Hikari and Alisha

by sleepingirl

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #turning_the_tables #furry #pov:top #romantic #switching

Smol catgirl loves her trans Goddess, and they discover the joy of hypnosis together. A commission. (Posted 2018)

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The real benefits of college life, as far as Hikari was concerned, was skewed enormously towards lesbians.

Whereas her straight friends had to deal with sneaking around roommates and living a long walk away from their partners, her and her queer friends had the option of living with the ones they loved – and fucked.

Not that Hikari and Alisha had had sex yet; they were taking things slow, in their own way. She’d met Alisha at one of the campus LGBTQ meetups at the end of their freshman year and for Hikari, it was nearly love at first sight. Alisha was absolutely stunning: athletic and well-endowed, with gorgeous dark skin, standing a full two heads taller than Hikari’s five-foot-nothing. She was dressed in a sort of punk style: tight black crop top and even tighter leather miniskirt, fishnets clinging to her long legs. Hikari had absolutely lost her cool when Alisha came to introduce herself, and it turned out that this girl really liked to see her off her game. As a catgirl, Hikari had a hard time hiding her emotions anyways when her ears and tail would twitch outside of her control, but with a blush spreading down to her chest, she was totally screwed.

They went on a date into town to grab lunch and Hikari couldn’t believe how much they clicked. Alisha was so gentle and kind even with that aura of power. Alisha talked about what brought her to the LGBTQ group – she was a transgirl and a lesbian, and had faced a lot of difficulties growing up. But it seemed to make her stronger for it, Hikari mentioned to her, and Alisha had broken into a broad, mischievous smile.

“I am very strong in a lot of ways,” Alisha said, and Hikari wanted to melt.

Even on that first date, they’d talked about power dynamics; they were open when talking about sexuality and kink, and as Hikari suspected, Alisha seemed to be as dominant as Hikari was submissive.

They fell into roles easily over the next couple months and it was an easy decision to make a bid to live together next semester, which was accepted by the university. They were able to do a sort of make-pretend home life in their dorm, enjoying the freedom of being able to be themselves and make their relationship a part of their living.

“I’m home, Goddess,” Hikari said with a grin, opening the door and eyeing Alisha where she sat on the bed.

“Welcome home, cutie,” she replied, and Hikari rushed over and knelt in front of her, as expected, bringing her hands up to gently rub and caress Alisha’s feet.

This was a part of their rituals, something that had just blossomed naturally out of their exchange of power. Hikari loved the moments they shared like this, loved the submissive feeling that burned inside of her, low and slow whenever Alisha was around, fanned into a higher flame when they expressed themselves like this.

She began kissing and nuzzling her way up to the knees and back down again, truly worshipping the woman in front of her. No higher than the knees – always back down to the feet, low, where she belonged. It felt good, and it felt right. Hikari could be down there forever, if Alisha allowed it; she never tired of giving her Goddess the attention she so deserved.

But Alisha brought one foot up to the top of Hikari’s head, brushing against her sensitive ears and then pushing her face down to the floor. Hikari mewled softly, tail twitching.

“Such a good girl today,” came Alisha’s low, warm voice, and it filled Hikari with pride, and the spark of arousal.

“Thank you, Goddess,” Hikari whispered. She had the sense that today, her Goddess had something in mind, and she was keen to find out what was in her head. Every time Alisha was in a mood like this, Hikari wondered if it would be the day that she’d bring her cock out and let Hikari worship that too, maybe even fuck her with it… She felt a little pang of guilt for wanting it so much and so eagerly, but she knew that she could be patient, if that’s what her Goddess wanted.

“I’d like to read a book today,” Alisha said, “and I’d like a footstool while I read.”

Not sex. Calm down, Hikari, calm down!

“Of course, Goddess,” Hikari said, and she moved herself to be kneeling on all fours, tail high in the air, so Alisha could set her feet on her back. She felt the weight of them and sighed happily, listening to the sound of pages turning as Alisha opened the book.

“I’m going to read to you a little bit, Hikari. But I’m already in the middle of this chapter, so you’ll just have to catch up.”

“Thank you, Goddess.” Hikari wondered what book she’d picked up; usually Alisha liked fantasy, and she knew that she’d been re-reading some Tolkien, so perhaps that…

“‘She found herself bent over the bed as fingers traced down her spine, making her skin prickle and nerves light up…’”

Hikari’s ears perked and her cheeks grew warm. Was Alisha reading…

“‘Her lips parted and she moaned softly as those hands came to rest on her ass, squeezing and kneading it –’”

“Goddess!” Hikari whispered sharply, scandalized.

