Thanks for the Subscribe

by scifiscribbler

Tags: #noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #sub:female

When people recommended her stream to one another, they usually described it as a tutorial stream. Bonnie had a knack for ‘getting’ games quickly and a talent for explaining concepts simply and easily. Sure, there was a community around it - plenty of people now watched Bonnie tackling games they had no interest in playing, and while the after-the-fact edited videos just covered game details, her easy chat with her subscribers as she played was a big part of her appeal.

A lot of her fans had been very excited when she announced her partner would appear on the next stream. They’d heard so much about them!

The record turn-out got to see a few faltering attempts at a 4X and a certain amount of flirtation. Streaming services like this had limits on what they could show, but those entirely failed to cover watching someone’s eyes roll back in their head, lip caught beneath her teeth, whimpering deliciously, as her partner murmured soft, relaxing couplets almost, but not quite, too quietly for the microphone to pick them up.

Eventually they snapped their fingers and, with a feathered sigh of blissful satisfaction, Bonnie’s head slumped forward. Her partner looked up at the camera.

“Bonnie’s such a good girl,” they said. “Now, all of you have a chance to be good girls, boys, or anything else you want - but to be good. It’s going to be so easy to subscribe, to give us tips, and to keep coming back for more… and you’ll feel just as good as Bonnie does, won’t you?”


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