Monthly Payment For Rent

by oralfixation

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #microfiction #pov:top #sub:female #manipulation #misogyny

Robert is tired of his wife constantly nagging on him. So he seeks professional help to condition her into his perfect wife.

Have fun reading. <3

"When will you start contributing to rent? You do know that we have two kids that need to get fed, right?"

Not again, Robert thinks when he looks up to his wife who is standing in front of him with her arms linked in front of her chest. He had just made himself comfortable on the couch in front of the television to watch his favourite baseball team play. But of course she had to ruin it again.

Robert rolls his eyes and throws one leg over the other, knowing too well how much she hates it when he sits like this.

"How often do I have to tell you that I'm looking?" he starts, not even looking at her face, but rather at the screen behind her. "I'm looking for a goddamn job, but it's not my fault if they don't take me."

"You don't try enough!" she yells with her annoying high-pitched voice. Her eyebrows furrow and Robert rolls his eyes again.

"Well, how would you know? You have it easy as a teacher. Not all of us are that privileged and some of us have to look for a real job, you know? Now kindly get off! You are blocking the tv!"

He sighs when she has the audacity to gasp at his words, but he knows that he is the one who is right. He doesn't have to apologize when he knows that all this would already have been solved if she just didn't make him out to be a monster.

Would her personality match her appearance, she would have been nothing but a dumb and stupid bimbo with her impressive body measurements and long blond hair. But no, instead she had to be one of those females. Those who thought they had a say in their husband's lives.

"I can't believe I married a useless piece of shit like you!" she yells, stomping her feet like a child and fisting her hair, as if that will solve anything. If anything, it makes her look stupid. "You have two fucking kids upstairs who wait for you to provide for them! If you don't care about me then at least try for them because I can't keep this household going on my own forever!"

Robert snorts, but gets up to look his wife dead in the eyes. He towers over her which gives him a bit of satisfaction and shows through in the form of a smirk.

"It works perfectly well right now, doesn't it? Why do you need to be so hysterical about it, do you need a man to take care of things because you are incapable of doing them?"

He should have expected the slap against his cheek, and even if it stings, it only makes him laugh.

"You bastard! You son of a bitch!" Stephanie screams, looking like a mad bitch in Robert's eyes, who in return only rolls his eyes. "Leave my fucking house! I'm so tired of your shit! Take your stuff and leave and don't dare to come back before you have two cents in your pocket and are back to your senses!"

Stephanie's breaths are heavy and Robert holds in another snarky comment. He doesn't want to deal with another one of her breakdowns, so instead he rolls his eyes and turns to leave the living room.

"Don't you have anything to say?" she yells from behind, but her question remains unanswered.

When Robert comes back with a jacket and a backpack, Stephanie is lying on the couch, face buried in her hands. She is so dramatic, Robert rolls his eyes and steps out of the door to their house. He slams the door shut behind him and walks out into the night.

Stupid whore, he cusses Stephanie in his mind as he walks through the dark alley. Why did I think it would be a great idea to marry such a hysterical and dumb bitch?

He thinks back to the days where they had just met and gotten to know each other. How sweet she had been to him, always smiling and understanding. Of fucking course she had been like that. After all, he had a job and a stable income of money back then.

Now that he lost his job, she became a witch. Her true colors showed themselves. She always tells him to go find money now, yells at him to try, as if he doesn't. She is like any other woman, she was only there for his money.

Robert kicks a rock as he settles down on a bench in the park close to their house.

He is not afraid of staying out tonight.

This is not the first time Stephanie hysterically threw him out. Sometimes she has her moments and acts like the house is all hers, that's also when she throws him out for various reasons.

If that means that Robert can have his peace from her, he doesn't mind. He knows where to stay, anyway.

Things could have been much easier if Stephanie left him alone, Robert thinks. If she just went after her household chores like a good wife, served him and cooked for him and did what a woman was made to do. Pleasure him and serve him and shut the fuck up.

But of course, that did not seem possible.

