Awesome Minds Gone Quick

by scifiscribbler

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The popular speedrunning series is broadcasting again.

And welcome to AMGQ 2024. We're here online, speedrunning minds for charity and our charity of choice this season is CALM, the campaign against living miserably. So please, if you're touched by anything that happens here, consider donating to CALM, because every mind should reach contentment.

I am Don Parsons, and I am so glad to have all of you here with us for this event. As long term views will know, this started off as a short competition between two of my college friends studying psychology, where we selected two sorority girls and they simply raced to see who could make their girl thoughtless fastest.

That Youtube video brought in enough attention to a stage of bigger event the following year, where two psychology graduates returned, but they were pitted against professional hypnotists, therapists, and some of the kinkiest people on the planet. And that second event established awesome minds gone quick as a can't miss event. In the third year we realised that this kind of fun needs to benefit charity. That was the start of our connection with CALM, And from that year on they've been kind enough to help us identify volunteers who could really do with a brief time where they don't think at all Before embracing a more positive mental attitude.

Jumping forward another six years and AMGQ now boasts appearances by the greatest talents in hypnotic technique, done as well as our regular volunteers come up you'll see a couple of celebrities scattered around the event too.

And with that, I think we're just about ready to go to the first run, Lizzie Winter, whose mind is going to be tackled by Mesm0. And Lizzie has graciously allowed us to add an incentive on to this run. If we see donations of $15,000, Lizzie will be given a lasting post-hypnotic suggestion to film at least two of her upcoming videos in just bra and panties. She tells me she has a video out and about planned, so get those donations rolling in. So, with that, take it away!


All right! What's up, everyone? I am Mesm0 and I'm here to do a speed run on Lizzie Winter's mind to kick off AMGQ 2024. This is an any percent speedrun, but the proof that Lizzie is properly under was randomly determined earlier and we therefore know that we can call time when she takes her bra off from under her top and tugs her nipples through the fabric. Lizzie, how are you doing?

I'm doing great, Mesm0! A little nervous, but I bet you expect that.

Kind of, kind of. As I understand it you've been hypnotised a few times before?

That's right. He used some weird patterns on a screen.

Okay, that's cool. That's not how I do this, but I really wanted to show off an exploit here at AMGQ and it does only work with someone who's been hypnotised before. I call it New Trance Plus.

How does that work?

Well, you’re about to find out! Are you ready for me to start the clock?

Yeah - do you want an official countdown?

No, that's not gonna be necessary. There's just going to be one on screen, but the organisers have said to me that I'm not allowed to start with a countdown that my subject can be aware of after the exploit I showed off last time.

OK, that's fine.

Right. Now I'm going for those of you who are wondering, I've never hypnotised Lizzie before. I know there's footage out there of her being hypnotised, but studying the tapes isn't how I work. I might be about to walk into a clash between the type of induction she reacts well to and the type of inductions I like to do, but I'd rather risk embarrassing myself in a live event like this so that you guys definitely have something entertaining to watch, succeed or fail. If I was attempting the stream for a PB on my channel, obviously I'd approach that differently. Can I get a countdown please?




So Lizzie, I want you to remember what it was like to be hypnotised the first time. I want you to hold that idea in your mind, hold that feeling in your mind. Being hypnotised is an incredibly personal experience, but it's also an incredibly impactful experience. I know you remember exactly how it was just exactly what it felt like to be hypnotised, exactly the way your brain interacted with that induction, exactly the way things shifted from conscious into trance. Isn't that right?

Oh yes. I remember it extremely well.

And considering the way I can see you smiling now I have to think you enjoyed it a lot, and I also have to think that you are reliving part of it right now. Reliving that strange moment where your mind stopped being your mind, just for a while, where the words of someone else became just as important as your own thoughts, maybe even more important. You remember exactly how that felt, and you were thinking about it right now.


That's as good as a yes for me. Good girl. So, as you remember that, you may or may not already have realised that because hypnosis is a mental state, because you are remembering a mental state for extreme clarity it's only a hop and a skip from remembering being hypnotised to being hypnotised.

It's only a moment, maybe just an effort of will on your part, maybe a lack of will on your part, or maybe you're one of those people who can perch right on the brink of trance and hang there and hang there and hang there right up until someone actually says something that pushes you over the edge.

In fact the more I look at the way your eyelids are fluttering and your eyes are unfocusing, the more I see your shoulders starting to shift, the more I see you moving into that slow steady breathing, the more I know that you're right on the edge and you just need a notch going you just want a notch going you just want permission or direction to slip over and to trance. Now I already know that I'm right but if you want to admit it, now is the time.

Uh… huhhh…

As a speedrunner, the thing to do is to push you over that edge right now, but before I do anything like that I need to talk to the control booth here at AMGQ. So, uh, I think it's Kirsty running the chat for this first session?

Good afternoon Mesm0. Are you sure you won't slow this rundown? She looks like-

Oh yeah, she's definitely ripe. But I just want to know, Even if it ends up cutting a few seconds off my score, how close we are to hitting that extra unlock?

Ohh, that's a good point! Let me just check that for you.

Please, you go right ahead.



Well, let me put it this way, I knew our fans were generous , but it looks like we have already surged well past our incentive goal. Don't worry, everybody, we will be counting additional donations against the incentive for Redswirl, who is going to attempt wordless fractionation across seven differently coloured spirals and if we hit the incentive target her volunteer will be publicly posting selfies in lingerie of all seven colours.

