldn’t squirm out.

“Cum, Michela, cum.”

Pleasure crested and thundered in her, driving her past simple ecstasy and into perfect bliss.

It took a while, but eventually she recovered. She looked around, and she was outside the classroom, sitting on the ground, leaning against the wall, legs splayed and crotch soaked. Tricia wasn’t there. Need still drove Michela, and she shot up, practically sprinting to her car.

Once home, Riley greeted her, but Michela only waved as she passed and headed straight into the bathroom. In seconds, she was naked and in the shower. Foam quickly covered her crotch and she carefully stroked each hair away. Each movement built the pressure in her pussy, driving her on, struggling not to shave too quickly and cut herself. She was whining as the last strokes fell, and she hurriedly rinsed the last of the lather away.

Riley was standing in the doorway, staring, open mouthed. Michela stepped out of the shower, grabbed the sides of Riley’s head, and, leading her roommate to the floor, sat with her pussy pressed to Riley’s mouth.

“Now! Now!” Michela cried desperately.

Riley obliged, and didn’t stop. Michela kept shaking for an hour.


Thursday morning was hard for Michela. She looked in the mirror, and saw someone she didn’t recognize. The girl had on a light purple miniskirt and deep lavender thigh highs held by matching garters. A tight flowery top outlined the lacy bra beneath, and cute high-heeled ankle boots that accented her legs and would make her ass sway graced her feet. Her makeup was impeccable. Her honey blonde locks perfectly framed her face. All of it had come from shopping last night. She shook her head, and the girl in the mirror did as well.

‘It can’t be.’

Riley was still asleep, or she’d be laying into Michela about it, about how she was becoming a slut, an object. The ideas kept rolling around her head. ‘No woman should dress to please a man.’ ‘No woman should choose to look like this.’ ‘No woman should want to objectify herself.’

But there was a certain undergrad that she wanted to have see her that way. As a sex object.

She looked at her phone, and however wrong it felt, she didn’t have time to change. She took off.

Campus was harder than the mirror. Everyone was looking. Everyone. Lots of stares. Lots of glares. Too many assholes asking for blowjob, or a lay. Whistles. Cat calls. Each class she was a student in, the professor did a double take. Guys would pat the seat next to them. Each class she taught, nobody listened, just drank her in and whispered evilly. Cell phones pointed at her everywhere. She was certain plenty of pictures would be going around.

It should have made her boil with anger. Instead it made her boil with heat. The damp spot on her panties must have been obvious. She probably smelled beyond the perfume she had on.

When she got to Professor Gutierrez’ office, she shut the door behind her and sank into the chair. She felt humiliated, and it made her horny. It was the hottest thing she’d ever done. Her hand started reaching down between her legs. A knock interrupted her.

Michela opened the door. Tricia checked her out as Michela stepped back to let the girl in. “Now that’s fuckin’ hot, girl!” Michela noticed that the blonde was back in jean shorts and a shirt again, like when they first met in Gutierrez’ class. The undergrad’s arm reached out and touched her hand to Michela’s forearm. “Just think about it girl, what everyone saw.”

Michela sank into the sleepy contentment and drifted into a movie of herself walking around, posing for pictures, bending over with her legs straight and ass high for people to see her very damp lavender panties. She trembled in fear, loathing and heat, so much heat. Her pussy gushed into the satin. She moaned, a guttural, feral sound.

A dream of Tricia in the office with her flashed up. The blonde was in the chair, and Michela was sitting on the desk, teasing her by swinging her legs, crossing and uncrossing them. The undergrad signaled, and Michela dropped, dipping under the desk. She leaned in as the blonde worked her jean shorts off. The scent of sex filled the room as Michela’s tongue darted forward, between the soft folds of Tricia’s pussy. Michela’s crotch fluttered, and she whimpered as she stayed in place.

“Friday, you must call them...”

Michela saw herself in a French maid outfit now, in the sorority house. All of the sisters looked her up and down as the passed, and many ran a hand down her backside or swatted her in the ass. Each touch, each spank sent shivers down her spine and into her soaked crotch. She dusted, working hard to keep the place spotless. She’d start vacuuming after she was done...

