The Suggestion

by S.B.

Tags: #dom:female #f/m #femdom_hypnosis #memory_play #mind_control #sub:male #chastity #confusion #gentle_femdom

Johanna leaves a post-hypnotic suggestion inside her boyfriend’s mind that’s set to kick in on Valentine’s Day. A gentle femdom romantic piece.

© S.B. 2024 All Rights Reserved. 

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events, and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are over 18.

Horace sat in bed with his eyes closed and his legs crossed. He was wearing fluffy white pajamas against a crimson duvet. It was a cold Winter night outside and there were no stars in the clouded sky. Though his body was present in the heated room, his mind was elsewhere, floating in a realm of mesmerizing possibilities that were enticing and endless. He loved being there, away from the complications of the outside world, and without having to worry about a thing. There was safety in this hypnotic bubble for it was created and maintained by none other than the love of his life, the alluring Johanna. She was not just a dream come true, but the source of all dreams. She made his soul sing and every day worth living for. He had never been happier until she had taken permanent residence inside his heart.
Johanna was a petite and slender beauty with short red hair she often died black, pale blue eyes, and cute freckles in her rosy cheeks. Her short stature and friendly yet somewhat mischievous demeanor imbued her with an almost supernatural aura as if she were a woodland sprite or a fairy who had, one day, ventured into the human world looking for some fun and decided to never go back. ...with an intensity that surpassed the boundaries of reason and imagination. She was special, a well-kept secret given human form he was so lucky to know and be in a relationship with. Those who came before her had their time and their uniqueness engraved in his memories as well, but Johanna’s influence was overwhelming and inspiring. Each passing day, he felt grateful she had chosen him to be her partner.
Horace was twenty-seven and worked behind a desk at an advertising agency in Sacramento, California, though he was from Michigan. Johanna was six months older than him and hailed from the city-borough of Sitka in southeast Alaska, where she was born under the fantastic glow of the northern lights. While it wasn’t the most optimal place in the state to capture such beauty, Sitka was a place of wonder nonetheless and brimming with historic significance. It was the site of the transfer ceremony for the Alaska purchase during the second half of the 19th century, a bridge between America and Russia in a time of economic turmoil. Johanna’s mother was Russian too, and so a bit of Saint Petersburg flowed in her veins.
They’d been dating for over four years now, with no societal pressure to rush things or take them to the next level. Marriage wasn’t something they were looking into just yet because they didn’t believe their connection depended on such a ritual. Instead of following the same norms as everyone else, they strengthened their bond daily with games and explorations of each other’s hidden desires. They both loved to embrace the fringes of trance, but while Horace still had a long way to go to become an amazing hypnotist, Johanna was already at a mind-blowing level, pun intended. There was always a surprise lurking in every altered state of mind, and they were always worth discovering.
Johanna’s silky voice echoed in his sleeping ears, spreading like wildfire in the stillness of his subconscious. It was time to bring him back. He heard numbers whispered in the nothingness, counting upward from one to ten. When she reached ten, all he needed to do was...
“... wake up.” Johanna said, wrapping her arms around his waist. She was wearing an electric blue negligee with a hint of silver depending on where the light hit. Her nails were painted the same color. The perfume was new, an unknown fragrance that tickled his nose. As he floated back into full awareness of himself and his surroundings, she added, “Well done. You went quite deep for this time.”
“Did I?” Horace felt her warm hands on his back and mimicked her, exploring the soft tissue between her ribs. She wasn’t wearing a bra.
“Oh yes! Do you remember anything I told you while you were entranced?” she pressed her breasts against his chest and smiled.
“No. It’s all hazy.”
“You will...” she caressed his rebel hair. 
“What do you mean?” he asked, knowing quite well that just the act of doing so spelled trouble.
“I planted a little post-hypnotic suggestion this time, obviously! I dare say it’s the best one yet!”
“Oh?” His cock twitched, like it always did when she spoke of covert shenanigans. “And what is it?”
Johanna evaded his embrace and moved to the other end of the end, the white light of the lamp atop the nightstand kissing her firm nipples. She looked good in anything, but he had a soft spot for her shiny lingerie, a soft spot that didn’t need much incentive to grow hard. He turned around to chase her as she replied,
 “You know the rules. I can’t tell you or it will ruin the surprise. All I’ll say is it will be fun, and you want me to have fun, don’t you?”
That much was a given. Horace lived for her pleasure even when he didn’t know for sure what to expect. It had always been the most important thing in the world even before their little hypnotic femdom games and, unless his memory was wiped clean, that would never change. He grabbed a pillow, adjusted it beyond his head, and yawned.
“You and your secrets...” he muttered, feigning a hint of disappointment. “Can you at least tell me when you expect it to trigger?”
“Soon...” Johanna glanced at the digital calendar to her right. February 14th - Valentine’s Day - was marked in bright red contrasting with the black numbers of the rest of the month. He had almost forgotten that was coming.
“I see...” he mumbled, following her gaze. “My wallet is going to suffer, isn’t it?” Johanna was a kind soul, but she had always been high maintenance, even more so on special occasions. If she wanted something extravagant to make his credit cards bleed, it was his duty to provide. A knight always serves his Queen and his armor shone only for her eyes.
“Don’t you mean, my wallet?” Johanna slid her right hand underneath the negligee and that’s when he noticed she wasn’t wearing panties. The redhead temptation before him kept getting more and more irresistible. “Stop trying to get information from me. I already told you everything you need to know, so trust me.”
“Always, but I love teasing you as much as you tease me,” his fingers tapped the duvet, inviting her for something other than a hypnotic trance. “Why don’t you come back here?”
“What for?” She grinned, her intoxicating smile brightening the bedroom even more.
“I think it’s my turn to be in charge for a bit, and I’m hoping you agree.”
“Sorry, but I don’t...” she rose from the bed and swayed her hips as she headed toward the bedroom door. “We’ll talk about that after the suggestion takes hold. Until then, be a good little boy for me, okay? I know you can do it.”
Johanna giggled and slipped out of the bedroom to hit the shower, leaving her horny and frustrated boyfriend with more questions than answers and no choice but to talk to the hand to relieve himself. He grabbed the tumescent pole and gave it a good yank. The sound of running hot water reached his ears and he sighed, wondering what new mischief she had set in motion while he was hypnotized.

