Design Flaw

by S.B.

Tags: #dom:female #masturbation #mind_control #scifi #sub:male

Sergeant James Rollins is kidnapped by aliens of the Fem’Oin Empire to serve as guinea pig for their new chemical mind-controlling weapon.

The Fem’oin Empire’s Interstellar Cruiser Zietes Khuqad, roughly translated into English as “Sweet Death of a Thousand Suns”, circled planet Earth in a geosynchronous orbit that mimicked the U.S. Military’s primary communication satellites. No long-range scanner, no matter how powerful, could penetrate their cloaking technology, a thousand light-years ahead of everything else available. They were the perfect invisible foe on a mission that could very well decide the future of their species. 

The ship comprised twelve decks and spanned three quarters of a mile. While not the largest of its class, it was certainly the fastest, thanks to its four dymethirium engines, a secret that no other galactic power had replicated. The crew was composed primarily of scientists on their first foray across the vastness of space, with the only two exceptions being Honah Tsopor, the Captain, and Daraela V’ahzut, the Chief Medical Officer, who had both visited our solar system twice in the last decade, on different recon expeditions.

The two aliens walked side by side through the spiraling corridor separating the Bridge Room from the crew’s quarters on their way to the photonic elevator that was to lead them to the lower decks and Genetic Lab number 3. The Captain wore the customary blue and black uniform with the Fem’oin Empire’s insignia carved at the center while the doctor had exchanged the usual light blue garbs for a sleek, viridescent attire that contrasted perfectly with the ship’s sterile environment.

Despite having evolved on the other end of the known universe, the Fem’oin were not that different from earthlings. They were humanoids with two arms and legs, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Their complexion was silver, with thin black lines extending from the tips of their fingers to the tips of their toes, twelve in total. They had no sex organs like we know them, with their entire skin tissue functioning as a gestating membrane when the opposite partner was receptive. The females of the species were significantly taller than the males, with rarely being the ones below seven feet and two inches. 

Captain Honah was one of the tallest officers in the Empire, standing at seven foot six. Aged one hundred and two in Earth years, she was closing in on one third of the species’ normal life expectancy. Her eyes were downturned with the irises covered by a thin, liquid layer resembling octopus ink. As graceful as deadly, she commandeered the Zietes Khuqad with a stern hand, and anyone that dared question a decision of hers was more likely to see the outside of an airlock than to find their way to the prison levels. She had always been the number one choice for this assignment because, when it came to results, none of the competition had a chance.

Seventeen earth years older, Dr. Daraela was a force of nature in her own way. Respected across dozens of galaxies for her treatises on inter-species mating rituals, she was a brilliant and eccentric soul who never missed an opportunity to speak her mind, consequences be damned. While her involvement in the project wasn’t consensual among the Fem’oin High Council, she had the sanction of The Empress herself, an endorsement ultimately too powerful to be denied.

“Captain, is it true?” she asked, doing the best to keep up with the steady pace of her illustrious companion. “Do we have a live subject aboard?”

“Yes. Away Team Number 1 has just returned with what appears to be a perfect specimen.”

“Great! I’ve never seen an Earthling live. I wonder how he’ll respond to the treatment...”

“That’s what we’re here to find out, isn’t it? And I don’t mean to undermine your excitement, but Earthlings aren’t that special, trust me.”

“You were on the planet’s surface during the last expedition, correct?”

“Yes, and it’s not an experience I’m eager to repeat.”

“That bad?”

“Too noisy and confusing. Also, there was an incident. Any other day of the year and I would have easily been caught.”

“I’d love to hear more.”

“Is that professional curiosity, Dr.?”

“Would you be more inclined to share your story if I said yes?”

“No, but I’ll indulge you, nonetheless.”

“Thank you.”

It had happened on a Halloween five years prior. Captain Honah and two security members had descended on the surface for a first scope at Earth’s recent technological advancements. The last time an Empire ship had come so far had been more than two centuries before and many things had changed since then. Both the discovery of nuclear energy and the first space expeditions to the Moon and Mars seemed to put the planet on the path of universal enlightenment, but the reality down below disproved such predictions. As long as countries and entire continents continued to fight among themselves instead of promoting a common goal, the chances of a true human intergalactic expansion were next to none. 

