Too Many Questions - Third Wheel

by S.B.

Tags: #dom:female #f/m #femdom_hypnosis #hypnotic_amnesia #memory_play #sub:male #chastity #confusion

Josh, Monica (and Steve) talk about hypnosis, trust and chastity.

((Author's Note: This piece continues the hypnotic adventures of Josh and Monica following the original story Too Many Questions and its sequel Too Many Questions: Second Session. No request this time around, just a crazy idea that came to me. Have fun.))

Josh: “Good evening. I hope I didn’t log in too early.” 

Monica: “Hi. Not at all. How have you been doing?” 
Josh: “I’m fine, thank you. How about you?” 

Monica: “I’m great, thanks.” 

Josh: “That’s good.” 
Steve: “Hello, Mistress Monica. I’m here like you asked me to.” 
Monica: “Hello, my pet. You never disappoint me. Such a good boy.” 
Steve: <blushing from head to toe> “Thank you, Mistress. I live to please you. It is my one and only goal.” 

Monica: “As it should be.” 

Josh: “Hmmm, who’s this?” 

Monica: “Pet, where are your manners? Introduce yourself.” 

Steve: “Hello, Josh. I’m Steve and I’m Mistress Monica’s pet. I’ve heard many things about you. A pleasure to meet you.” 

Josh: “I see...” 

Monica: “Something wrong, Josh?” 

Josh: “Well... is he going to be a part of this conversation?” 

Monica: “Yes, he is. Like he said, I asked him to join us tonight.” 

Steve: “And when Mistress Monica asks you to do something, you do it, pronto!” 

Monica: <winks> “True.” 

Josh: “It’s just...” 

“Monica: “Just what?” 

Josh: “I thought this conversation would be between the two of us.” 

Monica: “Well, you thought wrong. I’m a busy woman, Josh, my time is limited. I want you here, but I also want Steve here. I hope you’re not trying to say I don’t get to have the things I want the way I want them.” 

Josh: “No, not at all.” 

Monica: “Apologize for what you did.” 

Josh: “I’m sorry, Monica.” 

Monica: “That’s better. Now apologize to Steve, too. He introduced himself and you ignored him. I won’t have that, understood?” 

Josh: “You’re right. Hey, Steve. Nice to meet you too, and I’m sorry about this mess.” 

Steve: “That’s okay, man. Mistress Monica has such a radiant personality one can’t help but want to bask in it all the time. Her time is precious though and slaves should respect that.” 

Josh: “I’m not a...” 

Monica: “True words again, Steve, but you’re not cumming tonight. You’re still three days away from your record.” 

Steve: “Don’t worry, Mistress. I don’t want to cum.” 

Monica: “Of course, you don’t <winks>. Back in a few minutes, boys. In the meantime, get to know one another.” 

Steve: “As you wish, Mistress. Don’t stay away too long.” 

Josh: “See you soon.” 

Steve: “God, I love that woman! Don’t you?” 

Josh: “I... think so.” 

Steve: “You think? Because I don’t when she’s around, lol!” 

Josh: “Cute.” 

Steve: “Yeah. Don’t mind me, I’m a jokester. I’m also horny as fuck right now but there’s nothing I can do.” 

Josh: “You’re in chastity for her, huh?” 

Steve: “Yep.” 

Josh: “For how long?” 

Steve: “Hmmm... my previous record was 86 days so if I’m 3 away from that...” 

Josh: “86 days?” 

Steve: “Yeah. You think it’s a lot, but not when she takes control. I’ll probably reach 100 this time around.” 

Josh: “Jesus, I could never do that.” 

Steve: “You’d be surprised at all the things you say you could never do and end up doing for her, anyway. She’s special.” 

Josh: “And you’re brainwashed.” 

Steve: “All the time because that’s the way she wants me to be. You’ve never been in chastity, right?” 

Josh: “Never.”

Steve: “You’re missing out. To have your orgasms controlled is a rush like no other. My cock has never been happier ever since the day it became her cock.”

Josh: “Right. You said you heard many things about me...” 

Steve: “Yes, I did.” 

Josh: “Funny… I never heard of you until today.” 

Steve: “Mistress Monica and I talk. A lot. Talking to her is the most wonderful thing in the world. I wish I could do it all the time. Don’t you get that feeling, too?”

Josh: “Not really.”

Steve: “Am I bothering you?” 

Josh: “No, why are you asking me that?” 

Steve: “It’s just she mentioned the ‘too many questions’ thing you’ve got going on there, and I don’t want to cross the line.” 

Josh: “Don’t worry, I’m okay.” 

Steve: “Good. In that case, I hope you don’t mind me asking you something else.” 

Josh: “What?” 

Steve: “How long have you been her subject?” 

Josh: “Not sure.” 

Steve: “Really?” 

Josh: “Yeah, it’s all a blur. I’m not even sure why I’m here today.” 

Steve: “What do you mean?” 

