The One With Boobs

by S.B.

Tags: #cw:noncon #boobnosis #dom:female #femdom_hypnosis #mind_control #sub:male

Amanda Devereaux has been accused of sexual harassment by an employee but she proves her case thanks to her mesmerizing boobs.

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The atmosphere was incredibly tense inside the lone office on the twenty-fifth floor of Hartwood Industries. It was obvious none of the players wanted to be there, but company policies dictated so and they had to be upheld no matter the costs.

There were three people in the room: two men in their early forties, wearing anthracite suits with matching ties and pristine white shirts, and a tanned brunette of the same age range that looked at least fifteen years younger because of her make-up choices. She had gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, a Greek nose, and full red lips. Her name was Amanda Devereaux, and she had been the CEO of the Seattle branch for the last decade. A cunning businesswoman, she had led the company to the best annual results since forever in three consecutive periods. Shareholders loved her and couldn’t get enough of her promising results. Employees, not so much, with one of them being the reason for the Saturday morning meeting that had them all in a ruckus.

“Mrs. Devereaux,” said the man on the left, taking notes on his tablet. “How do you respond to the allegations of sexual harassment we’ve just presented to you?”

“I refute them completely, of course, and even find it offensive that the company decided to follow through with them considering my immaculate track record. Also, why have I not been given the opportunity to confront my accuser directly instead of having to deal with you two?”

“While that’s usually the corporate mandate, given the severity of the complaint, it’s been decided to protect Mr. Daniels from any more contact with you until this matter is solved lest...”

“Lest what?” she frowned, sitting behind her desk like a Queen on a marble throne. “I used my boobs to turn him into a brainwashed drone again? Come on! Can’t you see how absurd that is? I know these babies are great and all, but they’re not that powerful!”

Her tits were great indeed. Round, perky, with everything in the right proportions. While she liked her ass better, Amanda never wasted an opportunity to flaunt her frontal assets, whether by wearing low-cut shirts or going with see-through materials. The black lace enveloping them that day didn’t leave much to the imagination, much to the chagrin of the two HR representatives.

“Mrs. Devereaux, if we could stick to the topics at hand and not your boobs, that would be great,” the first man said. His name was... Bob? Rob? She had already forgotten and didn’t really care. 

“I don’t see why we should considering they seem to be the reason this stupid inquiry started. You can look all you want, gentlemen, they will not fry your brain.”

“Couldn’t you have picked a better attire for this meeting?” Rob/Bob/Whatever... asked.

“What’s wrong with my attire? I’m not naked.”

“Indeed, you’re not, but a woman in a position of power should be more careful with how she presents herself to her subordinates, don’t you think? Perhaps if you had done such a thing, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.”

“That’s a sexist argument and you know it. It’s the same thing as saying that a young girl wearing a tank top and a mini-skirt on the street is asking to be raped. People say and do stupid shit all the time and use whatever excuse they can find to justify them. I’m not falling for that song and dance and neither should the company.”

“So, for the record... you’re really declaring innocence on all charges?”

“Damn right, I am! Everything that’s happening here is all Thomas Daniel’s fault, not mine.”

“So what exactly are you saying?”

“Isn’t it obvious? He was the one that tried to harass me and not the other way around. He’s been eyeing a promotion for quite some time now, which I’ve always refused to give him, mind you, and after the normal ways failed time and time again, he thought he could have his way with me with sex. Again, I turned him down and now he’s out for a vendetta trying to get me fired for something he started. Why are you allowing this?”

“Is that really what you’re going for?” the second man chuckled.

“I’m sorry, do you think this is funny?” she crossed her legs and looked at him like an angry school teacher about to berate a lazy student. “Care to explain why?”

The second man, whose name was Tim, Jim, or something like that, had a square face, puffy nostrils, and wore outdated turtle-rimmed glasses. He had made it perfectly clear from the start that we wanted to get things done as quickly as possible, but she was not cooperative at all.

“Mrs. Devereaux, everyone at Hartwood Industries recognizes how important your work has been in the last couple of years, but let’s not kid ourselves here. This is not the first incident of the genre that’s been investigated and while we swept quite a few under the rug over the years, this sort of behavior has become increasingly difficult to hide from the public eye and with the company being under the spotlight even more than usual because of the possible merger, measures have to be taken to stop this from ever happening again. Should you not provide sufficient evidence to support your claims, we will have no choice but to stand with the victim and leave you to burn once this process is complete. Surely that’s not something you want, so how about you come clean and we have a serious conversation instead of insisting on these ill-founded fabulations of yours?”

Amanda smirked at him, but what hid beneath her visage was pure hate. So this is how they were going to play! Very well then.

“If I’m understanding what you’ve just said correctly, this is not a serious inquiry but a witch-hunt, then. The company is trying to get me fired despite all the work I put into it for so long.”

“I’m not at liberty to confirm or deny that, but whatever happens to you in the months to come is your responsibility alone, Mrs. Devereaux. Your personal interests are not above the survival of the company no matter how much money you bring to the table. You’ll either work with us willingly or prepare yourself for the worst. What will it be?”

Amanda clenched her fingers and drew an imaginary puff of smoke into the air. She had quitted the nasty habit the year before, yet her body still pretended the vice was real to cope with unpleasant situations.

“Are those the only two options on the table?”


“You’re wrong,” she tapped the crystal desk. “There’s a third one which you’re not contemplating yet, but I’m sure you will. You write in that report that everything I told you about Thomas was true, he gets sacked for promoting a lie, and we all live happily ever after. Doesn’t that sound like a plan?”

