Litmus Test

by sleepingirl

Tags: #begging #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:male #humiliation #sub:female #drabble #f/m #pov:bottom

It would be nice to fuck, of course, reminded her pussy. But burning much more deeply inside her was… She wanted… – A woman begs her partner for what she really needs. (Posted 2015)

Their usual evening rough and tumble could never come fast enough, and today especially, she was so tightly wound that just her thighs brushing together as she walked was a tease. Just looking at him lounging at home made her want, so deeply.

She waited as patiently as she could for bedtime, to meet him nude in their room, but she was scared, because sex wasn’t what she was after.

It would be nice to fuck, of course, reminded her pussy. But burning much more deeply inside her was… She wanted…

He was on top of her, hungry, caressing, and she loved it. Wanted more. Her hands gripped at his back and shoulders as he kissed and licked down her neck. He ground his cock against her thigh, and very suddenly she felt like she was lying.

Because sex would be fine, just…

Twist of her nipple.

God, why did she have to be like this…

“Please,” she whispered.

He bit her breast firmly.

“Yes?” A breath. She knew he was looking at her.

Dry lips: “Please…”

Don’t make me say it, please, I’m already screaming it, I’m already ashamed enough…

“What are you begging for tonight?” he asked quietly, pushing his hips against her.

She held in a sob, and swallowed.

“I… Want…”

Take my mind.

“What is it, girl?”

Please, God, do it.

“P-please,” she whispered.

“You can do better than that.” His hips would not stop moving.

I need… I hate that I need you to erase me.

All that came out was a little choke. She burned everywhere with humiliation.

“If you don’t say it right now, I won’t hypnotize you tonight.”

Something broke inside of her.

“No!” Too shrill, too desperate. She felt the tears, that final part of her pride drip down her face. “Please God no, please hypnotize me, I need it, please, PLEASE –”

He pushed his dick hard against her pussy and gripped her shoulders to pin her down.

“Beg more.” Rough. He meant it. Her eyes shut tight as she sobbed.

“Take it, take me, make me go away, please God I hate this I want it so bad, please, please let me go into trance, please, I’ll do anything…”

“You already are,” he growled. Suddenly he pushed himself inside of her, and roughly licked one side of the tears off of her face. She wailed in shame as he started to fuck.

“You silly, stupid trance slut.” He ground her further, harder into the mattress. “You were always going to be hypnotized tonight. But, God, I will never get tired of how far you will go to beg for it.”

She sniffled as he thrust hard, deeply, then gripped her hair to force her eyes to his.

“I’ll give you what you need.”

…The world began to fade, she could feel him stare at her puffy, red face: covered in her own humiliation. She could feel what was to come, the culmination of everything she lived for in these moments, just one word…



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