Zack and Millie

Chapter 3

by scifiscribbler

Tags: #noncon #brainwashing #clothing #dom:male #exhibitionism #m/f #sub:female #maid

For Millie, it seemed too firmly begun to stop on Saturday morning, when the two of them would finally have a proper day together.

She woke up early, hand slapping the snooze button on her alarm, and rolled over as she usually did.

She pulled on her panties and a pair of tight running shorts, then picked up her sports bra from where it hung on a chair and put it on. A loose T-shirt – first out of the drawer – followed. She grabbed up keys, phone, a bundled pair of socks and her trainers and headed downstairs.

In the hallway she pulled on her socks and slipped into her trainers. She had stopped wearing socks in the house a couple of weeks after moving in, finding that being barefoot around the house was somehow better for her peace of mind.

Slipping her phone’s earbuds into place she queued up Zack’s Spotify playlist and set off for a run. The streetlamps still shone orange on the paving stones of her route; dawn was little more than a few pink fingers sneaking into the sky.

Millie loved to run, and always had; there was something about the way you could zone out, could lose yourself, that appealed to her. By the time she fetched up on Zack’s doorstep again, the streetlamps had shut off and the streets were bathed in the warm, rosy light of early sun.

There had been a lot of Dolly Parton in there this time; all remixes, dance beats, and backing vocals she couldn’t make out along with the constant theme of Dolly herself. Not what she expected at all, but she was willing to go with it. It was catchy.

She was singing softly to herself as she walked in the door to hear the shower running.

She froze for a moment. She might have taken too long over her run. Although it was so rare for Zack to get up early on a day he didn’t have to.

But she felt it was her duty now to make sure Zack always woke up the best way.

She hurried to the bathroom – the door was open a crack! Funny how what she’d once, long ago, considered one of Zack’s worst traits was now something she found herself deeply grateful for.

She slipped quietly into the bathroom and stripped down hastily. Then she moved up, slid the shower door open, and stepped in.

Zack was busy lathering his hair. His eyes widened. “Uh, hey-“

“Sorry, sir,” she said hastily. “I neglected my duties.”

“You did?”

She barely paid attention to his surprise, busy as she was dropping to her knees. She reached out for his cock, taking it in her hands, and her flush of upset at failing Zack began to fade as she felt him respond in her hands.

“What’re you-“

Zack’s question choked off as she leaned forward, kissing his tip. The shower was cramped and awkward and she wouldn’t have room to perform at her best, but she was confident she could make it work.

She attempted to adjust her position, but the glass was in the way. She frowned…

Zack had reached down, and he had a fingertip under her chin now. It was just a gentle touch, but something about it captured her full attention.

He lifted. Just gently, just enough pressure that she could tell his fingertip was going up.

She rose with it. It wasn’t calculated. It wasn’t thought out. It was completely instinctive, and her instinct figured out how to rise, how to stand, within the cramped confines.

Once she was upright they were almost face to face, almost eye to eye, a scant few inches in it. Her hair, soaked as she knelt, clung to her forehead and her cheeks. His was still lathered up, waiting to be rinsed.

With a single finger he held her so that she had to look directly into his eyes.

Time seemed to stand still-


“You’re very keen,” Zack told her with a smile. Millie, helplessly lost in those eyes, simply tried to nod, her head bobbling slightly on his fingertip.

“But you need to be keen on different things. My pleasure supercedes the rules. Remember, it’s my pleasure that lets your own build in return. You’re happy when you make me happy, not when you make me confused.”

Millie’s eyes didn’t move from his as she nodded again.

“I only have your best interests at heart,” he reminded her. “You feel pleasure if I feel pleasure. You feel pleasure when you work toward me feeling pleasure. So you should do that right.”

Another head-bobble, helplessly suspended from a single finger.

“Your body brings me pleasure. And surprises from you bring me pleasure. But if you see that I’ve changed things up, you must just go with it.”

That was a slightly more complicated instruction, but she nodded after a moment to process.

Zack was grinning. She couldn’t see his face but she heard it in his voice.

“Now, you’re already being very dutiful, Millie. But today I want you to work on something else.”

Her breath caught in her throat as she waited.

“I want you to work on your obedience.”

She nodded again.

“From time to time today, I’m just going to tell your waking self to do things. No asking. No context. A flat order. And you? You’re going to make sure she does them. It’s just part of her duty.”

Millie nodded. But she told herself, firmly, it wouldn’t just be part of her duty. What she and Zack shared was more special than that.

“Obedience is just plain fun,” Zack told her. “And honestly, it’s kinda sexy to think about.”

Millie whimpered slightly, helpless, held in place by a single fingertip.

“That’s a good girl, Millie. I know you can do this for me. After all, I’m a great guy…”

He let the unfinished sentence hang in the air like a prompt.

“Yhh hff mmlee mhh bfft nress ah hah,” she managed, her head locked in place by his eyes, her jaw by his finger.