“It was a loud night. Humans played fantasy masquerade across the streets of some place called Washington while we did our recon when, suddenly, the portable cloaking device malfunctioned. For a few seconds, our true form was exposed and there were even pictures taken. Fortunately, the humans took it as a disguise too, and the situation was quickly resolved. However, my memories keep going back to that day.”

“Were you scared, Captain?”

“I’m not afraid to say it, but yes. I hadn’t come from halfway across the Universe to risk being trapped and taken to a medical facility. Don’t think I don’t understand the irony that we’re doing the same thing though.”

“It’s a necessity, Captain, and necessities are worth the risks.”

“That’s how the High Council justified the last war we got ourselves involved in and look where that led us.”

“Should the experiments prove a success, we’ll be preventing more wars from happening in the nearby future.”

“I hope you’re right.”

Like all other intergalactic superpowers, the Fem’oin Empire’s greatest strength laid in enslaving other species. Its tendrils reached far and wide across multiple solar systems, subduing the weak for the sake of their greater good. The mining colonies of Jadazam IV and Enthrytia were two of their most important outposts, providing roughly 90% of the minerals required for their ships, and now those efforts were compromised.

Not much was known of the disease ravaging the surface of both planets, but the consequences were dire. Slaves that succumbed to it became effectively crippled for life and since the rate of spread far outweighed the Empire’s capacity to replace them, extraction rates were plummeting by the day. If the decline continued, there would be no servants and no materials in less than a year, giving the Empire’s enemies a once in a lifetime opportunity to attack.

Enter humans. A study of their overall genetic composition had shown a resilience factor that surpassed all other known species. They were not immune to the sickness but could resist its debilitating effects longer, meaning they could be used as a stopgap contingent until the empire’s virologists were able to produce a cure. It was a risky proposal, yet the best they had. The only problem was keeping their belligerent nature under control without the need of strict restrictive measures and risking the health of Fem’oin officers.

Captain Tsopor and the good doctor finally reached the elevator and descended to Genetic Lab number 3, the center of hope of the cruiser and of an entire civilization.

* * *

Sergeant James Rollins placed his hands against the warm, reflective surface of his prison cell and squinted. It was all a dream. It had to be! Recently returned from a year-long tour at Afghanistan, all he wanted was to go home to his bride, her son, and their two dogs. Instead, he was trapped in an unknown place, surrounded by silver-skinned creatures that looked at him like an abomination, a circus exhibit, or probably a bit of both. The sounds coming out of their thin mouths were unlike those of any language he was familiar with. He had to be dreaming.

Despite growing up reading sci-fi short stories and novels, he didn’t accept the existence of aliens and, sometimes, had a hard time believing in other people as well. Humans were mean, cruel even, always looking for excuses to betray and exploit others. His military stint was neither planned nor desired. He hated the uniform and everything it stood for.

He also hated not being able to wake up. The impossible scenario started when two tall women intercepted him on his way home. Following a flash of rainbow light, he found himself naked inside a floating cube, screaming:

“Hey! What is this? I want out! HELLO?”

The alien creatures ignored him, gooey eyes fixed on a plethora of screens monitoring his vital signs. A narrow, prehensile tube dropped from the ceiling of the monochromatic laboratory and attached to the left side of his cell, metal teeth staring him down as if he were an appetizing meal. They were going to do something to him, but not if he snapped out of the twisted fantasy first.

The laboratory had two circular doors, one in front and the other at the far right of his location. It was through the latter that other figures emerged, figures in position of power judging by their distinct attires. They were greeted by the head of the Genetics division, two-hundred years old Dr. Mhorg V’ot, who was visibly excited by the presence of the illustrious guests.

“Captain Tsopor and Dr. V’ahzut, you’ve arrived just in time! We were about to start the first round of tests.”

“Is that him?” Dr. Daraela V’ahzut darted across the room to examine the specimen.

“Yes,” Dr. V’ot replied. “Selected at random across a dozen potential candidates for its genetic make-up. Quite interesting, isn’t he?”


