Too Many Questions

by S.B.

Tags: #dom:female #f/m #femdom_hypnosis #mind_control #sub:male

Josh and Monica talk about hypnosis. He doesn’t like answering questions but she knows how to ask all the right ones.

Monica: "Hello."

Josh: "Hi."

Monica: "I'm so glad you could make it. How are you feeling?"

Josh: "I'm... nervous, I guess."

Monica: "Oh? Why?"

Josh: "You know... first time and all. I'm actually quite surprised, too."

Monica: "What are you surprised about?"

Josh: "That you convinced me to do this."

Monica: "But that's not what happened at all, was it?"

Josh: "It wasn't?"

Monica: "You said you wanted to know more about hypnosis and I said we could talk about it. You didn't have to accept the suggestion, did you?"

Josh: "Well, I suppose you're..."

Monica: "Right? People say that a lot about me."

Josh: "The thing is when you said we could talk..."

Monica: "Yes?"

Josh: "I was really hoping for an actual conversation. I don't like typing."

Monica: "I'm sorry but my throat is sore so it's easier for me this way. I'll make it up to you next time, okay?"

Josh: "If there is a next time..."

Monica: "Why wouldn't there be?"

Josh: "If I don't like where this goes..."

Monica: "Don't assume the worst already. I don't like that."

Josh: "Okay."

Monica: "You weren't kidding when you said you were nervous."

Josh: "I never do."

Monica: "And why is that?"

Josh. "I don't know. I'm a serious person through and through. That's just the way I am."

Monica: "And is that something you enjoy about yourself?"

Josh: "Too many questions."

Monica: "What's that?"

Josh: "You're asking too many questions already. That makes me feel uncomfortable."

Monica: "Okay. Let's change gears then. The questions are all on you then and I'll do my best to answer them. What do you want to know?"

Josh: "Can you...? Can you start by telling me a few things about yourself?"

Monica: "As long as it's nothing too personal, sure."

Josh: "Fair enough. Please let me know if I cross a line."

Monica: "I will."

Josh: "How long have you been a hypnotist?"

Monica: "Fifteen years, give or take."

Josh: "That's a lot. I bet you hypnotized hundreds of subjects already."

Monica: "Probably thousands but I don't really keep track of numbers. I was never very good at it."

Josh: "Me neither. Still... that's impressive."

Monica: "Thank you."

Josh: "And when did you find out that was something you were into?"

Monica: "I think it was in colege. I read a book - don't remember the title! - but I found it fascinating. It was so fascinating I couldn't stop thinking about it during the following month or so. I don't remember ever feeling so engrossed by something in my life. When I realized the inclination wouldn't go away, I did what everyone should do when a feeling is that strong: I gave in."

Josh: "Oh wow! Really?"

Monica: "Yeah. Surely you've had similar experiences in the past."

Josh: "I do feel things intensely but hypnosis has always been more of a fantasy than anything else."

Monica: "Nothing wrong with having fantasies. Do you have any more questions for me?"

Josh: "I have lots but I don't want to impose."

Monica: "You haven't crossed any line yet so feel free to keep going."

Josh: "Do you... do you think you could hypnotize me?"

Monica: "No."

Josh: "No?"

Monica. "Yep. I don't think I can do it. I know I can. I can hypnotize anyone, even people who don't want to be hypnotized."

Josh: "Is that even possible?"

Monica: "Anything is possible with the right attitude and the right tools for the job."

Josh: "You seem quite confident."

Monica: "And since when is that a bad thing? My turn."

Josh: "Okay."

Monica: "What would you like to experience in trance?"

Josh: "I don't know. I have so many different ideas."

Monica: "Name one. Is that really so hard?"

Josh: "Yes, actually."

Monica: "I guess you're not really that interested then because if you were, it wouldn't be."

Josh: "I'm interested... but I'm also afraid."

Monica: "Of your fantasies?"

Josh: "Yes, for they can be a bit... weird."

