by sleepingirl

Tags: #degradation #drabble #m/f #misogyny #sub:female #dom:male #masturbation

Michelle sees a degrading personal ad and her mind goes wild. (Posted 2015)

‘Seeking: girl who wants to be controlled from the inside out. M4F’

Hello. I will keep this short. You’ve read the title already. We both know why you are here.

We want the same thing for different reasons. You want someone to fuck the brains out of your pretty little girly head. I want someone I can use with the intelligence of a sex doll.

I want a girl who is smart enough to know that this is a bad idea but dumb enough to show up anyways.

Let’s talk.

Michelle trembled and let her palm sweat on the mouse for a few moments longer before she closed the tab and took some very deep breaths. Her stomach turned with how she needed that. Her brain played over and over in flashes of moments of meeting this man, how that would go…

She sits down, he pulls out a pocketwatch…

He brings her a cup of coffee with that smile of a predator, that smile that says she should have gotten her own cup…

Her head lolls in the passenger seat of his car as her cheek rolls into a puddle of her own drool…

His cock is out

She can barely keep her eyes open but she needs to

Back at his apartment

Ragdoll thrown on the bed

Legs strewn apart

What good is being a girl if a man with a big strong cock can’t use her

Too dumb to say no

Too dumb to say yes

Smile plastered on her face as he gets what he wants

Cumming cumming cumming cumming……..

Michelle opened her eyes. Her fingers were soaked and there was a wet spot on the chair. She suppressed the wave of shame and finally shut down her computer for the night.

Maybe tomorrow… she would contact him.


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