Service Call

Chapter 3

by nevermind

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female

Something had changed. she didn’t even know when it had happened. Time had passed. she didn't know how much, but...

she was awake.

she looked around.

slave89 had removed the vibrators from her pussy and ass, because she didn’t need them anymore. The light that had been shining into her mind was off. It had taken her a while to notice it, because the patterns were still inside her mind. she didn’t need the light anymore to think them. They were part of her now, and her mind would keep them swirling and dancing forever like a perpetuum mobile. Telling her the obvious truth that had taken her so long to understand:

i am a slave.

her pussy responded to the thought in the only correct way. It was as if the vibrators had never left it. she shivered joyfully and looked around the room to find the One that she had to obey, hoping, praying to find Him already naked and ready to take her. But she was alone with slave89.

“Where is Master?” she asked slave89. she was naked. she was ready.

“Master DeVere is in the garden, waiting for my word. He has instructed me to make sure that you have been properly enslaved this time.“

“Yes! i am a slave!” she said eagerly, and the words spilled out of her mouth, running warmly down her chest, pooling in her lap, exciting her, making her want to fall deeper into their pattern, follow them down with her hands and push the thoughts into her cunt until they made her cum.

“Good. Recite the litany you have been programmed with.”

“i will obey,” she recited, and the words were the calm, clear waters that all of her thoughts sailed through. They were the warm red light that saturated all of her dreams and ideas. They were the manifestation of the patterns that told her the truth. “i will always obey. i am a slave. my mind belongs to Master. my body belongs to Master. i am His slut. i am His toy. i am His property. i exist to be used. i am a slave. i will obey.”

she had to keep herself from moaning as she recited the litany. The deluge of perfect words was threatening to make her pussy spill over with arousal. slave89 watched her critically as she recited it. Some part of slave linda felt insulted to be questioned in her obedience, but she couldn’t blame slave89. After all, she had been commanded to make sure that slave linda was properly enslaved.

“Good,” said slave89, satisfied by slave linda’s eagerness. “Present your cunt.”

slave linda obeyed the command excitedly. It was given by her Master’s authority, and obeying her Master’s will felt as natural and as satisfying as drinking deep when she was really thirsty. she spread her legs wide, allowing slave89 to push her middle finger deep into her. Having her inside her body felt right. Appropriate. she felt the tip of slave89’s finger push gently against the upper wall of her vagina, resting there.

“You have been a good slave. Master wants you to cum,” slave89 said without moving her finger, and the words flooded into the warm, all-important place in her mind that slave linda had discovered when she had been hypnotized.

Like a thousand perfect strokes and pushes of her clit at once, the words surged through her body, and she screamed, gasped, twitched, as she came as just as hard as if her Master had been there to fuck her and command her Himself. she shivered with joy.

”Yes. Yes! I have been enslaved! i will obey! Always!” she thought, and the thoughts escaped her as a mixture of slurred words and deep moans. slave89 had to know it, now. she had felt slave linda spasm and contract around her, felt the utter wetness of her cunt when she’d recited the litany. slave linda wanted her to know how eagerly she obeyed, how utterly she had been enslaved.

slave89 pulled her finger from slave linda’s slit.

“Good, your orgasmic response is strong.” said slave89 as she got up from her kneeling position next to the couch.

i have become such a good slave, slave linda thought as she considered the beautiful redheaded slave in front of her. The slave’s green eyes were surrounded by freckles, and there was no trace of will left in them. her body was young and petite, her mind empty and obedient. she was nothing but the sum of the ways in which she could be used. slave linda got wet when she thought about that.

she abstractly knew that slave89 had once been something else. Not-a-slave. The thought felt wrong to even consider. No. It made no sense. she was so obviously a slave. It was so obvious that she had no other value. It was laughable that there had been a time when slave linda hadn’t seen that, and even more ridiculous that slave linda had ever been anything than a slave herself. they were slaves. they had to obey. Yes! Obey! Obey! slave linda’s thoughts returned to the safe, comfortable place in her mind that gently licked her nethers at all times.

“Are you finally done?” said the most important voice in the universe.