As he gets up, Robert pulls his phone out of the pocket of his jacket and opens his contacts. He scrolls down until he finds the name he is looking for and presses call.

"Hey, baby," he smiles into his phone after his favourite bimbo giggles on the end of the line and greets him. "Can I come over?"

"You are really going already?"

Cindy throws her naked legs over each other and looks up at him. Her bare breasts, covered in dried cum, just sway around, but it doesn't seem like she is bothered by that.

Instead she has a grin on her injected lips and spreads her legs on the broad bed to give Robert free access to her vagina.

"Why don't you fuck me one more time before you go, huh? You can't go home anytime soon anyway."

Robert rolls his eyes and then furrows his eyebrows.

She is such a slut. Good for nothing but to fuck.

"I can't," he replies with a careless voice. "I already told you I had to leave again in the morning. I'll call again tonight if that bitch still won't let me in my house."

After he buttons up his shirt and puts on his belt, Robert leans down to press a quick peck on Cindy's lips. She doesn't seem bothered by his reply, on the contrary, she smiles as she snuggles further into the sheets.

"Okay, I'll be waiting."

Like this, all cute and happy because she got fucked by Robert, she reminds him of why he likes being with her so much.

Looks-wise, she is like a cheap copy of Stephanie. She is as tall as her, yeah, but nowhere near as stunning as her. Where Stephanie has a well-curved body, beautiful breasts and a nice, round ass, Cindy is a stiff puppet with silicone in the front and back. Stephanie has long, naturally blonde curls falling onto her back, and Cindy's hair is straight and thin, dyed with some cheap drug store color. The features of Stephanie's face are soft yet fierce, lips full and nose thin, while Cindy on the other hand has to help herself with botox and rhinoplasty.

And still, as Robert looks down on her grinning face, he can't help but reciprocate her grin.

This woman just knows how to please a man.

She doesn't require anything but to be fucked, in her vagina, in her ass, in her mouth. She will be so happy to have your cock and cum in her mouth, to have permission to suck you off, it's so fucking easy to be with her. She doesn't want anything else from you.

This was why he went home with her when his wife threw him out the first time, and this is why he still comes over every time it happens again.

Robert can't help but sigh as he thinks of how she is exactly what he wished Stephanie would be like.

"I have to go now. See you later."

"See you later, babe," Cindy murmurs as her hands brush Robert's cock for a second, but let go eventually.

It's cold outside, and Robert damns himself for not getting a thicker jacket, but he can't change anything now. He'd gotten to eat one or two things at Cindy's, so hunger is no longer an issue. But it would be great if he could find an internet café so he could look for a job and stop Stephanie's hysteria.

It takes a few minutes, but eventually, Robert is able to find what he is looking for in a sideroad a few blocks down the mainstreet. He gets in, orders some coffee and books a computer, before he starts his research.

It's hard. In fact, it's so hard, that almost four hours of research and twenty-six calls later, all he got were rejections after rejections.

Robert hammers on the keyboard and groans in frustration.

He called every single company that offers a slightly fitting workplace for his degree in the area before. So he had to widen his radius and look for companies in the distance of up to fifty miles.


I wouldn't be in this situation if it were not for Stephanie.

It isn't the first time this thought crossed Robert's mind that day.

Every single time that witch throws him out because he does not have a job or any income, he will do exactly this.

Stay the night at Cindy's, fuck her and relieve some stress, go to a nearby internet café and look for a goddamn job. And every single time he will be close to losing his sanity, because for some reason, there is nothing out there for him.

Why can't Stephanie just let him be? She earns enough. She should be able to leave him fucking alone and tend to her house chores or some shit. Why can't he just have one fucking moment of peace?

In a moment of desperation, he reaches for the keyboard again and types into the search bar of the searching engine, "making my wife leave me alone."

The first few results are of some shitty men's health or dating advice websites, but after quickly reading through them, Robert realizes that these are not what he is looking for. What these advocate for are "healthy relationships" and "balanced dynamics."

