The house

by Pirouette

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #humiliation #lesbian #pov:bottom #transgender_characters #degradation #dom:female #dom:nb #f/f #f/nb #mindbreak

Without memories of her former life, Dana lives in the House with other thralls. Safe and appreciated, and subjected to lovingly cruel acts by hot Mistresses and cute Technicians, it’s unclear to her whether this is something she asked (or begged) for herself.

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Dana stirred from sleep, and felt the weight of a warm, rigid, squeezy body next to hers... She instinctively pulled it close, wrapping her thighs around it, and felt it sigh deeply, otherwise still unmoving in her embrace.

'Morning, Alice,' she murmured, and planted a slow, open mouthed kiss on her frozen bedmate's shoulder, grinding her hips into its side, sighing. The body pulled in a sharp breath laden with desire, and tensed up, becoming even more rigid, releasing the breath with a soft whine. 'You make such a cute body pillow... All frozen and rigid for me... Just an object... a sex object for a girl... to get off on in the morning...'

After a pleasant morning orgasm, Dana sat up, and looked down at her toy for the night. Alice was definitely awake... in a sense. It was staring at the ceiling with unfocused eyes and an enigmatic expression, unmoving, its side and hip slick from the recent use, its cute little girlcock half erect.

'Aw, so cute... You should brat more often, Alice. I'd love to have you as my body pillow all the time.'

Her dorm room was already empty apart from her and Alice, its two other occupants already having breakfast... or probably taken for service duty. She made her bed as well as she could with a hypnotized girl still stuck in it, making sure to caress and praise Alice a lot while doing it. At times like this, Dana felt like she knew quite a bit about hypnosis. She couldn't be sure though. Much of her memories and knowledge were gated behind a lock, made of desire, longing, wonder and contentment, only to be used when needed by those in charge. She was content. Owned. Controlled. And that was hot. Arousing. Wonderful. She looked at the morning sun illuminating the hypnotized cutie in her bed, smiled and hugged herself.

She opened the windows and the door to the corridor, and went to the tiny washroom to brush her teeth. Just as she was rinsing, someone entered the room.

'Rise and shine cuties', the technician said. She wore pink coveralls, a septum ring, and a cute pixie haircut... Dana stared a bit in her morning daze, lost in her adorable face of unapologetic transfeminine beauty. She felt like she should know her name, but all she could recall was each technician's pronouns and preferred titles. This one went by she/her and Miss. Miss smiled back at Dana. 'Morning, Dana dear. I see you have enjoyed our little brat to your heart's content.'

'Yes Miss, it was amazing. Can I have it tomorrow as well?'

'Hm... maybe? But first...' she sat down next to Alice's head on the pillow, and started massaging the entranced girl's forehead with her thumb. 'That's it Alice... back with us now... all ready for the day...' she whispered, and Dana watched with a smile as her bedmate blinked a few times, yawned, and smiled. It... no, she... let out a high-pitched sound of joy, and giggled, hugging the technician's waist.

'Morning, Alice,' Miss said. 'Did you enjoy your punishment?'

'Eeeeeee', said Alice. 'Meow.'

'It's okay to be nonverbal, dear.. You had an exciting night,' Miss said with a smile, stroking the girl's hair. 'Please get up, stretch, and go brush your teeth... After that, could both of you join me for breakfast?'

'Yes Miss,' said Dana. Alice only meowed again, but Miss seemed to take it as an affirmative, and left with a smile.

Dana was sipping a cup of tea, cuddled from both sides by her fellow thralls. A leg hooked into her knee, an arm wrapped around her neck... skin sliding on skin, and she could feel the hair on the back of her neck rising from the intimate sounds of sweet Molly chewing her eclair, chin pleasantly digging into Dana's shoulder.

'Love you girls,' she sighed, followed by contented sighs and 'love you's in response.

She looked over at the technicians' table... They also seemed to be having fun. Miss, who woke her and Alice that morning, was sitting in the lap of a large enby with an upturned nose and a butch cut, and they seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to grope her. Two others, a futchy girl and a tall elfin beauty with a shaved head were half hugging while having their coffee, the tall one's eyes slightly defocused, softly leaning into their partner.

They all looked up as the Mistress Concierge came in with some sheets of paper under her shoulder. She was tall, regal as always, and wore elegant golden jewelry and a business suit.

