The Mummy Mistress

by sammynona

Tags: #dom:female #exhibitionism #f/f #hypnotic_bondage #mummy #supernatural #dream_manipulaton #pov:bottom

Wendy breaks into the Egyptology wing of the museum where she works, determined to prove that her boss’ disappearance has something to do with the sultry Miss Aneksi.

    As much as Wendy revered the rules, she found herself with no choice as she broke open the locked door and snuck into the dark hallways of the museum. Her year working there as an assistant had taught her everything she needed to know to slip past security cameras and avoid the two distracted guards. She felt dirty exploiting the weaknesses in security she’d noticed, as if she were some kind of criminal ‘casing the joint’. Wendy just couldn’t help but mentally keep a list of all the violations she witnessed at her workplace.
    Wendy crept through the shadows, nerves wringing her stomach as she made her way to the Egyptology exhibit. It was where she worked under Miss Thompson, a truly brilliant archaeologist that Wendy harbored more than a small crush upon. She was simply so brilliant and refined, a perfect model for the professional archaeologist that Wendy aspired to become.
    Which is why Wendy found herself compelled to break into the museum after hours. Miss Thompson had vanished almost a month ago now, with some vague letter excusing her absence as a long needed vacation. It was enough to fool the higher ups in the museum, but Wendy knew that something nefarious was happening in the Egyptology exhibit. She simply had to uncover what it was.
    Except it was only after she’d committed the crime of breaking and entering that Wendy realized she didn’t know what kind of clue she was even looking for. The young woman anxiously waved her flashlight around the various displays and artifacts, praying that she’d discover some clear sign of foul play. Stress tightened it’s grip on Wendy’s throat as she realized just how foolish she was being. Her mind had been overrun with helpless anxiety knowing her mentor must be in danger. All her life she’d avoided impulsive actions, and yet her first foray into rule breaking was trespassing? Now this one mistake would likely get her arrested and, even worse, fired from the museum.
    Wendy had all but surrendered to her fears when the beam of her flashlight played over a blank space of wall. She came to a halt, turning the flashlight back on the empty space. The studious young woman had memorized every plaque and display in the Egyptology exhibit, and so she knew for a fact that there was meant to be a sarcophagus on display in that empty space. And within that gold sarcophagus was the far more valuable prize of a six thousand year old mummy. The ancient mummified priestess was practically the star of the exhibit.
    The discovery of the robbery filled Wendy with the sweetest sense of validation. She was right! Miss Thompson’s disappearance wasn’t some spontaneous vacation but part of a heist to steal the museum’s most valuable treasure!
    Wendy began to run out of the exhibit, hoping the security guards would forgive her innocent trespassing in light of the far more serious robbery. Only she stopped at the edge of the Egypt exhibit. This wouldn’t be enough to save Miss Thompson. Wendy needed to find proof. A way to make the criminal responsible confess to what they’d done to her beautiful mentor.
    The thief couldn’t have gotten far. And luckily Wendy knew exactly where they would be. She used her key-card to open a door to the back area of the exhibit, steeling herself to confront the evil mastermind behind all this. After all, there was only one obvious culprit behind both the theft of the mummy and Miss Thompson’s disappearance. 
    Miss Aneksi had suddenly arrived a month ago, claiming to be Miss Thompson’s replacement. The museum had never heard of her, but with Miss Thompson’s glowing recommendation, submitted alongside her flimsy leave of absence, the directors simply accepted the mysterious woman’s position running the Egyptology department. 
    Wendy had been suspicious of her from the start. First there was Aneksi’s looks. She was young and gorgeous, more like a Middle Eastern supermodel than an academic. And she always came to work wearing tight skirts and low-cut blouses, accentuated with an abundance of gold jewelry. Every day the fashionable fraud would flaunt a new ring or set of earrings. Wendy could only imagine the small fortune it cost for Aneksi to dress herself each week.
    Then there was the shameless way Aneksi flirted with everyone in the museum, and it truly was everyone. The directors, the other managers, even the interns and janitors were all helpless against her shameless poses and sensual insinuations. Everyone was smitten with her slutty demeanor. 
    Wendy was the lone standout who refused to pathetically lust after Aneksi like all the others. Which was especially hard since she had to work directly under Aneksi. Everyday Aneksi would flirt with her and bat her shadowy eyes, or find an excuse to press her body up against Wendy. If anything Wendy’s continued refusal of her advances only made Aneksi pursue her more shamelessly. 
