A Proposal to the Central Humanate

by calledbyflowers

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:misogyny #dystopia #patriarchy #scifi #weird #brainwashing #comphet #conditioning #cw:transphobia #cw:violence #dark #homophobia #intelligence_reduction #needy #surgical_modification #transgender_characters

A lowly undersecretary of a podunk administrative sector of a future patriarchal authoritarian regime suggests that they start brainwashing trans girls into being obedient fuckpets.

Contains a lot of pseudophilosophical babble, a kind of vaguely German idealist/social constructivist patriarchal ideology loosely inspired by radical feminism, a mention of breeding, non-consensual surgical modification, authoritarianism, brainwashing as a means of social control, allusions to violence, homophobia, transphobia, atheism, ableism and racism, transgender characters, feminization, magic HRT and like all sorts of weird stuff.

A Proposal to the Central Humanate; for the Extension of Current Highly Effective Social Control Methods to Currently Underconditioned Populations

From the desk of Undersecretary for Social Control and Regulation for Sector B-12 Miles Cairn

For the glory of the human race, for its continual development towards infinity, in the name of all our Fathers and for all our Sons, for its continual perpetuation and expansion to the edges of existence, to the destruction of all barriers and obstacles to the eye and to the hand, to seeing and grasping, to the fundamental human capacities. Let the world be wreathed in language until it can be held in one hand and seen at one glance. Let perspicuity and legibility be the order of the day and let the Central Humanate reign eternal over the cosmos that is its creation. Death to God and to all mysteries

"Women" are a relatively recent invention. It is astonishing to think that it was only fifty years ago that the Oversecretary for Social Control and Regulation Heading the Special Division for Women's Affairs in Perpetuity Carson Davies penned his famous proposal outlining the basic concept of a "woman" (though of course not operating in a vacuum, being in dialogue with a great tradition of attempting to construct suitable objects for the fundamental human need to gratify oneself by having ownership over another and to secure the perpetuation of the human race in all its infinite glory, critiquing and building off previous such projects made under different frameworks such as Dr. Olaf Gertz' Mental Relaxation Therapy made in the medical/therapeutic worldsystem or Gerald Steiner's Cult of the Divine Feminine in the third animist worldsystem). And yet today, only forty-five years after the first trials of the Woman Program (in my very sector, or to be more precise in a district the borders of which would encompass 76% of Sector B-12 if they existed today) there are over five thousand processing facilities throughout the Global Humanate and it is unthinkable that a humanoid entity born with a vagina not be subjected to proper social and medical conditioning to be rendered "her," an arbitrary instance of the type "woman" defined by being infinitely available to be seen or touched and more precisely by making herself available.

The incredible success of the Program is truly staggering. Although its initial implementation in a district was marked by a spike in social discontent and acts of civil disobedience and inhuman conduct (including by full humans surprisingly enough), long-term studies show that after just 5 or 10 years of full implementation and standardization as a general treatment for all humanoids born with a vagina social discontent fell massively, with the introduction of supplemental humanizing conditioning for humans featuring hands-on demonstrations of how to use a woman to best fulfill her function as a woman under a humanistic order further causing a massive reduction in social discontent and a near total cessation of certain forms of civil disobedience. The women themselves in particular not only almost never perform such disruptive acts themselves, but also seem to disincentivize the humans around them from performing such acts by serving as a reward for proper human behavior. Having a woman to relieve stress, to allow the need to own and possess to be exercised, allows lesser humans to meet their fundamental human needs without disrupting the existing social order and without challenging their status as lesser. Meanwhile, the higher humans are freed up from having to do household tasks and having to secure a mate and are instead able to focus on the higher human functions of vision and language, creating the spire of human ingenuity ever higher and ever closer to permanently reshaping the structure of the universe to be subject to the will of man, closing it up to prevent even the shadow of the possibility of the divine from entering into someone's worldpicture. This is the highest and ultimate goal of humanity. Once even the shadow of God has been destroyed the universe will be a closed loop emanating from the human mouth and visible to the human eye. Women are, in many ways, the first fulfillment of that promise. Woman is nothing but what man made her. She is a creature of language first and flesh second. Everything that she is can be spoken and can be seen. She lacks depth and mystery. She is an object for man. For this she should be exalted, for in exalting her we truly only exalt him, the man who made her exactly what she is.