Stephanie and Robert, they stopped having those things the moment Stephanie decided she could throw her husband without any money to his name out of the house.

When Robert scrolls down the search results, an interesting line catches his attention.

"Turn your wife into your perfect slave - TrainYourWife"

He clicks on it, even if he doesn't expect much. After all, he has been sitting here for hours now and he hasn't been able to find anything helpful so far. He doubts this will be any different.

The website is plain white; there is just one

button at the bottom of the page, a large logo with the words "TrainYourWife" at the top left corner and in the center of the page, there's a short text.

It starts with two sentences in a bold font.

"We will help you in realizing your dreams. We will make her your perfect little puppet."

After that, it changes to a small, regular font.

"Do you know that feeling where you feel unwanted and underappreciated by your own wife?

Does she always have something to nag on, never leaves you alone to give you room to breathe?

Does she have high expectations of you and breaks down in disappointment when you can't meet her unrealistic standards?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, contact us and we will help you out. We will turn her into your perfect slave, and she will never be any kind of disturbance for you ever again."

Robert gulps and presses his palms together.

Is this fraud?

It has to be. Right?

How could anyone "train" wives? Would that not be absolutely obvious? Why would any female let herself be trained by someone for the sake of fitting her husband's ideals? Would that be effective? How long does the training take? Is this legal?

Robert scratches his beard as he looks on the screen.

Despite his doubts, he can't deny that this sounds like an oddly inviting deal.

If there is even the slightest chance for Stephanie to stop being a bitch about Robert's work life and money, if he can have a minute of calm and relax without having to worry about being yelled at like a child, Robert will grab it.

There is no harm in trying, right?

Robert clicks on the contact button at the bottom of the page and stares at the number on his screen for a moment.

There's no name, no mail or address. Just a row of numbers on the entire page.

Definitely fraud.

Still, Robert types the number into his phone and presses call.


"Stephanie?" Robert speaks into his phone as he looks at the man in front of him. The man has a confident smirk on his lips and looks back at Robert with one leg thrown over the other. "Hey. It's me. I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Why are you calling?" Stephanie replies, voice turning sour and cold. "Unless it's for you to tell me you found a job and can provide for your fucking children, I don't want to hear your stupid voice!"

Robert rolls his eyes.

She did not even listen to him or ask him in a normal tone like a decent human being why he was calling. She just straight up yelled at him hysterically like a dying chicken.

Even if Robert had a last bit of doubt hindering him from proceeding with this before, it's all gone after Stephanie going off on him like that. He frowns and looks up at the other man in the expensive black tuxedo who introduced himself as James to him.

"Well, actually, I was going to inform you that I found a nice job and will start supporting you with rent and childcare from now on. But it seems like you don't want it, do you? I don't think you would go off on me like this if you did."

The following second of silence is enough to bring a smirk on Robert's lips.

This always works.

"Are you serious? This is not another attempt of yours to trick me to come home?" Stephanie sounds hesitant. "Rob, please tell me this is not another lie."

"It's not!" Robert insists. "Actually, I wanted to show you that this time I'm serious. And because you are the most important person in my life, I wanted to ask you if you can come here so we can think through this together. Please."

The man in front of him raises a hand to hide his chuckle. He must be impressed by the way Robert did not even bat an eyelash before putting on an act.

"Rob… Baby. I-I… I don't know what to say if I can be honest. Thank you so much for trying. Thank you for thinking of me. Of course I'll come there. I'm… I'm speechless. This means the world to me. Can you send me the address, please? I'll be there anytime you want."

Robert holds his thumb up to the other man and mouths, "We got her." Then he puts on a serious voice to answer to Stephanie again.

"Baby. Who would I think of if not you? You are my wife. I'll send you my location, okay? Can you be here in about half an hour?"

"Of course! I'll drop the children off at my Mom's and then I'll be on my way. I love you."

Both men smirk as Robert replies.

"I love you, too."

After he hangs up, Robert texts Stephanie his location and lays back in his chair and copies the other man as he throws a leg over the other.

