Smart Device

by scifiscribbler

Tags: #microfiction #pov:bottom #service #sub:female

As she entered the kitchen her smartwatch buzzed against her wrist, and the buzz was a code.

Instantly Erin became Chef, the sub-persona unfolding within her head and then wrapping around the living woman inside. Chef blinked, then approached the fridge. She had work to do.

Her movements were mechanical, her body stiff. Yet her eyes were bright with happiness, and the smile on her lips was the only thing about her that seemed natural. Vegetables were chopped, mince seasoned, pasta boiled, sauce made. She plated with the precision of an automaton and the eye for beauty of a trained professional. Once two plates were complete, Chef blinked. Erin found herself in the kitchen. What was she doing here?

Someone had prepared food, anyway. She picked up both plates and left the room. Her smartwatch buzzed against her wrist as she passed the doorway.

Instantly Erin became Maid. She turned from her route and walked to the dining room. As she passed the doorway, she heard the chime from the living room.

Her owner entered the dining room as Maid, having set a plate at the table, placed her own on the floor and knelt on all fours.


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