by sarah

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:nb #f/f #microfiction #rope

Bondage and brainwashing. Initially released in the Charmed 2020 zine, Hypnotheticals!

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She wakes to the sound of laughter. Laughter directed at her. Not the cruel kind that makes her shrink, but the kind that makes her shiver with excitement. Anticipation. Heat. Fear. 

Held tight by bonds. Her arms and legs spread apart and gripped by a web of nylon and cotton. She tries to wiggle, testing her restraints, but they only get tighter. Squeezing her thoughts tighter. She’s losing capacity to think, feeling like parts of her might just tear off under the pressure, feeling even better with each tug and struggle. More laughter.

She tries to make out the source of the sound, squinting to see through the darkness, straining her eyes to make sense of the shadowy figure in the corner. Only a silhouette, but she can feel its gaze, its grin. Nothing but the flimsy darkness between her exposed flesh and the entity drinking her in.

“Doesn’t that feel good?”

The grin pierces her thoughts, melting through anything that isn’t pure bliss and happiness. It feels good to know her place. Rewarded by that grin and laughter. The web of rope she’s trapped in is only half as tight as the one in her mind, squeezing and suffocating every inch of thought. Tighter and tighter until all that comes out of her mouth is a helpless little giggle matched by a smile on her lips.

“Helpless little thing. Just couldn’t help but get yourself caught by a predator.”

The voice comes from behind her, breath on her ear. Fingers running gently over the skin of her wrists, near where rope is biting into her flesh. A contrast that teases at the soft feeling of freedom. A hand on her thigh, loving at first, before gripping tightly. Pinching skin, hurting.

“No chance of escape, held here by me, ensnaring your thoughts so that you’ll love every second of torture I put you through. It’s all your fault.”

The grip on her thigh turns harsh, nails, claws, dragging across soft flesh. Over her thighs, her belly, her back, leaving searing red pleasure in their wake. Terror gripping her chest making it hard to breathe, screaming as tears pour down her smiling face. Her mind already snapping under the intensity of the pain she has to endure. The grin returning, not reducing the pain but making it all feel so much better, so much happier.

“You love it, don’t you?”

Her mind cracks and shatters, body clenching and thrashing in her bonds. She has no choice, she never had a choice. To be used by a predator until there’s nothing left was always her fate. She is prey. 

She loves this, even as the darkness gets darker and the world fades into nothingness.


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