"She is on her way."

"Great. Less than an hour until you will have your peace from that witch."

Robert chuckles. "I would never have thought that it'd be so easy to shut her up."

James chuckles along, then gets up and walks over to the desk in the office. Robert can't help but think that his tall and slim figure and the elegant clothes add to the man's attractiveness.

As the other man fills two glasses with some kind of beverage that Robert assumes is champagne, Robert observes him with narrow eyes.

"Why are you doing this?"

"What exactly?"

"Hypnotizing women to shape them into their husbands ideals."

"Well. If I wouldn't do it, you'd have to deal with her forever. Somebody has to do it, right?" The man turns around with the filled glasses in his hands and gives Robert a confident smirk. "Women are so easy to look through. First they'll look like cute little kittens to make you fall for them. But once you believe them and fell into their trap, you'll learn that they are nowhere close to a cute little kitten. If anything, they are lionesses, eager to tear you into pieces."

The man puts the glasses onto the little coffee table and sits back down.

"My mission is to make sure she stays the little kitten she promised you to be at first."

Robert lifts his glass and takes a sip from the drink. Indeed champagne. He thinks about the meaning behind the other man's words and decides he agrees with him.

When his phone rings with a message from Stephanie, Robert gets up and adjusts his clothes.

"She says she arrived. I'll go bring her. Everything is going according to plan?"

"Everything," James confirms with a nod. "You just have to stick to our plan as I condition her to be your perfect little slave."

Stephanie is grinning from ear to ear when Robert sees her in front of the building. She runs to him and immediately takes him into her arms, jumping and laughing in joy.

"I'm so proud of you!" she yells in excitement and kisses Robert on the lips. "I knew you could do it!"

How naive, Robert thinks.

"Thank you, baby," he smiles at her and takes her hand. "Come on, let's go upstairs. They are waiting for us."

Stephanie nods enthusiastically and follows Robert into the building.

"What kind of office is this?" she asks. "What kind of work do they expect from you?"

Robert thinks of what the hypnotist told him to tell her.

"The boss is a therapist. I'll work as his accountant," he tells her.

Stephanie nods as they get into the elevator of the building.

"I'm so glad you found this. This will take a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you so much. I can't explain how happy I am for you."

Robert almost wants to tell her that he knows she is not happy for him, she is just happy for herself. Because she is selfish and doesn't want to spend her money on him or the kids. But he retains himself from saying that, and just remains silent as they leave the elevator.

He knocks on the door to the office and almost shakes in excitement when the door opens.

"Oh, welcome," he smiles at Stephanie with his most charming self and gives her his hand. "You must be Robert's wife. It's nice to meet you, ma'am. I'm James."

Stephanie giggles as she stretches her own hand out as well.

"Yeah, that's me. I'm Stephanie. It's a pleasure to meet you, sir."

"Baby," Robert calls for Stephanie who looks up at him. He gives her a light push against her lower back. "Can you get in, already? I'll just use the bathroom for a second."

Stephanie smiles at him.

"Of course, dear. Don't worry about it. I'll have a chat with James until then."

Robert can't help but grin and detaches himself.

"I'll be back in a second."

With that he turns around and walks down the corridor, as planned out with James before. The door falls shut behind him.

The following thirty minutes don't seem to pass.

Robert walks up and down the corridor, sits on a chair he finds staying around, stands up and walks up and down again.

He tries to think of what will expect him when he walks into that room again once the thirty minutes have passed.

James said that Stephanie will likely be outraged or disappointed when she sees him walking in, that she will stand up and maybe even be a little violent.

It will be the perfect start for Robert to tame her and grasp her into his claws.

Robert hopes that this will be what's happening.

But what if things go wrong? Do hypnosis even actually work?

After what feels like hours of waiting, the time comes for Robert to get into that room. He inhales and exhales and cracks his neck before he knocks on the door.

"Come in," James calls.

When Robert steps into the room, James is sitting on the same chair as before. Again, leaning back and one leg thrown over the other.

