Part V

by S.B.

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #fantasy #mind_control #sub:female

The most desirable man in all the kingdom was five feet six, had big, round blue eyes, and a dimple on his chin that seemed to grow bigger with each passing year. In many ways, he was cut from the same cloth as his father, the Respectable King Harold who had only gained such a title after years of silently getting rid of any opposition to his dynastic dreams. He too was short and with a propensity to grow sideways, thanks to all the feasts and countless hours yawning on his throne. Of course, no one in their right frame of mind dared to call the monarch “lazy”, at least not when he and his multitude of unseen spies were paying attention.

In twenty-four years, no one had ever seen Prince Phillip show any kind of virile interest in the opposite sex. Some speculated that he secretly loved to suck cock instead of having a woman go down on him, but the rumors had never been proven, like the ones surrounding his mother.

The late Queen Roxanne, tragically plucked away from the family following a riding accident two years prior, was a buxom, authoritative lady with curly, dirty blonde hair who had grown into a noble German family with a love for mysticism and treatises of the Occult. Dubbed a Witch with a capital W by anyone she had done wrong, many had been the stories about her secret laboratory somewhere in the bowels of the palace where she prepared her incantations and cackled like a madwoman every time one worked. To the date, no one had ever found such a place, and it was unlikely they ever would.

Both the Prince and the King wore similar attires, a surcoat in royal blue crushed velvet with the coat of arms etched on the front. The front insert and sleeves were made of silver and black chain mail with the sleeve cuffs in brown leather edged in gold. Knee-high boot tops of the same material added another splash of color to the ensemble, complemented with a dashing cape with ermine trim on the collar and the hem. The King’s had the same gold-tinted brown, while the Prince’s reflected the fiery red of his youth. Draped in such luxurious vestments, both appeared far more handsome than they really were, especially as they entered the ballroom, surrounded by half a dozen servants whose only job for the night was to make sure there were plenty of rose petals for them to walk on.

A spectacle of bows and curtsies gave rise to a never-ending round of applause as they finally stopped to greet their most esteemed guests. Usually a man of few words, King Harold spoke first:

“Thank you all for being here tonight to celebrate my only son’s twenty-fifth birthday. Many have traveled from far away for this momentous occasion, and to you, I say that your presence honors us more than my heart can express. As you can see, we have prepared a feast worthy of gods and goddesses, one we shall partake in after the main event. In a moment, Prince Phillip will choose his first partner to open the ball, and then you’re all welcome to join him on the floor in this expression of color, life, and pleasure, only you can create. But first, I believe he has a few words to say as well so without further ado, I give you my son, and future ruler of his kingdom (still a distant one, mind you!). Phillip, the room is yours.”

“Thank you, Father. I too shall be brief so that we can all enjoy what we came here for. I just want to say I’ve never been prouder to be in such marvelous company, which is a testament not only to the strength of our kingdom but also to the bonds of friendship that unite us, ones I hope will grow even stronger tonight. Many of you over the years have wondered when would I choose my bride-to-be and if you’ve placed your bets on this event being the deciding moment, I dare say you’ll grow even richer for yes, it is true. Expect an official announcement in a fortnight. Until then, let’s dance and rejoice, for the night is young and so are we. Princess Camilla, you look absolutely ravishing tonight! Will you grant me the honor of joining me in the first dance?”

“But of course, My Lord. It is my absolute pleasure.” She said, blushing ever so slightly as she approached him. The King kissed her right hand first before stepping out of the picture and the music played on while everyone else watched.

The moods couldn’t be any more different depending on which side of the room you looked at. Ellen was smiling under the mask because of the fairy-tale scenario that for once turned out to be true, while Tatiana and her daughters looked bored already, with the matriarch scheming even harder than before. She still had her eyes on the mysterious stranger and her daring fashion taste. “What are those things, anyway?” She muttered, gazing at her crystal boots.