Monica: "Weird how?"

Josh: "You don't really want to know."
Monica: "Of course, I do. And if you think you can gross me out or something, believe me I've heard it all."
Josh: "You get a lot of strange requests, huh?"

Monica: "I'm not a fan of that word. What's 'strange' for some is the bread and butter of many others so... like I said, fantasies are fantasies. Tell me yours and let's enjoy ourselves."

Josh: "I've always wondered..."

Monica: "Yes?"

Josh: "... if a person could actually become a hypnoslave like you read in erotic stories and things like that."

Monica: "Ah, that old song and dance. The answer is yes, of course."

Josh: "So you're saying you've actually enslaved people?"

Monica: "I do it all the time. I love giving submissive men like you exactly what they need."

Josh: "Did you just call me 'submissive'?"

Monica: "Yes, I did."

Josh: "But why?"

Monica: "Because from my experience, only submissives ask about wanting to become hypnoslaves. It's okay, really."

Josh: "No, it's not."

Monica: "Don't be embarassed. Like I said, I've heard it all."

Josh: "I'm not embarassed. I'm upset."

Monica: "Oh? Why is that?"

Josh: "You're putting words in my mouth. I didn't say I want to become a hypnoslave, only that I wondered if it's possible. It's not the same thing."

Monica: "You're right, I'm sorry."

Josh: "That's okay."

Monica: "But you've thought about it, right? Multiple times, I'm betting."

Josh: "And if I did?"

Monica: "Wouldn't it be nice to have that fantasy of yours come to life then?"

Josh: "That's the thing. I don't know. I imagine it so but..."

Monica: "Imagination is a powerful thing. And so is belief. Those two things combined are the key to hypnosis."

Josh: "You're not going to say that whatever I believe in is true, are you?"

Monica: "Why would I when you just did that for me?"

Josh: "What?"

Monica: "You said whatever you believe in is true so if you believe you're a hypnoslave..."

Josh: "... then I'm a hypnoslave?"

Monica: "Exactly."

Josh: "As if things were that simple..."

Monica: "Experience has also told me that most things in this life are indeed simple. We're the ones with a tendency to complicate everything with little rules, regulations and, worse of all, ideals and expectations."

Josh: "You lost me with the last bit."

Monica: "Think 'prejudices' then. Pre-conceived notions, the thoughts that things need to play out in certain ways because that's how we were raised to see them. I can give you a simple example, if you're up for it."

Josh: "Okay. Color me intrigued."

Monica: "Good. I know you don't you like answering questions but please don't shy away from this one. What are the first things that come to your mind when you think about hypnosis?"

Josh: "That's easy. Eyes."

Monica: "Look into my eyes, you're getting sleepy, and all that jazz?"

Josh: "Yeah."

Monica: "Noted. What else? Spirals?"

Josh: "Yeah, I definitely like those."

Monica: "Black and white, covering the screen, drawing you in until you're incapable of moving? Do you find that hot?"

Josh: "Yes, because it is."

Monica: "How about a pendant dangling from a chain, going from left to right at a steady pace as your breathing slows down to match its movements? Is that hot, too?"

Josh: "Well... yes."

Monica: "Of course, it is. They're also stereotypes, images planted in your head from an early age, telling you what hypnosis should be like in order to work. They're fun, I admit, but they're also props. Just like words."

Josh: "I'm getting confused."

Monica: "Think of it this way. When you see a magician cut a person in half on stage, did it happen or not?"

Josh: "It didn't, of course. It's all an illusion. Smoke and mirrors, if you will."

Monica: "Yes, it is. The effect is but a series of carefully interconnected props that give the impression something happened when it fact nothing did. However, while the illusion is in effect, even if only for a second, our mind accepts it. That's why we tend to smile when we see something like that, why we can't help but be amazed by the way our perception is being played with. It's involuntary for the most part, a gut reaction, but it's there. It's the same with hypnosis. It's during that brief moment in which you find yourself believing the props being laid before your eyes that magic happens."