    That was part of why Wendy had taken the drastic step of breaking into the museum. Because Aneksi was clearly the one responsible for Miss Thompson’s disappearance, and yet Wendy was finding it hard not to fantasize about the evil women. Every night Wendy was assaulted by dreams of Aneksi coming to her home, pinning her to the bed and fucking Wendy with abandon. Dream Aneksi would tie her up, bind her helplessly as Wendy had always wanted. Wendy would dream of being trapped in latex and silk ropes as Aneksi called her such wonderfully filthy names.
    Wendy knew she couldn’t hold out against the real Aneksi’s advances for long. So she had to prove that she was a criminal mastermind and get her arrested before Wendy bent herself over a table and begged Aneksi to tie her up and treat her like a good slut.
    And now with the theft of the ancient mummy, Wendy had the excuse she needed to kick Aneksi and her teasing ways out of the museum. Then they could rescue Miss Thompson and Wendy could go back to having a crush on her proper and respectful mentor. No more kinky bondage dreams to haunt her every night. No more of Aneksi’s sinister smirks at work, as if she knew what wicked things her dream self was doing to her.
    As Wendy entered her boss’ office she saw the gold sarcophagus leaning against the wall, its lid pulled aside to reveal the wrapped mummy within. It was all the evidence Wendy needed to put the evil Aneksi in jail for good. Except Wendy paused when she saw the mummy’s hand twitch. Her breath caught in her throat as she stood still and waited, watching the ancient mummy closely. Impossibly the mummy writhed in its sarcophagus and let out a rattling groan. The scene was straight out of a horror movie.
    Except Wendy’s rational brain refused to accept such an insane idea. Instead of running in terror Wendy advanced on the sarcophagus, studying the mummy closer. It suddenly became obvious how much plumper the mummy was, its curvy form beneath the bandages much different than the mummy Wendy had studied so closely when she’d arrived a year ago. In fact, the voluptuous shape of the mummy was much closer to-
    “Miss Thompson?” Wendy gasped as the mummy let out a moan that could have been recognition. She ran forward and grabbed at the ancient wrappings over the mummy’s face. Except they no longer felt ancient; instead the bandages felt soft and luxurious as silk. When she pulled them aside Wendy saw the unmistakable face of Miss Thompson. She was slick with sweat, a curl of dark hair plastered against her forehead. Her eyes were glazed over and unfocused. She blinked rapidly against the sudden bright light. A thread of drool spilled from her lips as she released a groggy groan.
    “Miss Thompson, are you okay?”
    How long had she been tied up like this? When had Aneksi snuck her mentor out for the real ancient mummy? There was no way that she could have been in there for the past month, not if she needed to eat and drink water, and yet Wendy suddenly had the intense vision of herself being wrapped up head to toe like a mummy and stuck within the exhibit, propped up on display. Tour after tour walking past admiring the mummy, with no clue that there was a person bound inside. Trapped in the dark. Unable to move or speak. So utterly and deliciously helpless.
    There was a sensual moan that snapped Wendy out of the vivid fantasy. Had that been Miss Thompson or herself moaning at the idea?
    “Come on, we have to get you out of here.”
    Wendy tugged at the bandages binding her boss only to hear Miss Thompson groan in protest. Her first worry was that she’d hurt her by accident, but then Wendy saw that Miss Thompson was shaking her head weakly and, when Wendy managed to peel away some bandages to expose a hand, Miss Thompson grabbed feebly at the bandages to cover herself back up.
    “Nooo,” whined Miss Thompson. “Not yet… Need more…”
    “What are you-” Wendy’s words cut off as she peeled a piece of bandage down to Miss Thompson’s crotch and saw the exposed, bare skin underneath. It was as if the bandages parted just to give her a peek at her mentor’s pussy. A pussy she’d often fantasized about but had never expected to see. Especially not dripping wet like this.
    Wendy knelt there before her mummified boss, jaw hanging open as she stared at that beautiful wet cunt before her. Miss Thompson should have been horrified at being kidnapped like she was, and yet she was this wet from being wrapped up head to toe?
    “More, more, more,” mumbled the bound woman, writhing with a drunken stupor in the sarcophagus. Somehow she was managing to pull the bandages taut and sealing herself back within them. As if she truly wanted this.
    Wendy imagined herself in Miss Thompson’s place. Wrapped up so completely. Blinded and muffled and unable to move. Totally helpless to any mistress decorated in gold jewelry that wanted to tease or kidnap her. Aneksi would have no trouble using Wendy any way she wanted if she had her bound up as a helpless mummy. Free to put her on display to an unsuspecting audience. Then pulling her back to the office every night to tease and torment her more.