The door slammed shut, bringing Michela out of it. She blinked and shook off the warm, fuzzy, contented feeling. The blistering heat remained, though, and she ran to the chair and slid a little forward so the desk would cover her if someone came in. Both hands thrust between her thighs and shoved the wet panties aside, exposing her smooth mound. One twirled a finger fast around her clit while the other thrust three fingers deep inside, curled just right. In seconds, she crested, stealing her breath and forcing out out a strangled cry. Her hands didn’t stop. Quickly another, and a third climax washed over her. Her thighs clasped tight around her arms, finally stopping her ministrations. She leaned over an armrest and her body just kept going, falling to the floor, landing on her side.

“Fuuuuck me...” She lay in the afterglow, slowly coming back to reality. Gathering her things, she thought, ‘Riley’s going to get a work over tonight.’


Michela didn’t bother with campus Friday. She had her sexiest half-cup burgundy satin bra on, the one with black lace bordering the edges. It matched the garters that ran under her burgundy satin panties, which had a little black bow in front, and matched the stockings. A sheer top and micro-skirt covered them, deep black in color but translucent enough to put all on display. She was so worked up, so ready for something, but she couldn’t let herself cum. Not yet. Something was holding her back from using Riley, something that kept her frustrated and wanting.

The day wore on, and she got worse, fidgeting and pacing. Late in the afternoon, she flipped out her phone and texted all of her helpers. Indira was over first, and, seeing Michela, was more than a little shocked. She played along though. Annie was next, followed by Felicity and Grace. Each carried a bag, and after their initial shock at seeing Michela dressed like that, each disappeared into the bedroom. Felicity came out in a baby doll, Grace in a corset, Annie in a chemise and Indira in a bra and panties.

“Damn, girl, you look hot!” Indira commented as she came into the living room.

“I know, isn’t it crazy?” said Annie.

“Must be a special occasion,” said Felicity.

“Yeah, and I can’t get it out of her,” said Riley. Grace, always quiet in groups, just nodded in agreement.

“Don’t worry, it’s something fun.” Michela tapped her fingers. “Riley? Go get ready.”

“OK.” Her roommate slipped into the bedroom, and came out in a see-through chemise that ended just past her crotch.

“OK, almost ready...” Michela looked at her phone for the time. Just about 7. Something was happening at 7, and she had to have the girls here and ready for it. What it was kept floating just beyond her conscious thoughts though.

The door knocked. Michela was the first to it. She checked the eyepiece. A blonde stood there. Michela squealed happily and opened the door, facing Tricia.

“You look luscious, creampie,” said the undergrad.

Michela felt furious at being called creampie. “I...” Tricia reached out and touched her forearm. The indignation faded quickly, replaced with warm fuzzies and contentment. Her crotch, already soaked, trembled in desire. “I... come in, Tricia.”

Tricia walked in, drinking in the arrayed beauties. “You choose well, my lovely creampie.” This time Michela felt the word wash over her with little hot kisses. The undergrad looked over each helper, inspecting. “Tell them.”

“Everyone, on your knees,” said Michela. All of her helpers dropped down, confused. Michela looked at Tricia expectantly.

“Your turn.” Tricia, still touching Michela’s forearm, reached her other hand up and pressed down on Michela’s shoulder. The grad student slowly dropped to her knees, initial confusion and anger changing to burning heat as butterflies fluttered from her crotch to her chest. One arm stayed up, though, to keep contact with Tricia’s hand.

“See, isn’t that better, creampie?” Michela felt the hot kisses again at the pet name. The helpers looked at each other, not sure what was happening, but pretty convinced it wasn’t good. Tricia leaned in close to Michela’s face. “It’s time.”

“Everyone’s dreamtime,” said Michela, and all five helpers’ eyes lidded. They each dropped into the trance they’d been trained to love at that phrase.

“Now what, creampie?” Tricia asked, caressing Michela’s cheek. The grad student trembled in heat and need.

Michela whined, then got out, “Everyone, Tricia is your new mistress. You will obey her in all things.” Michela felt the burning desire gushing out of her crotch. “You no longer obey me.” She whimpered, part of her still her own, fighting to stop the words. Each syllable slipped through anyway and made her pussy flutter. “When you hear her say ‘everyone’s dreamtime’, you will all go into a deep trance to be newly programmed.” Michela was on a precipice. Any touch, any motion would set her off, releasing the pent up frustration of the day and the incredible, humiliating heat of her actions.

“Everyone’s dreamtime,” repeated Tricia. The helpers slumped a little further. “They’ll make such fun little slaves. You too, creampie.” She leaned in a kissed Michela on her forehead.

Michela didn’t have time to think, ‘So this is what it feels like,’ before the dark warmth enveloped her.


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