Josh: "But it's not magic at all, is it? In fact, you just made the whole thing sound boring and unappealling, and magic is supposed to be the opposite of that."

Monica: "You're the one that said you're a serious person through and through so I thought you would appreciate a no-frills, no bullshit explanation. Hypnosis is real, but it's not magic. It is what it is. Smoke and mirrors, just like you said."

Josh: "That's disheartening."

Monica: "I get it. It would be better if it were magic indeed, right? If I were to snap my fingers and make you fall to your knees, powerless to resist, droning mantras of mindless devotion for the rest of your life?"

Josh: "Hmmm... well, it's not like you can do that over a keyboard anyway."

Monica: "Says who? *snaps her fingers*"

Josh: "It's not the same."

Monica: "Why not? *snaps her fingers*"

Josh: "I didn't hear a thing."

Monica: "Hearing is believing then? Would you believe it if you heard the sound? If we were talking out loud instead of typing, would you be under right now?"

Josh: "Too many questions again."

Monica: "Right, you don't like those. Don't like answering questions, but enjoy making them, unless you're intruding. Where do you draw the line?"

Josh: "Huh?"

Monica: "How many questions does it take to get to too many questions? Is it a specific number? Surely it can't be just one because what kind of a person gets upset by a single question so two at least, right? Are two questions enough to tick you off? Or is it three? Or four? Or five?"

Josh: "I don't know."

"Monica: "Why don't you like answering questions?"

Josh: "Because I don't want to open myself too much. You should know that."

Monica: "Why?"

Josh: "You said you wouldn't answer anything too personal."

Monica: "True. Do you remember what else I said?"

Josh: "You said a lot of things already."

Monica: "I said I've been a hypnotist for ten years, right?"

Josh: "No, you said fifteen."

Monica: "Are you sure?"

Josh: "Positive."

Monica: "I didn't think you were paying attention at all and that you were just asking stuff like that to make yourself look good."

Josh: "What? No! I'm always paying attention. How can we talk for real if I don't?"

Monica: "So it makes sense for you to pay attention to what I say then?"

Josh: "Of course."

Monica: "And the more attention you pay, the easier it is to continue to pay attention."

Josh: "Yes."

Monica: "So if I were to tell you to pay attention to me right now, that would be redundant because you've already been paying attention and that's something you always do when we're talking so I don't need to remind you of something you always do because you've always done it."

Josh: "Hmmm... sure."

Monica: "And there's no reason not to continue doing something you've always done so you'll continue doing it because you know much I love it when you pay attention to me. I love how you love to do things that please me and that's why you do them."

Josh: "I... Yes, Monica."

Monica: "How sweet, you just did something I love again. I love it when you do that, too. Don't you feel the same way?"

Josh: "Yes, Monica."

Monica: "If it pleases us both when you say 'Yes, Monica', then it's only natural for you to continue doing so just like it's natural to pay attention to everything I say."

Josh: "Yes, Monica."

Monica: "And the more you say those words, the stronger the desire to say them will become. Don't fight that desire and keep saying them for me."

Josh: "Yes, Monica."

Monica: "When you say those words, you don't need to ask any questions. Even if you do, the correct answer is always 'Yes, Monica.'.

Josh: "Yes, Monica."

Monica: "Saying no to me is wrong, isn't it?"

Josh: "Yes, Monica."

Monica: "If saying 'no' to me is wrong, then you'll always say 'yes', won't you?"

Josh: "Yes, Monica."

Monica: "You will always say 'yes' to me no matter what I say or do, won't you?"

Josh: "Yes, Monica."

Monica: "And do you know what people that don't ask questions and always say 'yes' are called, don't you?"

Josh: "Yes, Monica. They're called 'slaves'."

Monica: Exactly. You're such a quick study and I'm proud of you. I hope you don't have anything planned because our fun is just beginning..."

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