“Master DeVere!” slave linda exclaimed, and the gravity of the One that owned her swept her onto her feet. she rose and stood stiffly with her legs slightly apart, tense with the need to have Master witness her naked body. she proudly pushed out her chest for Him to see. her nipples were hard with arousal.

her Master stood in the open sliding door that lead into the garden, framed by the warm evening light. slave linda moistened at the sight. her pussy ached with the sudden inescapable need to have Him inside her, to please Him, to make up for what she had done to Him and what she had thought about Him. her eyes wandered between His legs, hoping to see Him erect. she wanted to take Him in her mouth and suck Him off and swallow His cum, take Him in her cunt, take Him in her ass. Please Him, let Him use her, let Him abuse her… anything to serve and obey Him.

she stood still and straight, because what she wanted most was to be told what to do. Master looked at her, then looked at slave89, then back at her.

“So, you’re finally my slave now?”, He asked, His voice carrying a definite edge of annoyance. slave linda flinched inwardly. Words couldn’t start to convey how ashamed she was for ever not being His obedient slut. But she had to try.

“Please, forgive me for malfunctioning, Master... i… am properly enslaved now. i’m your obedient slut. I’m your slave.”

“That’s what you said yesterday,” Master said abrasively. slave linda’s heart ached. she needed her Master to be happy with her. she needed to please Him. It was the only thing she was good for. she had no other value than that.

“i’m so sorry, Master. I wasn’t….” she began. her voice trembled and faltered. The thought was sickening. Tears rolled down her eyes. “i… wasn’t your slave. I was… bad… and… wrong… and…”

she sobbed as she had to confront the impossible, painful reality.


Master raised an eyebrow. He seemed amused by her. If it hadn’t been for the sickening memory of resisting enslavement, she might have felt a bit better. But she had to do penance. she went to her knees.

“But you have me now,” she said, and her voice was a desperate plea and a promise, and some warmth returned to her chest as the good thoughts returned. “i’m enslaved again. i’ll obey. i only ever existed to obey and to be used. Do anything to me. Use me. Fuck me. Hurt me! Kill me!”

“Jesus, stop!” Master said, raising His hands along with His eyebrows, and slave linda obeyed. she looked at her Master, hoping that He would believe her. Part of her wondered how He couldn’t see how obvious it was… it simply couldn’t be another way. she was a slave in the same way that water flowed downhill. It was in the nature of what she was. If she wasn’t a slave, she’d be... nothing. Less than nothing.

Please forgive me, Master she thought, her heart racing. He was looking at her, and she bravely met His stare. she hoped that He would see the absolute obedience in her eyes. she hoped He would slap her and bend her over and fuck her until she was raw and dripping with His cum.

“So you want me? You want me to take you? You want my cock?”

“Yes, Master!” she gushed. He had believed her! He knew how obedient she was! He would take her and use her, and she would finally obey!

“You need to be punished first,” He said instead, and a cold chill went down slave linda’s spine. “Stand there and don’t move. I forbid you to cum.”

“Yes, Master,” slave linda said demurely. she got to her feet and for a short moment the thrill of obeying her Master’s command overwhelmed the icy guilt of having disappointed Him like this. But He was right. she deserved punishment.

“slave89,” Master said.

“Yes, Master DeVere? How may I obey?” the redheaded slave asked.

“slave linda wants me to fuck her and use her. But she’s been a bad slave. she doesn’t deserve to cum, does she?”

“No, Master DeVere,” slave89 agreed. “she’s been a bad slave. she doesn’t deserve to cum.”

“But you’ve been a good little slave, slave89. You kept linda from escaping. You made her obey me. You deserve to be fucked, unlike her. Take off your dress.”

slave89 obeyed. she was wearing nothing underneath. her body was slim and pale, and her breasts were small but pert. Whoever owned her liked her to have neat red bush. There was a small tattoo done with red ink all the way up her inner left thigh that read ‘89’, mirroring her collar and branding her as property. Right now, it was Master’s turn to use her. slave linda envied her. But she deserved this. They both deserved what they got. slave89 deserved Master’s cock, and slave linda deserved to be deprived of it. this was her punishment.

“Lay down and spread your legs for me, slave,” Master said, and slave89 obeyed. Master took off His polo shirt and tossed it on the living room carpet. He slipped out of His shoes, and got out of His pants.

”Take them off,” He commanded slave89, and slave linda saw His erection clearly through His black boxer briefs. slave89 pulled them down, and her Master’s perfect cock jutted out, turgid and hard.

slave linda’s insides seemed to twist with desperate desire. Any other time, she would have enjoyed seeing her Master fuck the beautiful slave. Standing next to them like a piece of furniture as they fucked would have made her enslaved mind slick with the pleasure of obedience. her own desires were completely and utterly irrelevant.

