Custom Ringtone

by sleepingirl

Tags: #D/s #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #sub:female

Woken from sleep by her phone ringing, Alicia inexplicably obeys and picks it up. (Posted 2017)

In the pitch black darkness of the early hours of the morning, her phone buzzed to life, vibrating against her nightstand loudly and casting light across the room.

Alicia, being pulled from sleep, had every intention of rolling over and letting it go to voicemail. It was an unfamiliar ring tone, which meant that it was probably a robocall anyways, and whatever it was, she could deal with it later. 

She had every intention of doing that, but instead in the haze of sleep she felt her arm extend outward, grasp it, and bring it to her ear. 


A low, masculine voice came through the the speaker. 

“Good girl.”

Alicia squinted and blinked her eyes to try to open them against the darkness and heaviness of the room, slowly racking her brain to try to place the voice on the phone. Before she arrived at an answer, he spoke again. 

“You know it’s important to listen to me. You’re such a good girl for picking up when I called.”

She really should be waking up to deal with this, she really should feel some kind of alarm, but somehow the man’s voice made her feel even more lethargic, like she could fall back to sleep listening to him… A small sigh came out of her, muffled into the pillow. 

“That’s right, go ahead and drift off again like a good girl… My voice always makes you so sleepy, so relaxed that you don’t have to care about anything at all… Your unconscious mind will listen, craving your programming, and your conscious mind can just go right back to sleep…”

Alicia felt her eyes roll a little and her mind go dim, dark, and far away. Her breathing evened out even further. It was a strange feeling, strangely familiar to feel like she was sinking endlessly into sleep while a part of her stayed awake. 

And it felt… So good… In that comfortable, endless darkness behind her fluttering eyelids, she felt warm pleasure start to bubble up inside of her. 

“That’s right, it feels good, doesn’t it? It feels so good to sleep for me and be conditioned to my voice… Because my voice touches a certain part of you that craves to obey… And it feels better and better every time.”

Alicia moaned softly as her limp body began to really feel a part inside of her sparked with heat and desire, a part that slept during the day and woke up at night, a hungry, needy part of her that listened carefully and yielded to someone’s instructions… 

“Good girl. It feels so right to be hypnotized. It feels so right to serve. Your body remembers. Your mind forgets.”

Her mouth began to sleepily slur out, “yyyes, m'ster…” and it turned into a moan halfway through as pleasure gripped her from the inside, rendering her motionless body even more helpless. 

“Your body remembers. Your mind forgets.”

“Mm- body r'members… Mind f'rgets… Ohhhhh, mmm…”

“Good girl. Such a sleepy, obedient girl. You did so well tonight." 


“Now hang up the phone and drop into a deep sleep.”

Alicia obeyed, and slept. 


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