by sleepingirl

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She’s visited by a man – or something – in her dreams. (Posted 2017)

Dreams are funny, fickle things.

She woke with the memory of large, masculine hands pushing her down, roughly but in such a wanted way, pinning her as the weight of his body began pressing down on her own. It was his legs that straddled hers, and just that pressure on her hips was enough to make her come undone and push up to try to grind against him.

It was just a tiny snippet of a dream memory, but it was so vivid and so outrageously explicit compared to what she was used to that it played in her mind all day. Distracting her through work, through her commute back and forth, and through her quiet dinner by herself in front of Netflix.

She knew what would be said about something like this – “it’s been too long since you’ve been laid”, or “you should really get back out there”, or “this is what you get for never really learning how to masturbate”.

Oh well. Maybe it was a sign of some sort. Maybe she should go out drinking with the girls this Friday, at the very least. Get the social juices flowing. She wasn’t going to have a one night stand – really not her style – but a bit of flirting here and there wouldn’t kill her.

As she lay down to go to bed, she couldn’t help but think once more about the heat of another body on top of hers.

“Give me a little taste.” A rough whisper that went straight to her pussy. She was disoriented, head fuzzy and swimming, but her mouth opened in a soft moan as though her control over her body had thoroughly eroded.

Again she felt warm weight on top of her, much more tangible than yesterday, with the tantalizing addition of his hot breaths against her ear and neck.

“Come on, baby.” A knee shifted its way between her thighs, nudging them apart. “You want it bad, now, don’t you?”

“Yes…” she felt herself whimper, and her voice sounded so far away, with tones so unlike her own. But her body was yielding to this man, humping against his leg as it settled in at her cunt.

“Atta girl,” he growled, and began kissing and biting at the soft skin at her neck. His mouth felt like the most intense, hot point of contact, as though her entire world narrowed down to it, obsessing over his tongue and teeth. Her pussy clenched and tingled, arousal taking over her hips and snapping them up against him. Her mind fuzzed at the edges even further as she began to lose her grip on reality…

“Just let it all out. I bet you taste so sweet… Let go to me. It’ll feel so good…”

She moaned softly as her legs spread, and everything darkened around her.

When she woke, she was so, so wet and tingly that she actually pressed a hand between her legs to try to calm the fire.

She was so sensitive that it shocked her, and she nearly began playing around. But it was still pitch black, the dead of night, and she was still exhausted, and she did still have work in the morning…

She rolled over and closed her eyes, this time slipping into a dreamless, deep sleep.

The next day was no easier than the day before. She went back and forth from her front door to the car three times because of things she left on the counter. There was always the option of calling in for a sick day, but it seemed ridiculous to take the day off because of… Well. Sex dreams.

She took her lunch break at a coffee shop nearby, hoping a change of scenery would jolt her out of fantasy land or split through the haze that seemed to cover her mind. But instead she found herself still distracted, staring off into the distance, fixing her gaze somewhere and forgetting to move it.

Worse still, she was noticing all of the men in the shop moreso than she ever had – she had no ridiculous urge to have sex with each one, but just their presence seemed to remind her of the feel of those hands, that mouth, that…

She blushed and sighed, gazing into her hot mug of coffee.

Besides… She lifted it to her lips for a tiny sip. …That hadn’t come into play yet. In true gentlemanly fashion, her mysterious dreams were focusing on foreplay.

Although, if she was honest with herself… She was ready for more.

The rest of the day passed by in a sort of daze. She was on autopilot from her return to work all the way to parking in her driveway. When she got home, she thought about finishing what she started last night, but still, the thought of touching herself seemed too embarrassing and wrong. It was one thing when she was in the middle of it after a dream. She never considered herself sexually adventurous enough to try it.

Or, to need it.

Maybe that was part of it too; masturbating would be showing weakness. Lack of control. And after the day she just had, that was the last thing she wanted to feel.

With a small smile and a sense of pride, she went through her nightly rituals: dinner, TV, shower, and tucking herself into bed.

Secretly, or not so secretly, she was looking forward to sleep.

“Who are you?” she whispered, dazed. Dazzled by his eyes, his touch, his skin. It was like he was made to bring her to ecstasy – or perhaps she was made for his touch.

