The Interrogation

Chapter 2

by S.B.

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/m #femdom_hypnosis #hypnotic_amnesia #mind_control #sub:male #f/f #police #sub:female

Honey blonde Rachel Tanner always knew she wanted to be a police officer. When she was six, and all the other girls of her age were playing with dolls and dreaming of charming princes to sweep them off their feet, she imagined herself in a blue uniform, pinning criminals to the ground after an exhilarating chase across busy streets. The thrill of this urban fantasy was far more exciting than any traditional fairytale, and she would not be a damsel in distress locked in a stone tower, but the driving force of her own destiny.

This aspiration accompanied her through teenage years, each day getting her closer to police academy. Once there, nothing would stop her from turning her dreams into reality.

Except an accident.

Few people can say they were run over by a speeding bicycle, but she was one of them. It happened exactly seventy-two hours after her twenty-first birthday, shaping her future in unforeseen ways. The wheel that shattered her right femur in four different locations also destroyed her plans. Foot chases became a painful illusion. Crippled women didn’t run.

It took her three operations and almost a year of intense physiotherapy to recover a semblance of mobility, but the complications of the fracture would haunt her for the rest of her life. The pain was constant and the muscular weakness in the affected area often resulted in extreme tiredness. Rachel was a mess through and through, one that often felt more like a zombie than a living, breathing woman.

Studying to become a CSI was what ultimately saved her from the brink of despair. Her leg was busted, but not her brain, and she could still make a difference collecting and examining evidence to put perpetrators in their rightful place. Another five years later, and she was a stronger person, past traumas behind her, and with a joyous future waiting in the wings. This was the version of herself she loved the most. If it were up to her, she would hold on to it forever. However, yet again, things were about to change, for a dark blue latex storm was heading her way.

Rachel sat in the living-room of her house, crossword book in hand. Even on her day off, she never missed an opportunity to put her brain power to good use. Every word she uncovered across the sea of confusing definitions filled her with pride. At work, she always wore a tight lab coat that hid most of her feminine traits, but at home she could relax on a gray cropped top and matching leggings, petite toes stretched atop an embroidered organza pillow.

She was so absorbed in the mysteries of the black and white grid she barely registered the doorbell ringing, only snapping to attention when the sound turned from an intermittent buzz to a full-on annoying echo in her ears.

The young CSI stood up, patted her silver Norwegian forest cat on the head on her way to the door, and stopped when she glimpsed the shadow standing on the porch.

“Miss Tanner? Are you there?” she heard the woman outside ask. Rachel peeked through the peephole and the hairs on the back of her neck immediately gave off a warning sign. “What the hell does she want?” she pondered.

Rachel’s mind instantly focused on the last case she had worked on, the murder of Brandon Myers, and a set of fingertips found on the crime scene. They perfectly matched the woman in kinky attire trying to reach her that instant and the conflict of interests couldn’t be more obvious.

“Please go away, Miss Walters,” she said.

“You know who I am?” the young hypnodomme asked, her voice feigning surprise.

“You are a person of interest in an active investigation. Of course, I know who you are.”

“Good. Do you mind opening the door? I’ve got a matter of great importance to discuss with you.”

“Yes, I do mind. I’m not at liberty to interact with you while the investigation is underway. If you wish to talk to someone, I suggest you seek the Detective in charge.”

“I already did,” Goddess Amber grinned. “Detective Paul Vance is the reason I’m here. He told me where to find you.”

“He did what?” Rachel screeched. That went against all protocols. If confirmed, it would most definitely trigger an investigation with possible suspension for all players involved. She would not be caught in some stupid crossfire. The CSI doubled back into the living-room to grab her smartphone and said, “I’ve already told you I can’t engage in conversation with you. You have one minute to leave my property or I’m calling the police to remove you by force. What will it be?”

“There’s no need for all that fuss, Miss Walters. We can talk some other time then. I’m leaving now.”

“You do that,” she muttered.

Rachel peeked through the peephole again and watched the Domme in her tight attire sit behind the wheel of her luxury car and slowly drive away. What the fuck? Ever since she had joined the force, it was the first time anything like this happened and once was already too much. Why would Detective Vance incur in such a blatant violation and what did he hope to get out of it? Feeling the temptation to call him right away blooming in her lips, she resisted it long enough for her muscles to slowly unwind. Ten minutes later, she was still somewhat perturbed but definitely calmer. She returned to her seat, cuddled next to her feline companion, and vowed to sort this strange occurrence after she got her much deserved rest.