The creation of woman by man being one of the highest and most perfect acts of man, being a more perfect subjugation than even that of the natural world by science, must be celebrated on this, the fiftieth anniversary of the final distilation of the concept into its most immediately applicable form:

"Women is an object for man. She is something to be seen and grasped. She is not even partially human. She only resembles humanity in this one respect, and then only structurally, that she too has the 'Yes-saying' power. But it is not this power that is fundamentally human, but rather the power to create what is new, to structure the world freshly with new forms. Man creates the world, woman can only nod. And the first such act that she must nod to is her own creation as woman."

It is the genius of Oversecretary in Perpetuity Davies to define woman in this way, as having the function of giving consent. Being an object and yet being able to consent to her ownership, violation and debasement by humanity, she serves as representative of all objects, in giving humanity consent to exploit them as we desire. If woman can say yes to being owned by man and serving him then so can all of nature.

It is through the vast success of the Oversecretary in Perpetuity Davies' Program that its basic principles have been forgotten. We do not notice how it works or what it does because it works so well we hardly ever need to think about it. Though our glorious Administrators function adequately in creating perfectly obedient young women, blank and ready for individualized training by their Masters in order to become the object of his particular desire, shaped by the particular time and circumstance of his becoming human, they are, by and large, engineers and not theoreticians. It is not their job to think about why turning those born with vaginas into blank playthings serves the purposes of humanity and the realization of its infinite ideal, only to do it. They are lesser humans and need not think about the fact that they are lesser, realizers of plans and projects created by higher humans, because they live it, just as a woman simply lives as a woman and need not think about how she is an object that validates the human need to possess and sometimes destroy.

The opinion of this humble bureacrat, himself a lesser human in relation to the Central Humanate in its eternal wisdom and a child playing with blocks in relation to the great Oversecretary in Perpetuity Davies who is his idol and next to whom he is a brainless idiot, is that there is an untapped potential for expanding the Program in order to more effectively control additional populations whose designs have recently been seen to be orthogonal to those of the Central Humanate and thus those of true humanity itself insofar as it is aware of itself as itself (as speaking and as grasping and as infinity and as the universe).

In a recent report by the Joint Undersecretaries for Rehabilitation of Undesirables it has been found in 12% percent of primarily urban intellectualized populations, and alarmingly 26% of machine populations, which are increasingly vital as the amount of data needed to be synthesized to allow humanity and its subsidiary humanoid populations as a whole to be visible to humanity itself as realized in the Central Humanate continues to grow at an average rate of 4% per year for the past 80 years, that cases of civil disobedience have risen by more than 6% and reports of civil disobedience by more than 9%. This is the case for all such populations globally across all sectors with no significant variance between regions and climates. To connect this increase with recent measures put into place by the Oversecretary for Culture and Value in Perpetuity Arnold Heinz to attempt to reduce the statistically significant deadening of culture that he has observed in the past 236 years of rule by the Central Humanate since global humanism superceded nationalism and capitalism as the basic principle for the organization of proto-humanity and associated humanoid populations as is done by several of the Joint Undersecretaries would be beyond the purpose of this study, though it does seem signficiant that the exposure a population has to materials previously deemed unworthy and inhuman is statistically correlated with civil disobedience and sexual degeneracy of the kind indicated.

Even within a small sector of those that previously appeared to be full humans a rise in sexual degeneracy can be observed correlated with decreased censorship and increased leisure time instituted by the Oversecretary in Perpetuity Heinz' Plan for Global Rehumanization of the Intellectual and Creative Capacities. The horrific nature of this degeneracy it is not necessary to mention only that it is such that threatens to destabilize the concept of "humanity" that has carefully been created to ensure a proper division of values and tasks in the production of a universe subject to human powers.

In response to such perversions of what is necessary for humanity to achieve its internal proper functioning of self-creation as a radically free and all-encompassing worldmind it has been suggested by the Joint Undersecretaries that the Oversecretary in Perpetuity Heinz' Plan be scaled back or eliminated. For this they have been properly punished and reconditioned to properly do their duty in carrying out the will of the Central Humanate as best they can, which this Undersecretary can only applaud. The Central Humanate serves as the representative of all humanity, just as woman serves as the representative of all objectdom, so that to defy a member of the Central Humanate is to defy humanity itself and so to render oneself non-human (or else render humanity contradictory; but humanity, creating itself, may simply render itself non-contradictory by renderning the contradictory parts non-human). The dissenters will serve better as meat than they did as men.

