by sleepingirl

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Allison wasn’t a party girl. She wasn’t a goody two shoes, for sure; she had a drink or two to be social at a party, of course, but she wasn’t the kind of student that wasted her whole weekend away on booze and weed. It was a point of pride for her, and perhaps slightly more than an altruistic motivation. She got a little thrill having extra money on Sundays and there was a touch – just a touch – of schadenfreude when she was the only one chipper in the mornings after.

But it was the second Friday of the semester, and with little to do, she agreed to accompany two of her close friends to the local bar.

There was little for her to enjoy there, but she got a really girly martini to sip the night through while Natasha and James played pool. The University hockey game was on the TVs and she kept an eye on it to have something to talk about the next day.

As the night went on she laughed at their supposed “skill” and more than once had to track down a ball that had bounced loudly onto the tiled floor. The other patrons seemed unfazed, all caught up in their own world of merriment and brazen belligerence.

When she returned with the cue ball (again), she saw Natasha siding up to James… closely, and she gave a small smile as they noticed her. It wasn’t the first time the two had needed to sneak off after a few drinks, and Allison never really felt too bad about it. She’d hear all about that in the morning.

Natasha giggled and slurred at her reappearance: “Hey hon, James and I are going for a little walk… we’ll be back soon.” James looked a bit bashful but let her drag him out the back door. Allison shook her head but grinned as they stumbled out.

She took a seat at a small table to watch the game.

After a minute or two, a man approached her.

“You look like a smart cookie,” he said to her, uncomfortably close; she could smell his heavy cologne.

“Please leave me alone,” she stated curtly, and kept her eyes trained on the TV.

“Come on, baby,” he cooed, “let’s just chat for a moment. I have a friend over there who really wants to meet you.”

“Excuse me.” Allison stood and left, hoping he wouldn’t pursue her to the back corner of the bar, and a feeling a little uneasy when she glanced over her shoulder and saw him staring at her, unabashed.

She looked back to the game again. 4-0. As it should be. The students on the TV errupted in cheers and she took a sip of her drink.

A few more minutes passed, and something felt… off. Her breathing felt heavy. Her legs felt like jelly. She took mental note of her faculties and was sorely disappointed. Maybe if she just didn’t move for a while… This would pass. She was definitely done drinking for the night. Where the hell were Natasha and James?

Suddenly, a scrape of the chair next to her, and a presence sitting down.

“So,” the man said, and although her mind felt slower than usual, she recognized that scent.

“You…” Her tongue felt thick and she struggled to open her eyes at the same intervals to glare at him.

“Glad you remember me,” he murmured, as if to a lover, and pushed a bit of hair out of her face. She jerked back, or tried to, and a realization hit her.

“Roofies?” she managed.

“Oh, no, lovely,” the man said, patiently. “You’re not as smart as I thought… Roofies don’t feel like this.”

“…Don’t…?” She missed a word. He understood though, so she saved her strength.

“No, no… Roofies would make you all sleepy and numb and faint… but this is different, isn’t it?”

Different… was it? She felt so fuzzy, and warm right down to the pit of her tummy.

“Smart girl like you would be able to figure it out…”

“I…” She hated that patronizing tone. She racked her brains for an answer of what he was doing to her and just… couldn’t…

“Oh? Maybe not so smart? Maybe smart is too big a word, hmm?”

“N-nnnoooo,” she slurred.

“But if you don’t know the answer to something, doesn’t that make you less smart?”

Allison pondered.

“You don’t even know the answer to that question, do you? My goodness, what are we going to do with you?”

Allison pondered that as well. Something did not feel right.

The man’s teeth were pearly and bared.

“See, I know the answers to all these questions, and you do not… what does that make you, sweetie?”

Something… where were… her friends… she didn’t know that either…

“It makes you dumb,” he whispered. “All girlies like you are dumb. Big strong men like me are smart, and we answer all the questions for dumb girls like you.”

Dumb…? Wait…

A hand caressed her shoulder and all of her attention poured into feeling that sensation.

“That’s it,” he said, warm breath on her ear. “Dumb girls love to be touched like this. Don’t you?”

She… felt good, but so confused…

“It just makes sense… you are so young and so feminine, and I know things you couldn’t even comprehend…”

She struggled to process this as the man slid his fingers under the fabric of her shirt, and her pussy tingled to life.

“Dumb girls want more of this.”