But she couldn’t enjoy it now, because she knew she was being punished. To enjoy this would be disobedience. she had to focus on the maddening need to be fucked and used. she had to focus on how much she wanted to be the one to feel His dick inside her. she had to focus on how much she wanted to cum for Him.

she watched Master command slave89 to lie down on the couch, in the spot where slave linda had been lying. she watched Him suck on her tits and lick her face. she watched Him push into her branded cunt and take her, fuck her.

Master is fucking her. Master isn’t fucking me! she thought, and the need in her pussy was making her whole body seem to vibrate like a boiling kettle. Every part of her screamed to be touched. she wanted to grab her tits and squeeze them and twist her nipples. she wanted to rub away the stinging, pulsating need in her cunt. she wanted to moan and scream and beg for it. she was so wet. she needed to cum. she needed it so badly. she felt like she was about to burst into flames from the internal friction of her unstilled desire. But she had to endure it. she had to obey. she had to be punished. It was agony, but she wanted the pain. she wanted the punishment. she hated it. she loved hating it.

Master was pounding slave89 hard. He was going quickly now. slave linda watched every thrust, and every time He sunk His cock into slave89’s pussy, slave linda felt the maddening absence in her own hole. she was breathing heavily now, and her skin was sweaty with stress and arousal. she didn’t know how much of this she was able to bear, and she was afraid of what she would do when wasn’t able to bear any more of it.

When Master finally shot His load into slave89 with a low groan, slave linda wasn’t allowed to cum, and it felt worse than dying. she was crying silently.

Please, she wanted to beg. Please let me cum, too. Please let me obey.

But she hadn’t been told to speak. This was her punishment, and she bore it because she wanted to bear it. she was a slave. she obeyed. she obeyed. she obeyed. she—

“slave linda,” Master said after what felt like a long time, and slave linda somehow found herself able to tense even more. she felt like she might rip apart at the seams. she saw His gaze wander of her shivering body. she saw Him notice the tears on her face she hadn’t been allowed to wipe away, and His expression changed. He had been smiling, His eyes bright with the afterglow of sex. But now His brow furrowed, and He looked concerned, almost frightened.

“Oh shit, linda,” He said, and slave linda saw something in His expression that she recognized but which didn’t make any sense at all. He looked worried for her.

“Jesus, what’s going on with you?” He asked, and slave linda spilled out like an overflowing sink.

“i’m sorry,” she sobbed. “i… know i need to be punished, but it hurts me so bad not to… not to enjoy being your slave. Pl… please just let me serve you. I promise… I promise I’m really enslaved. I promise I’ll obey. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. B… but… I… I… I need to cum for you. I need it so bad. Please, Master! Please make me cum!”

Master blinked. He looked like He wasn’t quite understanding what was happening. “Yeah, alright, sure…”, He said with the tone of someone talking before having made up their mind about what to say. It took Him another five seconds to realize what slave linda needed Him to say.

“Oh, yeah, right... come for me, slave.”

And in a single moment, all the pain and all the torturous, agonizing tension in her body turned itself inside-out. her punishment was over, and every ounce of the torment transformed into bliss and she was able to see and feel how in every second in which she had endured her punishment, she had obeyed. she had obeyed despite the relentless need between her legs. she had obeyed even when obeying hadn’t tickled her cunt and filled her with warmth and joy. she had obeyed even when obeying had meant torturing herself. she had obeyed so hard.

slave linda came harder than she could have ever imagined. she felt herself collapse to the floor as waves of pleasure rolled through her body and made her convulse and let out a guttural, drawn out scream. her body felt like it had caught fire, like it would collapse into a black hole of heat and impossible pleasure. i obey, she thought. i obey. she was on her knees, face down in the carpet, furiously rubbing her clit. she didn’t know when her hands had started doing it. The pleasure exploded through her again, and she felt it crawl up her spine as she arched her back and leaned into the throbbing need between her legs. she didn’t stop stroking herself. she rode the pleasure to the brink of pain, then continued. Every push and every stroke meant that she obeyed. It meant that she was a slave, writhing on the floor in front of her Master, making herself cum for Him.

The pleasure ebbed slowly. When it did, the memory remained, pooling in her belly and hardening like molten rock, massive and searing hot. she got up to her feet, and the weight of the memory seemed to anchor her and make her stand more firmly. she stood at attention, presenting her body to Master, knowing that nothing would ever be able to sway her obedience. It was the rock at her base. It was the very foundation that she stood on.