“Please don’t interrupt, Hikari,” Alisha said. Hikari blushed and lowered her head. So, this was meant to be a little bit torturous… Of course it was. Alisha was as wicked as she was lovely.

“Yes, Goddess.”

“Good girl. ‘Fingers dipped into the space between her thighs, gently running over the lips of her pussy, just brushing enough to make her want to squirm on the bed… But she knew that she couldn’t, because her Mistress had ordered her to stay put.’”

Hikari was feeling her cunt starting to get warm and wet and wanting as she pictured the scene. It mirrored the way her ass and pussy were up in the air; how did Alisha know exactly what to read? Was she planning this?

“‘She was helpless; helpless to the feeling of those hands, helpless to the feeling of her submission, helpless to whatever her Mistress’s whims were…’”

One of Alisha’s feet lifted from her back and began to stroke up her leg, up towards her ass, playing with her tail between her toes. Hikari shivered and tried not to twitch… but couldn’t help the way her breath was catching.

“‘She wondered how far her Mistress could push her, how deep into desperation she could fall. She knew the depths of her desire could be overwhelming, and her Mistress always knew exactly how to manipulate her deep into it.’”

One of Alisha’s toes made a maddeningly light path up her inner thigh, dragging so softly over her panties, and Hikari would have given anything to grind against it, but she was caught and enraptured like the girl in the story, made patient by her desire to serve.

“‘Those fingers began playing more eagerly at her cunt, opening the lips and caressing her clit like a sweet torture, something so attentive made sadistic…’ Hmm. Alright, I’m done reading for now.”

Hikari moaned softly as the feet left her body, weight off of her back as the book closed.

“Yes, Goddess…”

Alisha so enjoyed teasing her, and Hikari loved whatever Alisha loved. But her hot pussy was so often left wanting, needing attention… Hikari could get off on the denial, too, but Alisha seemed to revel in it.

“Do you have homework, little one?” There was a smile in her Goddess’s voice.

“Yes, Goddess.”

“Why don’t you get started? I’m going to continue reading without you for a bit.”


Hikari leaned back on her legs, stretching her back and kneeling one last time, kissing Alisha’s feet.

“Yes, Goddess,” she said with a little whine. “So mean.”

Alisha grinned wickedly.

“You love it.”

The university requirements for students included some general education courses, and Hikari had picked what looked like an easy Psychology 101 class. She was enjoying it well enough; it turned out that she had a good understanding of a lot of the concepts of human behavior and the way the mind functioned. Alisha seemed to enjoy when she was going off on tangents about this and that, supporting her interest, making her feel like she was learning something significant.

They were just starting a unit on altered states, including meditation and hypnosis. Hypnosis, Hikari learned, was very similar to meditation, just guided, and there was a lot of scientific debate on how to classify it. She didn’t fully understand a lot of it, but it definitely piqued her interest.

Their newest assignment was to try a hypnotic induction on someone and report back about it. Very loosely defined, as expected from a 101-level gen-ed class, and Hikari was doing a little bit of research about what kinds of inductions she could try out.

A quick Google searched turned up a surprising amount of hits, including a bunch of YouTube videos that supposedly hypnotized the viewer. Digging in and scrolling through, she realized that a large swath of them were… erotic in nature.

“Brainwashing”, “arousal”, “hypnosis for pleasure”… “orgasms”. And all available right here online, for anyone to see? Jeez. Her tail twitched a little as she dove in to watch… for academic reasons, of course.

She resisted the pull she felt and instead focused on how the videos were put together – how they were structured, and the language choices they used. Hikari grinned wickedly. She could totally make something like this. She’d have to fudge the report a little bit, but what was the harm in making the assignment a little bit more enjoyable?

Thinking about it, Hikari could probably make something to make her Goddess feel good, if hypnosis worked as well as all these videos suggested it did. It could be a labor of love and service.

“What’re you looking at, little one?”

Hikari almost jumped in her seat, and squeaked.

“Hi, Goddess,” she said as Alisha came up behind her. “I’m working on a hypnosis assignment for psych. I was thinking of making an erotic hypnosis video.”

Alisha laughed. “Erotic hypnosis? You would.”

“You know me, always trying to make school more fun.”

“Were you hoping to test it on me?”

Hikari blushed. “Well. Yes. I think it’s going to be about giving pleasure, and I thought that might be something nice for you.”