    “And I’d never let you cum, Wendy,” she heard Aneksi whisper in her ear. “Just stroke you and tease you. Tell you what a good mummy slut you’re being for me. Admit it. You want to be in her place. You want me to wrap you up and turn you into my helpless toy, just like your boss.”
    Wendy bit her lip, the fantasy so real that she even smelled that peculiar perfume the real Aneksi always wore.
    A hand stroked against the small of her back. “Admit it.”
    Wendy leapt up with a scream, startling Aneksi. Wendy shook her head to dispel the fantasy, but Aneksi didn’t vanish. The sultry woman simply got back to her feet, smoothing out her short skirt and smirking wide at the intruder. It was the real Aneksi. Wendy scolded herself. She’d let herself get so horny seeing her boss bound up that she’d allowed Aneksi to sneak right up on her.
    “What are you doing to my boss?” She shouted, aiming an indignant finger towards the bound and writhing Miss Thompson.
    Aneksi rolled her eyes and cocked a hand on her hip. She was still wearing the inappropriately tight purple blouse and black miniskirt she’d worn to work. “I think that should be obvious.”
    “You-” Wendy wanted to say that she had wrapped Miss Thompson up to be her helpless bondage slut, but that was just in her head. There was only one rational explanation. “You kidnapped Miss Thompson so that you could infiltrate the museum and steal the mummy!”
    “You should trust your initial judgment. You’re a smart girl, Wendy.”
    “Then where did you put the mummy?”
    Aneksi let out a tired sigh. “I am the mummy, obviously.”
    Wendy blinked at her. “Do you really expect me to believe something so-”
    With a wave of her hand Aneksi’s clothes dissolved into purple mist. Her nude body was instantly exposed, more gorgeous than Wendy had ever dreamed. The strangest thing, besides the disappearing clothes, were the tattoos on her body. Ancient Egyptian symbols that Wendy recognized from her kinky dreams of being dominated by Aneksi. Only she’d never seen her ersatz boss naked. So how had her dreams known the right tattoos to give her?
    “You were right to be suspicious of me, only I’m so much more than you can imagine.” Aneksi raised her arms over her chest as golden jewelry magically appeared, creating rings and necklaces and golden bands across her arms and thighs. “Six thousand years ago I was a sorceress. A good one too, although perhaps seducing the Pharaoh’s daughter was too greedy. I got myself mummified and trapped, until your foolish boss read the inscription that brought me back to life. Now I just need to regain my strength and start my harem all over again.”
    It was all nonsense, and yet Wendy couldn’t deny the empirical evidence of magic in front of her. She stared at the naked Egyptian sorceress, looking her up and down, then up and down again, captivated by her impressive pierced nipples and the dark folds of her glistening cunt.
    “You look just like my dreams…” she found herself whispering, which only made Aneksi laugh.
    “Of course I do. It was me dominating you in your dreams, after all. And I must say your desires are truly delicious.”
    Wendy’s face flushed with heat. She was lying. She must be. It was all some freaky magic trick with the disappearing clothes to fool her. And maybe Aneksi hacked her computer and found her search history. There was no way she was really in her dreams fucking her every night. There was no way that Wendy had truly surrendered her body to Aneksi night after night and received the greatest pleasure she’d ever known.
    “It’s the truth, Wendy. All these fools at the museum were so easy to seduce. But you proved to be a real challenge. So I had to conjure a spell to enter your mind, hoping to find a weakness in your resolve. Instead I found all those wonderful desires you’ve been hiding. I’ve always been fond of bondage, but you taught me all sorts of new toys and methods. This truly is a wonderful time to be alive.”
    Aneksi advanced as she spoke, closing the distance between them. With a wave of her hand Wendy’s clothes vanished, poofing away like they were made of smoke. She was left naked and exposed, and yet Wendy didn’t feel uncomfortable. This felt natural, as if she’d been with Aneksi a dozen times before. Excitement was bubbling within her. Because if what Aneksi said was true, then Wendy was about to have her dreams fulfilled.
    Aneksi’s hand reached out to caress Wendy’s left thigh. She found the sensitive spot that Wendy loved without even looking, with all the casual grace of someone long familiar with their lover’s body.
    “I’ve waited so long for you to finally come to me, Wendy. I want to own you so terribly.” Aneksi brushed her lips against Wendy’s just as her hands slipped down to tease her. Wendy couldn’t help but moan, offering no resistance. Those hands felt so right against her skin. It satisfied a frustrated longing Wendy had denied for so long.