However, in front of him, this time it's Stephanie who sits on the couch. Other than what Robert had been thinking before, she does not look outraged or disappointed, though. She is crying.

"Robert." James gestures with his hand to the empty spot on the couch next to Stephanie. "Won't you take a seat? Stephanie here has told me a few things you did that we would like to talk to you about."

Robert nods as he sits down next to his wife who is wiping the tears on her cheeks away.

James turns to Stephanie with what could be described as a caring smile.

"Dear, can you tell Robert what you told me before? Can you repeat it so we can work on a solution together?" He hands Stephanie a box of tissues that she accepts with a grateful smile.

"Of course," Stephanie sniffles after blowing her running nose. She looks like a lost puppy with her widened red eyes and blotchy cheeks. "Robert here has not paid anything for rent during the last year, James. He does not support me with any of the finances! I have to take care of all the expenditures all by myself! The taxes, the insurances, the children… It stresses me out!"

Stephanie breaks down into sobs by the end of her words.

"What would you like him to do?" James asks her with a gentle voice. "What could he do to help you?"

"It's just… I just wished he would at least try to provide for me! There's a huge weight on my shoulders a-and he does nothing to lift it! I wouldn't mind doing all the providing if at least he would support me and give me the care I need! If I have to care for everyone, then wh-who will care for me?"

Stephanie blows her nose once again and takes a new tissue to dry her eyes.

James turns his head to look at Robert, and they grin at each other for a second before James clears his throat.

"You hear her, Robert? Would you like to tell us your perspective on it?"

Robert recalls the words James told him to use before.

"Stephanie is right," Robert starts. He tries to keep his voice as gentle and remorseful as possible. "I did a bad job at being her husband lately. I didn't give her the love and care she deserves and disregarded her needs as my wife."

He reaches over and takes Stephanie's hands in his. She looks up at him with a pouty expression. So different from the screaming witch who threw him out two days ago.

"I would like to change that right this second. Would you accept my payment? Even if it's too late? I promise to never delay my payment or refuse to pay ever again," Robert tells her.

Stephanie sniffles before she looks down at Robert's crotch. It sends a rush of blood right into that area.

"Promise?" she alles with a hopeful voice.

"I promise, baby. I want to prove my sincerity to you. Can I pay off the first part of my debt to you? You did so much for our family and I did not appreciate it enough. You deserve to have a break and let me pay you for once."

Stephanie gives him a shy smile after his words.

"Yes, please. I'd love that."

"Go ahead then, honey. Take what's yours." Robert brushes her hair behind her ear. "It's all for you. No need to be shy, okay?"

Stephanie nods once again and gets up off the couch, just to drop onto the floor and crawl between Robert's legs. She looks up at him as her hands reach for his belt.

"Can I?"

"Of course."

Robert is all too aware of James' eyes on them, but he doesn't mind. He wants to show him how grateful he is for James' help.

Stephanie opens the belt and pulls it down along with Robert's pants and boxer shorts, and Robert lifts his hips to make things easier for her.

His semi-hard erection springs free and swings in front of Stephanie's face.

Stephanie's eyes glint as she seems to be hypnotised by the leaking tip of Robert's penis. She licks her lips, but when she still does not do any movement, Robert frowns. He takes the base of his cock in his hand and directs the tip to Stephanie's mouth encouragingly.

"You can take it. I promise I don't mind. You deserve to have a treat. Come on, baby. Open your mouth."

Without taking her eyes away from his cock, Stephanie slowly takes the tip between her lips and licks with her tongue over the slit. A loud moan escapes her lips and she opens her eyes to look up at Robert. With hungry eyes, she slowly sucks on the cock in her mouth and lets it go with a popping sound.

"Thank you. I needed this," she whispers.

Then Stephanie supports her arms on Robert's thighs and adjusts on her knees to be more comfortable. She takes a deep breath and opens her mouth to take Robert's penis in her eager and waiting mouth again. She shuts her eyes and bops up and down rapidly, moans and salivates all over the penis in her mouth as if she is starving and this is the first meal she is having in a long time.

