Brainwashing / Restraint

by sleepingirl

Tags: #bondage #brainwashing #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #conditioning #gentle_femdom #sub:female

“Oh, sweetheart, you know that struggling just makes it hotter, don’t you?”

Molly’s honey-sweet voice was next to her ear, but she couldn’t see her through the blindfold. Anna pulled at the straps binding her wrists and ankles to the chair, but couldn’t answer through the gag.

She was helpless; one moment, they’d been on the bed, and the next, Molly was whispering her down.

“It’s time for your conditioning,” Molly said, softly, and that – that was the thing that really hit her, made her moan.

“You are an obedient girl,” Molly said, and Anna felt heat sweep through her, anticipation bubble up. “You are an obedient girl, deep down.”

Her eyes rolled lazily back behind the blindfold, outside of her control, and her body went limp. Anna went so deep, so quickly, always, and she couldn’t even really stop it if she tried, nowadays. The thick haze of trance fell over her, and she felt that conditioned helplessness fog over her mind, as Molly had trained into her so long ago.

“That’s right. You can’t stop it. My control takes such a deep hold over you, touches parts of you that you didn’t even know were there. Parts that you didn’t even understand that I could touch.”

She couldn’t even really remember those first sessions, now. She just knew that she couldn’t help coming back when Molly asked. It felt almost like an addiction, like she needed her fix of something that only Molly could give her.

It rolled over in waves; the trance, the euphoria, the yearning.

“I’ve taught you that my hypnosis is different,” came the whisper in her ear. “My hypnosis feeds on your consciousness, grows stronger as you grow weaker. I’ve taught you that it feels good to be weak, so that I can hypnotize you harder. And your silly little brain loves it.”

Anna’s body was rocking pitifully against the chair, trying to find friction between her legs. If she could only touch herself, if she could only rub against something, she’d burn away the rest of her mind with pleasure for Molly, until there was nothing left but a brainwashed body for her to use…

“It’s so fast, now,” Molly said, heated and a little bit in awe. “You let go so quickly. Such a good girl.”

Her hand was in Anna’s hair, stroking gently, the softness of her touch in such stark contrast to the depths of surrender that Anna was being engulfed by. Those delicate fingers manipulating her face with such care, dragging the tips over her cheeks, her lips stretched around the gag.

Molly lifted her heavy head, then let go and let it sag and hang down again.

“Oh, dear,” she said, sweetly. “Look at you. So gone. So pretty. So, so deep.”

Deeper, and deeper down.

“Brainwashed girls obey,” Molly said, and the automation of the mantra made Anna repeat it, stunted by the gag.

“‘Ain-ashed ‘url o-hey,” her voice said, muffled, and if she had enough awareness left, it would probably have been humiliating, but her body responded to the hotness of it, speaking and then slumping back down.

“That’s right, sweetheart,” Molly said, and Anna felt her arms encircle her bound body, embracing her. “My good, obedient girl. You don’t have to think anymore; I’ll take care of you.”


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