“i obey, Master,” she said, in the same way that she would tell a lover to fuck her harder. The words came out of her unhurriedly and she felt herself finally relax, now that she was His slave. The patterns in her mind swirled reassuringly. When she was being punished, they hadn’t been there to soothe with the truth that made her feel the pleasant, constant buzz that warmed her pussy. They were there again. And they would never go away. she knew it. she would never have to be punished again. she would always obey. she was nothing but a slave.

Master seemed relieved and aroused to see her cum for Him. she was happy to please Him and seeing the concern in His face slowly disappear felt like a painful pressure lifting from her chest. He shouldn’t worry about her feelings. her feelings meant nothing. He gazed at her naked body, and scoffed with a smile, shaking His head in what looked like disbelief. she became even more aware of it. she felt the weight of her breasts, the tickling of her skin, the moistness between her legs. she knew she was beautiful, and she remembered how often she had warded off the unwanted advances of men. It was like remembering a bad dream. she was glad to finally understand that her body had been there to be used all along. And Master understood, too. she was ready to give her body now.

It took a while for Master to be able to finally fuck her, however. He was still too sensitive from taking slave89, and He needed a break. He made slave linda lick slave89's pussy clean in the meantime, and slave linda eagerly tasted his cum and slave89's own juices as she lapped up the dripping mess between the slave's legs. She could not wait to taste it fresh. She could not wait to have his cum in her own holes.

When slave89 was clean, Master commanded the both of them to stand up and present themselves to him. slave linda shivered as Master touched her all over. He squeezed her tits. He buried his fingers deep between her ass checks, pressing into the wet folds that waited for him. He was slowly stroking his half-erect cock as he pushed his middle finger up her slit and then licked her face. she moaned softly. she was so wet. her nipples ached to be sucked and touched.

"Do you want me?" Master asked, and linda almost screamed with uncontained need and lust. "Yessss, Master! Please use me! Please fuck me!"

"Lie down and spread your legs, slave."

"Yes, master!" she moaned, and obeyed. she looked up at the man that owned her through her spread legs, and saw him approach her with hunger in his eyes. It felt like she had finally arrived at the end of a long journey. she was finally going to be used in the way she was supposed to be. her body was there to be fucked. she existed to serve and obey.

she took His cock into her like she had been missing it all her life. He pushed himself rudely into her, and for a moment she gasped as He spread her hungry cunt and filled the hole that had been missing in her life.

He took her from the front and made her recite the litany that slave89 had made her recite. It made fucking Him even better. she was his slave. her body belonged to Master. she was His slut. she was His toy. she was His property. she existed to be used. she was a slave. she obeyed.

It felt so good. He was inside her. Yes! He was using her! Yes! she was fucking him. she was serving him. she was a good little obedient slut. she was a hot sex slave. When she finally made Him cum with her hot, wet slave body, she knew that her life was complete. When master followed up by commanding her to cum, too, she realized that her life had just begun. This would never end! she would always serve Him! she would always be His eager slut! she would always be His slave!

The orgasm came less suddenly this time, and was over more quickly. It wasn’t the world-changing explosion of obedience and pleasure that she had felt when she had crossed the threshold into Master’s service. That had been unique—a precious gift from her Master. No. This was just as dispensable as her body. In the same way that slave linda was only good for being used and being fucked, her orgasms were something that her Master could dole out constantly—or withhold indefinitely as He pleased.

she was truly lucky to have such a generous Master that let her cum so often. she loved cumming for him.

Master made her clean up the mess and herself, then told her and slave89 to stand naked as He watched TV. This time, there was nothing that kept slave linda from quietly enjoying the way she obeyed, even when she was being told to stand still and do nothing. The patterns in her mind were there for her, smoothing over her mind and keeping her from thinking when she didn’t have to. They were comfortable and pleasurable to fall into. They made it so easy to understand how nothing that she wanted mattered. How her only purpose was to be used.

Later in the evening, Master commanded slave89 to cook them dinner and slave linda to suck His cock as He watched TV. slave linda obeyed Him happily. she loved to make Him cum, and she loved being used for sex. She loved having his cock in her mouth. It was what her mouth was for. It was what she was for.

slave89 and slave linda did the dishes wordlessly after dinner, and returned to their posts in the living room, where Master could enjoy the sight of their naked bodies.

