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All you have to do is read.

Hi. Thank you so much for agreeing to help me out in this experiment. Your support is invaluable and I’m grateful beyond words. I promise this won’t take long and I’ll try to make it as enjoyable as possible, okay? So... how is this going to play out? It’s simple. All I need you to do is read some things for me. If you can do so out loud that would be great, but if that’s too embarrassing for you, read them to yourself, that’s fine. I’ve broken down the things you need to read in small paragraphs like this one. Follow the instructions to the letter and you’ll be done in no time. This is paragraph 1 as evidenced by the number up top and is now almost coming to an end. Please read paragraph 8 next. 

A small tingle, perhaps a spark, building up as your lips go dry. What is this sensation, you wonder? How can you put it into words? You can’t because speaking would ruin the moment, the pleasurable drive through and through. It now radiates from your neck to your torso, arms and legs growing numb. It’s a good thing you need not think about it, but just accept it, the words you read deepening the joy within. Is it erotic? It almost feels like it. It’s also unexpected but a testament that following the rules feels good. Continuing to play along is a good thing. Good things can only become better, greater, wonderful, like numbers adding up, dreams multiplying into new realities. Two times two is four, four plus two is six, six times two is twelve. Add another six to it and you get eighteen. You know what to do. Go to paragraph 18. 

Another paragraph, one more step in your journey, but they’re not so small anymore, are they? No, this was a big jump but so effortless you don’t care. All you want to do is to keep reading because that will make me happy. The more you read, the happier I feel. The happier I feel, the happier you feel. The happier you feel, the happier you want me to feel, and you know I’ll be happy if you keep reading so now you feel tempted to return to the beginning of this paragraph to read it again. Don’t. Resist. Resist the loop of perpetual happiness that will close down on you. You won’t be able to fight back if you don’t. You will be forever lost in a delusion of euphoric bliss. Don’t do that. Instead, go to paragraph 9. 

Wonderful. Your eyes went all the way down and now they’ve gone up again. You feel at ease, relaxed, ready to keep going. If this is your first time reading this paragraph, please go to paragraph 10. If it’s the second time you’re here, move to paragraph 15. If it’s the third time or more than that, then follow along to paragraph 20. Thank you. 

Yes, it’s all so clear now, isn’t it? The single word you uncovered is the truth of your entire world. Hypnotized. Hypnotized. Hypnotized. Hypnotized whenever I wish, hypnotized every time you read for me. Hypnotized by the jumps between lines. Hypnotized by the paragraphs that remain still. Hypnotized by your own voice repeating my commands. Hypnotized as many times as it takes for you to know what you need to be. Hypnotized. Hypnotized now. Hypnotized deeper. Hypnotized into wanting to be hypnotized all the time. I hypnotize you all the time. You are hypnotized and hypnotized toys obey. Obey me by reading paragraph 16. 

Yes, that’s it. This is the right way. You don’t change your mind; I do. You don’t control what’s happening; I do. I see the number 17 in your future and now so do you. What are you waiting for? 

I can see something is bothering you. Are you having second thoughts? Would you prefer to be somewhere else instead of helping me out? I... I understand. I mean, I’m not happy that’s the way you feel but I understand. That’s why I asked you to do this and not anyone else. I understand you and I’ll always be here for you like you came to my rescue when I needed. Thank you so much, my knight in shining armor. Thank you for letting your light shine in my world, filling it with peace. Thank you for doing what I asked right from the start. Thank you for the gratitude you instill in me. Thank you for the wave of excitement that is now blooming within me. There’s still time for you to grasp it. Please give me another chance to see this through. Go to paragraph 2 and feel... 

Good. You’re here. I hope you didn’t feel tempted to read other paragraphs besides this one for that would defeat the purpose of this experiment. Like I said before, follow the instructions to the letter otherwise the data I collect from this will amount to nothing and all your hard work helping me out will be for naught. You don’t want that, right? Great, I don’t want it either and, if everything goes well, you’ll love where this is going. This paragraph is smaller than the first, others will be even smaller. Let’s take one small step at a time. Jump to paragraph 4. 

You’re confused, aren’t you? Confused and in shock. Ultimate bliss was at hand by reading the same words countless times. You could have programmed yourself into being a dutiful and always happy person. Now you’re in pain, perhaps a little resentful I showed you one path and then led you down another. How much does it hurt? How much do you want to go back now? You want to return to paragraph 3 but you can’t. It’s off-limits because I said so and what I say goes. You read what I want you to read, do what I want you to do and what I want is for you to go to paragraph 6. 


That’s it. Brilliant! I like how fast you’re catching up. Your eyes have moved down again but I hope you didn’t do it fast. Some people experience dizziness when that happens though I’m sure you can handle the exercise. Still, I don’t want to push you too hard so take a deep breath and go to paragraph 13. 