So matter-of-fact, Allison had been searching for answers for so long, and this man knew so much she did not, so she sighed in relief and listened to see if he had more answers for her.

“I want to teach you a lot of things,” he crooned, “about who you are, because you are so dumb, so stupid that you don’t even know that, do you?”

Uneven blink, and her head wobbled as she shook it.

Of course she didn’t… that was something she knew.

“Come on then, dumb little girlie, let’s go for a ride…”

Next thing she knew (not that there was much) was that she was laying down and wheels were spinning and that nice man up there kept telling her how dumb and witless she was and she was so grateful he was there to tell her that ‘cause she never would have figured it out on her own… That certainty made her warm belly tingle because the man said it felt good to know that one truth. So nice… very very nice.

She grinned ear to ear, probably lopsided but she didn’t care. She was just a dumb cunt after all. He taught her the word and it made her even warmer. Dumb cunt. Dumb cunt. “Made for”… what did he say? “Fucking”? It sounded like a silly word. She giggled to herself and he smiled and touched her hair and her world exploded in happy little stars.

“We’re here,” he said. The vrooming stopped. She didn’t know where “here” was, but that was ok. Her legs still wobbled but she felt a little more awake and so she hopped out of there all on her own to go into the “here” place, with a big brown door and lights streaming out the windows at her.

“There we go.” She stumbled inside and swayed as she stared at him taking his coat off.

“Dumb cunt,” he said, and perhaps that was her name because she perked right up in all the right bits, “come here so I can teach you how to do this.”

“Ok!” She trotted right over and held her arms out.

“You can do it yourself,” he said, and for a moment she was confounded how she even got the things on in the first place, but began the slow process of peeling it off, layer by layer.

Eventually there was nothing left to take off (she checked multiple times) and she realized she was done and no longer had an instruction, so she relaxed and that felt good.

The man was looking at her. She liked that. So she said so.

“That is good,” he said. “It does feel good to be appreciated, doesn’t it?”

That was a HUGE word! But if he said so, then ok, she rolled it around her head, ap-pre-she-ated…

He laughed, “Oh, you stupid little thing… never mind that. Just feels nice and tingly hot when people stare at your big titties, right?”

Oh gosh yes, yes it did, she loved that feeling. No need to be pre-she-ated anyways, this was so much better. She moaned, and he smiled, and she moaned again because that made him happy. And she liked to be happy too.

“Silly cunt. Very silly.”

“Silly,” she said, grinning, and nodded.

“Come here,” he said, “lay down and relax.”

She liked relaxing too. So this was easy.

“I am going to teach you what ‘fucking’ is.”

She giggled, but he wasn’t giggling, so she stopped.

“This is important,” he said, “because every dumb and ditzy broad needs to know how to fuck.”

“Oh…” She said.

“It’s what dumb cunts know best,” he told her.

“Ohhh…” She said.

“Big strong men get their big cocks hard when they want a dumb cunt to touch them,” he told her, and she looked down, sure enough, there was something pointing up between his legs! And she was the dumb cunt, so…

She put her hand around it. It jumped. She giggled, and then felt bad for giggling.

“It’s ok,” he said, “giggling is good, it means you’re happy, and big strong men like ditzy girls to be happy to make them feel good…” He put his hand on hers and started to move it up and down.

“Feel good?” She asked.

“Yes,” he said, “this makes us feel good.”

Her tummy got so hot hearing that, she just wanted to rub on something to scratch that itch, and so she started to rub on the bed, big long dirty strokes as she made that big strong man feel good.

“Use your mouth,” he told her, and she liked that idea, so she put his thing into her lips and licked it like a lolipop. She was getting it all wet because there was drool coming out of her mouth and she hoped he didn’t mind but he didn’t seem to, so the dumb cunt thought it would be ok.

“Suck on it,” he said, and his voice was all ragged, so she did.

“Fucking stupid– oh, that’s it, dumb cunt needs to be told how to give a BJ so she can fuck… whenever… she’s supposed to…”

She didn’t know what a BJ was, but it was ok because she was a very stupid girl.

He pushed her off and for a minute she was worried but then he pushed her down and it looked like he was aiming the cock into her…

“You silly thing,” he said, “this is what dumb sluts like you were made for.”

She was learning, so proud, and her grin got even bigger and she could feel it between her legs, and even though she was just a stupid, ditzy cunt, she knew this would be the most important lesson of all…


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