Writer's Block

by sleepingirl

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:male #m/f #sub:female #unaware #exhibitionism #masturbation

“Ugh, I’m just not feeling it today,” she sighed, flopping backwards on the bed.

“Well, it’s too bad someone is such a meanie that they’re making you write porn.” William sat in the large armchair across the room, idly thumbing through the newspaper. 

“Can’t I do this another day? My brain is just really not there.”


“Ugghgh…” Nicole covered her face in her hands for a moment, then, seemingly resigned, pulled out her laptop and opened a new document. 

And just sort of… Stared at it for a while. 

“I just feel really stretched thin, you know?” She scratched her head. “Like I’m in too many places at once to be able to focus.”

William felt the inklings of something stirring in the back of his mind. An interest. An idea. 

“I get it,” he said, because he did understand that feeling, but it wouldn’t be like him to allow that to be an excuse for her to get out of an order. “How many places? 5? 7? 9?”

She laughed. “Cute. No idea. Although if you start going down that path, I may just find some inspiration after all.”

William smirked. “I’m not that nice.”

Well, he was, sometimes. They both knew it.

In fact… 

“Nicole,” he said, in that voice, in that different voice, in a voice that they both knew after years would talk to a deeper part of her. Her body stilled visibly, which is always interesting to watch when you think someone is already not moving, and then they truly stop. 

“Yes?” came the distinct, distant, quiet response. 

“I’m going to add another place that will stretch you even more thin,” William said, looking her square in the eye. “But you already have so many places to think about that it’s barely even noticeable. Even now, you’re still so caught up in all of the other conversations and thoughts you’ve been having that it’s not important at all to you what I’m doing. We’re just talking. It’s just another thing.”

Nicole blinked, and again William relished the moment of watching someone finally blink when they had previously been wide-eyed and staring. 

“Right,” she said, and her voice was still far away, but was beginning to regain her normal speaking tone. Her face remained blank. 

“So if we’re having a normal conversation, and you’re already spread thin in so many other ways, and you’re feeling that playful stress about having to write, then it is DEFINITELY not important that I’m taking this moment to tell your right hand to give you an orgasm. That just goes right over your head. There are so many other things to think about.”

All he gets in acknowledgement is another blink, and for her hand to twitch and stir and the barely perceptible beginnings of it beginning to move. 

“And it’s ignorable for the rest of your body, too. An orgasm isn’t important. What’s important is thinking hard to find something to write about. What’s important is struggling so hard and becoming a little frustrated at how thin you are stretched and how hard it is to think about something to write about.”

The little muscles around her eyes were straining a bit. Her hand was under her waistband at this point, and William watched as it moved in slow circles. 

He changed his tone to something much less intense, something friendly and casual to snap her back out of it. 

“So, can you think of anything? How’s the brainstorming going?”

A fraction of a moment and a blink, and then…

“Ugh, no!” Nicole had the same exasperated tone as before. “Sexy things are just so far from my mind right now.”

William nodded in a very false sort of sympathy, and she stuck her tongue out at him. 

“You’re enjoying this,” she accused. 

Over the newspaper, he glanced at her hand working a bit more furiously. 

“Absolutely,” he said. “So, what’s on your mind? Maybe talking about it will help.”

Well, it would help him. Nicole would cum soon, and the more he could have her frustrated and focusing in her head, the better. 

“A project at work.” She rolled her eyes. “Ugh, and Jenny’s relationship drama that she’s been texting me about. And what to make for dinner when my parents visit tomorrow.”

“That’s only 3 things,” he teased her.

“Shut up. There’s more.”

“I’m sure,” he said, watching as her hips started jerking slightly into her hand like she did when she was getting close. She showed no sign of acknowledgement, not even any heavy breathing, as though her head was entirely cut off from the rest of her body. 

She had the cutest little frustrated pout on her face as the rest of herself masturbated helplessly to orgasm, and William was just really, really enjoying that. 

“It’s like I’m having a really hard time focusing on anything at all right now.”

She was almost there; she was really grinding her fingers into her clit from what he could tell. She was even doing the thing where her legs twitched open more with each stroke. 

From years of learning her body, he knew that she was right on the edge. 

“Poor thing,” William purred at her, and he got to watch her eyes glare daggers at him at the same time her body shuddered and shook as Nicole’s body came right in front of him. 

There was even a little sweat on her forehead. 

Beautiful. He sighed happily. She cocked an eyebrow at him. 

“Nicole,” he said in that voice again, and again she froze, and this time he got a lovely view of her jaw going slack and her body slumping a bit, presumably because of the release. 

“Let your body and mind reconnect again. And when your mind has processed all of the information you thought wasn’t important, then come back to me.”

He watched it go across her face, the recognition, eyebrows twitching up, the slight blush, the pronounced swallow, and then she closed her eyes, and slowly opened them again. And extracted her hand put from under her panties. She gave him a sheepish glance. 

“Rude,” Nicole said, but there was graciousness in her tone. 

“That’s me,” William said with a grin. “Did you think of something to write about?" 

"You know, I think I finally did.”


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