It all blended together as he chuckled.

“You know what I am,” he murmured, sliding down to be able to take one of her nipples between his lips and tease it. Hot sparks shooting down to her belly.

She wasn’t confident she knew anything at this point but her desire for more, more, more. She wanted him, she wanted his cock inside of her.

“If you want something, you have to ask for it.” There was a glint in his eye that was entirely unsettling.

Again, her mouth moved as though she had no control over it, voice forced out of her:

“Fuck me,” she moaned. “Please…”

He drew up immediately with a laugh and gripped her thighs, forcing her legs apart and pulling her closer so that her pussy was obscenely pressed against the bulge in his pants.

“You want this,” he said, and it wasn’t a question as he slowly ground his pelvis into hers.

She didn’t care what he was saying. It was making her hot. Dimly, she became aware that her mouth was chanting, “yes, yes, yes, yes…”

“You want my cock. You want me to consume you. Nothing else is good enough for you.”

His clothes were suddenly gone and she cried out as she felt his bare cock sliding up and down her pussy lips, hot and hard and huge.

She needed it inside of her. Some alien desire had nested itself in her mind and wouldn’t release her. She was obsessed. Her hips bucked against him and he took hold of his cock at the base only to slap it against her cunt a few times. It felt like she was going delirious with need.

Swiftly, he gathered her wrists and pinned them above her head in one large hand. The other lined his dick up with her pussy, and she could feel the blunt head of it threatening to breech her. She gasped, frozen in that moment in time, like it was lasting forever.

His eyes flicked from the sight between her legs up to her face.

“You have willingly accepted me into your body,” he growled, practiced, reciting, and slowly, so slowly pushed his hips forward, opening her up with his cock. “Now I will feed on your pleasure until I am full, or until you go mad.”

She heard none of it. Her pussy was being stretched around his huge cock, and the sparks of heat in her belly were overwhelming her, slowing time down as she threw her head back and moaned and shook, helpless to do anything but let him sink into her.

When his pelvis was flush to hers, he leaned down and gave a satisfied moan in her ear.

“You taste so good, baby…”

Her thighs quivered as he pulled out slightly and thrust back in. Then again… Then finally he released her hands and moved to grip her hips as he began fucking into her with earnest, the friction of his cock against her insides sending her spiraling down into a pleasure she had never known before.

She could feel herself growing weaker as he fucked her at a brutal pace, but even that seemed to arouse her further, moans tumbling out of her lips. It felt as though she was permanently building up to an orgasm that would never come, or perhaps she was just continuously having one and couldn’t tell the difference. The head of his dick was hitting some deep spot inside of her that she couldn’t get enough of, but her legs were beginning to flop uselessly instead of being able to wrap around him and pull him into it.

“Yes, yes, give it all up to me…” His voice had taken a more gutteral tone, and she tried to hold her head up to look at him. Through her blurred vision she seemed to see the outline of his body shifting and changing before her head rolled back again, helplessly laying there, getting fucked by someone – or something – completely foreign to her.

His grunts and moans were addictive to her, she wanted nothing more for this creature to pleasure itself with her body. She was keyed up for it; her pussy was drenched in pleasure. She could feel her consciousness slipping and struggled to hold on to even that so she could just keep feeling this good…

She had lost total control of her voice and her own groans and gasps echoed in her ears, something that would normally embarrass her, but she had nothing left to care with.

His deep thrusts became even more violent, shaking her entire body until she finally lost her grip on her awareness, and finally, eventually, she blacked out.

She woke suddenly, startled, in a cold sweat. Shaking almost violently. That kind of sudden awakening where even though she was in her own bed, she forgot where she was for a few seconds.

…Oh, fuck. That dream. Oh, fuck.

She glanced at the clock on her nightstand. It was only 3am, thank God. Plenty of time to sleep before work. She gave a shuddering sigh and leaned back on her headboard. Her body still felt weak. Her pussy was still tingling.

She reached over to ensure that her alarm was set properly for the next morning, and her hand brushed against something. A small, folded piece of paper. Curious, she picked it up and turned the light on to investigate, squinting her eyes while they adjusted.

One word was scrawled in black ink, barely legible cursive:



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