She had just finished re-centering her thoughts when the back door of her cozy place busted wide open and a bald, lanky man with glazed green eyes came at her, fingers wrapped in brass. The blow was swift, drawing red on her forehead and leaving a deep impression that would take a long time to heal. Rachel fell to the floor, face up, her surroundings becoming increasingly blurry and distant until a wave of darkness dragged her into the cold abyss of unconsciousness.

* * *

When she opened her eyes again, Goddess Amber sat in front of her, legs crossed, the shiny latex attire dominating her field of view. The mysterious assailant kneeled at the black woman’s feet, pierced tongue licking her soles as if they were the most exquisite delicacy the world had to offer. He paid no attention to her until the hypnodomme said,

“Welcome back, Rachel. I can call you that, right? I hope you don’t mind I let myself in.”

Rachel shook her head to stare menacingly at her uninvited guest. Her forehead was still throbbing, with additional pangs running through her entire body. The world was darker than she remembered, an ominous shadow cast over her. Her hands hang heavily to the side of the sofa. She wasn’t tied to anything, but she couldn’t move them either.

“What are you doing, Miss Walters?”

“What I said I wanted to do. Thank you for finally agreeing to talk to me, Rachel.”

“I never agreed to anything. You broke into my house and attacked me!”

“Technically, he’s the one that did all that, not me,” Goddess Amber rubbed her left foot on her hypnotized servant’s engorged balls. “Please, forgive my dog’s manners. He often gets carried away, but if you had opened your door the first time I asked you, I wouldn’t have had to call him here.”

“What the fuck do you want from me, anyway?”

“Oh, it’s simple. I’ve come to stop you from making the worst mistake of your professional career. You didn’t find what you’re convinced you found in the Myers’ case. Detective Vance admitted it himself. Now, I just need you to do the same so we can put this terrible ordeal behind us. It’s not much to ask, right?”

“Are you seriously asking me to suppress evidence of your involvement?”

“Of course not. Only someone with a guilty consciousness would ask something so obnoxious, but surely you don’t wish the fruits of your hard work to be anchored on false claims… Somewhere along the way, you made a mistake, Rachel. You should be glad I’m giving you a chance to correct it before people get hurt, including you.”

“I don’t like being threatened, Miss Walters.”

“That’s Goddess Amber to the likes of you and equating friendly advice to a threat is just another misconception we’ll need to remove from your mind.”

“You’re not removing anything, bitch,” Rachel tried to get up from the couch, all the muscles in her arms and legs conspiring against her to keep her still. “What…? Why can’t I move? What else did you do to me?”

“Please stop assuming I did anything,” the younger woman cooed. “You can’t move because your mind doesn’t want you to, but that can easily change if you agree with what I just said. I’m innocent of all charges, past, present, and future. You’ll never find evidence against me because it doesn’t exist. Whatever it is you’re certain you discovered is either the result of a computer mistake, basic human error, or a combination of both. I don’t know which one you’ll use to justify re-doing your investigation from scratch, but I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

“Do you honestly believe the shit you just spewed?”

The latex-clad hypnodomme pushed her thrall away and stood up, towering over the scientist like a vengeful deity before saying, “In this case, what I believe isn’t as important as what you think is true,” Magnetic eyes descended upon her. “And I think you want to believe me.”

Rachel gulped. Goddess Amber’s records described a highly intelligent and ambitious woman who had perfected the ways of online seduction. While still a relatively young face in the business, she had already made quite a name for herself creeping inside her client’s heads until they were all drooling and salivating for a single moment of her attention.

“I’m not one of your puppets and if this is how an innocent woman acts, I shudder to think what you do when you’re guilty of something.”

“Nothing, because I’m never guilty. The only thing I offer are fantasies and suggestions. Whatever comes after them is not my responsibility. It’s not my fault you imagined my fingerprints on the crime scene, either.”

