by sleepingirl

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Both arms handcuffed to the bedpost in my apartment, nude and exposed, and alone. It should have been exciting. Well, it was exciting, extremely so… For the first half hour. – His girlfriend always had tricks up her sleeves. (Posted 2016)

I should never have mentioned that I had submissive fantasies to her.

Knowing her, knowing Alice, I should never have even humored her request to talk about our sex life.

She had always been a rather callous, maybe even cruel girl; truth be told, it attracted me, it was one of the reasons I asked her out in the first place. How could I not? It was part of who I was.

I should have expected the thrilled breath she took, the excitement in her eyes paired with that stone-cold expression. Thin line of her mouth, slightly downturned, even, but God help me, I could almost feel her body heat up like a furnace.

It turned me on. It scared me, but it turned me on.

But now… I’m here.

Both arms handcuffed to the bedpost in my apartment, nude and exposed, and alone.

It should have been exciting. Well, it was exciting, extremely so… For the first half hour.

The clock on my night stand had been very purposely turned towards me. It’s going on an hour.

My arms ache as I adjust them. My cock is soft, as though it’s disappointed with me. I’m starting to regret skipping lunch. I don’t want to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t used the bathroom before she forced me in here.

But then… Knowing Alice… I simply should have known better.

That face flashes in my mind, icy and stoic, but so disheveled by her own depraved thoughts in that moment, and I feel the smallest tingle of arousal.

A consolation prize.

I hear the apartment door open very suddenly, and every part of me jumps. It’s rather painful.

And then, there she is, stunning and calm…

“Oh, Tim.” As though she’d forgotten I was there! “How was your nap?”

I coughed out a nervous laugh. “I was supposed to be able to sleep like this?!” I rattled the cuffs against the headboard for effect.

She began removing her coat and shoes. “Not really something I considered, I guess.”

“No kidding,” I muttered. Alice payed it no mind. After she had hung up the jacket, she began to walk out of the bedroom towards the kitchen.

“I – Alice!” I called. That was the only recognition I’d get??

“Yes?” she said, peering her head back into the room.

I swallowed, suddenly put on the spot.

“I’m – I mean, if you’re going to get some food…” It trailed off into a mumble.

She continued to stare blankly at me, expectant.

I cleared my throat.

“I’m a little… hung– hungry–”

The word caught in my mouth – something was very wrong – somehow I’d completely forgotten until this moment –

Alice is a hypnotist.

I don’t know how long I sat frozen with my mouth hanging open, but it was long enough to watch a corner of her mouth twitch up into a smile.

My head reeled with the realization, over and over.

“Hungry?” she said, and my brain stopped trying to process how entirely that information had been removed from my mind, because that one word, that simple word –

I felt blood rush down into my cock that it ached a little with how quickly it hardened. And for just that moment, all I felt was a single, overwhelming desire…

To be hypnotized.

To be hypnotized by Alice.

Alice’s cruel, honey voice.

Alice’s cold, beautiful eyes.

Alice’s addictive, perfect trances…

The moment passed and I forced my breathing to calm, and tried to relax back to the headboard – I’d been pulling at it…

“Oh, Tim…”

My cock twitched lewdly.

“It is a shame you did not take that nap…” She began to walk towards the bed, and every step excited me. “What would you say if I told you that you’d had permission to be in trance the entire time I’ve been gone?”

I would have, of course I would have gone into hypnosis…

She looked me dead in the eye.

“You chose to stay awake this whole time…”


“You don’t remember, but I presented you with that choice before I left.”

Why would I have…

“To spend it in hypnotized bliss… Or to wait in torture for me to return…”

Am I really that much of a masochist…?

She fell to silence, looking my body over.

My lips felt dry.

“Why did I…” I couldn’t finish. Her eyes lingered on my cock for a moment too long before returning to my face, flushed as it was.

“You are more obedient than you realize,” she whispered. “And you are obsessed with my brand of cruelty.”

I couldn’t help myself – my hips pushed up towards her. She made no move towards my cock, but leaned in closer.

“I am obsessed with your desire for me to hurt you,” she said softly, like a confession.

God, she was so excited. Her body was sprawled over my nude one, her face so close to mine…

“Knowing how you spent all that time,” Alice whispered, “You must really be hungry.”

And everything but her disappeared.


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