    This was why she’d broken into the museum. Not for the truth. Not to rescue Miss Thompson. But because her Mistress was waiting inside to claim her. To bind her up and use her as she saw fit.
    Through lidded eyes Wendy gazed longingly up at Aneksi. When had she fallen to her knees? Wendy couldn’t remember. She wanted to beg to eat our her Mistress. Beg to be bound and helpless. Instead, Wendy tilted her head towards the sarcophagus. “Why did you put Miss Thompson in there?”
    It took Aneksi by surprise. Her laugh was light and musical. “Well, someone would surely notice if a mummy had vanished from the museum. I needed someone to take my place in the exhibit. And Miss Thompson proved to be an eager servant, just like you.”
    Wendy stared at the voluptuous figure wrapped in bandages, only her face exposed with those blank eyes staring ahead. Miss Thompson looked so beautiful. And it was a shock to hear that she was submissive. In Wendy’s fantasies she’d always surrendered to a dominant Miss Thompson, who would pin her to the wall of an exhibit and teach Wendy how to be a proper good girl.
    But now she and Miss Thompson could both submit to Aneksi. They could learn to worship their Mistress together. Supply her with whatever she’d need for her strange magic. Sate her every carnal desire.
    It sounded like a perfect life. Wendy couldn’t wait to start. 
    Except Wendy kept staring longingly at the sarcophagus, wondering what it would be like to be a bound mummy.
    Whether it was mind reading or simply obvious, Aneksi chuckled and took hold of Wendy by the hair. “You want to take her place.”
    “Yes,” Wendy whimpered, surprising herself.
    “You want to be truly and completely helpless.”
    “You want to be left on display. My pathetic bound doll. My obedient mummy, trapped in endless denial.”
    Aneksi tugged at Wendy’s hair and frowned.
    Wendy quickly corrected herself and moaned, “Please, Mistress!”
    “Much better.” She released Wendy, who stumbled up to her feet. She felt so light headed, barely able to think properly. All she knew was that Aneksi was wonderful. She was the Mistress that Wendy had always dreamed of. And now she could make the ultimate submission. Wendy waited for Aneksi to bring out a roll of bandages, but her new Mistress only grinned and snapped her fingers.
    The bandages wrapped around Miss Thompson burst open, like a cocoon cracking open to reveal a butterfly. They whipped wildly through the air, framing the naked and sweat-soaked body of Miss Thompson. Wendy watched her boss stumble drunkenly forward, hands still crossed obediently over her chest.
    “Did you have fun?” Aneksi asked.
    The strange trance holding Miss Thompson broke. Her eyes cleared and fervent joy burst across her face as she beheld her Mistress. “Oh yes, Mistress! It’s so wonderful to be your mummy slut. Please put me back, Mistress! I need more!”
    “Not to worry, slut. I’ll be sealing you right back up.” Aneksi stroked a hand over Miss Thompson’s face, the older woman swooning at her touch. “I merely wanted to give you some company.”
    Miss Thompson finally noticed the naked Wendy and gasped. “Wendy? What- what are you doing here?” She shifted her hands to try and cover up her tits, cheeks flushing red.
    Wendy wanted to wilt and hide, too embarrassed to face her boss like this. But then Aneksi gave her a reassuring smile. So Wendy steeled her resolve and turned to show her body to Miss Thompson.
    “I- I’m submitting to Mistress too. I want her to tie me up and fuck me however she likes. She’s really good at it,” Wendy added with a blush, eyes darting to Aneksi. It was so strange to know they’d never physically been together, and yet the dreams had been so real. No doubt when her Mistress truly claimed her it would be even more wonderful.
    “I had no idea you were into this stuff too,” said Miss Thompson with a note of awe. The two naked women stepped closer together as Aneksi watched approvingly.
    “I suppose we have more shared interests than we thought,” chuckled Wendy. Then she gulped. “What was it like in there? Wrapped up like a mummy?”
    At just the mention of the bondage she’d endured, Miss Thompson’s eyes clouded over and she smiled wide. “It’s perfect. You lose all sense of who you are in the dark. There’s only the pleasure. Only knowing you are owned and at the mercy of your Mistress. I never wanted it to end.”
    Wendy shuddered, wondering when she’d get her chance to experience it too. “I’m sorry I tried to free you from it. I didn’t know. I just wanted to rescue you.”
    Miss Thompson refocused on Wendy. She reached out and took Wendy’s hand. “You wanted to rescue me? That’s so sweet.”
