by sleepingirl

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1:45 pm.

The boy in her Psych 102 lecture.

She always stared at the side-back of his head and ear, sitting a couple rows behind and to the left of him. Dark hair cropped tight to his neck and longer up top, always clean but not neat. Kind of scrawny, or maybe his shirts were always too big, and thin-rimmed, thick-lensed glasses.

She was 19. It was about time for her hormones to kick in and start giving her crushes.

But it felt absurd.

It was a smaller lecture, maybe 30 or 40 students. He liked to answer questions when the professor asked them. She knew his first name, but not his last.

“Yes, Avery?”

Avery, Avery, Avery.

She loved the lilt of his voice. She loved how smart he was. She loved the way he would grin a little and take a breath before projecting his response to the room.

Classic schoolgirl crush. She had barely ever even spoken to him.

She couldn’t remember feeling like this before, for anyone.

The last few minutes of class were always exciting. Would she bump into him on their way out the door? Would she find the courage to strike up a conversation? Would he magically know how she felt and ask her out?

Once, straight out of a romance novel, in her haste she dropped all of her notes and pencils and he stopped to help her collect them. She remembered his smile, the way it made her feel, deep warmth in her tummy and cheeks.

Maybe that was the moment?

Do crushes start in a moment?

In the end, in her nervousness, she hung back until he and most of the class had gone before she went back to her dorm.

2:06 pm.

She was lucky to have gotten a single.

She felt weak, but sometimes she needed this. The flop on the bed. The unbuttoning of her jean shorts. Shame, relief of her hand wriggling under her panties.

She tried not to think about him, because it felt naughty, like she was disrespecting him. But as her fingers moved to tease herself she remembered that smile, those eyes, that voice.

It was easy to give in to that. It was always too easy to give in to that. The heat it brought, the arousal inside of her.

She felt obsessed, but somehow that always turned her on further. Her defeat at the hands of her own libido, her weakness to her own body. Her hips thrust up. Her body loved this. Her body wanted him, even if she couldn’t explain it.

It was just a crush. A harmless crush.

Pussy slick, finally sliding two fingers in and starting to fuck herself, taking shaky breaths and letting that pleasure in.

Avery, Avery, Avery.

She wanted him; she was a virgin but she wanted his cock, she wanted his hands and his mouth on her skin. Thinking about how that would feel for the first time drove her wild, blew her mind over and over because what would that be like to feel him push her down and spread her legs and push into her as she begged –

She’d beg –

Building closer and closer to that edge, her thoughts always jumbled as pleasure deepened in her cunt –

He’d moan a little in satisfaction and she’d feel him push in that last tiny bit.

She’d grip at his back and he’d look down at her with those eyes, those eyes… Wiggle his hips a little, teasing…

“Fuck me,” she’d beg in a harsh whisper, bucking her hips, desperate, almost on the edge of that orgasm, “fuck me, please, Master, fuck this cunt for your pleasure, please –”

What –

Wait –

Too late –

– cumming so fucking hard –

Gasping for breath as she came down from that orgasm, pussy still clenching even though she’d taken her fingers out.

It was never enough. She always had that twinge of guilt, because she knew she had thought about him, but she could never remember exactly where she went with it in her head.

Maybe that was for the best.

1:52 pm.

Avery loved the last few minutes of class.

He knew that she was staring. He felt that delicious curl of arousal knowing that she was getting more and more nervous, trying to work herself up to talk to him. He was this girl’s world. God, he loved that.

He loved to remember that first day. Their section in class on meditation and hypnosis. Their professor had asked if anyone had ever done hypnosis before. Avery was the only one to raise his hand. He told the class he did party tricks. Plenty of students approached him later asking if he could hypnotize him. Avery always told them he’d do it another time.

And then she came to him.

God, he got half-hard thinking about it.

Twilight on campus. She ran into him after she saw him at the dining hall. Her face, deep red. Averting her eyes. Stumbling over the words. The sweet tone of her voice as she asked.

Other girls had been attracted to him before, citing his looks, or his personality. Some of the girls who asked to be hypnotized earlier were clearly trying to get into his pants. They saw it as a pick-up line.

But she… She wanted something different.

She asked the same question they all did, but Avery heard what she wanted deep down.

She wanted his control. She wanted to be hypnotized out of her own mind.

In that instant he wanted her more deeply than he’d ever wanted any of the other girls he’d ever been with.

So he accepted her request… And in his tinkering, made sure she would feel the same way about him. Toyed with her, so she never knew she was being toyed with.

Avery loved remembering that moment.

By the end of class, the girl didn’t work up the courage to talk to him. But he smiled as he walked out the door, stealing a glance back to her at her desk where she fidgeted with her belongings.

He knew what she would be doing after this.

He knew she had an open spot in her schedule.

He even knew what she would be thinking about while she did it.

And he knew someday his patience would pay off, and she would practically crawl to him, confused by the intensity of her own desires, and then he would fuck her until she told him that he owned her. Embarrassed by her own feelings. Embarrassed that her little crush had become something so consuming.

Even as he had to walk back to his room with a hard-on, Avery was grinning as he shut the door behind him.


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