“It sounds like it,” Alisha agreed. “Sure, I’m down. Let’s see what you can make.”

That was really all Hikari needed for motivation.

“Alright, Goddess, I think it’s ready!”

Alisha looked up from her laptop.

“Oh, cool. Wanna show it to me?”

“Right now?”

Alisha grinned. “Why not? I could use a break.”

“It should be a good one,” Hikari giggled. She’d worked pretty hard on tailoring this video to suit her Goddess, putting a standard induction and then some suggestions for sexual pleasure. It was only about ten minutes long, but based on her research it should do the job.

Alisha came over and Hikari gave up her seat so she could sit down in front of the computer.

On the screen was the video, paused at the beginning: a black and white spiral, stopped in motion. Hikari marveled at the way it cast light onto Alisha’s face, how pretty she looked being attentive to it.

“How do I start it?”

“Oh. Here.”

Hikari clicked on the play button and watched the screen come to life, spinning in front of Alisha’s eyes, reflected in them. The text began to come up on the screen, words about relaxing, numbers counting down. But Hikari didn’t need to pay attention to the words. She was focused on her Goddess.

Alisha’s face had softened, eyelids drooping down and relaxed. She had fixated so quickly on the words and the spiral. Hikari watched in awe as the text flashed on the screen, and Alisha’s body began to slump, and the rise and fall of her shoulders became slower and more pronounced.

Another set of numbers began to count down backwards and Alisha breathed out a long sigh, sinking down into the chair, her beautiful muscles going limp.

Hikari couldn’t believe it, but watching her Goddess fall so deeply into hypnosis was very exciting. Her heart was pounding and she was feeling a heat settle in between her legs. She barely wanted to breathe, to disturb the scene in front of her, especially as the words on the screen began giving suggestions of feeling good, feeling pleasure.

Alisha’s lips had parted and although her body was limp in the chair, her breathing had picked up. The word ‘PLEASURE’ flashed across the screen for the first time and she let out a soft moan, driving Hikari nearly to madness. She’d never seen her Goddess like this before, so vulnerable and aroused. She sneaked a peek, and indeed, there was a bulge in the short black dress Alisha was wearing. She really was turned on; she really was feeling pleasure that Hikari had given her.

Hikari loved it.

Alisha began moaning more, deep, hot sounds as her cock twitched under that fabric. Hikari wondered if she had put in a suggestion to have an orgasm whether or not Alisha would cum… She was almost upset that she hadn’t.

Just as compelling for her were the faces her Goddess was making, eyes half-lidded and unfocused, as though nothing else mattered but the video. Eyebrows trying to lift and show something like desperation, but too relaxed to properly stay fixed.

Eyelids fluttering. A hint of a roll. It was driving Hikari wild, as though she could study and stare at Alisha like this for hours, get to know this part of her better than anyone else ever would.

The video ended suddenly, breaking Hikari out of her trance. But Alisha sat there, stock-still, eyes still glazed over and staring at the blank screen.


…No response.

She hadn’t thought to put a proper awakener, thinking that the wording she used would be easy enough for Alisha to come up at the right time.

But Alisha still sat there, deeply hypnotized.

…How deep?

Hikari’s heart was pounding. Her ears and tail twitched, poised and attentive. She could wake Alisha up, easy enough, simply counting up and snapping her fingers would probably do it… but for posterity’s sake, wouldn’t it be good to know how deep and how effective this was?

“Goddess, raise your right arm.”

Alisha’s arm slowly lifted and hung in the air, as though pulled by a puppet string.


“Goddess, let your right arm down.”

It sunk into her lap and Alisha visibly relaxed further.

Oh, fuck.

Hikari was trembling with nerves and arousal. This was unbelievable. The sense of control she felt was something palpable and addictive. She was hitting a turning point, something she could never look back from, like it was already too late but she couldn’t stop it – didn’t want to stop it.

“Goddess, answer me verbally. Are you enjoying yourself?”

Alisha took a breath through her nose, and for a moment Hikari was worried she wouldn’t respond, but she slowly swallowed and opened her mouth.

“Yes,” she responded softly. Her cock twitched, and it was all Hikari could do to not reach for it, pull it out, feel it and taste it.

“Good. That’s good.” Hikari was just mimicking the videos and the class demonstration. She wanted to encourage Alisha, let her know that she was doing a good job.

She wanted to do more.

