A Watched Pot...

by sleepingirl

Tags: #noncon #D/s #degradation #dom:male #exhibitionism #humiliation #m/f #sub:female #kidnapping #misogyny #pov:top #tech_control

Drooling mess of a body, throbbing pussy, muscles in her ass trying desperately to hump her against something. But there was only the hard chair under her, and while it created a deliciously wanton and self-degrading image, her pussy found no relief as it tried to seemingly seek the screen in front of her.

Not that it appeared to matter to the girl; muscles tensing and body churning without end.

He was fucking hard up watching her. His balls tingled at the thought of finally ripping those clothes off of her, satisfying his dick in that burning cunt, but she wasn’t done yet.

No use in ruining the whole meal when there’s only ten minutes left on the oven.

This was his favorite part. He loved the thrill of the chase; which pick-up line to use, which bar to hit, where to park the van and equipment. He loved knowing that some of the girls he took would sleep with him willingly, and yet he still broke them before he used them. He loved the ones that struggled, too; overpowering a creature weaker than him, because in the end, he was a catch and release kind of guy, and after they were free, his girls had the memory span to match the metaphor.

But this… He gave his cock a few hard tugs to ease off the ache. Oh, this was his favorite. Alone with his thoughts while he watched another dumb bitch be stripped to the essence of the animal that she truly was. Anticipating the end of the stimulating brainwave pulses and tape on the screen, where she would be so weak and stupid that all she can do will be to crawl to him, leaking fluids all over the floor, not even smart enough to speak anymore, just offering her holes.

Shamelessly. Unaware of her own humiliation. As any dumb animal is. As they all were before and all will be after.

His dick throbbed, seeking gratification, and he played with the head, lost in the paradise of his own thoughts. Eyes half lidded, watching the girl before him, who was becoming less and less of a girl by the second, and more and more of a masturbatory aid. Visual and auditory porn now, fleshlight soon…

The last thirty seconds on the tape was always the longest for him, and he knew that if she was even remotely aware of what was to come, it would be for her, too.


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