The Dumber You Get, The More You Love Me

by sleepingirl

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #dom:nb #f/nb #romantic #sub:female #f/f #iq_drop

They’d come to a lovely routine for their weekends – finally having settled in to the group Saturday dinner parties at Nathan and Lysha’s place. Potluck – check. A nice bottle of wine – check. Casual play party after dinner – double check.

“I can’t believe you’re making me wear this,” Kat whispered to her, pulling nervously at the hem of the short, hot pink dress. “It’s embarrassing!”

“You look hot,” Alex said, clearing the last of the plates from the table. “Although, the embarrassment is probably part of that, for me.”

“Everyone else gets leather and latex,” Kat whined as they walked into the living room. “I get… this.”

Nathan and Lysha were sitting on the couch, and Lysh’s head was tilted back and her shoulders slumped while he was whispering into her ear. A few people were watching them, and Georgie had Rachel over his lap and was delivering little slaps to her upturned ass. Alex surveyed the room with a lovely sort of contentment. Oh, what a joy to be among friends.

“You know why you get this?” Alex said, and made no effort to hide her hand sliding down to squeeze her ass. Kat squeaked.

“Hey!” she said, but there was no bite to it, and a bit of a flush peeked through her cheeks.

“Go ahead,” Alex said, a little louder, since several people had turned to look appreciatively at them. “Tell me why you’re wearing such a skimpy pink dress.”

Kat’s face turned redder. “I – I –”

“Do I need to remind you?” Alex gave a theatrical sigh. “It’s because you’re a silly, dumb girl.

The shift was glorious; watching Kat’s tight shoulders loosen, the muscles in her face softening into a dreamy, adoring look.

“Oh,” Kat said, “Oh, Alex, you’re making me feel – the thing –”

“Yeah?” Alex grinned. “Feeling a little dumb, dear?”

“I – oh –” Kat’s gaze was on her, reverent.

“Hard to think?” The room had gone quiet to watch.

“Oh, oh, Alex,” Kat moaned softly. “I can’t – I just love you so much –”

“Can’t remember anything else, can you?” Alex murmured, and Kat’s eyes did a hot, loose little roll and flutter before refocusing.

“Alex, Alex – I’m…” Kat clutched at her, running eager hands over her shoulders, pulling her into an embrace. Her dress was riding up, exposing the curve of her upper thigh more, but she seemed blind to it. “I’m soooo dumb, and you’re, like, soooo smart… Like, oh my god, I just – I just am so in love with you –”

“Oh, no,” Alex said, with delight, smoothing her hands up and down the curves of Kat’s hips. “How in love do you have to be for it to make you so stupid? I bet it feeds into itself, because you keep wanting to make bad decisions, because you’re so lovesick, and that feeling of being so enamored must make you so fuzzy…”

Kat was staring at her, rapturously, eyes glazed over, breathing a little heavily. She looked well and truly fucked, and all of a sudden, she released Alex and turned to the small group that was watching them.

“Oh my god,” she said, imploring, and starting to slur a little. “Do you – do you see – oh, I can’t, like, think; fuck – this person, my – my person – she’s amazing, she’s so amazing, she – so much smarter than Kat –”

“Oh yeah?” Nathan said, grinning. “I dunno, you look pretty smart.”

This seemed to dismay Kat, whose face screwed up in disappointment and whined loudly, making the group laugh.

“Noooo,” Kat squealed. “No! Kat dumb… Alex – Alex, I love you, tell them –”

“Yes, dear,” Alex said, patiently, with a little smile. “Very dumb.” Kat moaned and swayed, hit by it, and Alex could almost see her intelligence dropping more.

“My mistake,” Nathan said. “Can I ask her a math question?”

“Oh, sure,” Alex grinned.

Alex,” Kat moaned.

“What’s 5+8?”

“No,” she whined. “I can’t… Can’t do it… Can’t think –”

“You can think about one thing, can’t you?” Alex asked gently, and Kat lit up, turning back towards her, almost shaking. “How deep in love you are with me.”

“Thank you thank you thank you, oh, love, Alex, Alex…”

She kept babbling and clutched at Alex, who turned to the group of smiling onlookers and winked before pressing a finger to Kat’s forehead to shut her off.


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