Secret Fantasy

by sleepingirl

Tags: #cw:noncon #drones #dubious_consent #masturbation #pov:bottom #solo #sub:male

His mind kept going through scenarios and each of them felt better and better. Oh, this was a new one. Nanobots, busy little things working inside of his brain to mold him from the inside out. – A hypnofetishist masturbates, but something else might be happening. (Posted 2017)

It was his little secret. 

Thomas shuffled under the covers in his dorm room, grateful that his roommate was away this weekend. His cock was rock hard beneath his loose-fitting pajama pants, and he teased at it almost nervously through the fabric.

The way it jutted out so obscenely made him feel somehow less in control of his own fantasies and desires than he already seemed to feel. 

Thomas’s secret wasn’t that he masturbated; no, although it was difficult to adjust to the lack of privacy in college, he wasn’t so sexually oblivious that he didn’t know all of the guys did it sometime. Thomas’s secret was that the only thing that really got him hard, like really hard, was the idea of someone erasing his brain. 

His cock throbbed and he reached under his waistband and held it hot and heavy in his hand. His whole body thrummed with an achy sort of desire; it had been a while since he could fully indulge this part of him. Yet Thomas still felt like he needed to hide, somehow, so he needed to be content making himself small under the bedspread and listening to his own quiet sighs and huffs kept close to his ears by the fabric. 

He started to stroke fully and became even more aware of the pressure in his balls, as familiar fantasies bubbled up in his head. 

The idea of himself hooked into an elaborate machine, with a helmet sending pulses to his brain. His cock trapped in some sort of device that kept him distracted and stimulated. 

Or a pocket watch swinging in front of his face and a voice telling him softly, seductively to let go of his will. 

Or slumped down into a chair as flashing lights on the wall made him drool out his brain. 

His cock was leaking so much that his knuckles were becoming wet as he stroked in earnest. God, he was so fucking hard. He absolutely hated that this was the only thing that got him off anymore, but fuck, it felt so goddamn good when he jerked it to stuff like this that it was hard for him to care. 

Thomas whimpered quietly and gave the head some good attention with his fingers before he went back to that fast pace sliding up and down. His other hand came around to cup his balls and play with them gently, and the sensitivity make him breathe sharply in. The sounds of flesh on flesh and the beginnings of that slight squishing from precum between his fingers were obscene. 

His mind kept going through scenarios and each of them felt better and better. His dick getting sucked as he was conditioned to obey. Or trapped with a mind numbing tone playing through some headphones. Or injected with a powerful, hypnotic aphrodisiac. 

Or… Or… 

Oh, this was a new one. Nanobots, busy little things working inside of his brain to mold him from the inside out.

Helpless to do anything to stop them as they forced him to feel deep pleasure when he did something right

Thomas grunted and sucked in a breath, tensing; this was a good one, this is the one he wanted to cum to this time. His cock felt like it was going to explode. 

The nanobots would be carefully and cleverly rerouting parts of his brain to be more obedient, more obsessed with subservience and getting that pleasure reward. They would make it so that at some point he would be conditioning himself

This would be the most insidious, because he would even possibly be aware that he was slowly becoming a drone, but it would be too good to stop. Impossible with those little robots in his head, ready to change his thoughts on a dime. 

Or maybe it would be plain as day and he just wouldn’t be aware of it, right up through the point that they forced him to walk into the grasp of his controllers, smiling beatifically, cock hard and at attention and under their power. 

Thomas gasped and gave a choked off moan as his orgasm hit powerfully and suddenly, squirting cum all over his stomach. He felt his balls emptying and whimpered quietly as the process took a second or two longer than he was used go. 

He was left with that dirty feeling, both mental and physical, but also the inexorable heaviness, satisfaction, and warmth of sleep descending after a good hard cum. 

So Thomas cleaned himself up quickly and stored his shame away for tomorrow, and slept. 

Across campus, in the robotics and nanotechnology lab, a lone computer in the locked basement glowed bright and proudly displayed the status of 10 test subjects. 

Subject #07 flashed finally from “REFRACTORY PERIOD” to “ASLEEP”. 


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