Josh: “I don’t know if I’m here because I want to be here or because she asked me to.” 

Steve: “To me, they’re the same. What she wants is what I want. I love her.” 

Josh: “You already said that.” 

Steve: “Then I’ll say it again. I love her. I love her. I love Mistress Monica. She’s my dream, my addiction. Fuck!” 

Josh: “What’s wrong?” 

Steve: “I told you: I’m horny! Sometimes, the cage hurts.” 

Josh: “Is your cock really locked up?” 

Steve: “It’s locked that’s for sure, but the metal is all in my head. I can still feel it though. Hell, I can even taste it if I want to!” 

Josh: “Wow! That’s…” 

Steve: “Awesome? Yeah, I know.”

Josh: “I was going to say weird.”

Steve: “Stick to the ‘wow’ and you can say it again. It’s funny because I remember telling her I hated chastity the first time we talked and now...” 

Josh: <sighs> 

Steve: “Did I say something wrong?” 

Josh: “No, I...” 

Steve: “I’m here for you, bro. What’s up?” 

Josh: “This is a horrible thing to say, but I’m feeling like a third wheel here. I should probably go.” 

Monica: “I’m back, boys. Did you behave in my absence?” 

Steve: “I always behave, Mistress.” 

Monica: “Never say always, pet. Now, what’s this thing about a third wheel?” 

Steve: “I don’t know, Mistress.” 

Monica: “Josh?” 

Josh: “It’s nothing, never mind.” 

Monica: “I do mind. Nothing usually means something is up so... what’s up?” 

Josh: “Besides his cock?” 

Steve: “Ah, that’s a good one!” 

Monica: “Some things that are up should be down and those that are already down should go deeper. You’ll be a good boy and go deeper for me once more, won’t you, Steve?” 

Steve: “Yes, Mistress.” 

Monica: “Good. Deeper still, focused only on the urge to remain chaste and obedient. This is all that matters to you right now. You will stay silent and ignore Josh and I while we continue our conversation, is that clear?” 

Steve: “Yes, Mistress.” 

Monica: “Now that he’s out, are you ready to tell me what’s going on, Josh?”

Steve: “Did you really just trance him to oblivion?”

Monica: “There you go again with strong words. It’s not ‘oblivion’. Think of it as a... perception filter. Some see everything with pink goggles, others are more into gray and black. Not a fan of excessive optimism but pessimists I can’t stand. I bathed him in the right amount of blue.” 

Josh: “Why blue?” 

Monica: “It’s my favorite color. I told you this before.” 

Josh: “You probably did. Sorry.” 

Monica: “Stop apologizing. Now back to the third wheel...” 

Josh: “I already said it’s nothing.” 

Monica: “And I already said otherwise and the things I say are true. Are you feeling down?” 

Josh: “Yes.” 

Monica: “Why?” 

Josh: “I don’t know. It’s a lingering impression like there’s something in the back of my mind I should remember that I can’t.” 

Monica: “I see. In that case, let me tell you a story. The reason why I like the color blue is because it makes me think of open spaces, it invites imagination to play. I see the sea and hear the sky when I think of blue. Blue is expansive, it has... depth. Other colors have depth too but blue just runs deeper. It invokes trust, confidence. Did you know they also use the color as an appetite suppressant? I feel strong when I think of blue. Blue is my anchor when everything else fades away.” 

Josh: “Okay.” 

Monica: “Of course, being as expansive as it is, blue can also mean other things. While it normally brings about feelings of rest and tranquility, sometimes the spectrum is a little... off. Scientists talk of the blue light from computers and cellphones for instance, and how it leaves people restless, their brains firing in all directions when they’re supposed to be asleep. Blue can be electric or sterile, depending on the hue. Just like everything else, it’s a matter of finding the right balance, which shades better serve you and which don’t. I know exactly what I want and how I feel at all times. Do you want to know how I got there?” 

Josh: “Sure.” 

Monica: “I have to tell you another story then. A story of how I wanted to be a policewoman when I was growing up. I know this will sound dumb but it was because of the uniforms- There was an obvious authority in that color, The blue was strong, intense, but also quiet, still. Every time I saw a policewoman around my school, I immediately looked up at her and everything felt right. Many people don’t respect authority because they see it as a sign of weakness, but not me. I respect and admire powerful women. Terry was the greatest of them all.” 

Josh: “Who’s Terry?” 

Monica: “Short for Theresa, the first policewoman that said ‘let’s go then’ when I asked if I could go for a ride in her car. It was on a Spring day, the skies were blue and there I was, not so fresh after gym class, chewing bubblegum. I didn’t want to walk home and this beautiful uniformed Goddess eating a mint ice-cream had her car parked just outside. She lived a couple of blocks away from my place and her shift was almost over so I thought to myself ‘no harm in trying, right?’. Because there isn’t. The only harm done is when you don’t try, when you don’t ask, when you bottle things up. Blue is trust but too little of it is suspicion, depression, stubbornness. I wanted nothing of that so I asked. I meant it as a joke and she smiled. And then she laughed. Not at me but with me. She felt my confidence right there, and I could feel it rising, too. I grabbed a ride, made a new friend and then...”
Josh: “Then what?” 