“You’re asking us to lie for you so you can keep your job?” Tim/Jim insisted. “It’s funny how such a proposal makes you feel more guilty. We thought you were smarter than that, Mrs. Devereaux.”

“And I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with this shit, but we don’t always get what we want. My proposal is fair and I do hope you take it, for I won’t be held accountable if you don’t.”

“Now that sounds like a threat and your credibility keeps going down the drain. Stop now before it’s too late, Mrs. Devereaux.”

“Hmmph, I gave you an easy way out of this mess and you chose not to take it so you leave me no choice but to take matters into my own hands. Do you want a real conversation, gentlemen? Fine, I’ll give you one if you’ll be so kind to look at this.”

Amanda stood up and undid her see-through blouse, her beautiful bouncy breasts now open to the world in all their natural glory. Standing over six feet four in heels, the businesswoman was now fully committed to her amazon status, towering over the two surprised men with aplomb.

“Mrs. Devereaux? This is totally unacceptable!” the two of them said at the same time, their voices perfectly synchronized.

“Yeah, yeah, the hell with silly rules! You try to deny a woman’s power and expect her to sit still? We no longer live in that kind of world. You didn’t want to listen to me, but now you will,” she rubbed her naked breasts against one another. The light reflected on her skin gave the impression of oil dripping between her fingers. She drew a spiral over her left areola and another one on the right, the first step in capturing their undivided attention.

“Mrs. Devereaux, if you don’t stop this right now, we’ll...” Bob/Rob tried to complain.

“... listen to my voice while you stare at my boobs? Yes, you will. I lied just now when I said they weren’t capable of ensnaring others, but deep down you already knew that. You came into my office with a clear agenda against me and now you’ll see just how foolish that was. Gaze at my boobs, at how absolutely gorgeous and perfect they are. You can focus on their shape or how my fingers slide across them... You can look at my hard nipples and how they harden more and more as I play with them... You can stare at the skin around them and see it change color from light red to dark pink as I pinch it, or you can decide to gaze directly at my face to capture all micro-expressions of pleasure and pain as they happen in real-time. It matters now what you choose to be your preferred focal point for all of them are equally mesmerizing, and to accept one is to accept your wish to think of nothing else, so do that. Listen to me as your minds gravitate towards this wondrous pleasure. You want nothing else but to listen and obey... listen and obey...”

Amanda sat atop her desk, legs slightly crossed, avid fingers groping her weapons of mass entrancement while the two men struggled to find additional words to say. She squeezed both nipples until they were like pointy arrows about to fire and continued,

“It’s been scientifically proven that when men stare at breasts for a while, feel-good chemicals are released in their brains, creating an overwhelming sensation of bliss. I can tell it’s already happening with you and I love to see it just as much as you love to experience it. Let the rush envelop your thoughts as you keep your eyes and your ears peeled, focused on me. When a woman wants something from a man and uses her sexual energy to get it, that’s not called harassment but simply asserting her natural dominance and the sooner you realize this the better. Eyes on me, glued to my boobs, no other thoughts or worries plaguing your soul. The chemicals in your body are telling you this is what you want, and the only thing you truly need. Listen and obey...

“Thomas tried to abuse me and you accept this as true. Anything I may have done to him was in self-defense and you accept this as true. I would never willingly harm another unless I was hurt first and you accept this as true. I never lie and you accept this as true. My boobs are perfect because they’re as truthful as me and you accept this as true. Doubting the authenticity of my intentions and desires is a fallacy and you accept this as true. You will never question me again and you accept this as true. Only my boobs and my words are important right now and you accept this as true. You will do whatever it takes to please me and my boobs from this moment forward and you accept this as true.

“You are so focused, so relaxed, so attentive to what’s happening before you that the only things you can process now are my words. Accept every single one of them as the truths you will carry to the grave. Only my words... only my boobs... going deeper and deeper into trance for your owner. There has never been a solid case against me. I did not harass anyone. You want to see Thomas punished for this heinous he tried to pull and you will make sure of that. Punish him in the name of my boobs.

“When you hear me count down from ten to one, everything you’ve just heard will become permanently ingrained in your personas, and you’ll have no choice but to obey my commands. Accept it and surrender... ten, seeing only my boobs... nine, thoughts clouded except when you obey... eight, no more resistance... seven, deeper and deeper... six, powerless to stop my boobs from taking over... five, almost gone now... four, wanting to give in... three, desperate to surrender... two, ready to have your souls permanently bound to my boobs... one, slaves to them now. You will not fight. You will not say ‘no’. You only obey my boobs. Forget the agenda that brought you here and return to Corporate, eager to take down the bastard that made you waste time and money coming here for nothing. Obey.”

Amanda clapped her hands and watched as the two vacant-eyed bureaucrats slowly realized their surroundings again. Bob/Rob and Jim/Tim looked at each other, confused. They had a mission once, yet all they could think about now were boobs.

“I believe you were on your way back to headquarters to sort this mess...” she grinned.

“I... Yes, I think you’re right...” Bob/Rob nodded, eyes still locked on her exposed breasts.

“Of course I am, and you accept this as...”

“... true,” they both concluded, gathering their stuff and preparing to leave. “This was a very enlightening conversation, Mrs. Devereaux.”

“Oh, I’m sure it was, and the pleasure was all yours. Do what you must and spare no energy to punish this perpetrator. I’ll have no one vilify me, especially a disgruntled worker.”

“Yes, Mr. Devereaux.”

Amanda covered herself and returned to her desk to celebrate with a glass of wine. Another day, another victory, and Thomas was in for a world of pain for trying to go against her. The one with boobs always won and the next time they were face to face, she would prove him just that.

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