    “I’m sure you lovely girls will have a lot to explore together,” Aneksi announced. “But that will come later. For now, the museum needs an exhibit.”
    Wendy gulped and gripped Miss Thompson’s hand tight. “They do.”
    “Good thing we happened to acquire a unique new attraction.” Aneksi eyes shone golden as she snapped her fingers. The writhing bundle of bandages flew out of the sarcophagus, reaching out its fabric tendrils towards Wendy and Miss Thompson. The old Wendy might have been scared, but she knew what to do now. She only had to do what would please Mistress Aneksi.
    Wendy turned to Miss Thompson and kissed her. She released all her pent up longing into that kiss. Tried to communicate all her feelings for her boss through the kiss. And somehow it worked. Wendy knew Miss Thompson felt all her desires, because all of Miss Thompson’s desires were transmitted to her as well. Wendy was swallowed up by the long simmering crush that her boss had on her. The absent thoughts about her pretty, smart assistant. The guilt over wanting to pursue someone younger. The fear that it would surely never be reciprocated.
    And then there were her fantasies. Miss Thompson’s dreams were of bondage and humiliation. Of being owned and displayed. They were wonderful, and yet Wendy was forced to admit that it would never have worked between them. They both wished for a dominant lover to free them of control.
    But now that they had Aneksi, their lives would be complete.
    The living bandages wrapped over Wendy’s legs, forcing them together tight. They coiled over one arm and pinned it against Wendy’s chest, trapping it with an impossible to resist strength. Once she was bound there would be no movement at all. Not until her Mistress wished her to be free. Wendy would be trapped like a doll. Like a mummy.
    It was perfect, but Wendy had to act fast. Before the bandages could capture her remaining free arm, Wendy quickly slid it down against Miss Thompson. Her hand found Miss Thompson’s pussy and her fingers entered her, eliciting a perfect moan of need. Then the bandages wrapped around them both tight, sealing them against one another. Her hand would be trapped against Miss Thompson’s cunt, teasing her the whole time. She hoped that Miss Thompson could have done the same, but her arms were already strapped down tight by the bandages.
    So all she felt was the silk embrace of the bandages coiling between her legs and tucking up tightly, sealing her up completely. She’d be left untouched and denied until Aneksi wished to use her.
    It was a dream come true. All that was left exposed were their heads, so that both women could favor their magical ancient Mistress with one last smile.
    “Thank you, Mistress Aneksi,” they said in unison. Then Wendy kissed her lover again as the bandages wrapped around both their heads, sealing them away into an endless kiss. As soon as she was completely bound a magical pleasure began to surge within her. Or perhaps it was only her own joy at being truly helpless and sealed away. Wendy would be bound to her boss, a pair of intertwined mummies, until their Mistress chose to release them.
    “Good night, my perfect mummy sluts.”
    The pair of women moaned into their kiss as they felt themselves dropped into the sarcophagus. Here they would wait until their Mistress had need of them again. Wendy knew that however long she chose to leave them entombed in the sarcophagus would never be long enough. Just like Miss Thompson, Wendy only wished for more.
    The museum’s new display was a smash hit. The mummy lovers, entombed together in a passionate and sensual embrace. Mistress Aneksi was proud to show tour after tour of the display. To watch as the guests gasped and oohed over the erotic sight. Taking pictures of the mummies. Gossiping about who the ancient lovers might have been. There were so many inquisitive minds drawn to the bound pair of women. It was easy to spot the guests staring longingly at the display. Some would return over and over, trying to be discreet about their interest. While some stood and stared for over an hour, their heads filled with delicious fantasies.
    And every guest was a new helpless plaything when Mistress Aneksi approached them. The offer of a private tour. An after hours chance to observe the mummy lovers. To allow Aneksi to explain to them how truly special the mummification was.
    Night after night Wendy would hear the passionate cries of submission as Aneksi began to claim her harem. All Wendy knew was the endless darkness, the all consuming pleasure, the perfect submission she had made to her Mistress. It was only right that so many others should join her in kneeling before Aneksi. Wendy would moan softly against Miss Thompson’s lips, her lover returning the moan in their never ending kiss. The mummy sluts never wanted to be freed, and yet they couldn’t help but imagine how many new mummies their Mistress had acquired.

I hope you all enjoyed the story, and if you want to check out more of my work feel free to join my discord server, where I interact with fans and post about updates to my patreon, where you can get exclusive access to past stories and upcoming chapters of my series. You can also check out my official twitter page: @sammynona1


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