* * *

The following days were uneventful. Johanna dodged all questions and refused to have sex with him, whispering he shouldn’t grow complacent and used to always getting his way. That was the funniest joke ever and he laughed like he always did, his buttons being pushed to the extreme by her provocative ways. His beautiful fairy’s sense of humor grew snappier the longer she remained in charge. He yearned for a resolution and an explosive orgasm inside her tight pussy but not until all conditions had been met, according to her wishes.
Whenever work gave him a little breathing time, Horace would often wonder what the rules and expected outcome were this time around. Past suggestions included buying her a trip to Venice during the busy season or taking her out to dinner in the most expensive restaurant in the city. She always got what she wanted, and compliance was inevitable. An inkling of what was in store still would have been nice, though.
The days at the office grew longer and boring, with meeting after meeting draining his vitality and turning eager smiles into frowns and expressions of dismay. A symphony of stress played every morning leading to Valentine’s Day, and his thoughts became dark and filled with existential dread. He couldn’t afford a vacation, so he pushed through, fueled by a promise of unwavering bliss. The dormant suggestion was just waiting for the right moment to reveal itself and, once it did, nothing would ever be the same again.
The day before Valentine’s was as repetitive as the others, his tired eyes lost in never-ending reports and colorful graphs that told a story no one wanted to hear. The company’s profits were stagnant, and all strategies devised to turn things around had yet to produce significant results. The smell of potential layoffs was in the air and even though his position wasn’t in danger, he still felt bad for his colleagues. Their pain was his, too.
And so it came to be that the thirteenth of February became the fourteenth and Johanna’s mesmeric power caught up to him. He spent the morning in a state of feverish agitation and could barely grab a bite during his lunch break. The first two hours of the afternoon had his heart threatening to burst out of his chest, with agony and pleasure combining to create something new, an ecstatic desperation to give in to unrevealed desires. He finished going through the last batch of reports in record time and rushed to knock on his boss’s office door, saying he needed to leave an hour earlier.
“It’s Valentine’s,” he said, and the old white-bearded who looked like Santa Claus with a Southern accent, nodded and smiled. No hypnotic woman had ever graced his life, but he knew the power of love and envied those who still had the pleasure of experiencing it. Horace left the office in a hurry, unsure of where his steps would take him, but eager to find out.
To his surprise, he found himself walking into an adult store in Arden Way, a place he was sure he had never been in, despite the lovely blue-haired woman behind the counter stating otherwise. The store was nice and welcoming, with lots of products on display. Variety was assured, ranging from adult party favors, gag gifts, and lubes, to a selection of porn, kinky toys, and exotic attires. The woman whose hair color reminded him of Johanna’s electrifying negligee, reached for a discrete square box when he walked in and said,
“We’ve been waiting for you. Here’s your package. Do you wish to check the goods before I wrap it up?”
“Yes, please,” Horace replied as he stood next to a vertical stand filled from top to bottom with flavored and fluorescent condoms. He smiled at the mint chocolate ones and laughed at the long neon red edition that emulated a Sith lightsaber without the sweet sound effects. The woman whose name was Melanie and a slithering snake tattoo wrapped around her neck, opened the heavy plastic lid, and asked,