She wanted…

“Goddess,” she said, taking a breath, transfixed on the sight of the helpless woman in front of her. “Stand up.”

Alisha’s body moved slowly, muscles gaining definition as they worked to bring her to her feet. She stood there, towering over Hikari as usual, but shoulders and jaw slack, looking beautiful to her in a very different way.

Was this a breach of trust? Was this out of line?

No… No. Somehow, in some way, this was something that was going to happen, and Hikari was sure they were both enjoying this and always were meant to. Her heart was pounding and she felt power surging under her skin as she watched Alisha yield to her. This was right. This was right.

Hikari took a deep breath.

“Goddess, strip,” she said, and watched with a horrified, wonderful thrill as Alisha’s hands moved to remove her dress, pulling it up, revealing her body to her for the first time. To Hikari’s surprise, she wore no panties and no bra: her cock, still half-hard; her gorgeous abs on that slim waist; the breasts spilling out, perfect and heavy, nipples perked up. Alisha cast the dress on the ground and stood there, naked, in front of her, with a neutral, relaxed face.

She was as Hikari always envisioned: the pinnacle of beauty, the woman she’d fallen deeply in love with, so gorgeous and perfect and fit and fuckable.

She was a Goddess, as Hikari always knew, but an enraptured Goddess, divine and subservient.

What would Hikari do with her?

Her cock lay tantalizingly between her legs, and Hikari’s tongue came out to unconsciously wet her lips.

That would be a good start.

“Goddess,” she said, and although Alisha made no sign or move to show that she was listening, Hikari had to trust that she was, “I want you to remember the pleasure you were feeling a few minutes ago.”

At the word ‘pleasure’, Alisha moaned softly and her cock twitched with interest.

“That’s right. It felt so good when you were feeling pleasure while you watched that video. And now I can tell you to feel pleasure and you can feel it, just as strong; more strongly than before.”

Another moan, louder this time as her cock got fully hard, jutting out from her sweet, curvy hips.

“That’s right. So much pleasure when I say it… And you want more of that feeling. You want more pleasure. You want me to give it to you.”

It felt so natural for Hikari, like she knew what would hit the right submissive buttons, like she already knew how she could train her Goddess to want this and enjoy this, more and more.

But looking at the way Alisha was responding already… It was already halfway done.

“I think you’re enjoying this, Goddess.” Hikari lowered her tone for a hushed accusation, playing into the part. “I think you want more of this; I think you want me to make you cum so we can do this again.”

Alisha made a sound like a low groan, squeaking up at the end in embarrassment.

“Hypnosis isn’t mind control,” Hikari continued. “You aren’t doing anything against your will. You want this, and you want me to suck your cock and make you cum so you go deeper under my spell. Tell me you want this. Tell me you want me to suck you off.”

“I want…” Alisha was panting, speech still slow, but desperate. “I want you to… suck my cock…”

Hikari was already moving towards her, kneeling on the ground in front of her so that beautiful cock was right there.

“Say ‘please’.”

Her cock twitched and Hikari opened her mouth, breathed hot air over the tip.

“P-please!” Alisha whispered, and it seemed as though she wanted to move, to grab Hikari’s head, but she was stuck, helpless.

“That’s right,” Hikari said, and wrapped her hand around the base, and lips around the tip.

Alisha made a deep, almost pained sound as Hikari began to suck and bob, rubbing her tongue against the underside, hollowing her cheeks. Hikari was so wet, so horny over this; that she was finally able to be sexual with her Goddess, and like this. She wanted to make Alisha cum hard, so hard that she wanted to do this all the time, so hard that she was addicted to Hikari’s mouth.

She popped off with a wet sound.

“The pleasure is overwhelming,” she said, and she could hear the roughness in her own voice. “It feels so many times better than you ever thought it would feel. Because you’re hypnotized, it’s sticking in your unconscious mind harder, all that pleasure swirling around.”

She took Alisha deep, without warning shoving her cock to the back of her throat, soaking up the noises that she drew out and the sloppy wet sounds of her own mouth as she moved. Hikari knew that Alisha wouldn’t last long. The cock in her mouth was throbbing.

There was a rhythm she could ride, sucking and bobbing until Alisha got close, then taking her mouth off to slip more suggestions in.

“Only when you cum will you wake up. Slowly, like from a haze.” Her words were getting more confident, more dark and dominant in tone. She felt like she was almost losing control of herself, riding that thin line of being masturbatory with another partner. This was sex; this was better than sex.