'Morning sweet things,' she chimed. 'Glad you're enjoying your morning. Today we're going to receive a group of Mistresses as paying guests. They requested the sitting room for a conference. I'll need seven human chairs set up in the next hour, here are the specific selections of each guest.' With that, she handed the papers over to the technicians. 'Molly dear, could you get me a coffee and a butter croissant? I've been up early and need a break.'

Dana was a little disappointed that she was about to lose the cutie chewing on her shoulder. She turned and kissed Molly on the cheek, leaving a tiny stain of milk tea. Molly hugged her, and stood up.

'Yes, Ma'am, just a second,' she responded, and left for the kitchen.

'Now, the rest of you, please go and take a shower. And please try to be quick.'

As Dana was drying off, a technician approached her. She was short, and had a cute, mischievous face, a buzz cut topped up with a brush of curly hair, and several earrings, nose and lip piercings. Her coveralls were a dirty white, and she was carrying a large bundle of white cloth on her arm.

'Hi Dana dear,' she said, 'I'll be your tech today. You're going to be a chair soon. How does that make you feel?'

Dana was genuinely unsure. The locks in her mind prevented her from fully understanding what being a chair would specifically entail, but she could feel excitement welling up in her abdomen and chest. 'Excited, Sir.'

'Ah, good. Such a good girl,' Sir responded, reaching up to condescendingly stroke Dana's hair, and playfully pinch her ear. Dana shivered as the praise hit her deep, as required by her conditioning. 'You won't need your regular clothes. Here, put your arms in this.'

Dana shuddered as she saw Sir shake the straitjacket open, and obediently stepped forward, sheathing both arms in the heavy but comfortable sleeves. Sir smiled, and proceeded to tie her into the garment, taking the use of her arms away. 'Warm girl,' Sir whispered in her ear. Dana felt herself flush red, her body pleasantly tingling all over. 'Cozy girl. Obedient girl. Good girl...' Dana felt as if her mind dropped into a hot tub of water, each of the trigger phrases doing something to her, unwinding her trains of thought, filling her with comfort, compliance and pleasure. 'Come with me, cozy girl,' Sir said, winking at a dazed Dana, and attaching a leash to a ring on the straitjacket.

She was led in an obedient daze to a room upstairs, labelled the 'Lilith Sitting Room'. Again something told her she should know it... She should know more of the layout of the House... but everything beyond the thralls' quarters felt strange and labirinthine to her, a collection of amazing secrets. As they stepped inside, she took in the room. A table of snacks, as well as a whiteboard were standing next to a wall, but her attention was taken by the seven luxurious, specially made leather thrones laid out in a semicircle. They each had a hole in their seats, and a set of cushioned boards, as well as belts and fastening rings below them. The room was already bustling with six other technicians, already guiding and strapping thralls into six of the thrones.

Sir looked around, quickly consulted a sheet of paper she pulled from her pocket, and led Dana to one of the thrones. 'Obedient girl... Good girl... Cozy girl...' she soothed her charge, guiding her body inside the chair. With some adjustments, Dana's face was soon sticking out through the seat, comfortably cusioned from all sides. Sir huddled down, and started meticulously securing the restrained girl inside.

Dana felt the restraints tighten, and let herself drift, enjoying the sensations of her body being pulled up into a neat, cozy little package, when something shook her out of her reverie.

'Chair... I... chair now... chair...' she could hear another thrall gasp, her voice full of yearning and panic...

'sir?', she tried to address the technician in a small voice, but she was still busy fastening the belts securing Dana under the throne, each pull making her feel safer, cozier, more restrained, more controlled... and yet, the desperation of this voice... Alice's voice... shook her. What happened to Alice? Will it happen to her too?

'Hear that, cutie?' Sir whispered, standing up for a moment, and looking down at her charge with a caring smile. 'I bet you are wondering what it's like to be her... What it will feel like? Very soon now, cutie... Just two more belts to go...'

As she dipped down again to finish binding the restraints, another girl's voice joined Alice. 'I... chair...?! I... I...' she whimpered in an almost hysteric, weepy voice.

'chair... chair... I chair...' gasped Alice half in response, her voice even thicker with the tone of sensual need.