What is true in what they said is only the data, which machine populations can see fit to collect, not the truly human part, the practical interpretation of what is to be done. If the Central Humanate should see fit to decide what it is that should be done (even if it be nothing), this humble Undersecretary will do nothing but bow before their will and let it be done. He is nothing in relation to them, barely human, and it is not his place to decide where he should himself sleep or shit, what he should do or wear, much less what humanity as a whole should do to combat a growing tide of sexual degeneracy.

Thus it is the place of the author to only propose or suggest or really just imply for the great minds of the Central Humanate to determine on their own and entirely independent of all external influence beyond a nudge of data that the current extremely effective methods of social control be extended to additional potentially problematic and significant populations so as to combat degeneracy by integrating it into the system. Though the Oversecretary in Perpetuity Davies did at no point in his initial plan limit its application to only those born with vaginas, the common practice as implemented by then-district Administrators guided by folk concepts of "woman" and failing to recognize the potential wider sphere of applicability of the more precise concept formulated by the Oversecretary in Perpetuity was to limit it in such a way, based on conditions of birth (almost seeming to acknowledge nature as having autonomy, as guiding human decisions instead of these being made totally freely, shaping reality to its will, though it is not the place of this lowly Undersecretary to judge what has become the norm for Administrators globally) and not on the demonstrated needs of humans.

Despite the fact that earlier schemes which formed the basis for the Program were successfully applied to those born with physical simulacrae of phalluses, the more evolved, universalized and methodized Program has, to the author's knowledge, only been applied to those born with vaginas, though to them its success has been routinely demonstrated regardless of the age at which the proto-woman was processed. Though a number of conditioning techniques applied to particularly difficult to process materials do specifically act on the proto-woman's vagina there is nothing to prevent a vagina from being surgically constructed on a previously degenerate formerly human-presenting object and all of these techniques from being applied. And even without that, relative simple cleaning techniques make the same techniques usable with the rectum serving in the place of the vagina to similarly condition the object with pleasure so that it responds appropriately to treatment by its future Master.

In other words, there is no reason why exactly the same methods of conditioning a troublesome human-appearing entity, one that might prove socially disruptive and to engender disquiet in genuine humans, to become an object to be seen and touched and spoken of but not to, that are currently used on humanoids with vaginas cannot be applied to humanoids born with penises. The general procedures of surgical alteration of the neurological systems to prevent the illusions of complex thought and autonomy, continued emptying out of the appearance of subjectivity beyond the simply capacity to say "yes" through deprivation, abuse, creating confusion and distrust of self and the senses, conditioning through pleasure to engender total obedience and submission to genuine humans as well as a reflexive acceptance of even the most uncomfortable conditions and the production of a new sense of object-self by continued training and conditioning to allow the humanoid to be freely manuevered, reconfigured and reconstituted at the will of its Master, ultimately culminating in the agreement, the "yes-saying," to being an object for him to use and abuse as he pleases, can be applied to any entity that proves itself by its conduct to not be human and to be potentially troublesome for human purposes so that it may instead serve as an exemplar for the total domination of objectdom by humanity.

The viewpoint of the Joint Undersecretaries in reponse to the crisis of degeneracy was rightfully and justly seen by the Central Humanate as rude and inhuman, acknowledging a genuine exteriority and attempt to overcome it by force, as if there was something beyond humanity that humanity must wrestle with. This inhuman and regressive worldpicture, the author hopes the Central Humanate will see (and if they do not see, then it is not so, and if it is not so then the author of this proposal will consent to any punishment they see fit), is the opposite of that taken on in this proposal, namely that degeneracy is only hostile to humanity only so long as it is not taken over by humanity, so long as it does not fall into human plans and the great shared human destiny. For if half the degenerates demonstrate their degeneracy by attempting to own that which appears human and half the degenerates (in truth more than half, the author has found) demonstrate their degeneracy by attempting to be owned despite appearing human, this is simply resolved by rendering the latter non-human, thus rendering the desire of the former properly human and fitting. By applying the Program to these latter, by allowing them to become women, degeneracy and social disruption will drastically be reduced. Rendering these ones, too, objects to be seen and manipulated by humanity will greatly serve to exalt humanity, showing that what was not only humanoid but appeared externally to be fully human can in fact be rendered a non-human object to be used by proper humans to exalt themselves and meet their need to possess and control.