He smiled, knowing what words she’d tried, having burned them into her mind himself.

And he leaned forward, close enough she could smell the shampoo lather in his hair, and kissed her. She kissed back, her sleeping mind revelling in the experience, the treat as she thought of it.

“You’ll wake up when you feel me in you,” he assured her, his hands slowly slipping down her sides to her hips. She nodded properly this time, as ready for the idea as ever she’d been.

He reached to cup her under her buttocks and used the wet shower wall to help him slide her upward. Her legs eagerly parted around him, pulling him tighter in.

“Brace,” he told her. She crossed her ankles, wrapped around him, and her arms went out to the sides, one against the steamy glass wall, one against the tiles of the shower.

A quick readjustment and then he tugged her down, abruptly, onto him. She felt him in her-


Millie was braced against the shower, wrapped around Zack, as he fucked her. She was a little unsure how she’d got here – her head span dizzily, helplessly, with just the question – but she was ready to just go with it.

She was conscious of her duty to make this the best experience she could for him. She began to buck against him, a slave to his rhythm, her focus completely on making sure her body brought him please.

This was what Zack wanted, therefore it was what she would do.

They’d come a long way from arguments about who had what stuff in the fridge, back in their first week together. She knew now who was in control. Who was in charge.

Zack’s eyes were closed, one hand helping to keep her in place, the other fondling her breast, playing with her nipple. He wasn’t doing anything that seemed designed to build pleasure; he was a man playing with a man’s toy. But somehow that was really working for her. It wasn’t just part of her duty. It was more special than that.

Zack had her body under total control. Her hand started smacking out the beat of his rhythm on the tiled wall. Behind her, the shower’s glass slammed and complained audibly with every thrust.

She had no idea how she’d ended up in this state, and she didn’t care. It was, suddenly, crystal clear to her that she’d always wanted this.

She was very glad they lived alone. She didn’t think of herself as noisy, but this time, something about the moment made her so. She was screaming her delight, her devotion.

Later, she would hope Zack hadn’t noticed her slip and call him Master. That would just be embarrassing.

Plus it might give him the wrong idea.

In the moment she thought no such thing. She was lost. Her mind and her body were extensions of the pleasure puppet coaxing the most delight out of Zack.

It felt so good to make him feel pleasure. And there was a rightness to it, too.

Such thoughts kept her occupied until he pressed her tighter against the glass, grunted, and filled her. Then, thought stopped. His release was a trigger for her own. The response was impossible to stop, even if she’d tried.

By the time her awareness returned, she was on her feet again and leaving the shower, propelled by a swat on her ass, Zack’s words heavy in her ears.

Except she didn’t quite remember his words?

She shook her head. She knew what she had to do. That was what mattered. It would be daft to be thinking instead about why her attention was divided.

Especially after finally getting Zack to fuck her properly.

…How long had that been her goal, exactly?

She hurried into the kitchen, where she set out his coffee apparatus and left it ready. Her attempt yesterday hadn’t quite worked for him, so she would let him do it.

In the meantime, she busied herself preparing breakfast; scrambled egg and crispy bacon on a toasted English muffin.

Not really her style, but Zack loved them, and she could probably find some time that morning while he was occupied to make some muesli and feed herself.

Her ass still seemed to tingle where he’d slapped it. She was inexplicably happy, and after a few moments she realised she was humming the tune to Jolene.

She stood nude in the kitchen, near the windows, gently air drying. A small river from her hair followed the small of her back, acting as a highlight.

Zack made his way in as she was just toasting the muffin. He’d evidently showered again after she left; she made a mental note to wash him with her own hands in future. It seemed like something he’d enjoy.

And besides, she could let her hands wander… she could enjoy herself, and experiment…

Oh, yes.

Zack busied himself with the coffee. She was focused on his breakfast, but being, as she now was, hyper-aware of Zack’s presence, she couldn’t help thinking he was… doing it wrong?

But this was something Zack felt very strongly about. He couldn’t be-

Zack filled one cup and looked up. “Take that off the heat and pause.”

Naturally, as his PA, she was always going to do what he said. But she felt, as she came almost to attention in front of the stovetop, the pan swiftly moved from the heat, that she had started acting before she even understood what he’d said.

“Come here,” he said, and she was walking as the second word left his lips.

He grinned as she came to a halt in front of him, hands by her sides, standing tall and straight, air drying naked before him.

He had clearly been about to make a point, but he interrupted himself to fondle her. She smiled, then sighed, a warm swell of pleasure and arousal washing over her from how happy he clearly was in this moment.

She’d made him that way. That was her primary duty.

Zack stopped, then reached out and picked up the mug of coffee. “Drink.”

She took the mug and did as instructed, of course. And without being given a limit, she drank the whole mug down before lowering it from her lips.