Goddess Amber sat next to her, long fingernails caressing her cheeks and neck. Each touch unleashed a surge of static electricity on her skin, as a languid moan escaped her throat. Rachel shuddered like a virgin being touched for the first time, an impossible response to an even more impossible attraction. This wasn’t her, but something else lurking within her body and soul.

Rachel’s brain issued another resistance response, but it was quickly dismissed by the pair of ravenous lips nibbling at her ears. The latex beauty wrapped one leg around the CSI’s waist and pushed her unresponsive body against the back of the sofa, the rusty springs inside pressing her ribs as she struggled to breathe. Then, the hypnodomme continued,

“Dear Rachel, if there’s one thing I’ve learned ever since I became a sex Goddess is how far people are willing to go, looking for pleasure. Look at that mutt of mine, for instance. Ordinary Joe when awake, crazed addict when I put him under. That little pea brain of his has been programmed to yearn for nothing other than my pleasure. When I speak, he listens, and when he listens, he obeys. That’s how simple this is: to control someone, you just need to find the one thing that gets his or her juices flowing and then repeat it until they break. Some people take longer, others less, but they all have a point of no return that completely changes the way they think. His was longing for an all-powerful woman to tell him what to think and do, and now that he has found me, he’s always ready to drop deeper and forget he has a life beyond serving me. How blissful is that? Isn’t that something you wish for yourself, too?”

“No!” Rachel growled, furrowed brow loosening up when the hypnodomme’s right hand cupped her breasts and gently squeezed her nipples one by one.

“Really? Ask yourself this then… if you don’t want me, why aren’t you pushing me back? I didn’t cuff you or tie you up. The only thing I said to your subconscious while you were knocked out was that you couldn’t lift a finger against me and if you didn’t want it to be true, you wouldn’t have accepted it. In fact, if anything I’m doing right now irked you, you would snap out of the stupor as effortlessly as breathing, but you don’t. That’s because you like this, Rachel. You like thinking you’re losing your ability to resist and focusing on that thought makes it real. The truth about my hypnotic power lies in people hypnotizing themselves the more they think about it, so if I do this…” her right hand slid inside her leggings, past the panties, before brushing a mound of freshly trimmed light pubic hair, “… your pussy immediately tingles with delight for you’re already envisioning losing all free will to me. No thoughts, just my words whispering you too can be a loyal bitch, or a drone, or a cute latex doll, or anything else you can conceive. Your deepest desires are yours when you listen to me… Pay attention, Rachel.”

Goddess Amber inserted one finger inside her wet snatch and another inside her butt hole, stimulating both sensitive areas in cadence with the rhythm of her voice.

“The pleasure I give can be as lasting or as fleeting as your need to comply. If you accept me as perfectly as you’ve been doing so far, this is all you’ll feel while everyone else fades away… fading now… fading now… fading for me… the only thing that’s real is what you’re losing… lose it all, Rachel. A good pet is without memories…. a good pet is without rational thoughts… you will be a good pet and forget everything that can do me harm… Your Goddess is perfect. Only a perfect being can awaken so much pleasure inside your pussy… give in to it now. You too will serve me without question and let the imaginary evidence disappear from your waking thoughts. They don’t exist. They never did. You will never find them again. There’s only my voice and my fingers kissing your pussy and ass. You’re mine, Rachel, my new little submissive bitch. Your mind now bows to my will and follows it, sheepishly. Come now. Come for me and forget.”
The hypnodomme pushed another finger inside her cunt until Rachel’s labia welcomed perfect submission. Eyes rolling backwards, the crime scene investigator surrendered to the incoming bliss, nothing but mind-numbing whiteness dictating her actions. Her mind was gone from the real world, and Goddess Amber’s fingerprints were sure to meet a similar fate the moment she found her way back to the lab.
“That’s a good slut,” the hypnodomme smirked, releasing her powerful grip. “Sleep and follow your new owner’s lead. I am your life now.”

Another job well done, the Nubian young woman returned to her vehicle, musing about everything that had happened that day. An interrogation in the morning, a new servant in the early afternoon. With so many hours left until sundown, who else would have the honor of suffering for her satisfaction? The possibilities were endless, and so was her lust.

“Slaves, beware,” she chuckled, an ever-growing list of triggers at the tip of her tongue. Her experiments were only beginning.

The End (?)

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