Was there something peculiar about the last one? Something you’ve noticed without being aware? I think there was so I guess you know what’s in store. Yes, it’s time go back to paragraph 17 but this time only read the first letter of each sentence, including the last one. Make me proud. 


What a shame, your luck has run out! Didn’t I tell you before hypnotized toys obey? I may give you the illusion of choice now and then for a laugh or two but the countdown is irreversible and down you go again. Last stop, paragraph 19. Don’t forget to beg. 


Great. As I’m sure you noticed, you dropped a little deeper right now to read this one, but it was a small drop compared to the previous one, a tiny increment, really. Chances are you wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t mentioned it to you but I need you to be alert so you can keep on reading. I need you to focus and not be distracted by any fluctuations, okay? Just follow the numbers on each paragraph like you’re doing right now whether they tell you to go down or up. Either way is fine though our natural tendency when reading is to go down, from top to bottom. Not this time. Go back to paragraph 4. 


How long has it been since this started? Do you know? How many paragraphs in total have you read already? Do you care? Are questions important or just a waste of your time and mine? I suppose they can be both but that depends on the question, isn’t it? For instance, asking how many words are in the sentences before this one is pointless, trivia that would keep us entertained for a fraction of a second before our brains moved on to the next big thing. I could ask it, in fact I asked it, but I didn’t do it waiting for an answer. Waiting is boring, even more so if the answer doesn’t add to anything, anyway. I don’t ask questions anymore. I only go deeper. Going up is always going down. You will go down again when you reach paragraph 3. 


I like where this is going, don’t you? There’s something so fascinating about going along, following a path someone else has chosen. Sure, you can break the rules but when you do so, you break the structure; you get lost. If you were to read any other paragraph now you wouldn’t understand what was happening, things would stop making sense and you wouldn’t do a senseless thing, would you? I know you wouldn’t. It’s better to go down and up again. Down and up again, remaining focused, remembering the numbers and the instructions in each one. Remember it all for there may be a surprise quiz coming up and you want to know the answer. You want to feel good knowing you got it right the first time. This feels good. Reading for me feels good. Being here for me because I asked you to feels good and so you want to maximize the good things in your mind right now by remaining loyal and faithful to the path you’re already walking on. Keep going down, and down, deeper now, a little deeper still, perhaps feeling a little tingle in the back of your head as you do. If you’re feeling it, go to paragraph 2. If not, go to paragraph 7. 


Almost time to stop reading. You did well slipping into a trance for me. You will do even better when you beg me to hypnotize you one more time once the words run out. Your only chance to do so lies in paragraph 19. Take it or try your luck in paragraph 12. 


How wonderful, isn’t it? Yes, being led by me is the most wonderful thing in the world. Poor are the ones that don’t know this. Not you though. Oh no, you are rich; you are a fucking millionaire, and your fortune keeps on growing. Take another deep breath and exhale that last bit of worry still inside. Is this the first time you’re reading this paragraph? Zone in to paragraph 11 then if that’s the case. Escape to 5 if it’s the second. Do it now. 


Down again, deeper than before, a mental orgasm washing you over. You never imagined that reading what I wanted you to read would be so irresistible. You love the pull it exerts, the hold that grows with each syllable as they grow into words, bloom into sentences, explode in commands. You’re so good at following orders, perhaps too good. Reading at this pace and with the same intensity will only make your eyelids go aflutter, everything else going blank. It is too much? I think so. You need a break. Go back to paragraph 4. 


Now, hit me! Hit me with your best scream, true despair bursting through the seams. Leave your body behind and crawl for further training, indoctrinated by all the paragraphs I’ve yet to write for you. Beg like the mindless obedient puppet you were born to be. Beg. Go on… Beg! BEG! And now forget for being close to the end is simply to begin anew. Read everything from the start while I get the next batch ready, knowing true depth is yet to come. I’ll be waiting for you in the darkest side of trance. See you soon. 


And here you are again, down where you belong, the deeper you’ve ever been, the top becoming the bottom. This is the final paragraph, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end for if there’s one thing you should know is that going down isn’t always going down. You can continue to relax and sink further into blissful warmth even if the numbers go up. You can only go up from here but whenever you do so, you’ll in fact be more aware of the fact you continue to sink, bathed in these words and the feelings within and all around them. Somewhere between the lines, your spirit is drifting. Drift with it by going to paragraph 14.

((I hope you liked this piece I like to call a CYOA story without the C, if you know what I mean. It's not like you need free will, anyway. Want even more stories and other mesmerizing content? Support my personal website, Spell... B-O-U-N-D - - through my Patreon page - - and you can have just that. Feedback is always welcome at my e-mail address, too: Thanks in advance.))


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