'I CHAIR', the second girl almost screamed, audibly fighting back tears. Dana could hear a technician softly hushing her, the despaired scream softening to small, whimpered sobs of 'chair.. chair...'.

Dana felt her restraints tightening up, as Sir buckled belt after belt, finishing up her work. Dana strained a bit against them, but found them tight and inescapable, her head comfortably cushioned from all sides by soft upholstery, her body held snug by strong belts and warm linen. Sir gently groped her tightly folded body, caressing and massaging her through the thick straitjacket, and tickling her bare thighs and exposed butt, already slicking up with sweat against the warm leather.

'chair? I chair... help, I chair...' Dana heard another girl whimper, and then break down crying. She shuddered, knowing she'll soon join the choir. Sir stood up, and leaned over Dana's exposed face, smirking.

'Aw you cutie.. I really envy the Mistress who will get to use such a darling chair such as you,' she whispered, caressing Dana's skin along the line where it met the red upholstery. 'Look at me, sweet thing,' she said, rising and looking straight down at the trapped girl. 'So frightened... so controlled... it must be SO exciting to hear all the other chairs getting transformed already... knowing that you are next... I wonder if you still remember the trigger, Dana dear...'

' not really,' Dana answered in a small, cracking voice. She took a deep breath, taking in the technician's queer haircut, the tiny, cute blackheads on her nose, the way her lips moved and smirked looking down at her.

'Well... here comes nothing, little chair...'

Sir leaned in, her smirking lips meeting Dana's in a possessive kiss. Her cool tongue forced itself deep into the restrained girl's mouth, forcing her jaws apart, sliding between her teeth, and slightly tickling the back of her throat. It was a matter-of-fact kiss, one of pure control and possession. A taste and a proclamation of power. Dana felt her world turn a little, a slight vertigo overcoming her. The cold tongue withdrew, and the technician smiled down at her. 'Chair,' she whispered down at Dana with a smile.

Dana broke into tiny pieces.

The chair's world was spinning. The word echoed in its mind, along with the slight twitches of the technician's... Person's lips as she had savored enunciating each phoneme, and the lingering taste of her cool, fleshy tongue in its mouth. The chair's mid reeled. It was chair. That was the only answer it got for any question it could think of... 'I chair.' It shivered. The comfortable, cushy upholstery, the feel of the belts, the remnants of Person's saliva on its teeth... those were its only reality, and the oppressive, all-encompassing universal answer that inevitably, brutally interrupted every thought, 'I chair.'

Need and fear welled up in the chair, a strange and compelling heat building deep within its upholstery.

'I chair!' it begged the Person smirking down at it. It felt empty... afraid... no longer a person... It needed help... it needed release... it needed to... chair... 'chair... I... chair.. I.. I...,' it begged. Person did this to chair, Person can help chair...

'chair... chaair... I... chaair,' whimpered another chair, as if it was completing Chair's sentence. It was chair.

Person stood up, and chair's heart skipped. Maybe Person will use chair? Chair couldn't quite imagine the act of being used... Where the concept of usage should have been, it found an impenetrable void in its mind. It tried to think of what's between a Person's thighs, and only found dripping desire and a gripping fear of the unknown... 'I chair' being the only answer to every question, and yet answering none. Chair shuddered and felt it was leaking somewhere inside the upholstery, cool drops slickening hot skin. Chair had no concept of its anatomy beyond disjointed feelings of what's 'inside,' but still it instinctively wiggled with need. Fear and arousal were building, and Person didn't seem willing to help.

'I chair...' it whimpered,  as Person turned to leave. 'chair...'

'So, cuties,' one of the People said out loud, among the chorus of chairs loudly begging, whining and proclaiming the only thing they could think of. 'There's one last thing you should know...' Her voice was playful and yet malicious. 'Chairs cannot speak.' She snapped her fingers.

The room fell silent, the only remaining sound the wet noises of the chairs moving their lips and tongues, at first trying to speak in vain, and then noticing the intense feelings every move and lick brings, taking out all their fear and frustration in this tiny act of self-pleasure left to them.

'Fuck, I want to be one of them so much,' a technician remarked as they left the room, turning off the light.

'That can be arranged, cutie, but try to be patient. I can't afford to lose another tech now.'


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