She plunged Alisha’s cock deep into her mouth again, and Alisha made some whimpering, desperate noises, and then she was cumming in Hikari’s mouth and Hikari was swallowing it down, high off the feeling of having changed her, fucked her, influenced her, hypnotized her.

Hikari sucked the last little bit out, cleaned the tip as it softened, then drew back to wipe her mouth. Alisha was moaning soft and long, and Hikari could see the way her eyes were fluttering, struggling to open as her shoulders rose and fell with deep breaths.

It was hot. It was so, so hot.

Hikari stood to watch the process of Alisha coming back, her eyes fully opening and becoming focused again, the way her tongue came out to wet those gorgeous lips, and the absolute defenselessness on her face as she went through so many emotions so quickly: shock, embarrassment, openness.

Alisha was quiet, standing there, moving her arms to try to cover herself. Hikari was shaken by her movements, the beauty of it, entranced by her vulnerability.

“Hi, Goddess.” Hikari said finally, grinning. “I really enjoyed that.”

Alisha gave a small, sheepish smile. “Me too.”

Hikari closed the gap and took Alisha’s face in her hands, going on tiptoes to bring her into a deep kiss.

“I love you,” she said softly.

“I love you too.”

While everything had changed, nothing changed at all. Their love was always this deep and passionate, and this just felt like an extension, an evolution of their relationship. Their roles had switched naturally, and though Hikari still always felt worshipful when she was with Alisha, it became a different sort of reverence that painted their interactions.

“Sleep, Goddess.”

Alisha’s cock, by this point, had been conditioned to get rock-hard whenever Hikari dropped her into trance. It became less about sex for them after a while – of course, at first, their scenes had become explosively sexual, reveling in the newness of it, but what they both enjoyed was that sense of control and the way Hikari could make Alisha lose it, over and over.

Alisha’s eyes were so well trained to roll up and her body had crumpled naturally in the chair. All of her, laying there helplessly, ready to be programmed. Hikari knew that her mind had blossomed open, ready and waiting for words to come in and influence her further, enchant her.

“That’s right, such a good girl,” Hikari cooed, stroking Alisha’s beautiful hair. “And you go so deep for me, just like you always do, just like you’ve been conditioned to do.”

Alisha sighed, sighed out her mind just like Hikari had taught her. Over even a short amount of time, Hikari had gotten so good at hypnotizing her, at figuring out exactly how to control her and trance her out of her head.

“Repeat your first mantra, slave Goddess.”

Hikari loved to watch the slow stirring that happened, lips parting gently, breath taken to force the words out of her mouth.

“I am a good girl, and I obey… I am a good girl, and I obey…”

“That’s right,” Hikari talked over her. “And the words come so naturally, as though I’m making you say them, making you fill your mind with me over and over as I slip more programming into that gorgeous head…”

“I am a good girl, and I obey…”

“It feels good when you’re conditioned for me, because I’ve conditioned you to love it,” Hikari continued. “Like a feedback loop in your head that just perpetuates itself, over and over, making you more submissive, and more mine. There’s pleasure in programming, isn’t there?”

Alisha moaned and her cock twitched, hearing one of the many trigger phrases Hikari had implanted into her.

“Pleasure in programming…” she repeated, monotone. Hikari could almost see her mind spinning with it, getting fucked by it.

“That’s right. Such a good slave Goddess like you is so good at obeying, you could almost work yourself up to cumming just from being conditioned…”

“I am a good girl, and I obey…” Alisha’s tone had become more forced, her hips twitching up just a bit to try to get friction on her cock. Hikari resisted the urge to reach out and stroke it, knowing that it was best to train her body to train itself.

“But you don’t need to cum. You just need to submit. Submitting feels better than cumming.”

“S-submitting feels…” Alisha gasped. “Better than c-cumming…”


“Submitting feels better than cumming,” Alisha said breathlessly. “Submitting feels better than cumming…”

Hikari allowed herself the pleasure of watching the scene: Alisha too hypnotized and obedient to do anything but repeat; her drowsy, limp body laying in the chair; her cock hard and twitching under her skirt. Alisha was programming herself just for Hikari’s voyeuristic delight, growing more desperate with each repetition, and she could watch it for hours. She could certainly masturbate to it, and had in the past, but this time there was the air of something different, a lazy sort of enjoyment, a sense that they were exactly where they were meant to be and that they could be there forever.

Just the two of them, an extraordinary exchange of power, and the love and control that flowed between them.


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