James was a well-built, earth-brown skinned man in his early thirties, with almond-shaped eyes and a wide nose with flared nostrils and a puffy tip. Standing only at five foot nine, he was the shortest of three older brothers, two of which were identical twins. Both abs and pecs were in perfect shape thanks to the intensive military training, the only good thing he had kept from the experience. His cock and genitals were also above average though still small compared to most porn stars.

“What do you think, Captain?" Dr. V’ot asked.

“I think I want to hear more of this plan of yours again, so if you don’t mind...”

“But of course. So, if there’s one thing we’ve learned for sure about humans from previous expeditions is that their capacity for war is only comparable to their capacity for love. They’re combative but also highly sexual creatures with an incomparable libido. If we wish to dominate and enslave their minds, we can’t use the same brute force tactics we used in the past with other species, so we’ll have to resort to more subtle methods and that’s what this project is all about. Please take a look at this,” she produced a vial filled with a pink gas. “This is the weapon that will lead us to success.”

Dr. V’ahzut took the vial in her hands, examining it under a bright blue light. It was an artificial pheromone, synthesized from a combination of various animal secretions, human sweat and droplets of their own emissions, all blended in the right proportions to create a devastatingly alluring chemical cocktail.

“Impressive,” she said. “I never believed you could pull this off.”

“Well, we did. Our prediction models show a 95% possibility of success, but predictions count for nothing until verified. Captain, do I have your permission to start the first trial?”

“Not before I have a word with the subject.”


“You heard me. I want to talk to him before you try to warp his mind.”

“Captain, that is not an advisable procedure. He’s not here to talk. He’s here to learn to obey us.”

“It’s a good thing the Zietes Khuqad is under my command, then. I know the importance this experiment has, but do I need to remind you that you’re just a guest on my ship? No? Then, please activate the translator and let me talk to him.”

“As you wish,” Dr. V’ot grumbled, hands fiddling on the main control panel. “The circuit is open. Go ahead.”

“Thank you. Hello, human. On behalf of the Fem’oin Empire, I welcome you to my ship. I’m sure you have many questions about what’s happening and while I’m not at liberty to give you all the answers you need, I would just like to tell you that, no matter what happens, the Empire is grateful for your unwilling sacrifice. Is there anything you wish to say?”

“Fem’oin Empire? Ship? What are you talking about? What are you guys, anyway? And why the hell am I naked?” James banged his head against the cage, angry spit dripping from the space between his upper teeth.

“You’ve been removed of your garments to facilitate the absorption of the gas you’re about to be exposed to,” Dr. V’ot replied. “Please do not try to hold your breath, for it will only make the experience more painful.”

“Gas? What the fuck? Release me, you freaks! I demand to be let out right now!”

“Unfortunately, you’re in no position to make demands,” the Captain retorted. “Empire regulations state that, from the moment you were brought aboard this vessel, you became nothing more than a piece of property, one we will now use to our benefit. Still, given this is the first actual communication between our two species, it felt proper to extend you a form of courtesy, which I now have. You may begin, Dr.”

“Finally!” Dr. V’ot thought, black irises rolling out of their deep sockets. What was the point of silly displays of honor when nothing else mattered except the good of the Empire? Signaling everyone to stand back, she activated the distribution mechanism and a mesmerizing cloud filled the transparent cell from top to bottom.

Despite what he had been told, James’ first instinct was to close his eyes and cover his mouth and nose, a fact that only delayed the inevitable for approximately one minute. Pheromone particles swirled everywhere, the rate of cellular absorption doubling with every second. Curled up in a ball, he thought of sweet Angela, her boy Tim, and the two golden Labs, Rocco and Rex. This was just a silly dream and he would wake up soon in his bed. Just a dream. Just a...

“Body saturation is at 80%, and the gas is now taking hold of the subject’s central nervous system processes,” Dr. V’ot announced. “Full integration expected in two minutes and counting.”

James gasped as the pink cloud burned his lips and throat and rewrote his memories. The invasive cocktail dug deeper inside him, making his cock harden involuntarily. He rubbed it against the floating cube, the friction swelling it even more. Red burns ran from the shaft to the tip, dilated vessels eager for more. The dream that was far too real soon became the only thing he could think of. When the mist cleared off, the man he used to be had been replaced by a panting and drooling vessel, adrift in a state of entrancing sexual euphoria.

