#Hypnovember 2020 Microfics Collection

by sleepingirl

Tags: #noncon #consensual_kink #dubious_consent #MANY_TAGS #bondage #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #dom:nb #drugs #exhibitionism #f/f #f/nb #furry #goo #humiliation #m/f #m/nb #microfiction #pov:bottom #pov:top #romantic #snake #solo #sub:female #sub:male #sub:nb #tech_control

day 1, "instant"

She loved it when it was luxurious and slow, his words eroding her thoughts, bit by bit...

But then again... 

When he just looked at her and spoke his will, and her mind snapped to instant, perfect, unreal obedience...

That was good too.


day 2: coils

A serpentine face, cocked just to the side.

A sibilant, hissing laugh; mocking.

The sway of it, back and forth, gently.

Eyes, blossoming with color.

And the massive, thick coils; squeezing, and winding up, up…


day 3: stage

"You look awfully suggestible," the magician says, and winks. 

I flush to my core; did I betray my interest?

"Your arm is still stuck," he observes.

I look in shock at it, stiff in the air. 

And then I gasp as I realize I'm already on the stage.


day 4: creativity

"I can put you into trance with anything," she said, smiling.

Her confidence put me on edge.


"I'm very creative, and more than that," she continued, lowering her voice, closing the gap, "So is your mind."

My eyes began to glaze…


day 4 part 2: psychic

It feels like he can see into my mind.

Are my actions being controlled? Is he toying with me like a puppet?

Every motion, every gasp; it seems like he expects it.

I can't bring myself to think he's actually psychic, but sometimes, I wonder.


day 5: visor

She knew it was bad for her. She knew it was eroding her will every time. That thing...

But she couldn't stop thinking about it.

Shaking, she slid the visor back onto her head, the colors swirled and pulsed, and she felt her mind thrum and melt again.


day 6: pendulum

It's the sway of the pendulum that draws you in.

The methodical back and forth, back and forth...

Such a simplistic motion. So repetitive. So easy for your eyes to get stuck mirroring, following.

And your thoughts stick too, lulled and pulled…


 day 7: song

"You'll do anything I say," he said.

She felt herself shaking.

He'd already proven his control. She had responded automatically. What would he order next?

"Sing, little bird," he murmured. "Show me your song."

Her mouth opened; she couldn't stop it.


day 8: pheromone

It was something about how he smelled.

She'd figured it out. Pheromones or something. She couldn't control herself around him. Dragged him to her place. Fucked, madly.

It wasn't like her.

But it made her mind crazy. Pussy wet.

She felt addicted.


day 9: collar

He didn't tell her which necklace it would be.

Gifts. Eagerly she'd put them on and see if this was the one that'd blank her out forever. Let her be his.

He'd promised it would happen.

Then, he gave her a ring.

"This is your collar."

She gasped.


day 10: gentle

I'm nervous. I've wanted this for so long, but faced with it now...

"Um..." I stutter at her. "Please be gentle..."

"With your mind?" she smiled. "Is that what it really wants?"

I gasp as she reaches out and brushes my cheek.

"I didn't think so."


day 11: summon

The summon spell had worked. Before him was a crimson-skinned woman, nude.

But he realized suddenly that he was frozen as his body responded automatically to the sight, sound, scent of her.

"Your mind smells good," she purred, and spread her legs.


day 12: plants

They had warned him about the plants. They had told him not to go looking for his friend.

He didn't believe it until he saw him: covered to the waist, mouth hanging open, eyes dull, slight smile.


He froze.

Then, a vine touched his leg.


day 13: artifact

A clay statue. A creature; jeweled eyes.

That was the artifact she had been searching for. Found, finally, buried in mud and foliage.

It made her uneasy.

More strangely... She found its design... erotic.

Staring... Then, not being able to stop.


day 14: tail

A catboy's tail is very sensitive.

His girlfriend wouldn't leave him alone about it. She'd scritch all down his back, then smooth out his tail.

Whispering while she did.

He didn't want to admit it, but it made him melt every time.

