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Her Dom boyfriend sent her to some sort of weird camp to make her a better submissive… Spoiler: there’s brainwashing. A look at her diary. A commission. (Posted 2019)

Day 2:

I might be starting to get used to life here, but it’s not easy. There’s so much cooking and cleaning! I mean, I guess I sort of expected that since Master wants me to do more for him around the house, but it all seems so formal. I’m not really sure about it yet. They also want me to masturbate publicly with all the other girls, twice a day, saying some weird mantras… It’s kind of cheesy, and so embarrassing, so I’m kind of faking it… Maybe that will get better over time.

Day 5: 

I’m feeling a lot better about the whole situation, honestly. I’m starting to look forward to waking up and getting to spend time with the other girls while we get breakfast ready. We are really bonding! We started a new activity today, though, where the House Masters sit us all in front of a big screen and put these weird patterns on it, and soothing music in the background… They say it’s supposed to be meditative? Sometimes I think I hear voices, but I might just be zoning out.

And uh, actually… Today I ended up cumming during group masturbation for the first time… Hearing all of the other girls moaning, all the wet noises of their pussies and the buzzing of toys… It’s really embarrassing, but it kind of set me off… 

Day 7:

The House Masters gave us all new toys to play with, and I’m so grateful… Before, we weren’t allowed to have any that went inside us… After this week, we were all desperate to have something fucking us, and now we do… I came so fucking hard. I don’t even think about the mantras anymore. They just come out automatically…

(They’re actually making some of the girls suck on dildos while they fuck themselves… I can’t believe it, but I’m actually kind of jealous! They’re making such good noises, and they look so full…)

It’s been so nice to see the Masters happy with us for cleaning. We’ve started to be naked all the time now, wearing nothing but our collars… Actually, I think I saw some of them getting hard watching us… It’s making me miss my Master at home, I really, really want to have sex!

I’ve started to really enjoy our meditation time. I just relax and let the sounds wash over me while I stare at the screen. I don’t know if it’s doing anything, but it’s such a nice respite from the work. It kind of makes me really horny, actually… I keep hoping that the Masters will let us masturbate during it…

Day 10:

This slave is so happy. The Masters have let her suck on something while she fucks herself. They say if she is good, she will get to suck a real cock. She cums so hard with all the slaves. Her mouth feels so full… She wants more…

Serving is bliss. This is one of her mantras, and it is now so true. This slave can hardly remember why she didn’t ever like to be on her hands and knees, cleaning every day, doing something so submissive…

They took this slave into a special room for meditation, this time. There were voices, but she can’t remember all of what they said. She was repeating with them… “This slave lives to fuck… This slave lives to suck…” She doesn’t know how, but it was like they read this slave’s mind and gave her a toy to play with while she watched the spirals and the lights and soaked in the sounds…

Every day is bliss. This slave wants so badly to please her Masters… Every night, she dreams about it…

Day 14:

Slave got to suck the Masters’ hard cocks. It was so perfect to feel them in her mouth, one after the other. Other slaves were there too, all moaning and begging. Slave was begging too. Slave wants to please.

Slave got more special time in the Room today with the other slaves. The sounds were throbbing in our ears, and we weren’t allowed toys, but when the voices started whispering and the lights got more hypnotic, we came… The Masters have so much control over us… Slave loves it. Slave was so grateful; she got to suck more cock after the Room. But as much as she begs, the Masters won’t fuck her… They say that she must go home to her Master and please him… She longs for it. In just a few days, slave will get to go back and beg Master for his cock, cook and clean for him, make him feel good, and maybe he will fuck her…


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