But to suggest such a vast extension of current means of social control would indeed be beyond what a simple Undersecretary could even dream of suggesting to the Central Humanate and such a lack of humility would rightfully be met by intense reconditioning and probably being rendered meat to serve various physical functions, being a demonstration of incredibly weak executive and intellectual capacities. As such the actual proposal being made is much humbler. That is, simply that a single such degenerate be processed, that being the author of this proposal, who hereby confesses to his crimes of socially disruptive dress (albeit only in private corridors), homosexual activity (being penetrated anally and used orally by other humans), inhuman thoughts (of being used and violated in such a way and of reducing instead of enhancing his human capacities, or at least the appearance thereof) and general anomie and ennui. Though the author is a loyal servant of humanity and wishes it to succeed in realizing its desire of devouring the universe through capturing it totally and completely in the net of language he recognizes his own perverse desire to be the one under the net instead of constructing it, that this desire is contrary to genuine humanity and that he is thus inhuman and ought to be treated and processed accordingly.

The author thus humbly requests that he be taken to a processing facility for neurological rewiring and limitation, to prevent the illusion of complex thoughts and creativity such as the present proposal is an example of, to become a dumb animal, tortured and neglected until the world falls apart around it, becoming totally stupid and dependent on others for the most basic tasks of will and understanding, a woman, his own woman being reassigned while he submits openly and enthusiastically to being a her, an object for men, a plaything and stress toy, perhaps even for one of her former inferiors, thus no longer in a position to risk upsetting the social order by making wild proposals such as this one or risking anomie and ennui leading to dereliction of duty, being too stupid and empty and content as a fuckpet for any of that to trouble her pretty little head anymore, pumped full of hyperestrogen to produce breasts for men to play with and look at and construct into toys for their pleasure, hair growing long and silky to be used as a handle when men want to use her to suck them off, ass expanding with hormones and exercises to make it perfectly plump, good for holding and fucking when her Master wants to, and of course constructing a vagina so that he can use her just like any other woman would be used.

She hopes that she will please her new Master well. It is all that she has ever wanted in life. She has known since a young age that she was not cut out to be human. That she is beneath them. That her highest place in life would be to exalt humanity by being property. And she hopes the Central Humanate sees that this is true not only for her but for most if not all of the degenerate bottoms out there who want to be fucked by big strong men and that if they were only allowed this, only reduced and objectified like all the other women, they would be happy and subservient and content and not only would they not serve as obstacles to human progress, they would actually serve as further testament to it, creating objects where there seemed to be people. Fuck, I just need to be brutalized by a big strong man's cock. I need him to remake me as his fucktoy. Please, great Fathers, please, I need it. I need a cock inside me. Oh, yeah, and the thing about breeding like obviously the technology doesn't exist for me to carry on or like serve as a medium for men to continue on the human race but like the whole thing I was doing is going back to the basic definition of women which isn't about breeding at all even if a bunch of stupid Administrators like think of their job primarily in terms of ensuring that women continue to get bred to produce more humans but really that's secondary to just creating women, to just showing the might of humanity by showing how readily and easily humanity can turn entities that could've been human into willing objects and like I just need to be a willing object right now like please Fathers, almighty ones, creators of the world to come, make me your fuckpet. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please…

[scrawled in pink marker rather than typed as the above] just wanna be a dumb slut, my holes constantly filled by cocks, my Master telling me what to do all the time, no thought or will of my own, my brain surgically altered to take all the smarts and big words out, only small little thoughts, only small little words, only small little desires, no need to worry, no need to care, just smiling, happily content at being nothing but an object for men to throw around, to exalt themselves with, to be useful for them, to be enjoyed by them, for them to look at and use, not a care in the world. i look at the woman assigned to me, the way she absentmindedly giggles, happily chittering at nothing at all, the blank and vapid expression on her face, like there's nothing going on in her pretty little head. and it makes me rock hard. not 'cause i wanna use her or nothing but 'cause i wanna be that. i cry from jealousy sometimes that i'm not as stupid or obedient as her 'cause i wanna be so badly and i've read all the articles and studies and manifestos and there's nothing stopping me, i could be, men are so great they have the power to make me just another stupid woman to be pushed around and follow orders and stuff and i need that so badly that's what i want, please, Daddies, please make me your fuckpet, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please…

Yours Faithfully and Obediently,

(hopefully soon to be former) Undersecretary for Social Control and Regulation for Sector B-12 Milla Cairn

[cum stain]


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