Robert hisses when her teeth scrape his sensitive skin and brings a hand to the back of her head to push her down all the way.

The way she gags and chokes and tears run over her cheeks only adds to the amazing feeling.

Robert lets her head go and watches her withdraw and gasp for air. She smiles at him when their eyes lock.

"Thank you," she breathes out with her hoarse voice. "I missed this. Feeling loved and cared for, being close to you." Her eyes glint with fresh tears, and before Robert can reply, she is all over his cock again.

It's almost unbelievable how perfectly it all worked out.

If Robert would have thought a thousand months, the thought of hypnotizing his wife and having her conditioned to believe that financial support from his side meant cock and cum and not money and that the lack of financial help for the last two years was actually him refusing Stephanie access to his cock wouldn't even have come close to his mind.

And now here he is, right in front of the man who made this possible for him, with his wife between his legs and sucking him off as if her life is depending on it.

Robert puts a hand behind her head and pushes her down on his cock again. He presses her down long enough to have her saliva, snot and tears mix together and to make her beg for air around his cock. This time, he doesn't let her go, instead he starts thrusting up into her mouth and hits the back of her throat repeatedly. When he cums, he presses her head further down against his abdomen and releases right into her throat, forcing her to swallow everything.

After he lets her head go, she pulls pack and starts gasping and panting again. She coughs and splutters drops of cum onto Robert's shirt, crotch and pants, as well as onto her own blouse. But her eyes are shining in delight as she grins up at him and leans down to lick his penis free from everything that didn't make it into her mouth.

She licks a long stripe down his shaft before she suckles on his testicles and finally lets them go. Then she lets her head fall right next to Robert's cock and watches it with a cherishing smile.

"I love you," she whispers with her eyes still on the cock shining with spit. She leans in to inhale its scent. "Thank you so much. It means the world to me."

Robert smirks and slowly pats her hair.

"Don't worry, love. If I knew it would make you so happy, I would have started giving you your milk before." He takes his cock in his hands and brushes it against Stephanie's face who immediately closes her eyes and purrs. "If you want to, I can let you drink my milk every day. Would you want that? I will let you swallow it every single day if you want to. You just have to be nice when you ask me about it, because I work hard to produce it for you, too, you know?"

Stephanie nods with enthusiasm and opens her eyes to look up at Robert again.

"I will be good, I promise. Thank you so much. You are the best husband in the world! I love how you care about me and are so attentive of my n-needs."

Stephanie starts sniffling again and presses an almost innocent peck against Robert's penis.

"I guess my job here is done," James interrupts, and both Robert and Stephanie turn to look at him. James is smirking. "I'm glad you two are doing okay now. Stephanie?" James nods towards her. "I'll send you the bill, yeah?"

Stephanie smiles at him as she nuzzles closer to Robert's cock. "Of course. Thank you so much for your help, James. Thanks to you, I can have what I've been missing for a long time again."

"Don't worry about it," James grins as he gets up. He adjusts his clothes. "I'll leave you two alone for a moment, yeah?"

With a few quick steps he is on the other side of the room and leaves through the massive door. After the door falls shut behind James, Robert looks down at Stephanie again. He brushes her hair behind her ears.

"I'm kinda hungry," he tells her. "Let's go and get some take away? I promise I will let you drink my juice again in the car as I'll be eating."

"Yes, please!" Stephanie nods and leaves repeated kisses along Robert's penis. Her eyes are filled with tears of gratitude as her eyes find Robert's. "Thank you so much. Thank you, honey! You are so understanding of my needs."

She sniffles before she licks against his penis again.

"I'm sorry I'm so greedy, but can I have another load before we go, please?" She buries her head into Robert's crotch. "I just… I haven't had any in months! Please, just one more."

Robert smirks as he already starts pumping his cock into hardness.

"Is that even a question? I told you you can have it whenever you want. Now open up wide, honey. Let me spoil you with a treat."


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