Tatiana was lost in strange ruminations when the first dance was over and everyone else was allowed to enter the floor. Prince Phillip took some time to chat with Princess Camilla’s father about their trip and what sights they had been blessed with on the way to the palace. In fifteen minutes, he would have to select a new partner and while a list of potential candidates had already been drafted and studied many moons before the fact, the need to improvise and escape the shackles of royal routine one last time before a wedding ring took over spoke louder, and it was with great surprise that he approached the elegant newcomer.

“Good evening. I don’t believe we met. Prince Phillip at your service.”

“Hello, my name is El..." The young girl stammered, immediately correcting herself. "I mean, Good evening, Your Highness. I’m Lady Sin, and you are correct. This is a first for us both. Charmed.”

“I certainly am.” He studied her partially hidden features with a curiosity akin to a young toddler who had just discovered how to walk. “Lady Sin? That’s a rather unusual name, is it not?”

“Not if you’re an unusual woman.”

“Yes, I can see that, for what can be more unusual than being the only Lady wearing a mask tonight?”

“I wouldn’t say that. The only mask you can see, perhaps. Don’t we all wear them in our daily routines so that the weight of the world doesn’t crush us?”

“That’s an unusual train of thought as well, and one I had never considered. If I may be so bold, are all your other ideas as extraordinary as the one you just shared?”

“It’s possible, yes. The question is: is that something that pleases Your Highness or not?”

“I’m a firm believer that pleasure shouldn’t come before intrigue, so while I don’t feel the former just yet, the latter is certainly here. You’re not from any circle I know, Lady Sin, and I know them all. Will I find your name on the guestlist if I ask one of my servants to get it for me now?” He asked, brushing his lips against her rosy cheeks.

“I’m sure a man of your stature will find whatever it is he wishes to find if he looks hard enough.” She pushed away from him while the court’s gossipers gathered for another round of frantic whispers.

“I’m looking for a dance.”

“I thought all your dances were reserved for your potential brides.”

“Few will dare say anything if a man of my stature changes his mind and opts for a more... sinful choice. Shall we?”

“After such a declaration, how can I say no?”

“By simply uttering the word though I hope you don’t.”

Ellen took his hand and twirled under her stepmother’s furious scrutiny. Having never danced for real in her life, accepting his invitation would have been a sure recipe for disaster had her fairy companion not thought of that too. The moment all the lights fell on her was the moment divine grace swept her feet.

“Sin moves like an angel... how delightful!” The Prince said, signaling the orchestra to unleash all its splendor.

“It’s a kind of magic...” Ellen replied.

It sprinkled around her, reflecting on the crystal surface of the boots. Ellen moved automatically within its flow, every muscle in her body in perfect harmony with the prince’s lead and the sounds of the rapt musicians. It was a union blessed by a dream, and the dream was only beginning.

“You’re full of surprises.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying from the start, Your Highness.”

“You’re welcome to say it any time you wish.”

“Does your flattery know no boundaries?” She spun behind him and winked.

“Not tonight, it seems. You’re only twenty-five once.”

“True.” Ellen mused about her own tender age, disguised by her guide’s expert trickery. To live as long as he had was still an unfulfilled possibility, but one that became more real the more she believed what she had told her. “I’m not a slave,” she thought. “I’ve never been one except in my mind.”

Just like before, the music was over too quickly, a symphony of bliss interrupted for appearance’s sake. Even the Prince’s newfound defiance of the norms had limits and there were still too many treasured guests to entertain. 

“I’ll let duty take me for now, but please, don’t go anywhere. I’d love to continue talking about other unusual thoughts that cross your mind, My Lady.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it, Your Highness.” She excused herself and headed for the appetizers section to grab a bite or two.

It was the moment the wicked stepmother was looking for. Without a second’s notice, Tatiana darted across the dance floor to meet her opposition on the other side, nothing but cold contempt emanating from what appeared to be a sweet and relatable smile.

“Who are you?” The older woman circled her like a predator desperately eager for a fresh meal.