He'd drift.


day 15: serve

Her limp arms rose slowly towards the teacup, intent on delivering it.

It was so much effort.

"Silly thing," he murmured. "How are you going to serve me like that, sleepy little girl?"

She swayed.

"Sleepy," she slurred.

She still wanted to try…


day 16: memory

My eyes open.

I don't recognize the man in front of me.

...That's not true.

My body recognizes him.

My body WANTS him.

He laughs.

"What's wrong, sweetie? Can't trust your memory?"

I... can't.

I don't remember anything.

But I want to fuck him. 


day 17: drone

A low, humming drone in his ears.

It started in a dream, one he couldn't quite remember, with swirling shapes and colors.

He could feel it.

Vibrating in his head.

Down to his cock.

Made it hard to think as it pulsed and buzzed.

So distracting…


day 18: monster

In a dream, she found herself facing a great beast.

Claws, tail, and a toothy maw.

"You're dreaming," it rumbled.

"I am?"

"Yes," it said. "So give in to me."

Helplessly, she looked into the monster's eyes and felt it tug at her will.

...Let it.


day 19: hacked

"It's not ethical," he whispered.

"I'm not worried," she smirked. "Are you?"

He didn't answer.

She stuck the last electrode to his temple, and flipped the switch.

'HACKED,' the screen flashed.

His body jolted, and his face went utterly blank.


day 20: possession

"Nothing I can do for you," he said. "This is about possession. Outside my field."

I hear a giggle.

"Are you laughing at me?!"

"No," he said.

I hear it again, but this time, I feel myself shake with it.

My lips feel... Plump.

"I told you."


day 21: snap

It was weird for her to be obsessed with a sound.

But when he snapped, trying to recall something, she jolted.

No one should have noticed her reaction. No one should be able to guess why it made her blush.

But his eyes darted to her, and he smirked.


day 22: goo

He had waved off the superstition of a goo girl in the cave.

But there she was. Squishy, and cute.

Reaching her hand out, touching his face.

His mind went soft; dimly he remembered, don't touch...

Bouncy. Jiggly. Her tits right there...

She giggled.


day 23: villain

"You think I'm the villain of the story?" His voice was low, chilling.

I couldn't speak as he reached out and cupped my face.

"No matter how you see me now," he said, "in a moment, you won't even remember this."

My thoughts trembled, helplessly.


day 24: drink

"Please let me have another drink," she whispered.

He held the glass just out of reach, swirling it.

"But it's so bad for you." Mock concern. "You lose yourself when you sip it, remember?"

She remembered her will draining out...

"Beg more, addict."


day 25: resist

"Do you think you can resist?"

Her eyes were already fluttering.

"Your desires overpower you."

Her thoughts were already draining out.

"You have always been too weak."

Her body was already limp.

"You want this too much."

She was already helpless.


day 26: fey

The fey exist in the in-between places.

She'd been afflicted by their magics.

She saw them at sundown. She saw them on the equinox.

And when someone hypnotized her for the first time, she saw them at the edges of her fading awareness, teasing her.


day 27: recording

"It's recording," he said, smiling.

The magic words. She stripped off her top and giggled, shimmying so her titties bounced.

She LOVED being porn. Didn't matter that he hypnotized her the first time. Now she was sure it was just permanent. :)


day 28: unaware

"It's not like I'd be unaware if you hypnotized me."

She said the words quietly, with a little slur, but that was normal.

Her body was heavy and hard to move, but that was normal.

Her sight was fuzzy, eyelids fluttering, but that was normal too.


day 29: bad end

You fail to rescue the princess!

She succumbs to the mind control spell and your desperate kiss does not wake her!

In fact, you feel your lips tingle as the spell captures you, too!

The villain laughs, victorious!

Your mind goes blank...



day 30: awaken

"It's time to awaken," he says, softly.

Motionless, deep, she summons the will to open her lips.

"Do I have to?" Her voice is distant.

"No," he says. "But if you stay in trance, it will be forever."

That wraps around her unthinking mind.



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