Open Up For Me

by sleepingirl

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:nb #nb/nb #romantic #sub:nb

The most wonderful things came from their soft afternoons, nothing to do and nowhere to go but be with each other. Nestled in together.

“You’re hiding something from me, sweetie,” Robin said softly. Avery rewarded them with that lovely dip of their head, the touch of redness in their cheeks.

“How can you always tell?” Avery complained.

Robin grinned wickedly, and leaned in to their ear: “I’m in your head,” they whispered, and Avery shuddered in their arms.

“I’m going to get turned on again,” Avery said.

“How terrible,” Robin said, sarcastic but soothing, stroking their hair. “That wouldn’t be advantageous for me, oh no, it’s certainly not easier for me to get information out of you while you’re all hot and bothered…”


“That’s it,” Robin said, slipping into a voice. “I love how easy it is, don’t you? How easy it is to trust me, how easy it is to remember that the more you tell me, the more I can do with you…”

“R-Robin…” Avery whispered, swaying a little, in that little warning voice of theirs that they were getting trancey – as though Robin didn’t always know exactly what made them feel fuzzy and soft.

“Yes,” Robin whispered, holding them. “And that’s a hot idea, right? That you trust me so much that you can’t keep those kinds of secrets from me? That I’m hypnotizing you into telling me? Ooh, what a nice, manipulative flavor; I know how you like that, and I’m using that to manipulate you more… What a cycle to be trapped in…”

Avery moaned softly, eyes fluttering, and Robin felt heat curl up inside them at that lovely sight of them letting go. They stroked down Avery’s neck and felt the looseness of the muscles, relaxing even further at their touch.

“You want to tell me what you want,” Robin said, and they brought a hand to Avery’s face to tilt their lolling head up. “The deepest parts of you sink down to tell me, now.”

“I want…” Avery said slowly, quietly, hypnotized, “I want to be kissed into trance…”


“Very good,” Robin said. “Up on one, two, three.” They snapped, and Avery’s eyes opened slowly, looking up at them, flushed and timid.

They breathed out. “How are you so good at… me?” They asked, tilting their head back.

“Because I’m in your head,” Robin said again, smiling. “And now I know that the next time I kiss you, you’ll go deep, won’t you?”

Avery made a small noise and clenched their eyes shut. “Yes…”

“That’s right,” Robin murmured, and cupped their face, and leaned in.

It was so intimate, the way they could feel Avery’s lips soften even as they pressed against them, the way they lost form and opened almost unconsciously. To be able to feel them drop into trance so strongly, the connection through touch, the way they went boneless and limp as Robin held them up… It was so connective, so hot.

Avery whimpered softly as Robin sought their tongue, slack and unresponsive, and the way Robin felt like they were kissing a doll, a sex toy, hypnotized for their pleasure… It was luxurious, and they felt like they could take their time, enjoy, grope, tease…

It was so, so good.

After a few moments, Robin snapped them up and embraced them as they panted into their shoulder, squirming.

“That was good,” Robin said softly, stroking their hair.

“Yeah,” Avery said in a tiny voice. “Thank you…”

“Thank you.”

“Do you want cuddles?” Avery asked. “Cooldown?”

“Cuddles sound lovely,” Robin said, always so pleased by how attentive they were, and shifted to let them snuggle in. “Thank you for connecting with me and caring for me.”

“I want to say the same to you,” Avery said, nestling their head against Robin’s chest. “I’m just so happy that we can always be who we are together, and if cuddles are what you need after you fuck me up, then I suppose I’ll just have to make the sacrifice.

Robin kissed the top of their head, and sighed, happily.


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