“What do you think?”
Horace stared at the plastic and metal object, overpowered by its enigmatic allure. Without thinking, he said,
“I need to try it right now.”
“That’s an unusual request, but that can be arranged,” Melanie grinned and led him to a cubicle in the back. “Have fun in there and if you need an honest opinion, don’t be shy!” she winked.
Horace stripped from the waist down and wasted no time slipping into the cold yet inviting new world Johanna had planted in his mind. He opened the dividing curtain and stared into Melanie’s almond eyes.
“Wow, it looks amazing on you!” she exclaimed with one hand at her waist.
“Do you think so?”
“Oh, yeah!”
“Johanna will be pleased.”
“I’m sure she will. Will you be needing anything else, dear?”
“Yes,” he muttered, the additional trigger embedded in his mind kicking in. Now, he understood everything she’d been working for, and was powerless to resist.
Ten minutes passed, he left the store behind, and drove home as fast as he could. The moment he opened the front door, the last remaining threads of resistance disappeared, and his mind went blank. 
Half an hour later, Johanna arrived, her green top and leggings all sweaty from an exhausting gym session. Horace was kneeling by the entrance, a dazzling pink collar wrapped around his neck and the matching cage below keeping his manhood in check. The leather leash laying at her feet could be attached to both, to take him on a walk of humiliation and shame.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.” he said and lowered his obedient gaze to her glorious fate.
“Damn right, it is!” Johanna purred and locked the door. “You look fabulous, my dear. Where are the keys?”
“I left them on the kitchen table.”
“You didn’t keep a copy to yourself, did you?” Johanna walked past him and kicked her sneakers into the living room.
“No. I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Your suggestion took care of that.”
“Good.” She hurried to the kitchen, grabbed the metal key ring, and dashed back out, saying, “Take a good look at them because you’re not getting released for a very long time.”
“How long are we talking about?” he asked with no malice, only genuine curiosity.
“Until the actual suggestion kicks in. You’re mine, and you’ll never be in charge again.”
“You mean, there’s more?”
“There’s always more, my love,” Johanna grabbed a chair and sat, dangling her arched toes. “The cravings inside you exist only to grow deeper. What your mind thinks it wants is only the beginning of a deeper commitment to me. How does that make you feel?”
Terrified and excited. Defeated and yet more victorious than ever. There was only Johanna’s will now. On that special day and all the others that were to come, his mind would always give in.
“I’m yours to command. Whatever you say shall be done,” he said.
“You know all the right words, but you still have a lot to learn...” Johanna attached the leash to his chastity cage and pulled. “No more orgasms for you until I give the order, is that clear?”
“Yes, Mistress.” Horace’s forehead touched the ground, tears of joy rolling down his entranced visage. Total compliance was now mandatory and not just a fleeting fantasy whispered under a full moon. His loyalty and obedience would never falter.
Johanna pulled down the leggings and spread her legs. This time, she was wearing panties, but not for long.
“I see a lot of pussy worship in your future as you fall deeper and deeper for me,” the enchanting woman declared. “How about we get started?”
She didn’t have to ask twice. Her slave boyfriend crawled forward to lap at her palace of sex, He was home, and happy, living only for her delight in a realm of subservient glory.

The End

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