Monica: “We had just driven a mile or so when I heard this loud ‘Pop!’. Terry freaked out a little and so did I, but she never lost control of the vehicle. Instead, she stopped it, took a deep breath and went outside. There was a rusty nail stuck in one of the tires and yeah, the thing went flat before her eyes. She had no spare, so we did the rest of the ride on three wheels alone. Sure, we were extra careful, but we did it, anyway.” 

Josh: “You could have walked.” 

Monica: “True. Options are everywhere. There are ways leading to anywhere you wish to go, especially when it seems obvious there isn’t. The car wasn’t broken and neither were we. But if we had thought differently...” 

Josh: “... then your perception would be off.” 

Monica: “Exactly. Filters, see? Too little blue, too little you. There are no such things as ‘third wheels’, Josh. Not when I’m around.” 

Josh: “I see.” 

Monica: “Do you? Because saying that isn’t enough to convince me. In fact, the only thing that would me make believe you truly learned something today would be for you to remember saying those two little words that make me so happy. I would love to see you type them right now. Will you do that for me?” 

Josh: “Yes, Monica.” 

Monica: “You know that when you type those words, the right shade of blue welcomes you.” 

Josh: “Yes, Monica.” 

Monica: “It’s a blue that inspires you, that makes you follow your heart.” 

Josh: “Yes, Monica.” 

Monica: “And your heart is pure and revels in its purity because no matter how kinky things get, you’re always safe here.” 

Josh: “Yes, Monica.” 

Monica: “You trust yourself before you trust me and you trust me to make sure you never lose trust in yourself. Too little blue, too little you. The balance you need is in the words you type for me, isn’t it?” 

Josh: “Yes, Monica.” 

Monica: “The balance you need is under lock and key. My collar keeps you whole because it’s bigger than your body. It touches your whole mind and your mind is endless. Endless minds break records all the time. You’ll break one more for me, I’m sure, and so are you because you simply can’t stop typing…”

Josh: “Yes, Monica.” 

Monica: “Hmmm... perfect. The right shade of blue no longer waiting, but living within you. It’s the color of your balls, my dear. Your juicy, swollen balls so desperate for release yet unable to escape my control. Denying me right now when you’re so close to the perfect dream I created for you would be a crime. You don’t want that. Your respect for authority is not a switch you can flip on and off, it’s part of who you are. Submission to a powerful woman is not just a story, but a reflection. It’s mirrored in your aching soul and each time the wheel of your thoughts turn, you become closer to me. I’m the policewoman of your mind, this lady wears blue. You will always be blue for me, but the right amount of blue. Anything else can just go away. Your worries. Your doubts. Can you see them go away?” 

Josh: “Yes, Monica.” 

Monica: “They go away just like the need to resist. You’re so close, Josh. So close to 100 days of submissive chastity for me. I want that record to go up on your bedroom wall so that when you look at it, you fall even deeper. You can do it. You will do it. Blue is the color of your deepest desires and they’re all mine.” 

Josh: “Yes, Monica.” 

Monica: “Good. The next time you type those words, instead of going down, you’ll find your consciousness rising, your mind’s eye filled with this wonderful blue you can’t get enough of. Too little blue, too little you. The right measure is when you’re with me. I’m always here, Josh. No slave of mine falls off the wagon or lets a flat tire stop him from going where he needs to go. Get ready to wake up now. Listen to the call of reality in each keystroke. It’s counting upwards. Type the words when I reach 10. 1 for Y, 2 for E, 3 for S, 4 for M, 5 for O, 6 for N, 7 for I, 8 for C, 9 for A. And... 10. Wake up.” 

Josh: “Yes, Monica.” 

Monica: “Welcome back.” 

Josh: “Where did I go?” 

Monica: “You were distracted for a bit. Let me guess, you don’t remember.” 

Josh: “Hmmm... I’m not sure.” 

Monica: “That’s okay. Don’t worry.” 

Josh: “How long has it been?” 

Monica: “Not long enough. <winks>.” 

Josh: “Right... have you woken Steve yet?” 

Monica: “Who?” 

Josh: “Steve, your chastity slave, who else?” 

Monica: “You tell me. I don’t have a chastity slave called Steve. Are you so horny for me you’re imagining things?” 

Josh: “But...” 

Monica: “Take care and remember that records are meant to be broken. The next time we talk, you better have done that. <winks>. Good night.”

((I hope you had fun with this little tale. I always do when writing. Want to have more fun with me? Support my site - https::// - through my patreon page - - and it can be yours, because you’ve yet to see everything I can create. Feedback is always welcome at my e-mail address, too: Thanks in advance.))

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