When it was quite late, Master turned off the TV.

“Come with me,” He commanded them both.

”Yes, Master”, they both said, and followed Him into the bedroom. 

slave linda experienced a strange set of emotions when she entered the large chamber, because she recognized it, but only from when she hadn’t yet understood that she had to obey. The memory made a lump appear in her throat, and she instinctively wanted the light to hypnotize her again and make her thoughts smooth, make the memory slip away. Another, smaller, part of her was strangely glad to remember it. It made her appreciate how good it felt to understand the truth: she had needed to be enslaved, because she needed to be an obedient slave. It was so much better to be nothing but property that existed to be used.

“slave89. Get in the bed and spread. slave linda, lick her cunt and present your ass.”

Yes. “i obey,” she said eagerly, echoing slave89.

The bed was soft, and the sheets were smooth and comfortable, but slave linda hardly noticed. She had been commanded. She needed to obey. She only cared only about the slit of slave89. 

she dimly realized that she had never been with a woman, but the thought hardly registered. her own pussy already tingled with arousal before Master’s cock spread her lips and slid into her from behind, and when He did, she smiled as she licked the wet folds between slave89’s legs. 

slave89 tasted bitter and salty, and slave linda sucked on her greedily. she wanted her to cum. Master hadn’t said that licking slave89’s cunt was a reward for making slave linda understand the truth, but slave linda wanted it to be. Master hadn’t told her otherwise. 

It felt correct for slave89 to be rewarded. Almost as correct as Master’s cock inside of her. slave linda sucked slave89’s clit as Master’s cock filled her hole. 

It took Him a while to cum. After all, He had come three times already today and when He finally finished, slave linda couldn’t tell if He had even ejaculated into her. 

He commanded slave89 and slave linda to cum, and they both screamed as the joy of being his fuck toys erupted in their controlled minds and made them cream like the obedient whores that they were. slave linda was so lucky. she was so happy. It felt so good. So right.

This time, Master didn’t even make them clean themselves up before they fell asleep.

she woke, and dreamlike thoughts were still lingering in her mind like drunk clubgoers that kept dancing when the house lights had already been turned on. she felt a sudden sense of alarm as an urgent memory pushed to the front of her thoughts like a knife cutting through flesh.

I will wake up. I will pretend that it worked and get out of here.

she took a deep breath as revelation and relief set in.

Oh thank God! she thought. 

she had been so afraid, but it had worked out. Of course, it had worked out. 

she smiled, and her pussy quivered softly as the worry fell away. 

she gently stroked along her slit, caressing her clit as she relaxed again. Oh, God, yes. she hadn’t even noticed the lingering fear at the back of her mind until the moment it had evaporated. She hadn’t realized how afraid she had been. That nagging worry. That last, unanswered question. 

i didn’t wake up. i’m still a slave.

The fear had been irrational, of course. It hadn’t even made sense. There was nothing to wake up from, just like there was no waking up from the sky being blue or the Earth being round. slave linda was a slave. 

Of course, she remembered that even yesterday, she hadn’t been a slave yet. She remembered it clearly, but it was like remembering a bad dream; confused, and full of nonsensical logic. She remembered how much she had wanted to hold on to her delusion of being anything other than material to finally be converted. 

And she just now realized how afraid she had been that this delusion was something she wouldn’t be able to remain free from. Something that she might slip back into. That the trance that kept her obedient and safe would break again. That she would have to be… punished… again.

But she was safe. she was obedient. she was a slave. she was property. Like she was supposed to be. Like she wanted to be. The relief was like a warm bath. she felt light and warm and almost weightless. Yesterday, she had finally been hypnotized and enslaved, and in this moment she felt like she appreciated—more than ever before—just how right that was. 

she smiled and felt herself sink into the patterns that forever chased each other in her mind. she idly stroked her pussy as her thoughts fell into line so easily, as smooth and light as the sheets against her naked skin.

i will obey. i will always obey. i am a slave. my mind belongs to Master. my body belongs to Master. i am His slut. i am His toy. i am property. i exist to be used. i am a slave. i will obey.

Master wasn’t awake yet, so she waited, ready to do what He told her to once He was. Until then, she would be reinforcing herself so that her perfect understanding of what she was would never go away. 

Yes. she would never go back. she would always be a slave. she would always obey.

When her Master woke, she was truly ready for Him.



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