Ellen slowly rotated her body to keep up with her, never breaking eye contact. Both the fairy godmother’s spells and the mask covering her face distorted her natural voice to a point beyond recognition as she replied:

“That’s a question for the philosophers, no? Who are we? Where are we going? What are we doing here? I dare not try to answer them and you shouldn’t either, My Lady.”

“Don’t play games with me, petulant child. Those who do, get chewed and spit before they realize what happened to them.”

“If you’re so keen on chewing something, there’s plenty of food here to go around, so why don’t you start there and leave me alone? You’re ruining the mood.”

“You have some nerve showing up to this celebration with your fancy dress and throwing yourself at my Prince!”

“Your Prince? As far as I know, His Highness isn’t anyone’s unless he chooses it to be, and I doubt he would ever go with someone your age.”

“You dare call me old?”

“No, because you just did it yourself. Are we done here? I have more important things to do than to talk to someone so utterly boring and disrespectful.”

“Why, you little bitch! Take off that mask and say all of that again to my face!”

“Mother, do you mind?” A young beauty got between the two of them. It was Prudence, for once letting go of her tempestuous nature and living up to her name. “Let’s talk over there, okay?”

“Let me be!”

“People are starting to notice what’s going on...” Prudence whispered in her right ear as she calmly pushed her away from the food tables. “You told us not to screw things up and now you’re the one making a scene? Seriously?”

“I won’t sit idly while a stranger insults me!”

“Then maybe you can do something about it after the ball is over and not in the middle of it... Please, get a grip for the family’s sake!”

Tatiana frowned, loosening her muscles under the dress. “I hate to admit it, but you’re right. I got a little carried away just now.”

“Yes, you did. Let’s get something to drink in the meantime, okay?”

“Where’s your sister?”

“Over there, talking to Princess Camilla. Come on, have you tried the mead already?”

“No, I haven’t. Is it good?”

“It’s delicious. Let’s go and then you can tell me what got you so worked up.”

“There’s something very off about that one...” Tatiana sibilated, a brief spark of recognition floating past her eyelids. They weren’t done, not by a long shot!

Prudence and Tatiana disappeared into the crowd again, trying to pretend nothing out of the ordinary had happened while Ellen jubilated on the inside. Had she really just flirted with royalty and talked back at her brainwasher, fearing no possible repercussions? The confidence flowing in her veins was like a sweet balm of freedom she could definitely get used to. Using her inner voice, she called out to her guide and mentor:

“I can’t believe I did that!”

“Did it feel good?” Cinderella asked, even though she already knew the answer.

“Damn straight it did! I like how this Lady Sin persona is so carefree.”

“It’s not really a persona. It’s what you were denied being until now. The longer it goes, the harder it will be to return to your old self and that’s a good thing. Are you enjoying being here?”

“I like the idea of it more than the real deal. There are too many fake smiles and don’t get me started on the exaggeration everywhere! Have all wealthy people been like this the whole time?”

“Most of them, yes. You can make amends little by little when you recover your position so you better not waste your chance.”

“I promise I won’t.”

“The Prince really took a shine to you. He’s been glancing at you the whole time since the dance was over.”

“Really? No wonder Tatiana is so pissed at me. You’ll let me know if she tries something dirty behind my back, won’t you?”

“Of course. I’m always here for you.”

“Thank you. Guess I better go mingle some more too.”

“You do that. Just one thing, Ellen...”


“Whatever you do, be ready to leave before the clock strikes midnight. The magic flow becomes erratic at that time.”

“Erratic how?”

“It usually fades away and all illusions with it, but sometimes it glitches out and backfires against the recipient. One of your dimensional doppelgangers burst into flames at the last stroke. As you can guess, that was a story without a happy ending.”

“And you’re only telling me this now because...?”

“I didn’t want to scare you. Most likely, nothing will happen but, to be sure...”

“Okay. I’ll be careful.”

“Please do, and if you needed any more proof Prince Phillip wants more sin in his life, look behind you right now.”

There he was, the man of the moment who had just danced with a perfect stranger, coming back for another round to make everyone else guess how this night was supposed to end.

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