The last couple of mouthfuls were full of coffee grounds. Millie made a face.

Naturally, that made Zack smile. “What’s wrong with this drink?”

“It hasn’t been properly filtered, sir,” she said.


“Because…” For a moment, Millie was frozen, trapped between possibly insulting his skills and the instinctive drive to be completely honest with Zack. In due time, though, she listened to the voice inside her, the one which urged her to be completely honest with Zack so he could better use her.

“Because you made it poorly, sir.”

Zack grinned. “That was hard, wasn’t it?” he asked delightedly, like a kid with a new toy. It was probably a rhetorical question but she nodded anyway, eyes full of regret and embarrassment.

He continued. “I’m going to need you to actually master making coffee today. We’re probably going to waste a bit while you learn. But I’m not going to drink unfiltered coffee, am I?”

“No!” she agreed, then hesitated and added “Sir.” She’d been unprepared for just how strongly she felt about the idea of Zack having substandard coffee, especially if she was responsible for it.

“Good girl,” he nodded, and she practically shone with his mild praise. “But now, finish up breakfast prep.”

“Yes, sir,” she said more cheerfully, but she was already moving to obey before she did.


“You look good naked, you know?”

“Thank you, sir.”

“But I’ve really been enjoying the cute little outfits the last couple days. And that maid’s outfit… well, you know how that made me feel.”

Millie blushed. It was already in her laundry basket, waiting for a chance to give it some special care and attention. Still, since he’d liked it so much…

“I could fetch it down, sir?”

“Mm… nah. It’s a special treat, that. I’ll save the next time.”

She nodded.

“But I think your presentation needs to stay on current levels. In fact…”


She’d stayed nude throughout his breakfast. Stood to one side, waiting for any requests he might have, head slightly bowed, back straight, hands demurely clasped in the small of her back.

It had felt so good. Just the idea he might have something he wanted, that she would be able to provide… what could be better?

Now, her duties were less directly attendant on him. In fact, he was sitting nearby, his attention on the TV, Netflix running.

It was one of his geek shows, one she’d always hated. She still wasn’t impressed, at all, but from time to time he’d ask her a question, and she would have to answer.

So much of the show was memorised, now. She was enjoying the game of the questions. She was not, she told herself, enjoying the show. Not yet.

Not ever.

However, most of her attention was on other duties.

Zack had directed her to wear her favourite bra, her shortest miniskirt, and her heels – no more and no less – before she came back downstairs. And while he sat companionably near her, his dutiful PA was obediently working to improve his life.

Specifically, she was at an ironing board, finishing his laundry, her bare legs in easy reach if his hand wanted to wander.

She felt something like a lure, a bait, a temptation. But she had been put in this position by his (let’s not kid ourselves) command, which she had obeyed without really thinking about it. Now, as he asked her the name of the tailor (“Elim Garak, sir”), his hand idly resting on the back of her leg, fingers stroking up and down the top of her inner thigh, she had a moment to think about agreeing to it.

She was a PA, and she had her duties, and many of them were sexual in nature. Which didn’t stop her from being aware that…


…she seemed to be letting herself be treated as more of a sex object than anything else.

Even when she was doing the ironing, something that had never exactly been titillating before – and probably shouldn’t be now.

Being a PA for anyone was far away from her original career goals. She’d always told herself it was just a break before she resumed climbing the career pole, and honestly, she’d meant it. The pay was good enough that she’d been willing to stay in the role a little longer, and she was good at it, but it wasn’t what she’d trained for, nor what she ultimately wanted.

So why was it that she honestly felt as happy or happier than ever before?

Did she want to be a sex object?

Surely that couldn’t be right.

It just… it felt right. And it felt like what she was. His hand was on her, his eyes were on her as often as the show (and something inside her preened at that), and she was happy about it.

She was going to have to find other ways to show him how desirable she could be. If she was a sex object, she felt, she should be a great one.

As soon as she finished the ironing, she told herself, she needed to find a reason Zack would want her to run an errand into town. That way, she could stop back in at the shop.

She was almost daydreaming about those leathers.


Leaving immediately after the ironing hadn’t quite happened. Zack had had plans for when she finished, and she’d found herself bent over the board, feeling it rock beneath her and hearing the creak of metal supports pushed to their limits as he took her. Used her. For his pleasure.

She whimpered happily in the driver’s seat just thinking about it.

Master had –


Zack had been persuaded by her request to buy steak and appropriate fixings, and had told her to run out in the car and do what she thought best for a treat tonight. He’d told her to be quick about it – which she intended to be – but he hadn’t ordered that she hurry back – which might have prevented her doing what she planned to do.

The shop was only just opening up as she arrived. For the first time, Millie realised this kind of shop might keep irregular hours.

“I figured you’d be back, but not this soon,” the shopkeeper said.

Millie flushed first, but then she grinned, grinned a wild euphoric grin. “Things kind of… escalated.”

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