So that’s a go ahead?

Absolutely, sir - please do go ahead!



Go ahead and drop for me.


It seems like you really like to drop, Lizzie. Is that right?

Ohh yes, sir.

Well, that’s a rabbit hole I'd love to dive down, but I am conscious that the time is ticking in there's only so many detours I'm willing to take during a speed run. Listen closely to me, Lizzie.

Yes, sir.

Lizzie, you are in front of an audience, and you must perform. You understand, don't you?

Yes, Sir.

Your hands are already moving, before your mind can catch up. They are reaching back, back behind you, and leave your shirt and you will find the catch to your bra, and you will unhook it.

Yes, Sir. I obey.

Holy shit, when you said she was ripe you weren't kidding!

Lizzie, if you heard that, you are not to think of it as anything but a compliment. You're doing very well. You think of yourself as a good girl, don't you?

Yes, Sir. I am Master’s good girl.

I guess win or lose, this is gonna be a pretty legendary speedrun. I'd love to dive into that, but like I say we've gotta get going. Lizzie, one shoulder at a time, I want you to slip your bra strap off your shoulder, and ease it out from under your arm.

Yes, sir. I obey.

Doing so well, doing so well. Now I can see, whoever’s been training you hypnotically, they've taught you to move swiftly even one in trance. That's great for me right now, that's probably going to save me 2 or 3 minutes on what I expected.

Master is very talented.

Now from there Lizzie, I want you to just pull your bra out from under your shirt and hold it up to the webcam so everyone can see it.

Yes, sir. I obey.

So anybody who's wondering, I've chosen to break our objective up into a whole bunch of little steps just because those are often easier for people who haven't been hypnotised that often to swallow, especially when it's something a little bit lewd.

Obviously Lizzie agreed to the objectives before we started, but this is still further than she would usually go on Youtube and I just figured we might need to coax her along. Obviously it turns out that she's much more submissive than expected, and I feel like she's also responding to some habit she's developed while hypnotised that make her all the more likely to obey. I can't say that's certain, but it's what I think. Anyway, Lizzie?

Yes, Sir?

What I want you to do now is just trail your hands up from your waist to your breasts, until you have your thumb and forefinger around your nipples.

Yes, Sir. I obey.

That’s it. make sure you don't actually show your nipples, we are on Twitch. Now, I'm going to throw the exact point where we hit time over to chat. Can you see the chat window, Lizzie?

Yes, Sir. I see it.

That's good. Well done, Lizzie. No in a few moments, they're going to start showing you the eggplant emoji. When they do, you will tug at your nipples, and you will not release until there is no eggplant on the screen. Understand?

Yes, Sir. I will obey.

Take it away, chat.


And that time. We've still got plenty to do, we made it to the incentive goal, and Lizzie, I don't want you to stop listening just because you're enjoying yourself and staring into the chat.

Yes, Sir. I will keep listening. I am enjoying myself and staring into the chat.

OK then! Now Lizzie, you already have a bunch of plans for new videos that will be coming out in the near future. Isn’t that right?

Yes, Sir. Mmmmmmnnng…

Yes, I can see you're really starting to feel the burn. Just keep smiling, and just keep listening.

Yes, Sir. I will keep smiling and keep listening.

That's very good. Now, I want you to mark out in your head two of the next four videos where you think the video would be most improved if you were wearing only a bra and panties. You can do that for me, can't you?

Yes, Sir.

When it comes time to film those videos, you will find that it is impossible for you to start filming, or have a cameraman start filming, and unless you are wearing just your bra and panties. You will not think anything of this until after both videos have been filmed, when you will remember us having this conversation, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you did what you did, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re a good, obedient girl. And unless I miss my guess, Lizzie, you really enjoy being a good, obedient girl. Isn’t that right?

Yes, Sir. I will obey.

Well that's fantastic. I believe that's everything we needed to do for the challenge today, am I right Kirsty?

You've got it! It seems like, if you don't mind my asking, she was a little more -

Pardon me for cutting across you, but I'm not sure does he wants us to have this conversation in public. It does seem like she's got a lot more experience with hypnosis than we thought, and it does seem like someone’s been working with her pretty regularly. I don't think it's me she called Master briefly back there. Pretty clear on the title she gave the rest of the time. But I'm not going to confirm or disconfirm that, and I'm not going to speculate, because what Lizzie gets up to and enjoys is for Lizzie.

Anyway, I think we had a pretty good run, I hope everybody watching enjoyed themselves and maybe learned a few things, and Lizzie, if you wish, you can wake up now remembering everything except for the incentive goal, but if you'd rather you can stay deep for a little while, and I'll stay on the line and you can come up when you're ready to think again.

Thanks to all you fans, thanks to AMGQ for giving me this platform, and you'll see me again later in the week for a different speedrun. Until then, Kirsty, if you want to take the live crowd over to the next challenge?


Welcome back to AMGQ. Coming up next, something a little bit different; we're going to see a sofa back in place but this time that sofa is going to be on one camera feed, with the hypnotist in the other direction. Join us after these quick messages to see just how quickly Pocketswitch can induce catalepsy in a regular subject as verified by her roommates.


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