“Did it work?” Dr. V’ahzut asked, even more impressed by his new animal disposition inside the cage.

“Scans show full assimilation. Yes, it worked. Half of his brain functions are dormant and the other half is now directly tied to his libido. As long as he’s in this state of arousal, he’s an obedient servant who will not dare question a command from the Empire. Allow me to demonstrate. Slave, stand up and look at us.”

James assumed an upright position, vacant gaze seeing nothing but the pheromone cloud that now did the thinking for him. Pre-cum leaked from his tumescent member. Gone were the desires to return home to his family. For all he cared about, those images had been the illusion all along.

“Impressive!” Captain Tsopor admitted. “Am I correct to assume that protuberance is his sexual organ, and that’s what we’re effectively controlling right now?”

“That’s correct,” Dr. V’ot smirked. “Such a fundamental design flaw we can easily exploit.”

“Does it serve any actual purpose being out like that?”

“No. Often, it’s more of a nuisance than anything else. Human females have learned to use it to their advantage when needed. We’re just using that basic principle here and taking it to the next level, but if you want to see something funny...”

“Go on.”

“Slave, drop to your knees and stroke that cock. Stroke it hard, alternating between your left and right hands. Do not stop until you cum. Do it now!”

James pumped furiously, nothing troubling him except the desire to surrender. Clumsy fingers slipped from the aching phallus whenever he switched hands but the jacking rhythm was constant, a beautiful melody played in F for “Fucking”. 

“Fascinating!” Dr. V’ahzut tilted her head to keep up with the frantic pace. “So that’s how they stimulate themselves.”

“Yes. This selfish, gratification ritual releases a wave of endorphins that completely nullifies rational thinking. That’s not the best part though... unlike this!”

An explosion of white covered the cell in salt and sweat. James collapsed forward, both hands sticky, no thoughts left.

“What was that?” Captain Tsopor asked.

“The physical process known as ejaculation is a natural consequence of the barrage of sexual stimulation he’s being subjected to right now. As you can see, it’s messy, but it’s another opportunity for us because if we command him to, he’ll lap it up and become even more submissive. Please observe.” Dr. V’ot spoke to the automatic translator again and said: “Slave, clean that mess and then await further instructions.”

“I obey,” James muttered, dropping to all fours to lick the droplets of his passion. It was as disgusting as he thought it would be, but also incredibly satisfying, the beginning of a new addiction.

“I guess congratulations are in order, Dr. V’ot.”

“It is for the honor of the Fem’oin Empire and not mine, but thank you, Captain. However, we’re only getting started.”

“I take it you’ll need more subjects.”

“Yes, of course. I have three teams stationed on the planet, ready to collect them as we speak. Once all tests are completed and these results verified, we can move on to mass production and mass conversion, obviously.”

“Do you have an estimate on how many humans we’ll need to work the mines?”

“Sixty thousand, give or take. But that’s only for one batch, though. We may need a second and a third if we can’t stop the spread of the disease until then.”

“This ship is not equipped to transport so many. I’ll alert the Empire of your preliminary results and request the dispatch of the 2nd Fleet to Earth’s coordinates.”

“Much appreciated, Captain.”

“Is there anything else you need?”

“Not right now. I’ll just continue to monitor Subject 1’s status while we wait for the others to arrive.”

“Very well. I shall take my leave and return to the Bridge now to contact the Empire. Are you coming along too, Dr. V’ahzut?”

“Actually, I would like to stay here a while longer and register all developments and before you ask again, no it’s not professional curiosity. This is clearly a matter of personal preference.”

“I see. May it prove as satisfying as you hope it to be,” The Captain said her goodbyes and left the two scientists giggling behind her. They were like young children drinking a glass of Ras’patch without their parents knowing. Forbidden knowledge always tasted sweeter and James’ anatomy had plenty of other uses to explore. The fate of the Fem’oin Empire among the stars had just become a hundred thousand times brighter, and hornier, too.

((I hope you had fun with this little tale. I always do when writing. Want to have more fun with me? Support my site - - through my patreon page - - and it can be yours, because you’ve yet to see everything I can create. Feedback is always welcome at my e-mail address, too: Thanks in advance.))


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